Will Americans EVER run out of SAND?


 Will Americans EVER run out of SAND?

As a nation we are gullible enough to always be easily led away and distracted from what we SHOULD be continually focusing on.The totally contrived and completely fraudulent charges against George Zimmerman and the resulting sham of a trial are now over.  The “judge” in that “trial” did her best throughout that entire sham to convey to the jurors that they needed to find him guilty of something.  If not the fraudulent charge of 2nd degree murder, then at the very least they needed to find him guilty of “manslaughter”.  That jury of six women apparently considered that charge because they asked that “judge” for clarification of what “manslaughter” was.   With all the blood frenzy orchestrated by Holder and his leftist media cohorts, these women may very well have been in fear for their lives if they reached a decision that was contrary to what Holder, the Kenyan and their media accomplices wanted and openly pushed for.  And as is the case with most humans, they could have reached a decision that someone else’s life is not as important as their own and they may have even considered that if they gave in to the wishes of Holder and the leftist media and the corrupt state attorneys and convicted him, that he may have been able to appeal it and not face prison where he would be killed by the more aggressive low IQ minions of Holder and the Kenyan.  But as it turned out their morality triumphed over politics and orchestrated racism.The media circus has long since packed up and left the scene of THEIR crime, and they were not able to pat themselves on the back for showing the nation once again just how powerful they are because they failed to get an innocent man convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.  The Kenyan and Holder supported black panties have slinked back into their clubhouses to smoke their crack and go back to telling each other how badass they are and feel self superior for awhile until Holder and the Kenyan need them for another “show”.  The “professional” race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton likewise were not able to pat themselves on the back as well, thinking somehow that they have relevance in this world instead of being just well paid race baiting stooges of the leftists.  The liberals were not able to rejoice claiming that “justice” had been served, because TRUE JUSTICE in this particular case actually WAS served.  And the rest of America is fast forgetting about Zimmerman now that the media orchestrated circus is over.

Primarily it is now only the human cartoon network known as MSNBC that caters exclusively to the extremely mentally deficient in this country that is STILL trying to keep the race baiting going.  They have even pulled in one of the jurors in that trial who may have decided that she wanted the opportunity to cash in off that “trial” and placed her up to their clueless followers as a “voice of opposition to the verdict”.  And as to be expected of that make believe news network as well as their race bating cohorts in the media, they are attempting to claim that she was “coerced” by the other jurors into making the verdict unanimous.  In fact one of their leftist cohorts, the ABC network, even edited her comments to make it appear that she thought that Zimmerman got away with murder, the same as NBC did when they edited Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him appear to be racist.  ALL for the sake of trying to keep race tensions high and the race riots going in this country.

But Zimmerman was nothing more than yet another tool to be used by the communist left in their attempt to agitate this country even more.  If Zimmerman were black, America would never have heard of this case and being that he acted in self defense he would have remained free and no phony charges and trial would have ensued.  If the thug martin had been Hispanic we likewise would not have heard anything about it and Zimmerman would have never been placed in the center ring of that media circus.  But the Kenyan and Holder with the usual solid backing of their media NEEDED another distraction from all of their criminal acts and quite probably were actually in on the decision with their media first to make Zimmerman “white” instead of brown, and then make not only a fraudulent case but a huge fraudulent case against him out of the incident.  ALL for no other reason than to distract America for awhile and let the Kenyan and his gang continue on unabated with their agenda to destroy this nation.

The Kenyan and holder actually WANTED race riots to occur.  Their media actually wanted race riots to occur.  But even though those riots didn’t happen to the degree that they WANTED them to occur, they STILL achieved a degree of success in all of this.  Over the months of this entire fiasco there must have been more than a hundred cases of black on white crimes listed on dozens if not hundreds of internet sites.  Crimes that will NEVER be reported on in the leftist controlled media because their racist agenda prohibits it.  But the awareness of those ever increasing crimes DID cause racial unrest and people nationwide have now been pushed even closer to a boiling over point.  So in that respect the Kenyan and is gang and their media have been successful.  They greatly WANT civil unrest in this nation and they will just keep finding more and more ways to prod America into reacting.

Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS targeting of conservative groups, the Zimmerman fiasco, the killing of Seal Team 6 members, the prism program, the deliberate destruction of America’s economy with millions upon millions of once proud self sufficient Americans now on food stamps, the opening of our southern border allowing millions upon millions to enter this country illegally and then rewarding them for their criminal act with financial benefits totaling in the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars each and every year, and now very soon free citizenship, the open governmental attacks on Christianity, Extortion 17,  the destruction of the morale of America’s military, the steady depriving America from access to its own sources of energy and forcing it to depend even more upon foreign suppliers of oil and natural gas, the destruction of America’s public education system and converting it to strictly a leftist indoctrination system are only a few of the things they have done that actually should have had people in the streets.

BUT this is NOT Egypt and Americans are NOT Egyptians.  We don’t do things like that.  We have been successfully indoctrinated for literally generations now, to accept that we are too “civil” to do things like the Egyptian people did when they finally had enough and wanted their country, their constitution and their freedom back from an islamic terrorist government that was setup in their country with the help and support of the islamist regime presently in control of America’s oval office.  And we as a nation have subscribed completely to that deliberate indoctrination.

Oh we claim that we WILL reach a breaking point.  We are ALWAYS going to reach that “breaking point”.  We will continue to say,– Not me, I’m not giving up, this is my country, I am an American citizen and you can’t do this to me, WE are American citizens and you can’t do that to US, they’ll never see a white flag on my lawn, just try to come and get my firearms, don’t even think about messing with me, don’t tread on me, don’t spy on me, I’m warning you, you’re pushing us too far, you’re going to regret it if you keep messing with us, don’t do that, okay don’t do that again, we need to jail everyone in this corrupt illegal administration, the Supreme Court is even corrupt, we have to act, we have to band together, don’t push us again, we’re warning you, we’re not going to take it anymore, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.  All the while steadily backing up and drawing line after line in the sand and warning this government to not cross THAT line.

And as a nation WE WILL KEEP DRAWING THE “LINES IN THE SAND” and daring this corrupt government to cross it.  Continuously warning them what will happen if they do.  Then when the government DOES cross that line, Americans back up and draw ANOTHER line and then ANOTHER line behind that, and ANOTHER line behind that, and ANOTHER line behind that on to quite probably infinity.

When one sits back and looks how this country is being destroyed and overthrown from within on almost a daily basis now they will actually realize the Hitler, Mao Tse Tung and Stalin among others NEVER had it THIS EASY when they took over their countries.

The Egyptian people had enough of the corruption in their government and did what they did totally spontaneously, and within hours the crowd that reached THEIR boiling over point and spontaneously formed grew larger and larger and in only a few days it grew to millions of freedom craving people in the streets of Cairo with solidarity demonstrations clear across Egypt.

They didn’t publish notices on the web saying that in 60 or 90 or 120 days they were going to “demonstrate”, and then show up for what in THIS country always amounts to nothing more than a pleasant get together, with the pro-America camera cravers who are making millions of dollars siding with the pro constitution citizens of America winding up giving a few pro America speeches stating how we need to vote this current government out of office and nothing more than that.

Nothing more that is than being laughed at by the communists and the financial globalists, because this nation has now moved almost completely to using electronic vote tabulators in its elections and as was PROVEN in the 2012 election, HOW people actually vote no longer really matters as long as those electronic tabulators can be used to show the outcome of any election.  The freedom craving citizens of Egypt just dropped what they were doing and did it spontaneously and did it in such immediate and massive numbers that the Egyptian military justifiably sided with the people and removed THEIR wanna-be dictator and HIS gang of criminals from control of THEIR government.

There are those who realize that we as a nation will NEVER actually reach that “breaking point” and follow the example of the Egyptian people, and those people likewise continually say we have to vote “them” all out of office, when referring to America’s now overwhelmingly corrupt government.  Yet we keep voting “them” back into office and worse yet, whenever we DO vote someone new into office, that person we vote into office is from either of BOTH of those two major political parties that are actually owned and controlled by the same agenda driven financial group.  THEN we go back to drawing even more lines in the sand over and over and over again.

So when one goes back to look at what was now only the first round in the Zimmerman fiasco and they look at it for what it really was, which was not just a corrupt attempt to crucify a man for a crime he did not commit, but rather another well orchestrated distraction away from what is happening to this country under the orchestration of those who have illegally gained control over it, everyone will have to shamefully admit that the Kenyan and his gang were the winners … again.  And they, as well as those that actually own and control THEM, will more than likely continue now to ALWAYS win until this country officially is no more.

Because Americans continually show that they will never run out of sand in which to draw yet ANOTHER line.

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