YES, Minimum Age SHOULD be 21


YES, Minimum Age SHOULD be 21, but not for the reasons being pushed again by the disarm America left.

There is now well underway yet another attack on the Second Amendment by the disarm America left and their entire media.   An attack that is as always being supported not just by the leftists in politics, but now by some constitution sellouts on the right as well.

This time around, the NRA has been primarily designated as the big bad boogieman that must be totally abolished, and not just rifles that the leftists usually go after.

The communist left and their media, and naturally the brain-dead leftist idiots in hollyweird are all successfully attributing blame for the school shooting in Florida to an organization that had absolutely nothing at all to do with that shooting either directly or indirectly.   But the anti-constitution left always need a focal point upon YES, Minimum Age SHOULD be 21which to affix blame when they are manipulating the thought processes of millions of morons.   The NRA is large and is comprised of millions of responsible gun owners who like the NRA itself support the American constitution and the Second Amendment contained in that constitution.   As such it is always a prime target for the communists in their attacks on America and its’ constitution.   But this time around their attacks are intensified.

Because it was a teenager that committed the murders, in addition to blaming the totally blameless NRA, the additional cry is now to raise the minimum age for gun purchase in America to the age of 21.   Even though the number of mass shooters in America that were under the age of 21 over the past THIRTY SIX YEARS can easily be counted on the fingers of just ONE HAND.   Almost ALL the mass killers were OVER the age of 21.

Now, even the very first ever actual people chosen and elected president seems to be siding with the minimum age requirement being pushed by the left.   But he may very well have a good reason for doing that, and that reason may actually be America’s youth themselves.

And TRUTHFULLY I can NOT find ANY reason to not go along with this.   Other than the FACT that it will be yet ANOTHER crack in the foundation of this country.  But my going along with this idea somewhat is NOT for the reasons being pushed by the disarm all of America leftists.

Because just adding even MORE government restrictions to a RIGHT that was guaranteed to be uninfringeable by our founding constitution is laying yet another pathway to its’ complete abolishment by corrupt government.

However … I personally DO agree (somewhat) with the age restriction being proposed, BUT ONLY FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS …

There was a time in America when the age of 14 or 15 was attained, a person was regarded as an adult.  However … THAT was OVER a century ago.

Back then a person of that age was far more intelligent and far more mature and far more responsible a human being than those of that same age in the America of today.

Children were raised with their future adulthood in mind almost as soon as they passed their diaper wearing stage of life.

Their family unit; their morality; their respect for others; their willingness to actually work for what they wanted in life; their religion; their patriotism and their desire to learn how to be individually successful were paramount in their lives.   Females at the age of 14 or 15 even married and began to raise families of their own back then because they were accepted as adults in their communities.   Boys were expected to be 16 before they married, but there were exceptions based on their proven maturity.

But THAT was the America of over a century ago.   The youth of today are the opposite of the youth of that time in our history.

In an article I published a short time back titled: Weaponizing America’s Education System {click that title to be taken to that article}, I explained how even as the initial communist revolution was destabilizing and destroying Russia and other areas of Europe, the orchestrators of those governmental collapses were already eyeing YES, Minimum Age SHOULD be 21America as the ultimate prize.   A prize that because of its ever increasing world standing could lead them to absolute world domination once they acquired it.   However it initially seemed to be an insurmountable task because America was far too diverse.   This country was comprised of far too many different groups, and ALL of those groups were comprised of people who knew that in this country they could achieve for themselves and their families unlimited success.   Communism cannot even begin to gain a foothold unless it has a large enough group to begin to create unrest in.   And in America at that time in our history, there were no groups large enough in numbers for them to manipulate.   So they decided to bide their time until they could actually create their own controllable group.   The late 1960’s to the early 1970’s was THEIR TIME, and they orchestrated that time period to their fullest advantage.

The Soviet KGB was very busy in America organizing large anti-Vietnam war protests.   Protests that their allies in the American “news” media helped to promote by making what the KGB was doing sound like it was far larger than it actually was and was taking place on every college campus and even in every city in America.

True … our being in Vietnam in the massive numbers that we were was totally unjustified.   And our being there in those numbers was based on nothing at all but a blatant lie put out by our owners through their puppet in the oval office at that particular time, Lyndon Johnson.   But that is just a side note to explain why the KGB and their American media allies were making it sound more and more every day that America was going to rip itself to pieces over that illegitimate war.   Which it was not and was something that never would have occurred at that point in our history.   The turmoil they created though was for them anyway, absolutely magnificent.   It enabled them through their media allies to place large numbers of leftists into all levels of the American political system.   ALL of them campaigning against that unjust war, and ALL of them exalted by the leftist media because of it.

Placing leftists into our government was only the beginning for them.   What they REALLY wanted was almost absolute control over the minds of the American youth that they could then slowly and methodically convert away from American values to Marxist Socialism.

They achieved that massive goal in the 1970’s when in exchange for a few million dollars in campaign money, with the help of their leftist media they succeed in getting the most dangerously weak presidential candidate in the 20th century elected to office who then kept his agreement and gave them what they were always after.   From that point on America’s youth could be indoctrinated toward socialism and away from established American values.   An indoctrination that steadily increased with each generation from that point on to where we are now seeing their agenda come to fruition as each new generation now believes that all things come from government and to see people oppose socialism is the complete opposite of everything they were ever taught, so those people must be wrong.   They actually now believe that America was originally intended to be founded as a socialist country which was the true desire of the people at that time and that those men known as our founders were actually evil men who forced their own will upon the people in the creating of this country.   And with the constant rewriting of history books they have only those rewritten books to fall back on as their proof that what they were taught is actually true.

Were there still teachers that did not endorse Marxism?   Yes, there were a great many.   Originally anyway.   But as time passed and the older teachers were replaced with younger ones who had been indoctrinated with Marxism from kindergarten through college, the influence of the older teachers steadily waned.   But all teachers are required to follow the curriculum set up by the school boards and most school boards had no idea what was actually in the books they were approving for their students.  And unfortunately most parents in America were no longer concerned with what their children were learning as well.   The leftist media convinced parents that their lives were now far too complex and that they should just leave the teaching of youth to the schools.   After all it was THEIR job.

However … Marxist indoctrination was only one part of the multi phased attack on America from within.   In the 1960’ and 1970’s television and movies had been the great influencer of Americans.   Movies began their no longer hidden leaning toward open pornography and the promotion of violence.   The anti-Vietnam war sentiment was glamorized by the movies, but television was the primary influencer of people.   The leftist media exalted all idiotic college students to never before seen heights of purported intelligence.   Presenting those who opposed the war as “extremely intelligent leaders and future leaders of America”.   Those still underdeveloped minds of those college students swallowed the falsehood hook, line and sinker and began to actually think of themselves the same way.   The leftist media likewise glamorized outright criminals of that era who bombed, killed and robbed, as “revolutionaries fighting for their cause which was the unjust treatment of racial groups”.   ALL of that was very impressionable to young minds who then wanted to emulate those criminals.

After years of never ending attempts to acquire it, in 1992 the communists were finally given complete managerial control of the democrat side of America’s singular controlling political party, and that side officially became the Marxist Socialist party.   With the help of the leftist media they succeed in placing Clinton into the office of POTUS.

One of the very first things that Clinton did as president was to immediately abolish all censorship of the visual and printed and audio media.   Thus opening the flood gates that had prevented immorality from becoming widespread.   And the flood immediately ensued.   As intended, that removal of censorship immediately infected the minds of ALL of America’s youth, and the mental destruction capabilities of those areas has been increased year after year after year from that point on.   Because the destruction of morality is a key factor in the destruction of a country.

But there was even MORE to come.  MUCH MORE.

The 1990’s began to bring in the age of electronics.   Mostly video games at first.   And almost ALL of those games promoting violence in some fashion or another.   But aside from promoting violence they had an additional benefit for the left.   They began to keep children from physical exercise which is necessary for good mental YES, Minimum Age SHOULD be 21development.   Children didn’t want to go outside and play anymore.   They didn’t want to read anymore.   They didn’t want to fantasize anymore like children have always done.   They only wanted to stay inside and play video games.   And those games were to become ever more violent in nature.   A side effect of which was to desensitize children toward the value of life itself.   Both human and non-human life.

Now add to those games the effect of the removal of video and audio censorship.   Movies glamorized punks of all ages.   Music degenerated into obscene filth laden lyrics promoting hatred and violence with a driving thumping beat.   America’s youth being too ignorant to see what was actually taking place were further programmed to disrespect others and to disrespect life itself.   Then they see their own peers who became “rock stars” and who were mostly drug addicts themselves, openly promoting lewdness on stages in front of crowds of already damaged minds that now almost always number in the thousands to even tens of thousands.

Bounce back to the schools.   Young teachers could not teach.   Because they are not capable of handling children.   As such a NEW problem was DELIBERATELY created in America and that was the drugging of children.

Because those teachers had no capability to handle children; what was once a completely normal action for normal energetic children, was now classified a “mental affliction” called A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. or whatever new YES, Minimum Age SHOULD be 21names were created to cover for this criminal child abuse.   Normal energetic children were actually DRUGGED into being docile robotic children.   This form of child abuse damaged children for life and many of them became drug addicts, and many of them later committed suicide, and some like that small number of killers under the age of 21 became psychotic killers in school shootings.

ADD to all of the above that once in political position to accomplish it, the communist left went to work on creating a slew of “rights” for children that made it ILLEGAL for parents to use corporal punishment to discipline their own children.   Then and especially in communist controlled states like California etc. children were told to “inform on their parents” if their parents “threatened them with physical disciple”.   Children were told that if their parents used any form of corporal punishment on them that THEY could have THEIR OWN PARENTS ARRESTED.   Many parents now became afraid of their own children which resulted in a complete lack of all respect in those children for themselves and others.   Thus as they grew older a great many became aggressive toward their parents and aggressive toward their teachers in school because they KNEW they could ALWAYS get away with their actions.

This is what makes up the majority of the children in America today.   It is quite probably a very accurate estimate that LESS THAN FIVE PERCENT of the children in the United States of today possess the mental and emotional stability of American youth a century ago.   I personally think that based on all of what can be so easily seen, THAT FIGURE may actually be closer to TWO AND ONE HALF PERCENT.    There was even another study made back in 2015 or 2016 that stated the average intelligence of a college graduate of today is equal to that of a tenth grade high school student of the mid 1960’s.   That report was from a couple of years ago.  Based on what is seen of college students now in 2018 it is not difficult to believe that the intelligence level of college graduates today is equal to an even earlier school grade of that same 1960’s period.   However … if any parents take umbrage with those figures they can always claim “their children” fall into the five percent category.

Because of their overall mental and emotional immaturity, these children are far too easily manipulated by the socialist left and their so-called “news” media; as well as all the other leftist dominated areas that comprise almost the complete sphere of influence in their lives which includes the movie industry; the television industry; and most especially the music industry to even be considered mildly capable of making any truly responsible decisions in their lives.

IN FACT yet ANOTHER study was done that claimed that America’s youth of today does not even reach a state of functional emotional and mental stability until they are somewhere in their MID TWENTIES.

But we see the leftist media now trying to elevate these children in the same way they did the college children of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s just so they can push their anti-America anti-constitution agenda using those immature children as their props.   And those pathetic children are actually BELIEVING that total garbage.   But who can blame them?   Their entire reality is based in media.

So even though the NRA is against the idea I will have to personally agree that the age to purchase firearms should be raised to 21.

BUT… AND AGAIN BECAUSE THEY ARE MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY IMMATURE … I also think that the VOTING AGE in America should LIKEWISE be raised to the minimum age 21.

And the age to consume ANY alcoholic beverage should be raised to 21.

And the age for serving in the military should be raised to 21.   No more of our owners sending America’s youth to fight and die in the wars THEY CREATE for their own political and financial profit.   ALSO it was recently stated that the military even openly admitted that the youth of today are not mature enough to serve this country.

And the age for driving should be raised to 21 because all too many children die in traffic collisions every single year because they are not mature and responsible enough to safely operate motor vehicles.

And the age to purchase and possess any so-called SMARTPHONE should be raised for exactly the same reason.  THOUSANDS of children are killed every year because they were texting and driving.  Thus PROVING they are not mentally and emotionally stable enough to possess and use a so-called smartphone.   If parents want to claim they need a way to ‘stay in touch with their children’ then those children should ONLY be allowed to possess and use a regular cellphone that does NOT have internet and texting capabilities.

So congress should go ahead and do what they like best doing and that is originating and passing yet another law.  Go ahead and pass a law raising the minimum age for the purchase of a weapon to 21.

BUT MAKE IT A SIMPLE AND ALL ENCOMPASSING LAW and like they have claimed before, they should make it FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE “CHILDREN”.

INCLUDE ALL of the above very much needed restrictions that will REALLY protect “the children” of this country.   Because they have proven time and time again that they are not mentally and emotionally stable enough to possess the items mentioned and are not mentally and emotionally stable enough to vote; or consume alcoholic beverages or serve in America’s military.



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