Why the standoff over obamacare?


The standoff continues between the Republicans and the Marxist Communists in control of the White House and the Senate with no end in sight. Many people believe the Republicans will cave in as they always do on important national matters.  Primarily because the GOP never seems to have the intestinal fortitude for a political fight as well as the fact the party also is comprised of several actual leftists like John McCain who will undermine that party at any and every given opportunity.  These GOP leftists are constantly praised and supported in their endeavors by the leftist controlled media in America, who likewise do their part by trying to create the illusion that the nation itself stands behind the Marxists and their cohorts in the Republican Party.

Although it is true that America has now become a media driven (or better yet herded) society, comprised of a vast number of low information and no information voters that are deliberately kept in their uninformed state by all the various leftist controlled media, the OTHER half of America has FINALLY awakened to what is taking place politically in their country and they are beginning to rebel against it.  Although threatened to occur by many, logic dictates that there will never be another physical American revolution against tyranny because all factors considered, Americans have become too used to their comforts and a physical revolution would instantly and maybe even permanently deprive them of those comforts.  So they will continue to voice their opposition to tyranny only verbally, and try as best they can to express their opposition via the voting system.  BUT, the election of 2012 proved that even their actual votes no longer matter because the American voting system has now been converted to electronic vote tabulation machines where the outcome of the votes can be preset, and all that is required of the voters is to physically appear at the polls to justify the preset numerical outcome.

Obamacare was passed in 2010 by a then Marxist controlled House and Senate.  It became the most unpopular law ever to be forced upon the American people.  More unpopular than even prohibition.  It was passed without ever having been read by ANYONE AT ALL in congress.  Something that will forever be the legacy of Nancy Pelosi the then head of the House of Representatives who stood in front of the House of Representatives and said “We need to pass this so that we can find out what is in it”.  The result of that passage and subsequent signing into law was a rebellion by the American voters who in 2010 got rid of a large number of Marxists in the House and replaced them with Republicans who ALL ran for office on the promise that they would REPEAL that extremely unpopular law if elected.  A promise that they never kept.    The Senate however remained under leftist control.  Something that may actually be able to be attributed to the electronic vote tabulation machines the same as the presidential election of 2012 which displayed blatant (but unchallenged by the GOP) voting fraud.

Not even one elected official in congress read or even cared to read the bill to find out what was in it.  But MANY other people did read it and in doing so they discovered that what was actually IN that bill that was passed without even being scrutinized had basically nothing at all to do with healthcare.  The “Affordable Healthcare Act” was only a flowery and completely deceptive title given to a massive Marxist takeover of America.  It was the most destructive step yet to kill the American economy.  Forcing even more people into the ranks of the totally unemployed; reducing millions of people to the status of being part time employees being allowed to work no more than twenty nine hours per week; the creation of yet even more militarized police units for even more sections of government to be used against the citizens of this nation; also the funding for a private stand alone army that according to obama when he proposed it, was to be as large and as well equipped as America’s actual Army with the ONLY difference being that those in his “private (taxpayer funded) army” would swear their allegiance to HIM and not to the Constitution of the United States which calls for the protection of America against ALL enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC.  It also gives the IRS unprecedented power over the citizens of this land.

Using 9/11 as his excuse for doing so, George Bush created the American Gestapo aka the DHS which “strangely” was up and running nationwide in almost no time at all.  Obama now wants to finish the task of creating a totalitarian police state by creating the American version of the SS troops, and all funded under the guise of a “healthcare” act that no one in congress bothered to even look into and the majority of actual taxpayers want nothing to do with.  With these major steps toward America’s demise and change over to a complete totalitarian state, it appears that the American taxpayers themselves are now footing the bill for both the shackles that will be placed upon them as well as for the very prisons they will be carted off to.

As “affordable” healthcare goes, obamacare is totally bogus.   The rates for the health insurance part of the bill are almost double that of private health insurance rates.  Then there’s the amount of coverage it actually gives which is less than private health insurance.  Then there are the penalties that will be enforced if anyone chooses to back out of it, complete with seizures of bank accounts and personal assets.  None of which occurs in the private healthcare industry.  And let us not forget about the death panels that were claimed not to exist, but now strangely enough after becoming law, actually do exist where bureaucrats can and will decide whether or not anyone in a terminal situation should even receive life saving or prolonging treatment.  Especially the elderly.  If it is deemed that the patient, regardless of age can no longer serve the state in any capacity, their health treatment will be terminated.

This tyranny was sold to the low information and no information voters as something “wonderful”.  They were told that now EVERYONE could have healthcare.  Those who could not afford it before as well as those who could not get it because of preexisting conditions could now have “affordable healthcare”.  The leftist media continued to pound this idea into the mush that is called brains of the low information and no information voters.  Any lie and every lie was used to get it passed, and now that it is being threatened with defunding, the leftist media is again using any lie and every lie conceivable to keep it from getting defunded.

But the simple truth of the matter is that we have ALWAYS had FREE healthcare in this country.  By law, hospitals were not allowed to turn anyone away who was indigent.  But more than that EVERY SINGLE PERSON who ILLEGALLY entered this country as well as their entire families that were started in this country after they ILLEGALLY entered it, along with all the other perks they received as a REWARD for ILLEGALLY entering this country, has had access to totally free health care any time they wanted it.  The taxpayers are charged over 300 BILLION DOLLARS each and every year to take care of those who entered this country ILLEGALLY.  Healthcare has always been free for those who needed it as well as those who INVADED this country.

But now there is a standoff taking place in Washington between the communist left (RINO’s included) and those in the Republican Party that finally appear to be standing with and for the actual American taxpayers.  Whether the Republicans will cave as always and as to be expected remains to be seen.  Maybe THIS TIME it will not be just a show and they will stand their ground in earnest.  But is this a REAL shut down of government?  With the thousands of government employees now receiving their regular pay while not returning to work, they are just receiving nothing more than an additional paid vacation and again at the taxpayers’ expense.

Obama, the wannabe dictator,(that literally millions of people now firmly believe is ILLEGALLY holding the office of president, and who has spent MILLIONS of dollars in attorney costs to prevent access to his real birth certificate) is closing parks nationwide (accept for the military golf course he uses); closing access to war memorials for veterans who put their very lives on the line to serve and protect this nation; shutting down the amber alert system for missing and abducted children and in the process is guaranteeing the potential deaths of abducted children; and in his delusional mind even thinks that he can close down the actual oceans surrounding this nation to fishermen; all to inflict hardship upon the actual citizens of this nation.  The shutting down of access to veterans to the memorials that honor them as well as all those who gave their lives for this country is easy to understand.  Obama literally HATES the American military and the veterans who served this nation.  So the shutting down of those locations is easy to understand.  Where all the other areas are concerned, he is only doing it to spite the American people and try to show them that HE is now their overlord and they should accept it.  All of America must bend to HIS will, or go without.  And what does all of that accomplish?  Nothing more than converting the feelings of those who actually served this country; the feelings of those who were embarrassed for this country because he is in the office that he is; to that of actual hatred of not only him personally, but hatred of the entire communist left including their media who oblivious to reality still think they can twist the blame for this “shutdown” onto the Republicans and the actual taxpayers.

So WHY is there a standoff taking place in the district of corruption?

Although the left, complete with the media they control want to try and twist it to say that they are defending “a law”, it has NOTHING to do with actual healthcare.  Common logic dictates that IF the government really wanted to provide healthcare for people they would just give all those who wanted it a card, charge them around $75.00 per month for each person enrolled in it and then pick up the medical tab.  After all … they pick up the tab for 30 MILLION or so ILLEGAL INVADERS of this nation to the tune of 300 BILLION DOLLARS each and every year and do not charge THEM anything at all for it.  So they could pick up the tab for those who voluntarily choose to enroll in a government run health program.

No this has NOTHING to do with healthcare.  It has EVERYTHING to do with the complete destruction of the United States, the Constitution it was founded on, and the absolute and permanent totalitarian control over the citizens of this nation.  Nothing less than that.

This may be the absolute last chance the American people have to save their nation from its complete destruction as a free nation, or as the wannabe dictator obama calls it, “the fundamental changing of America”.  The communist left has worked for 90 years to reach this point and they do not want to have a set back now.  They now control the majority of America’s media.  Thanks to the traitor Jimmy Carter they control the indoctrination of generations of America’s youth toward communism via the public education system.  They have always had the majority of professor positions in colleges and universities.   With control of the media, the public education system and the colleges they now virtually control ALL of America’s information sources.  They now control the White House and the Senate.  They are now so close to enjoying America’s end that they can literally taste it.  If the House caves, Americans can kiss it off because they have witnessed the final nail driven into their national coffin.  The only way left after this would be open rebellion and as I said not just earlier in this article, but many times before, Americans really do not want to have to participate in that because too many comforts and conveniences would be immediately and maybe even permanently lost.

If Americans want to keep their country they had better keep up the pressure on the House of Representatives to NOT cave in.  Tell them the House should come up with a copycat program of Medicaid for people to voluntarily join and pay into and then totally REPEAL the obamacare destruction of this nation.

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