WHY is Nazi Type Censorship now Openly Increasing?

WHY is Nazi Type Censorship now Openly Increasing?   And WHY has no one been able to successfully counter it?

Looking at the problem as it REALLY exists, people whine, and complain about the NAZI censorship tactics of Facebook and Google, but they will not band together in sufficiently large numbers (millions) to do anything in opposition to it.   They see these two operations granting total freedom on their platforms to promote communism and radical islam, (with radical islam being the much greater threat to the world than militarized communism), but then censoring pro America and pro-western groups and individuals for defending America and its’ constitution and the fast disappearing freedom of the west in general.   Labeling those they censor as “hate” groups and individuals.    And people ACCEPT the abuse but REFUSE to join with others in large enough numbers to setup an actual effective counter platform to BOTH of those operations.

The REAL reason that they will continue to accept the discrimination and abuse of Facebook and Google falls into primarily two categories.

First is their need to belong to the herd.   Belonging is prevalent in the lives of almost all humans.   It’s why Americans cannot break free of their psychological yokes of servitude to those who own and control America complete with its’ government.   Most people inwardly know that America only has one major political party that rules over them, because its’ all owned and controlled by the same people.  But since the party is divided into two sections, they feel they can hide from that reality and just oppose the other side of the same political party by remaining loyal to and endorsing the side of the political party they feel most comfortable in.

Second is nothing at all other than PURE JEALOUSY.   They have seen how Facebook ACCIDENTALLY became a MEGA-BILLION dollar business and how it’s very young founder became one of the wealthiest people in the world because of that.   He wasn’t exceptionally talented.  He didn’t have a dream that he pursued.  He didn’t even work very hard to establish the operation.   He just created a little social group for his college and then took hold of what ACCIDENTALLY occurred, and has reaped the massive financial rewards derived from it.

It was not that kid that built the business but rather participants in it themselves and their inner need to join with others and tell everyone their innermost feelings, and then just about everything they did in their daily lives.   The emotional weakness of people is what built the business and provided the platform upon which advertising could be sold.   Then naturally as the advertising increased so did the personal information that people were willing to divulge about themselves which then allowed for the gathering of that personal information and selling it to advertisers.

Google however was NOT a company created by accident.   It was a created by group of young enthusiasts that recognized immediately how the internet was going to grow and realized that the first to create a functioning internet search operation would seize the reins and also be able to gather personal information and sell that targeted information to advertisers.

THE FIRST IS ALWAYS THE BEST is something that is assumed by most people, and Google continued to work diligently to increase their reach to where most of the internet is now geared toward receiving a higher ranking on Google.

Seeing the accidental success of Facebook, Google then entered the social media market as well.   First purchasing YouTube for an exorbitant price that even shocked the original creator of YouTube who readily sold out in a heartbeat.   Google then used their platform to place their own new video social media much higher on their rankings than any of the other social media video platforms like My Space.   Seeing that ranking, naturally attracted users to Google’s own platform, leaving the others to fall into obscurity.   They did the same thing with Twitter which was by far one of the most ignorant social media ideas of its’ time.   But Google saw the potential and purchased it, and again for an exorbitant price because they could afford to do it, and they knew that just the purchasing price publicized for that particular social media would attract users.

Google and Facebook now essentially controlled most of the internet social media.   Then together they began to control just WHAT was “allowed” to be found on their platforms.   Slowly at first, but being major businesses they learned that they could get away with just about anything by purchasing politicians and members of the judiciary.   Because politics and the judiciary is comprised of far too many lowlifes that place their personal financial gain above all else.   And the censorship of most everything related to politics that was not leftist began in earnest.   Because there was no one to stop them.

When the censorship first began, American patriots were the first to notice what was happening because it was happening TO THEM.   Leftists and leftist websites did not notice at first because they were left alone.   Later when they also saw what was occurring the leftists celebrated it because they felt that Facebook and Google were actually “on THEIR side” and opposed to pro America patriots.

What those who subscribe to leftist ideology did not realize, because they are actually incapable of thinking logically, is that Facebook and Google may NOT really be pro left.  They have both become far too powerful both financially and influentially, and are now ABOVE politics and are into the elitist category where politics is merely a tool used to attain world control.   Like the owners of America and the entire west, they realize that communism and radical islam are nothing more than very effective tools comprised of useful idiots for controlling the masses.   They chose to give web preference to the immoral; the vulgar; the violent; and far less intelligent, because they are the most useful.   It was done and is continuing to be increased in order to cause division and promote actual hatred.

The right is where the true strength of America exists because they do not function purely on logic free emotion like those on the left do.   Their lives are far more tempered because they possess morality and respect for others.   Those on the right get angry and they make idle threats when they are abused.   But they have been raised to be mostly polite and not be the cause of altercations.   As such, the right needs to be prodded and pushed passed a breaking point where real physical confrontation between them and the useful idiots on the left will occur.   Then and only then can martial law be instituted which will never be lifted from that point on.   And it needs to be done that way throughout the entire western world.    Not at all unlike the leftist media, THAT is now the apparent function of the major social media platforms as well.   To create that physical confrontation that has been wanted by our owners for a very long time, but unattainable.   And it is VERY possible that it WILL now succeed.

Many people see what Facebook is doing and many people tried to setup their own social platform.   But they have not succeeded and they cannot succeed.    Some have basically minuscule participation and feel that the few thousand participants they have is actually quite a bit and somehow makes a noticeable difference.   But when placed against a social media platform that has over a BILLION participants, they do not show up as even a dot on a graph.

The reason being was stated above as reason number two.   JEALOUSY.   People saw the accidental success of Facebook and they do not want to see anyone else start from nothing and achieve the same thing.    Most feel that if THEY THEMSELVES cannot do it, then they don’t want others to be able to do it.   And, tens of millions of users see no one really leaving the Facebook platform on a permanent basis and going to a specific different social platform, at least not for very long, and they decide to stay where they feel the most comfortable.   Because they want to remain with their “virtual friends”.  Even with the discrimination and censorship now occurring.   Most who do express their thoughts now try to “tone it down” to such a degree that Facebook may not notice them.

There is ONE WAY and ONLY ONE WAY that a new social platform can be setup and succeed in a major way.   And THAT IS if some already established multi BILLIONAIRE decides to set one up.

The ignored political reality is NOT ALL Billionaires are of the One World Order with a One World Government mindset.   SOME made their fortunes in this country and realize that it was because they lived in this country that they were able to achieve what they did.   They are STILL loyal to THIS country and are not of the globalist mindset.   They see with their own eyes how the media in America is around 90% communist socialist and what the communist democrat side of the party is allowed to get away with in congress.   And they see what Facebook and Google are now deliberately doing to create discourse throughout the entire western world.

They already possess the financial wherewithal to setup and maintain the massive numbers of servers worldwide that would be needed to launch such a program and have it be instantly successful.   AND … because they are already BILLIONAIRES, people would be more willing to instantly join their social platform and abandon Facebook because the “jealousy factor” would not even be present from the start.   True… many of these Billionaires are no longer young and do not need the strain in their lives, but in this day of instant wealth via technology, there are several much younger Billionaires who COULD successfully deal with the challenge and vastly increase their wealth even more.

WHY it is not being done is anyone’s guess?


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