I guess President Trump made it official… he plans to run again in 2020, putting it on the record that he doesn’t plan to go anywhere anytime soon. This also means that the liberals, Democrats, and anti-Trump supporters don’t either!

America was pretty united until the Left started their anti-Bush campaign because of the war in Iraq. There was just cause to be pissed at Bush, as people began to wonder what the hell was going on over there, as the body bags returned, and the nation’s bank account dwindled with absolutely no positive results to show for either expense. Someone was certainly sabotaging the war effort, but who it was is another question that needed further review. We know the how’s and why’s, as soldiers were telling us that politicians had their heads buried too deeply into the war effort, not letting the generals and troops do their job. But their main complaint was the ‘Rules of Engagement’ bible they had to fight under. This put our troops at a great disadvantage before they even got to the front.

The three major problems out of the gate were: 1) We never secured the borders, 2) We let civilians carry weaponry by not disarming the country, 3) To this day, the WMD’s that were located by the truck loads have never been declassified… and they were the main reason for going in there to bring the Iraqi regime to a close.

Democrats took over in 2006 by restructuring several states in their congressional districts, giving advantage for more Democrat House Representatives to fill seats once possessed by Republicans. A trick that worked well, and is currently being tried again in several purple states at this very moment. Democrats also used the war and shaky economy, along with a few highly publicized attacks on certain Republicans and their “ethics”, to persuade Democrats to get out to vote. Plus, it wasn’t good that Republicans stayed home in record numbers in 2006, as well as in 2008 and 2012. Republicans never learned that by giving us candidates who are RINO’s and globalists, the Right will not vote for “more of the same” any longer. Democrats, on the other hand, are Party-vote strong, and will vote for Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin if they have a big “D” behind their name.

With Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid at the congressional helm, it wasn’t hard for them to collude in making the Republicans look inept and contrary in ending the war, balancing the budget, and fixing Washington. They used every trick in the book for the set up of the next Democrat President… even forcing Congress to release almost $1 trillion to fund failing banks over their poor decision over the Democrat Housing Debacle that was blamed upon Republicans.

Barack Obama should have never become POTUS… let alone win the nomination. It was Hillary’s all the way, but Democrats got nervous and were afraid Hillary could lose in a tight race. The Powers That Be presented an offer which she couldn’t refuse, thus Hillary gave up the race at the end to accept the promise of her coronation in 2016, while her debts were wiped clean, and a “trust fund” set up where she would rake in millions… PLUS, have the opportunity to make progressive/global deals under the table that would format America closer towards the new world order for when she took over.

Whoops… America was fooled seven times before, but not again. For the first time in more than 30 years, America elected a “people’s populous-president”, one who carried a big stick with a promise to fix the messes and make America great again. And for those on the Left, the shock was as great as the fear of, “We need to do something quickly before everything we’ve done becomes exposed and we’re all arrested!” Voila… the Russian collusion conspiracy came into being, thanks to some intelligence personal with some inside the White House who took contingencies, just in case Hillary didn’t win.

Never has one President taken a nation to polar opposite ends before than that of Barack Obama. His methodology of Marxist ideology and Alinsky principles were perfect for a nation torn by war and economic struggle. His tactics of pitting Left against Right, Democrats against Republicans, whites against all other colors, poor against rich, man against woman and those in between, young against old, criminality against justice, and socialism against conservatism, divided America into pieces like a Ginsu Slice & Dicer.

We can look at a map to see the division, as a detailed county by county voting result pits Red districts against Blue districts that sits side by side in cities and states. Districts that stand firm with the President are constantly having to defend themselves against districts that are ran by liberal Democrats. The differences are crystal clear, as those districts loyal to President Trump are more prosperous, has less crime, more capita per household, better family structure, with more of a religious base… while those districts who are more loyal to Obama and Hillary have the opposite. This may explain why investors, corporations, businesses, and sensible citizens seeking prosperity, are moving away from Democrat ran districts/states to Republican ran districts/states. As this shift continues, ongoing for more than 25 years, Democrat ran districts/states will decay, while Republican ran districts/states prosper magnanimously. This can only become much worse, as we see California, Illinois, and New York having to raise taxes and costs in order to survive a little while longer. If not for federal bailouts, these states would have imploded a long time ago.

You would have thought that these cities/states would have figured it out a long time ago that if you welcome poverty, crime, illegals, and worthless citizens who seek free rides, that those once thriving will leave because of the lack of safety, burdening taxes and regulations, and inability to hire workers who have solid values and work ethics. Democrat poverty brings discord… Republican prosperity brings solubility.

Experts are now saying that it is probably too late… the genie is out of the bottle, the battle lines have been drawn, and the sides have now united for war. Those on the Left will continue to believe their false narratives and distorted reality, pushing their agenda of world conquest through total disruption, chaos, and mayhem into forming some socialistic order of totalitarianism. Those on the Right will continue to strive for freedom, liberty, and individual excellence through rational and common sense logic based upon truth and reality… present, past, and future.

Bernie Goldberg, a columnist for several conservative news sites, has been on FOX News stating that Americans have now divided up into teams, and rooting for their playoff victory to show a crushing force and defeat against their opponents. Goldberg explained how nothing else matters any longer, just so long as they win, and cheating by any means is on the table. Those who hate Trump will always hate him, even if the American economy sets historic records in growth… they never will accept that Trump was behind it in any way, and will say it was Obama’s great wisdom that caused America to prosper.

Mark Dice went around to several liberal universities and reviewed quotes from presidents. When he quoted Obama and said it was Trump who said it, 99% stated they thought it was wrong for America and hated it. The reversed occurred when Dice quotes Trump but stated that Obama said it, the students 100% agreed with it and loved it. Once they learned the truth, they sat dumbfounded, then walked away in disbelief.

Few with a political opinion, or even a microphone, have no clue about truth in politics, the media, or governance… but, they still have an opinion. Most follow a Pied Piper without knowing where they are being lead. Even on social media websites, the clueless still have an opinion based upon following their Pied Piper without logic, reason, or common sense to it. The truth is what THEY make it to be, not what is in reality. And all the evidence in the world will never convince them otherwise. They will harmoniously root for their team and team players no matter how good or bad they are in the contest.

So don’t expect for the Left to go anywhere soon. They are embedded in every nook and cranny, especially within the courts, media, academia, and intel agencies. They will build up momentum any way they can. They will continuously spread hate, fear, lies, and distortions of the facts in order to reach victory in the end, as the ends justifies the means. Their objective is in removing Trump and Pence in order to establish THEIR supreme leader, one who will take them to the “promise land” and away from Americanism… freedom and liberty be damned! And if they do manage to get their way, then the Speaker of the House will be Nancy Pelosi, who is third in line for the Oval Throne, and she just may be much worse than both Obama and Hillary put together. Think about that one!

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Written By: Jim Hovda


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