Yet ANOTHER Nail in America’s Coffin


Yet ANOTHER Nail in America’s Coffin, was very recently driven in by yet another leftist controlled state.

Soon enough the Electoral College that saved this nation from its’ pending immediate globalist orchestrated complete and irreversible collapse in 2016, will become nothing more than a symbolic group.   A group doing nothing more than performing a symbolic action solidifying the absolute control of all national elections by just a handful of leftist controlled areas in America.

There are a great many knowledge lacking misguided fools in the right-hand side of the singular ruling political party of America’s owners that claimed to be “surprised” when this news was published.   They even started their usual whining and crying that the left side of the party cannot do that because “it is against the Constitution”.   The Constitution that NONE of those doing the whining, the same as all of those on the left, have EVER read, and as such would naturally not be aware of how this country was structured by our founders and what state’s rights actually involve.

NO it is NOT against the Constitution.   So those poor unknowledgeable actual fools should not even be wasting their time trying to IMAGINE that it is.

Then there are those definite FOOLS who say, “Let them do it because the popular vote will be with the right soon enough and the left side is just shooting themselves in the foot doing this”.

REALLY?   Well yes those pathetic fools really ARE THAT STUPID, and as such readily believe something like that.

The so very easily distracted and manipulated voters in America have been SO disinterested in what is actually taking place BEHIND THE SCENES to overthrow this country, that even though they were INFORMED OF THIS many times over the years they shrugged it off.

THIS WEBSITE has ALSO published articles warning about the very serious threat to this nation that was slowly creeping through all the state legislatures like a cancer destroying the very weak immune system of the body of America.   Two such examples being an article titled ‘Should not all votes be equally fair?‘ and another being an actual survey titled ‘A National Voting Survey‘  Clicking on either of those titles will take you to those articles.  Now the National Popular Vote is even THAT MUCH CLOSER to becoming a reality.

Americans have for MANY generations been of the “let others do everything” mindset when it comes to actually saving their own country.

Those who align themselves with the right side of the party always claim to want to “save America and restore it to the intent of its’ founders”, but content themselves with merely posting “patriotic pictures” or catchy patriotic slogans on line when the internet became the universal link for people; as well as making idle threats of “physical revolution” which could never be successful anyway in this day and age.   But when it came to getting physically involved in saving their own country, they always chose to “let others do it and we will give them our “prayers”; “best wishes” and “thumbs up“.

The vast majority of America’s voters serve one set of masters which own and control both sides of the singular political party that RULES over America, and they somehow think that by supporting one side over the other side of the same RULING political party, that they could actually make a difference where the longevity of this country is concerned.

With the NPV adoption by the majority of the just the states with the MOST electors, the ELECTORAL COLLEGE will STILL be in effect.  BUT … it will be merely a symbolic part of our election process.  In existence to merely ratify the national popular vote total of the few leftist controlled areas that will from that point on dictate the outcome of ALL future national elections.

This COULD have been stopped YEARS ago when this overthrow of America attempt first began to gain acceptance in state legislatures. It could even be stopped NOW with a changeover in ALL states to a statewide system of voting that would duplicate the present electoral system used in national elections.

But it won’t happen. And it won’t happen BECAUSE the actual American patriot voters have proven time and time again over the past several entire generations that do not really care as much as they like to “profess” that they care. They will as always and until it is too late … keep looking for OTHERS to save this nation FOR them.

I could go into a much longer dissertation on this entire topic but I will not do that.  Most people have shown that they no longer want to labor through articles because it’s too cumbersome a task now.  They prefer to read titles and maybe at best a few short sentences underneath that title.  VIDEOS and live telecasts are the way most people prefer to learn anything now.  So I will include a short video here produced by Prager University at the end of this now short article that will explain HOW the National Popular Vote agreement between states will FINALLY END this country and place it permanently under absolute leftist control.

The Ignored Political Reality of this is that the left was more than halfway to achieving their goal of absolute control of America, and now with the leftist controlled state of Connecticut signing on to the interstate agreement, they are only a few electoral votes away from their goal.

Can this STILL be stopped?  Yes it can.  But Americans have proven that they do not care enough about their own country to actually stop it.


HOW the National Popular Vote agreement is designed to destroy America


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