Why the term “Communist Democrats”?



“Common core” is not the primary cause of the dumbing down of America’s youth.  It is only the latest major step in creating unintelligent and obedient vassals of THE STATE.  The creation of less intelligent generations began in earnest in the 1970’s when Carter sold out the educational future of America’s youth to the Marxist extremists for a few million dollars of campaign money.  Because his ego and need to satisfy that ego was far more important to him than America’s youth and the actual future of this nation.

In some of the emails I get in response to my articles I am accused of “falsely” labeling the left side of America’s actual ONE party system as communist democrats.  Some even try to agree that the left is most definitely socialist but not communist and that socialism is not only good, but is actually the very best form of government that any people could have.  THIS is what they have been indoctrinated to believe in the public school system ever since Carter, and as such they do not even know what they are advocating.  It is extremely difficult to counteract orchestrated complete indoctrination of multiple generations, but I will try to explain it this way and then save this article for future rebuttals to these people.  There is no way that this can be stated in just a few paragraphs to a degree that the indoctrinated could at least be able to understand some of what they have been conditioned to believe.

Socialism is the voluntary collapse of society.  Communism is the forced collapse of Society.

Socialism has never worked in anyplace it has been tried.  And neither has communism.  The Nazi’s were socialists and Russia was communist.  The socialist Nazi’s hated the communist Russians because at that time in history the two ideologies actually were somewhat different.  Under communism there was no such thing as personal ownership of anything.  All property belonged to the state and an individual was allowed to own nothing of value.  People worked solely for the state.  In reality people were the property of the state.  The ranking party members were the elite and as such were entitled to almost whatever they wanted and whenever they wanted it because they were the elite.  In essence the populace was enslaved.  Totalitarianism was the only way that the populace could be controlled.  Any descent was dealt with immediately and harshly and used as examples to others who may want to descent.

Under socialism, the people allegedly were equal owners of everything.  There were to be no corporations or even privately owned businesses.  Every form of business was to be managed by a cooperative made up of all the people involved with whatever was being produced.  Profits were allowed to be made but those profits were to be distributed equally among all those involved in the coop.  This resulted in people deciding that if they were to get the same as everyone else, then where is the incentive to do more than anyone else?  In fact doing less than others was actually a reward in itself because everyone still received the same.

Under the slavery of communism the ideology was “From each according to their ability to each according to their need”.  Under socialism the ideology was “From each according to their ability to each according to their contribution”.  Under communism everyone was assigned their personal working profession by the state.  Everyone received food and clothing equally as well which ultimately caused starvation and death because never enough was able to be produced to feed all those living under communism.  The reason being, that there was never an incentive for anyone to do very much other than what they were told to do.  If there is no personal incentive then people by nature just do not care.  It’s a very depressive society.

Under socialism the idea of government was to be a complete democracy where all people had an equal say.  A complete democracy never was able to work successfully because there were always just too many people involved to ever reach a decision to do anything.  Also, under a democracy being that everyone had equal say, the people always decided that they wanted to share equally in everything that was produced in the country and thus everyone felt they were “entitled” to any and all wealth created by the people of the country.  Even those who did little or nothing to contribute to that society.  And being a socialist society those demands had to be addressed.  Throughout history, where ever socialism was tried, there were two problems that always arose.  First; being that every citizen felt they were “entitled” to receive an equal share of all that was produced, even those that chose to produce nothing (and that particular group grew ever larger), the wealth of the country could no longer support the demand because eventually the wealth was depleted and the economic system collapsed because the state ran out of money.  Therefore in order to manage the people more efficiently resulting from the chaos that was created as the economies collapsed, all socialist countries gradually had to move toward becoming totalitarian states.

Under communism the people do not have any say in the function of their government.  All those entering into political office on any level are party members with closer ties to the ruling elite and are provided by the state and the residents are told to vote for them and only them.

America was created to be a democratic republic.  A form of government far more efficient where the people still had control over their government but a form of government without all the chaos of a true democracy.  The Constitution that this nation was founded upon guaranteed that all people had the right to pursue happiness, but did not guarantee them that they would be happy.  It was also setup to be a capitalist society that guaranteed them the right to achieve as much personal success as they could attain.  They were not guaranteed success but rather only the right to succeed based upon their personal efforts, without the threat of others taking away from them what they worked to acquire.  The result of this was that a great many Americans became very successful and very wealthy.  THIS caused jealousy among those who tried and failed to become successful as well as among those who never tried at all to succeed but did not like seeing others with more than they personally had.

America wasn’t just the shining beacon for the entire world to admire back in the twentieth century; it was admired by the entire world almost since its very conception as the world saw what true freedom could really do for people.  Humans by nature desire to be free and most of the countries in the world were either ruled by monarchies or dictatorial groups or individuals.  However the very existence of true ‘freedom’ spurred actual jealousy and even hatred for America by those who felt the world and all people in it should be controlled, and as such America became the perpetual target of those who felt that THEY should be in control.  Primarily those in the financial realm who always stayed safely in the shadows but actually manipulated all the currency that all countries free or not depended upon.  Thus they became the quiet, but absolute power in this world.  So powerful that they were able to topple governments that did not bend to their wishes.  Whether a nation is capitalist, socialist or communist it still depends upon and only functions with currency.  Socialism and communism primarily USE currency and are not able to generate a sufficient quantity of it to sustain their governmental structures.  Only capitalism is capable of doing that.  But when you couple capitalism with freedom a nation becomes almost impossible to overthrow.  And THAT was the problem for the financial globalists that the founders of America deliberately created.  And it was a problem that took the financial globalists more than two hundred years to finally begin to overcome.

Their great opportunities to overthrow and enslave America came first; with their slow and steady acquisition and control of the printed media where they could ever so slowly and methodically sway the majority of the populace to their ideas; and the second was when Americans not only went against the wishes of the founders of their nation and aligned themselves with political parties, but aligned themselves with primarily only TWO of those political parties.

Having gained majority control over the media the financial globalists began to continually promote the idea that only the Democrat or Republican Party should be in control of the government of this nation.  It was the classic ‘divide and conquer’ strategy and they worked it beautifully.  Because only two political parties would be much easier to deal with than multiple parties.  The majority of Americans were successfully indoctrinated to this idea and thus the intended collapse and overthrow of America could begin almost completely unabated.  The creation of the audio media and later the visual media that they also were in financial control of solidified their position over America, and coupling that with the basic greed of those placed into political positions whose loyalty and votes they could outright purchase, the globalists soon enough enjoyed absolute control over both parties which in reality had now become actually ONE party with two different factions to control the populace.  It now became only a matter of time until their goal would reach fruition.

Although there were very successful capitalists on both sides of the political party, using their media the financial globalists began to divide the populace itself into ‘psychological’ categories.  Those who held a staunch belief in personal freedom and the right to achieve personal financial success were herded toward the Republican Party and those who were not able to financially succeed and who were actually jealous of those who did succeed were herded toward the Democrat Party.  Both groups could then be placed in opposition to each other but with both groups still under the financial control of the globalists.  The illusion of a two party political system was then continually and very successfully promoted.

Although the initial step toward America’s intended economic collapse began in the early 20th century with the creation of the Federal Reserve, the first significant step toward America’s intended economic collapse came in the mid century when socialism was created on a national level with the introduction of social security.  Because the globalists considered them to  be the overall less intelligent group It was promoted to the left side of the party as something good.  All people would contribute to the well being of the senior population to help them when they could no longer work.  At the time of its introduction it was actually a feasible undertaking because there were millions of people working and not that many who were beyond the working years and the populace accepted it.  But globalists do not do anything on the spur of the moment and they do not do anything based on emotion.  Everything they do is calculated and planned far in advance.  For their own personal financial gain in the second half of the 20th century they initiated multiple wars in various parts of the world to send America’s youth into.  Those wars cost this nation the lives of thousands upon thousands of America’s youth, thus depleting a large portion of the work force that could contribute to the social security system.  To add to the economic strain on this nation under Lyndon Johnson the welfare system was greatly expanded.  Also under Johnson social security funds that had been acquired became an additional source of revenue that the politicians felt they had a right to take and spend on other projects.  Later on to deplete the future work force even more the extermination of children in the womb was legalized and millions of children have been killed.  Children that could have become future workers and contributors to the social security system.  Then using those politicians they owned on the left side of the party America’s southern border was left potentially wide open and millions upon millions of foreigners invaded this nation.  As a financial reward for their criminal action and as an incentive for even more millions to invade this country, the globalists used the politicians they owned on the left side of the party to grant welfare and even social security to the invaders, thus pushing this country even closer to complete financial collapse.  The owners then funded the organizations setup by the invaders with millions of dollars to promote anti Caucasian and anti American racism in general and promoted the idea that those who invaded America were not invaders but migrants who were actually moving back into territory that was” rightfully theirs” to begin with.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s freedom loving and incentive driven Americans began to balk at all the socialism that was being instituted nationwide.  Even many of those on the left side of the party objected to it.  Because of that it became apparent that the illusion of diversity between the two sides of their party needed to be increased in order to keep the populace focused more on each other than upon what was taking place in government.  The owners of America’s government decided to reign in the descent by manipulating the elections of 1992 and placed a very likeable socialist married to a devout Marxist into the office of President.  They had their media promote him in every possible way while at the same time totally ignoring his past as much as possible and deflecting criticism of him for what they couldn’t just ignore.  By doing so they could focus the attention of the nation on him personally while continuing to implement even more expensive socialism.  Those people who aligned themselves with the right side of the party constantly objected to his actions and especially his sexual actions but because he was from the left side of the party, those on the left defended him and constantly praised him.  In 2000 the owners of America’s government placed an elitist from the right side of the party into office and in 2001using the excuse of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 2001 he setup a national military style police force because that type of force was going to be needed in the future when the economy did collapse.  This action cost the taxpayers billions of dollars each year from that point on.  He also instituted two more wars costing the taxpayers even more billions of dollars as well as the lives of America’s youth.  Those on the left side of the party constantly condemned him while those on the right side of the party defended and praised him because he was from their side of the party.  The owners of America’s government were actually having fun pitting both sides of the party against each other while at the same time ever increasing the government’s actual power as well as increasing its expenditures thus bringing the nation ever closer to its financial collapse.

Over the years to increase the diversity of the people comprising both sides of their political party and to increase the illusion of there being two separate parties, the owners of America ever so slowly placed actual Marxists into key positions of the left side of their party as well as into political office.  Yet the Marxists were not in actual control of the left side of the party, but rather only placed there as overseers of that side of the party.  Because communism the same as socialism cannot exist without capital.  And that capital they require can only be generated in a capitalist society.  The actual owners of America are very successful capitalists.   By 2008 the transformation of the left side of their party from socialist leaning to actual communist was completed and the left side known as the Democrat side became the communist Democrat side of the party.  Not caring enough about it to actually follow the transformation of their side of the party, those who aligned themselves with that side just went along with it and will continue to vote blindly left, or as I have labeled it before, they only and always will vote nothing more than “My school against your school” because being the overall less intelligent side they actually believe that politics in America is merely a game and nothing more, so as long as “their side” wins, that is all that matters to them.

To demonstrate what they deem to be their absolute and unchallengeable power and control over this nation, in 2008 they decided to give Americans a demonstration.  Having totally conditioned those who align themselves with the communist democrat side of their party to never pay any real attention to politics other than to only vote “my school against your school”; they took a totally inexperienced and totally incompetent and for the most part perpetually unemployed Jr. Senator, who was a devout and outspoken anti America Marxist and who had not even held political office for very long and manipulated the left side presidential primary race and placed him as the Presidential candidate from the left side.  Then they had ALL of the front runners on the right side of their party suddenly and for no validly explained reasons remove themselves from the presidential primary of that year and they placed the lease favored candidate as the candidate from their right side, which caused millions of people who aligned themselves with the right side of their party to stay home in disgust and not vote, thus easily placing their devout anti America Marxist into the White House as President where he has abused that office ever since.  He increased the size and scope of the national military police force that his elitist predecessor established; he has continuously violated the constitution by attempting to actually rule America as opposed to governing over it.  He has increased the size and scope of already established government agencies to spy on all Americans; he has promoted black against white racism at every given opportunity to keep racial discord well established in America; he has promoted the invasion of America by illegal’s; he stacked the Supreme Court with Marxists to name just a few of his anti America agendas.  ALL of the aforementioned taking place in preparation for what the single world order financial globalists who are now the actual owners and controllers of America have ultimately in store for the country.  They will need to exercise communist totalitarian control over America to keep the people contained when they finish collapsing the nation’s economy.  Yet those who align themselves with the now communist democrat side of the party are far too ignorant to even want to pay attention to what is happening to their own country.  By the time the 2012 elections arrived the majority of America was fed up with him, but by that time the owners of America had successfully put into place nationwide the easily manipulated electronic voting systems thus making the outcome of all future elections predetermined well in advance.

So that is why those who align themselves with the left are now the communist democrats.  They were just far too ignorant to realize what was happening in this country and to the side of America’s actual ONE party system that they aligned themselves with.  They are not the only people that can be classified as ignorant because those who align themselves with the right side of the party are also too ignorant to realize that the entire political structure of America including its government is now the purchased property of the single world government financial globalists.  Many of those of the right like to use the term “follow the money” but in reality almost all of them never have and never will.  If they did, they would see that the same corporations own both sides of what is now America’s actual ONE political party.  Instead they will cling to the well orchestrated illusion that they can “take back” the republican side of the party totally oblivious to the fact that no one can “take back” what they never had control of to begin with.  But at least the overseers of the right side of the party are not communist.  The owners maintain the control of that side of the party by themselves.

The solution to this dilemma?   The forming of a self funded third political party that the people themselves can once again control, as per the original intention of the founders of America.  But the odds against that ever occurring are tremendous because ALL Americans have been psychologically conditioned to believe that they cannot fight the financial power of the owners.


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