Yes Virginia there really IS only ONE major political party


(If a FOURTEEN YEAR OLD can totally understand it … then WHY CANNOT ADULTS?) Yes Virginia there really IS only ONE major political party.

I was invited to one of my neighbors’ homes for dinner on New Year’s Day.  They have a VERY intelligent 14 year old daughter who is EXTREMELY into politics.  And being that she is lucky enough to have parents that are conservative, she will increase her intelligence level every year.  She is vehemently against the total liberal ideology that is being pushed on her daily in her school and being as outspoken as she is by nature, she has on more than one occasion been at odds with her liberal teachers.  This kid is a true joy to be around because she can carry on an adult level conversation with no difficulty whatsoever.  SHE actually KNOWS MORE about America’s Constitution than any politician in the district of corruption and quite probably more than ANY politician in this entire country.  Because her Father, knowing that the actual constitution is no longer being taught in school made sure that she understood how and why this country was formed and what was the original intent of our founders.

We were ALL discussing the recent midterm intramural party WAKE UPelection games that had just occurred as well as the coming so-called “election” of 2016 where, as always, America’s owners have quite probably already decided that the “election” will be between their two favored puppets, Clinton and Bush.  Bush being a devout new world order proponent like his brother and father but at least with some actual governing ability … and Clinton being a devote anti-America Marxist socialist with absolutely NO ability in anything.  But the owners Media is now signaling very strongly that this will be the end result.

Oh the primaries show will still be put on the same as always to let the sheeple think they actually have some say in what’s taking place, but in the end it will all be as preordained by their masters and the sheeple will once again as always “hold their noses” and vote for their provided candidate.  Then do what Americans do best which is complain about what continues to happen to this nation afterward.

She told me that things should get better now because the republicans take over this week.  I replied that republicans have taken over control of congress many times over the past century, the same as democrats have taken over control of congress many #1 WARNING to U.S. Citizenstimes over the past century.  But look at America as it exists today.  It is now almost the complete opposite of what it was founded to be, and it is also almost exactly what the revolution was fought for by the founders to free the people of.  The reason being that the republicans and the democrats are actually just two sides of the SAME political party.

I then told her that she should do what I now tell everyone to do.  Since she likes to read and do research, she should go and research the origination of every constitution restricting law that has been passed over the past century.  Research the origination of every over-reaching, rights depriving bureaucracy that has been created over the past century.  Research the origination of every economy restricting, business killing regulation that has been enacted over the past century.

Then name ONE … JUST ONE … EVIL done to this nation and its’ people that has NOT come at the hands of BOTH the democrats AND the republicans.  Name even ONE.  But I also told her that her research will come to the same answer which is ALL damage done to this nation and its’ people came at the hands of democrats when THEY were in control and republicans when THEY were in control.  And furthermore, ALL the damage done by either was not only upheld, but in many cases even EXPANDED upon by the other when THEY were in control.  The idea of there being two separate major political parties is nothing more than a MYTH.

She asked me how Americans could be so foolish as to keep the parties in control of everything KNOWING they are destroying this country.  I replied that it is not “parties” but rather “party”, then went on to explain it THIS way …

More than a hundred years ago there were many individuals and many parties vying to attain national public office.  Many were staunch American patriots who loved this new country and all that it offered its citizens, and wanted to not only maintain what was setup by the founders, but some even wanted to expand upon those2 enemies of the people guaranteed rights.  But there were certain individuals who did NOT like how this country was setup because TO THEM it guaranteed TOO MUCH freedom and opportunity for all people.  They looked upon it as having TOO MUCH potential competition for their own personal ambitions.  So two of those parties, the already well established privately created democratic party and the newly formed privately created republican party that showed very good potential to be a long lasting party got together and arranged a pact between them.  In a way it could be considered to be a marriage between the two parties that in essence made them ONE.  By doing this they would actually be able to totally benefit each other.

Now being in essence ONE party they could eliminate all potential competition for public office and drastically increase their own chances of controlling everything that took place in government.  They would ignore any and all others running for office and concentrate on publicly “condemning” their partner party and acting like THEY were the only ones in contention for the offices and that any and all others were just “also ran’s” but NOT to be seriously considered.  If either side of this political marriage won the offices they were seeking, they would quietly benefit the members of the other side by granting their requests for actions that were to take place outside of the public’s immediate attention.  If one side passed any legislation that was contrary to the wishes of the American people, then the other side when they were in control would allow that legislation to stand.  But all the while maintaining the ever increasing illusion that THEY and THEY ALONE were the ONLY ones ever to be considered viable contestants by the American voters.  And they succeeded.

BOTH sides of this actual one political party were created by and primarily comprised of very greedy self-centered highly ambitious people who needed to get their hands on money from the national treasury to further their ambitions.  BOTH sides were funded by and consequently highly indebted to the international bankers who for a long time had a grudge against this nations’ government ever since Andrew Jackson was president.  Jackson was the ONLY president in U.S. history to ever completely pay off this nations’ debt and personally made sure the bankers could not get another hold on this nation while he was in office.  IN FACT on his death bed Jackson said that the crowning achievement of his life was beating the bankers.

Well Jackson had been gone from office for a long time.  In fact he had been gone years before the civil war occurred.   A war that like ALL wars HIGHLY benefitted the bankers.  And beginning immediately after his term in office was over the bankers once again got their foot into congress’ door and this nation was once again indebted to them.  But they NEVER got over their grudge against Jackson and the setback he rendered them to their ambition of totally controlling America.

More than a half century later, and now in complete control of BOTH sides of the party, the bankers came up with the most destructive scheme ever conceived against this nation and its people.  A scheme that would guarantee not only their absolute 1 0f America's ownerscontrol over the government, but the enslavement of the American people themselves.  FIRST they setup the Federal Reserve and had their puppets in congress pass the act into law.  SECOND they created the national income tax, which would allow congress to borrow any amount they wanted from the Federal Reserve and the ever increasing burden of repayment of what congress borrowed would “by law” fall upon the people themselves.

The international bankers have ever since totally owned and controlled the government of this nation.  Voting is nothing more than a formality that the bankers allow to take place every couple of years to create the illusion that the people still have somewhat of a say as to who gets into political office.  BUT … the choice of WHO gets into office is controlled by the bankers because THEY control the nomination process.  Anyone can be voted into office but ONLY if they are a member of and endorsed by either side of the actual ONE political party of America’s actual owners.  Therefore … we in reality only have ONE major political party.

She then asked me why people just don’t vote for anyone else other than republicans and democrats.  I told her the answer to THAT is really quite simple.  Americans no longer think for themselves.  They leave that burden up to others.  Their entire existence, everything they think, everything they primarily do or will do is dictated to them by the American Media.  NOT just the news Media which by some “strange coincidence” is controlled by the same group that owns America’s government, but ALL aspects of the Media.  They are told what to think, what to do by the music industry, the advertising industry, the movie and televised entertainment industry.  Even the so-called right wing radio industry only and always refers to both sides of the party and no one else.  America as a whole is now completely psychologically enslaved to America’s actual masters.  MOST people now do not even know that otherCAMPAIGN_2014 (1) political parties exist.  As far as they are concerned there is only the republican and democrat side of the party and nothing else.  Their masters know it but they control the Media, so there is really not all that much for them to be concerned with.  And … their masters do allow the sheeple to complain because venting is actually good.  It’s a temporary release valve.  But when all elections come around the people will be told to cast their votes in favor of their own national destruction, and as always the vast majority will comply.  Because they will be told, as they HAVE always been told by their masters for the past many decades now, that a vote for anyone other than either side of the party is a throw away vote, and they are foolish enough to actually believe it.

I saw a light come on in her eyes as if she actually understood everything I had told her.  And that was good.  Our conversation did not help to create another born again American patriot free of psychological enslavement to the party of America’s masters, because she is not yet old enough to vote.  But I am quite sure that she will actually research everything I told her to research and by the time she IS old enough to vote, she will be campaigning for Americans to break free of their psychological yokes of servitude to their masters and to become true Jeffersonian voters.  Because as Thomas Jefferson (and even several OTHER founders) said … If the American people align themselves with privately created political parties, they will most assuredly lose the country that was setup for them.

The people did exactly as they were warned NOT to do.  Can this nation yet be saved?  It’s actually kind of unlikely at this stage of Make yourselves sheepeverything now.  But there always IS that slim chance, that glimmer of freedom still glowing in the embers of a mostly burned out dream called America.  If many Americans will just fan those embers into a newly burning flame of freedom and break free from their masters.


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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


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    Happy New Year Tony!

    Read your article…..excellent read….! Too bad the parties other than the Dem & Rep are not strong enough for this presidential go-round. There is no one out there who can fit the bill at this time. The person must be a mean, no-nonsense, unable to be intimidated Person with a one tract mind, yet able to manipulate the best corrupted minds now working in the White House to proceed with the agenda he /she was elected by the People to follow thru with. No one comes to mind except maybe Palin or Ron Paul
    ( not the son).

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      Thank You and Happy New Year to You as well.
      Parties do not need to be financially strong enough to contend with both sides of the party of America’s masters. All they have to do is exist. And there are presently more than 20 such parties in existence right now.
      They do not need to spend billions of dollars, because in reality that amount of money isn’t REALLY spent by America’s owners now. Those who own the party and consequently our government ALSO own the media. All that they are doing is charging THEMSELVES for the advertising thru both sides of their party and then putting that money they pay out (from themselves) for advertising right back in their own coffers. The amounts the owners charge themselves for advertising is nothing but an intimidation game being publicized to awe the sheeple and make them think that billions of dollars are actually being spent to by the political offices, when in reality pretty much nothing to very little is needed.
      We now live in the instant information age. The internet is now becoming the media of choice for news and political information and the owners of America KNOW IT and likewise FEAR IT. THAT is why they are trying every way they can to severely regulate what appears on it.
      The only thing that ALL of the OTHER political parties and even private individuals need do is to go on a daily and relentless plan of attack against America’s owners and masters via the internet and say ….

      “VOTE. Make sure that YOU VOTE. Because it is not just a RIGHT it’s actually an OBLIGATION for those who TRULY CARE about this nation. BUT … cast your vote FOR YOUR COUNTRY AND ITS’ PRESERVATION and NOT for EITHER the democrat side or the republican side of the party of America’s owners.
      Pick a party or an individual … ANY party or individual … and vote FOR THEM and NOT for either the republican side or the democrat side of the existing party BECAUSE it was BOTH the democrats AND the republicans that have all but COMPLETELY DESTROYED this once great nation.
      IF the other parties or individuals are not on your ballots … THEN WRITE THEIR NAME IN.”

      That’s all that is needed. And there are MANY ways that message can be presented in any and all forms of communication.
      If Americans did this and did it in majority for just FOUR consecutive elections, this nation actually COULD be saved and restored.
      It’s really a simple thing for them to do. No real money need be spent. Just cast your vote FOR America instead of for ITS’ DESTRUCTION.

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