You Might as well GET OVER IT.


You Might as well GET OVER IT, because it really is not going to change.

Even in this America as it exists today, people for some reason seem to be somewhat “outraged” that Coca Cola is paying homage in this country to those who are here specifically to conquer America, with a crescent moon label on their product for that ramadan celebration.

Well, liberals are defending that action claiming that Coca Cola ALSO celebrates Christmas with Christmas season labels and scenery in their Ads and on their products, and that American patriots should just “get over it”.

EXCEPT that Coca Cola features secular Christmas with winter scenes and Santa Claus and stays away from the real reason for the Christmas Holiday.   Because Christianity in America, a country that was originally founded as a predominantly Christian nation, with its’ original laws  based on Judaeo-Christian beliefs, is now under continuous and even government sanctioned attack.

However… What Coca Cola and many other businesses are actually doing is placing yet ANOTHER message out to the American people showing them that if they take umbrage in Coca Cola’s or the actions of any other business, they can do NOTHING about it.

How many can remember back in the early Clinton years when the invasion of America through our southern border as we see it happening today,  first began in earnest, and was encouraged and even promoted by the communist left?

A policy that was continued from that point on up to today, where America finally has a president in office who is trying to stem the tide and actually be the first president in a quarter century to attempt to DEFEND this nation, which is something his four immediate predecessors had zero intentions of doing.

Back during the Clinton years, Americans immediately began to notice the waves of illegals just walking unabated into this country.  Even though the leftist controlled congress during the Reagan years PROMISED to END the illegals coming here if Reagan would give in to their “amnesty for illegals” demands.

They promised “fencing” to be established if Reagan would cave.  And HE DID cave and granted amnesty to TWO MILLION who freely entered this country during the Carter years.   Afterwards the communist left as always broke their promise and no “fencing” was ever built.

American patriots began to openly object to what was taking place and in reality was actually being allowed to happen.

Not Government, but rather BUSINESS responded to those objections by beginning to print product labels in Spanish as well as in English.

Then business introduced “press ONE for English” into our country which was very quickly copied by government.

BUSINESS will ALWAYS respond FIRST to the objections expressed by the American people as opposed to the gutless wonders the American sheeple place into Congress.   And the response given by business is quite often a slap in the face to those who object to what is happening in this country.

Business is always FOR Business.

Business is always FOR business and nothing more.   Silly adopted notions of people concerning patriotism and concern for the well-being of their country are of no real concern to business.   Unless adopting slogans that can be used in business pertaining to those issues can benefit business.

America has been a privately owned and controlled entity since 1913 and what our globalist owners want is what matters where this country is concerned.

Islam is the primary “religion” business being given preference by our owners at this particular time in our slowly but steadily progressing conversion into a New World Order possessing a One World Government.

Although the business of Christianity was useful in the construction and unification of this country in the beginning, it has run its’ course.   Because it is and has always been not completely unified because it was divided into far too many different factions.   As such it was far more difficult to steer all those different factions in the same political direction.

Islam, like Marxist/socialist/communism, is now a much better tool for consolidating and controlling, because from its’ very beginning it had only three very simple aspects to it which were and are to this day… InvadeConquerForcibly Convert.

And islam, like all other religion businesses functions on money, and our owners control the money.    But occasionally we saw where certain muslim countries were attempting to break free of our owners’ monetary system and set up a different system.   Countries like, Iraq and Syria and Libya.   We saw and are still seeing how THAT turned out for those countries.

Business is Money and Money rules all.

As far as Coca Cola and many other businesses are concerned, if Americans do not like what the company is doing then they can take their business elsewhere.   BECAUSE taking business elsewhere will NOT hurt Coca Cola or any other business in the least.

The muslims, just like the illegals, can very easily pick up any slack in business experienced from those pesky foolish American patriots deciding to temporarily not purchase their products just because they do not like what a company is doing.

Because the communist democrats have made sure that the muslims who were actually relocated into this country by government are granted the same financial support that the illegals are given as their rewards for illegally entering this country.   Which all too often is far more financial assistance than most American citizens are given.   So just as it is with the illegals, the muslims have all that America taxpayer provided funding to pick up any slack in product sales.

So those who object to seeing what Coca Cola or any other business does which they feel is an affront on this nation and their Christian religion, might as well (even though it will be done reluctantly) resign themselves to the indisputable fact that business is not concerned with “their feelings”.

Business is the Bellwether of what WILL BE in this country.   It has been that way for over a hundred years now.

If they really don’t like it, then they STILL have the option to CHANGE the government and replace those in it with others that would actually represent THEM and not business and not our owners.

However… based upon indisputable PROVEN history over the past century, the American people will only cast their votes for those their owners’ singular ruling political party approves and provides for them to vote for.   President Trump was the very first ever EXCEPTION, but HE KNEW how Americans will ONLY vote, so he ran for office and was the elected via the republican half of the party.   He used our owners own political party and their well trained voters AGAINST them, which is one of the primary reasons why he is under never ending attack from the democrat side with little to no support from the republican side.   He’s just one man now fighting BOTH sides of the party to do what can be done to try and save and restore this nation.   There are 535 OTHERS that NEED to be replaced.

Until the people replace government with one that represents the people themselves; one that will actually adhere to and uphold this nations’ constitution; BUSINESS will CONTINUE to set the direction this country goes in.


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