You Can’t Sling Mud When You’re Standing in a Sand Pit


You Can’t Sling Mud When You’re Standing in a Sand Pit

Well the Republican convention finally came and went and the Romney / Ryan ticket has now become official.

Now what?

Now the attack ads will increase dramatically, using blatantly false as well as exaggerated claims.  Because when you have absolutely NOTHING else to use against your opponents because your own record has proven to be nothing but a dismal failure and has been exposed many times over for pushing an anti-America agenda, you need to make things up in an attempt to sway the American voting public.  In essence what I am saying is that “You Cannot Sling Mud when You Are Standing in a Sand Pit”, and therefore they can only throw fantasy mud balls.

Under the guise of “reporting”, the Leftist Medias will increase their attacks against this ticket by the hundred fold.  In fact they already have begun during their reporting on the convention itself, resulting in at least one of their members being “allegedly” fired for his comment made when he thought his microphone was turned off.  Democrats have already been exposed for using Democrat operatives in some of their previous attack ads claiming them to be just “regular citizens” who were  “victims” of Romney’s former business as well as other Democrat operatives claiming to be “Republicans” that are going to vote Democrat.  What has been exposed so far is nothing compared to what is now about to come.

Politics itself has always been and continues to be the filthiest of all business and there is absolutely no reason to expect that to change as long as this nation clings to a primarily two political party system.  The side with the least going for them will always do the most lying.  What is different about this coming election is that unlike all of the previous elections, THIS ONE may ultimately decide America’s actual fate.  Americans are now faced with either total left domination and the ultimate destruction of this nation as it becomes a complete communist controlled socialist country where all citizens face the same future of never having anything and are only part of the collective.  Or, electing a predominantly centrist administration where Americans will still have one final chance to return this nation to the vision of its founders.

Very few of the actual voters can understand why the Republican Party leadership seems to want to stay at best centrist instead of leaning more to the right as the actual voters want them to do.  But this is what the voters are given.  Whether it’s because the RNC wants to appeal to voters on both sides of the issues because they really don’t want to “hurt people’s feelings” or it’s because those in control also subscribe to and are slowly moving this nation in the direction of that One World Order idea that so very many Americans have become so vocal about over the past several years no one really knows.  What they DO know is that all of the socialist programs instituted will not be removed.  Millions will still remain on the financial assistance roles funded by those that actually DO want to and DO work and pay taxes.  Nothing will be done to rid this nation of the millions upon millions of those who entered this country illegally and are actually rewarded for their actions by also receiving taxpayer funded assistance which is draining the nations’ financial coffers dry.  But these as well as a host of others are topics for future articles and discussions.

We are now heading into the actual major campaign itself as soon as the socialists have their convention out of the way, and because the very existence of America as a free nation is actually on the line, THIS will be the most BRUTAL campaign season in history.   Because they have absolutely NOTHING else to use, the socialists will now open their flood gates and ads filled with straight out lies and distortions will abound, filling the radios and televisions with so much of it that Americans will actually be praying for November 6th to get here faster just to be rid of them.  Ads that are not only meant to sway the minds of the listeners and viewers but are also designed to throw the Republicans off balance and attempt to put THEM on the defensive.  And with the help of the leftist Medias they will succeed and as always the Republicans will be defending their own ads and comments while the socialist campaign is totally ignored and allowed to continue.

On the “ground level” it will be just as, if not even MORE brutal.  The Socialists have no hope of winning this election straight out, so the American public will be exposed to the most massive voter fraud campaign ever seen.  The Socialists have control of the Justice Department and they are using that department as best they can to attack individual states’ voter ID laws in the hope of allowing millions who have entered this country illegally to illegally vote for them in this election as well as the dead who are to be resurrected specifically to vote in this election.  Expect to see the socialists challenge votes nationwide and demand recount after recount after recount.  Like they did in the Minnesota Senate race where their candidate lost but after multiple recounts extending for months and “absentee ballots” suddenly being found in the “trunk of a car” and ALL of those votes were for the comedian running on the socialist ticket, a leftist judge immediately declared the election over and declared the socialists the winner.  The socialists attempted to liken that particular action to the Bush / Gore election where Gore conceded, but the leftist Media wouldn’t accept his conceding and started that entire fiasco that required the SCOTUS to bring an end to it.  But in THAT particular election, “absentee ballots” were not discovered in the trunk of any car and allowed to be added to the result.

In addition the socialists will be relying heavily on the discontent spreaders on the Republican side.  Just as Democrats only vote “my school against your school” there are many on the Republican side that only voted “my candidate against your candidate” in the Republican primaries and their feelings were very hurt when their candidate lost.  Most of them recuperated and will vote the Republican ticket on November 6th, but there are many still whose feelings were so hurt that they will continue to place their feelings over the very survival of their country.  Their actions are no different than children who couldn’t get their way in game so they quit.  Only this time it’s no game.  But they still have the same attitude which is “If our candidate isn’t to be the captain then let the country collapse because we don’t really care about our country, we only wanted to see our candidate at the head of everything, and since he is not, then we are going to help the other side with both our direct as well as indirect votes”.

These are the ones that keep trying to discourage others from voting by saying “Romney is the same as obama” or “Romney is obama light” or “Romney is not the cure he is part of the problem” and quite a few other remarks similar to those.  But in reality they are just those whose personal feelings outweigh the very survival of this nation.  No one really listens to them but they feel that aside from their own direct or indirect vote for this nations’ end, if they can persuade even one person to not vote this November, then that is room for one more illegal vote to be registered for the socialists.  But like I said at the beginning of this article, you can’t sling mud when you’re standing in a sand pit, and as such no one really pays them much attention because the campaign is now in full throttle mode.

The need for pro America anti socialist unity is more crucial in THIS election than ever before in our history since the 1940’s when forced socialism was first thrust upon us, because THIS election may very well be the deciding factor as to whether or not we WILL have any more elections after this.

The Republicans need to realize that they cannot just rely on the dismal and destructive record of the socialists over the past four years to give them a win with this election.  They need to become personally ACTIVE in this election.  NO effort on each person’s part is too small an effort.  THEY are the only remaining Patriots in this country and this time around their patriotism needs to be more than just held in their hearts and minds, it needs to be expressed.  They are up against the most corrupt regime that has EVER existed in American politics.  That regime KNOWS HOW to slander and get away with.  They KNOW HOW to commit fraud and get away with it.  They KNOW HOW to threaten people and get away with it.  They KNOW HOW to STEAL elections and get away with it.  And they have the backing of the entire leftist Media now to help them in the endeavors.  They PROVED their ability when they put a person with absolutely no qualifications, no experience, no verifiable past, no verifiable history of any kind into the White House in 2008 and managed to keep him in there for the entire four years.  And ADD to all of this the fact that for the very first time in our history as a nation, OUR votes are now going to be “tallied” in a FOREIGN country?  It makes one think that for the Patriots to take back their country by as much as 51% of the vote, it may very well be that they will actually need to win by 65 to 75%.  We won’t know until Election Day.

This election is NOT just about Romney versus obama.  This election is NOT just about Patriots versus Socialists.  THIS ELECTION is for the very survival of a nation built on the principle that all people have a right to remain free and all people have a right to personally succeed, that government is not OVER the people but SUBJECT TO the people.

One thing is an undeniable fact and that is the REPUBLICANS NEED TO COMPLETELY UNIFY and become very vocal and physically participate in this election if they want to see this nation even have a chance at surviving.

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