Why William Barr?


Why William Barr?

After campaigning AGAINST the swamp and the corrupt Media in this country, and constantly condemning BOTH during his two years in office so far, President Trump just CANNOT seem to pull himself away from the swamp as well as the Media and those the Media is familiar with when nominating appointees to his administration.

President Trump is the very first EVER people nominated and people elected president of this country.  He was chosen by the people because he was the very first person running for that office that truly identified with the American people themselves.   As such he has been hated and condemned every single day in office by the entire leftist media who thought that THEY and THEY ALONE were the single controlling factor as to WHOM should be placed into the office of POTUS.   And hated by the controlling establishment as well because they knew up front that he would work FOR America and NOT for those who own and control it.

But although MUCH of what he has accomplished so far has actually been FOR this country and it’s people, there are still some things that he does that are puzzling to quite a few.   At least to most who do not take their entire direction in life from the Media and do not kowtow to America’s owners’ and their managing establishment.

Some of his appointees to his cabinet are what puzzles some people because they are quite obvious establishment picks who do not share the will of those who elected President Trump.

There are over a million and a half attorneys in this country.  Out of those there are around TEN THOUSAND OR MORE GOOD ATTORNEYS.   And there are probably A THOUSAND HIGHLY COMPETENT GOOD PROSECUTORS in this country who are not IN or even FROM the swamp.  The President COULD have appointed a group to search for someone from OUTSIDE the district of corruption who is not connected with ANY of the swamp dwellers.

Doing THAT would drive the communist left and their Media into an uncontrollable PANIC.   Because they would not know ANYTHING about the nominee… they would have no history of them to twist around into something negative… there would be no time to recruit “sexually assaulted claimants” to slander the nominee with… no political history to claim was not politically correct and fitting with the communist left’s agenda for this nation.   They would have NOTHING to go on and NO TIME to FABRICATE anything.

But he instead chose William Barr as his nominee for Attorney General.

Barr was Attorney General under Bush 41.

So can an Attorney General from a NWO supporting and promoting administration be trusted to equally enforce the laws of this country and prosecute the criminals involved in this nation’s government who have been shown time and time again to be OUTSIDE and ABOVE the law, like the Clinton’s, Strozk, Page, Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey, Holder, Abedin, Rice, Obama, the Podesta Brothers, Simpson, Lerner, McCabe, Brennan and a host of others from the swamp?   ESPECIALLY since he quite probably is friends with some or possibly even most of them and has even been quoted saying … “I don’t think all this stuff about throwing [Clinton] in jail or jumping to the conclusion that she should be prosecuted is appropriate,”

Most likely NO.   His term as Attorney General may be just as “effective” at enforcing our laws and applying them equally and fairly as that of Sessions.

Yes there are those who are FOOLISH enough to have wanted Trey Gowdy appointed, but those are people who take their direction from the media.  Their comprehension of politics and those involved in it is limited to just WHO the media tends to spotlight.  They cannot name ONE thing Gowdy has done that had a positive outcome.  But because he put on a good dog and pony show for the media and the public, they think he would have been a good choice.  They do not understand that Gowdy’s sole purpose was to put on good shows that were never meant to lead to any type of government prosecution and nothing more.

It’s seems to be obvious that President Trump is choosing Barr because BOTH the left and the right will approve his nomination (after the left puts on their usual opposition act).

But with the Senate being the only group involved in the nomination process, and being that the President seems at the moment to have a majority (excluding Romney of course) in the Senate to approve his nominees, that he would choose a prosecutor from OUTSIDE the swamp who is NOT “politically connected” and would actually uphold the laws as written and especially uphold the constitution as written and see that laws were applied equally to ALL citizens.   And NOT exclude those criminals from the district of corruption and any who are directly or indirectly linked to any of them who have up to now been free from prosecution for their many crimes.

But as usual, it does not look like any of that will ever come to be.

So after the usual leftist opposition act is allowed the spotlight for awhile, Barr WILL be approved as Attorney General and the swamp will remain intact with the bottom feeders continuing to remain free from justice.   And those still loyal to this nation who very much WANT to see our laws applied equally to ALL, will AGAIN continue to be told for the next six years, “tomorrow … tomorrow … there’ll be prosecutions tomorrow… they’re ONLY a day away.”


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