Why Not Elect those Who Truly Care?

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The PRIMARIES for the elections of 2014 are fast approaching.    Also before you know it the very LONG primary season for the election of 2016 will be UPON us and the question as ALWAYS is …. WHO to vote for?   Well, here is an idea that may actually come as a surprise to what is now the majority of America’s voters.

Why not look ANYPLACE BUT to those who are offered up for your votes by the two major political parties as well as all the other political parties in America?

 Why not stay clear of anyone and everyone who is constantly in front of the cameras on this news program or that news program, or this public event or that public event etc. etc.   And why not stay clear of anyone at all who is, or has been for a long time part of the political establishment in this country.  Because they are most definitely part of the major problems that now face this country.

America is a very large country comprised of literally hundreds of millions of people.  A great many of which are actually loyal to this nation and its constitution, and quite often openly express their loyalty not only to their friends and family members but to whoever will listen to them.

You will constantly hear these people say things like the following;

“I stand steadfastly for the constitution of the United States.  Unlike some politicians, I DO NOT believe that the constitution should be replaced by something more modern and relevant to what America has now become.  I also believe that our founders meant what they put into the constitution and did not intend for it EVER to be subject to interpretation by anyone for any reason”.

“The Federal Government, as well as all TOO MANY state governments have proven that the constitution of the United States doesn’t mean ANYTHING to them at all.  If “I” were in those branches of government, I would do all that I could to stop them from destroying this country”.

“I would NEVER be owned by ANY political party.  They would not finance me and therefore they could never tell me what to say and how to vote”.

“I am for stopping government waste.  I want to see all socialist programs defunded and I want to see the practice of earmarks completely stopped”.

“I believe that illegal immigration should NOT be rewarded with taxpayer funded financial assistance and that those in this country illegally should NOT be reward with citizenship”.

“I want to see America actually setup a fair taxation system and I want the IRS downsized to nothing more than an accounting firm”.

“I want to see the pentagon re-staffed with ONLY patriotic military personnel who will get rid of all the anti military socialist programs that were forced upon the military beginning all the way back in the nineteen nineties.  I want America to once again have a strong military”.

“I want to see America once again be able to acquire its own vast amounts of energy and no longer be dependent upon greedy and unstable foreign governments”.

“I want all schools in America to once again teach what is necessary to actually graduate and find gainful employment.  AND I want to see them eliminate ALL socialist programs that were designed to break down the moral structure of America”.

“I want to stop the attacks on small businesses in America and let them once again start hiring people so that Americans can once again feel self sufficient and return this nation to seeing extremely low unemployment figures”.

“I believe that all those who deliberately promote racial unrest in this country should be arrested, charged and then tried for sedition”.

“I want to immediately cut ANY and ALL financial assistance to anyone at all who entered this country illegally.  Doing that will cause mass self deportation and not cost the taxpayers of this country anything”.

“It was many different CHRISTIAN denominations that actually FOUNDED America.  Therefore I want to stop ALL attacks by this government and other groups as well against Christianity.  I also want to insure that Sharia law can never be implemented in any degree in this country because it is totally against our constitution.  We have our OWN laws established when this country was formed.  We do NOT need any FOREIGN laws governing the American people”.

“I believe that this country needs to STOP being the primary funder of the United Nations.  That organization has proven time and time again that it is against the United States.  I believe that organization would be better placed in a country like Switzerland and removed from America”.

“I believe that the two major political parties in America are totally corrupt and well beyond being salvaged.  I will have nothing to do with either of those political

“I believe that the government has become far too intrusive and needs to be severely reigned in.  I believe that there is no real need for an American version of the Gestapo.   So I believe that the department of homeland security needs to be abolished”.

THIS is just a small sampling of the thoughts of a great many American citizens.  They are very rightfully concerned about not only what HAS happened to America, but what is continuing and will continue to happen.   Unless drastic measures are taken to stop the extremely well orchestrated destruction of this nation.  THESE are the type of people that SHOULD be in governmental positions on ALL levels in this country.  And unless we actually PUT these types of people into office beginning with the very next, as well as all following elections.  There may not be ANY hope at all of saving this nation.

However … What is really the CHANCE of seeing THAT, actually happen?  The American people, several generations ago lost complete site of the fact that the founders of America always intended for the people themselves to be the leaders of this nation.  They set up this country in the way that they did, because they had firsthand knowledge of the world of their day, as well as great historical knowledge of the lessons learned from all of the fallen countries, empires and even whole civilizations in mans prior history.   And they wanted THIS country to survive those fates.  But Americans over the past several generations became far too interested in their own private lives than they did in what was actually happening to their country right in front of their eyes.

It even goes well beyond THAT point.  Knowing the EVIL that can develop in ANY government structure, the founders did their best to state in writing that the citizens of America were always to be in absolute control of the government.  They also WARNED Americans that they should NEVER, form into political parties or even tolerate political parties being involved in the government.  Americans totally FORGOT those dire warnings and political parties began to come and go.

Then In the post civil war era, they totally gave in to the idea that political parties alone should be the group to choose people for public office.  And soon enough two of those parties developed absolute majority control over America’s political structure.   The Republican Party and the Democrat party.  And from the very beginning BOTH of those parties were totally controlled by special interest groups who felt THEIR wants and needs outweighed those of the citizens of this country.

And just as our founders warned us would happen if we aligned ourselves with political parties, BOTH of those parties became totally corrupted.  The communists in America became more and more involved with the democrat party, while still maintaining their separate official party classification as the communist party, knowing full well that almost no one would voluntarily vote for an officially declared communist.  Over the years they slowly increased their influence in the democrat party and then escalated their attempt to gain complete control of that party beginning back in the 1960’s.  Now they have succeeded in their attempts and the democrat party is finally under complete control of the communists.  All that remains now for the democrat party is to officially change their name to the communist party of America and it will be complete.

But they still WILL NOT do that because they play upon the ignorance, of those voters who associate themselves with that party, and although their voters are the less intelligent voters of the two major parties, if they were to disclose exactly who now totally controls that party, many of their voters would instantly leave that party.

However. It is not just the communist democrats whose agenda is to destroy America.  The Republican Party is now and has been for a very long time, controlled by the financial globalists who believe that this entire planet should be controlled by them.  So, against the warnings of its founders, Americans have freely given control of their nation to TWO separate agenda driven political parties who have the same ultimate goal in mind.  And that is the ending of this nation.

If Americans would actually wake up and begin choosing people for public office that are NOT connected to and funded by either the communist democrats or the globalist republicans, this country not only would stand a chance at surviving, but it could actually be returned to being the shining beacon of freedom and personal opportunity that the world had known for so very many years.

However, a major obstacle to this occurring is the American people themselves.  A great many claim to love their country and that they stand for all that this country was setup to be.  Unfortunately they ONLY support those ideas with their beliefs and nothing more.  To run for public office requires a great deal of money and THAT is where Americans draw the line.  They support their country and they would vote for a true actual everyday American for public office.  But they will NOT part with their money to financially support that true everyday American.  And the corrupted major parties KNOW THIS very well.  So they will continue to play mental games and manipulate the voters by placing candidates up for office that will pretend to stand for America’s constitution.  And Americans will ALWAYS continue to fall for this deception and vote for whoever is placed before them by the two major parties.   Thinking that maybe by doing the same thing over and over again that they will somehow get different results.

And based on THAT.  Does ANYONE honestly think that this nation can be saved?


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