Why Do We Allow This?


Why do we allow this?

WHY do we as a people allow this?   Will this nation we live in ever stop forcing and trying to force regime changes in other countries around this world?

If we are to go to war … why not do it for a LEGITIMATE reason such as actual defense of this nation against a country that has declared war against US for a change?   Or against a country that actually state sponsors organized terrorist attacks intended for this country which in itself is an act of war?

I personally have a great deal of respect for President Trump and every confidence in him to restore this nation economically, because he is the very first President to actually possess the executive experience necessary to take on such a daunting task.   I also respect him because he is the very first people’s choice for president in the hundred plus years that we have been a privately owned and controlled concern.   He is the very first actual outsider to hold that position and was not like his predecessors who were merely appointed by and placed into the office by our owners.   But the question of the moment is WHY has he surrounded himself with mostly establishment advisors who will only advise him to do what our owners and the establishment want to happen and not what the people of this nation want to happen?   Which may be the reason he endorsed Ryancare as a replacement for Obamacare, because Ryan is pure establishment and his bill would have kept the majority of the Obamacare bill intact which is what the establishment wanted to accomplish.   And it just may be the reason President Trump ordered a missile strike against Syria.

There are so very many questions pertaining to our bombing of Syria.   Questions that will never be answered truthfully by any and all involved in that action.   Just as there are so very many questions that will never be truthfully answered pertaining to our nation’s self-created involvement anyplace in the Mid-East.

There are two things that have remained a constant.   Where the Mid-East is concerned it has remained a constant for multiple millennia.   Where the U.S. is concerned it has remained a constant for over a century now.

The Mid-East has always been ruled by oligarchies.   Unlike the peoples of what has come to be known as the western civilizations, the inhabitants of that region of the world never knew any other form of populace order and control and they were never capable of any form of self-governance to begin with.

The region of the Americas known to the world as the United States is ruled by a plutocracy, and has been ever since control of this nation complete with its’ governmental structure was sold to a private international financial group in 1913.   Although the U.S. was founded upon the principles of freedom and self-governance, the inhabitants of this nation although doing it for the most part subconsciously, voluntarily relinquished their self-governance and let those with the most wealth and subsequent power become their masters.   ‘We the People’ voluntarily turned complete control of this nation over to primarily two privately created, privately controlled and extremely corrupt political parties.   Thus transforming us into ‘We the Sheeple’, and it has remained that way ever since that national capitulation of the people.    Two primary political parties whose controlling members themselves in their lust for individual financial gain, allowed themselves to be taken over by those who purchased this country.   From that time on this nation has done their bidding and pretty much ONLY their bidding.

The New World Order that so many now openly speak of is not something that originated after the ending of World War Two.   The concept of that entire agenda very likely originated with Mayer Amschel Rothschild and his sons in the 1700’s.

Mayer Rothschild climbed his way out of extreme poverty with not really a lust for money but rather an extreme hatred of being poor.   It was in his early years that he realized money was not just money but rather it was literally power.   The more wealth a person possessed, the more power they likewise possessed.   All things including any and all forms of governments revolved around money and the possession and use of it.   Mayer realized that money was the ultimate power in this world.   Rulers of any kind including entire governments could always be toppled, but financial power that remained behind the scenes would be perpetual.   With that lesson in mind he dispatched his sons to other countries to establish Rothschild banks and began to do international funding.   Every one of his descendants were taught that lesson their entire lives and they ultimately became the singular most powerful family on this earth.   They financed entire governments both good and bad.   They were the only true winners in any and all international conflicts.   If a country attempted to renege on what they owed, then they would manipulate other countries to attack and destroy the country that refused to honor their obligations.   It has now been estimated that the combined wealth of that entire family is so massive that they are wealthier than any country on this earth and quite probably wealthier than all countries on this earth combined.   But those are only estimates.   There is no way that their actual wealth can be documented.   They have had hundreds of years to spread-out and conceal their wealth.   Much of it was in their own banks that were not subject to audits by anyone.   But much of it was also spread out into so many thousands of businesses that it would take a very large army of dedicated financial auditors who all possessed history degrees as well as financial degrees, more than an entire lifetime to even attempt to document it.

Over the centuries Monarchies were deposed, Dictators were deposed, entire governments were deposed, but the real power behind all of them as well as those who toppled them remained constant.   Now with the age of computers beyond its’ infant stage and progressing more and more every single day, and with the entire world requiring more and more money to maintain itself as well as handle daily expenditures of businesses, the entire world has realized that there is just not enough gold in existence to financially back the amounts of currency needed.   A realization that America and much of the world made even long before the age of computers.   Currency slowly began to be replaced with primarily nothing more than numerical digits, with the singular intent that gold backed currency itself would eventually become an exchange of the past.   But all digital transactions and accountings were to be handled by only a very small number of world banking institutions.   Naturally it was to be those institutions controlled by the Rothschild’s and their many partners acquired over the centuries, which included the plutocracy that actually owns and controls the United States.   Physical money, including America’s dollar was now to become nothing more than fiat money, and the protection of the digital control of any and all transactions has become absolutely imperative.   Those who oppose that control must be convinced otherwise by whatever means necessary or permanently removed.

The ‘Deep State’ that is only now being openly mentioned, even though John Kennedy not only mentioned it but threatened to expose it which led to his being abruptly removed from his position, is the same group that has quietly controlled this country from behind the scenes for over a century now.   They are the dedicated proponents of the New World Order who along with the others of their ilk around the world have been steadily moving this country as well as the rest of the world to that end for a lot longer a period of time than the U.S. has even been in existence.   They manipulate events on a global scale and the Mid-East has been in their crosshairs for decades now.   Those who ruled over those Mid-Eastern countries who did not subscribe to their One World Government ideology were targeted for removal and replacement.   Among those being the Shah of Iran, Gaddafi, Hussein and most recently Assad.

The Shah of Iran, like all Mid-East rulers was a very harsh ruler, but he actually did want his subjects to fit in to the twentieth century and as such he let his people infuse much of western culture into their lives.   ALL religions were openly tolerated in his country.   He was also a very strong military ally of America.   But ONLY a military ally.   He could not be manipulated by our owners.   He was one of the largest purchasers of American military arms and equipment.   He was against the Soviet Union because he regarded them as a potential threat to his rule because they wanted and needed access to the vast amount of oil in his country.   But he wanted no American involvement in his country as well.   And he was especially vehement about not having any American military presence anywhere in the Mid-East because he viewed America as a potential threat not only to himself, but to the world in general.

He was regarded by the Saudi’s as a major threat to all other countries surrounding him because they felt that he was interested in conquering and ruling the entire Mid-East which included Saudi Arabia.   THAT was something they had every intention of preventing.   It has been said that the Saudi’s did the majority of the funding of the muslim fanatics that overthrew the Shah and were to a degree assisted by the Soviet Union.   But although never proven, it is also very possible that America’s owners contributed to his overthrow as well, but extremely covertly because the world regarded America as a friend to the Shah.   If we did covertly participate thinking that America would benefit in some way, it totally backfired.   Because fanatical muslims remain locked into a seventh century mentality and regard themselves as potential rulers of the entire world.   With the singular exception being military-wise, with the deposing of the Shah, Iran itself and all of its’ people were immediately thrust back into the seventh century and the entire world has paid the price for not defending the Shah ever since.

Although America was not a member of OPEC, it was decided that the American dollar was to be the official currency of OPEC, which meant Billions of Dollars in profits coming to our owners.  As time progressed and the American dollar began to falter, several of those in OPEC decided that they would much rather adopt a backed form of currency that offered more stability.   The most outspoken of those being Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.  But even though not a member of OPEC they were also supported by Bashar al-Assad who like many others felt that America was an oppressive force in this world and anything that could be done to lessen its power and control was worthwhile.  But more than just his personal feelings are a hindrance to America and Saudi Arabia.  His country presents an obstacle to unrestricted land access between Europe and Saudi Arabia and our military aircraft are forced to go around his country to reach our bases in Turkey.  Although true that Turkey is not a strong ally of America and they have always quietly supported Islamic terrorism, our owners still feel that Turkey can be effectively controlled allowing us to maintain our military presence in that country.  But they need Syria out of the way.

Is Assad hated by his people to the degree that our owners’ media here in America like to portray?   No.   In fact it turns out that the majority of the Syrian people possessed no hatred of him at all.   It was only a very small percentage of muslims that hated him because he openly tolerated all religions in his country.   Something that they themselves could not tolerate.   But there was just enough of them for our owners and Saudi Arabia to portray as national unrest.   We then began to recruit, train and fund terrorist groups to cause mayhem in Syria which our media would then portray as “people fighting for their freedom against a totally oppressive regime”.   That recruiting, training and funding of terrorists by us and Saudi Arabia totally backfired and gave birth to the terrorist group ISIS who broke away from our control and declared themselves a force to be reckoned with, and quickly grew in strength and spread throughout the Mid-East.   So we created another terrorist group only this time insuring that we retain complete control and labelled them “the free Syrian Army” to create even more mayhem in Syria.   Our media quickly labelled THEM as the new “freedom fighters” who now had to portray that they were fighting ISIS as well as the defending Syrian Army.

In 2013 there was a gas attack in Syria.  Our media quickly portrayed it as having occurred on the orders of Assad.   When it was found that it was not Assad who did it, but rather our own terrorists, the media quickly dropped all coverage of the incident.    Now thinking that enough time had passed where people would forget what occurred in 2013, another gas attack was staged.   Again our media was instructed to portray it as having occurred on the orders of Assad.   And NOW the story is even being expanded to include Russia as being involved in it as well.   Because being a small country, like most other small countries alliances need to be maintained with stronger countries for protection and since Assad never liked or trusted America, he chose to align himself with Russia for protection.   Russia did stay out of it as long as it could until we attacked a couple of their installations in that country, then they increased their presence in that country and along with Assad’s forces they began to give our terrorists and ISIS major setbacks in their attempt to overthrow the country.

The ignored political reality in this is that this is not just another attempt to overthrow a ruler of a Mid-East country that will not kowtow to our owners and to Saudi Arabia, but rather it is a proxy war being fought against Russia with Syria being the hapless pawn this time around.   And it is a very dangerous path for our nation to be forced to go down.

President Trump campaigned as the very first person ever to actually represent the American people themselves and not our owners and their establishment.   He publicly stated many times that we never should have become involved anywhere in the Mid-East, because it’s a losing position to be in.   He campaigned to put America First.   He campaigned to undo the deliberate economic damage that had been inflicted upon our nation for decades upon decades.   He campaigned to bring back jobs to this nation that it had been stripped of over the past several decades.   He campaigned to protect America and its’ actual national sovereignty.

But now it’s’ beginning to look like it was much easier to campaign against our owners and their establishment than it was to actually be against them once successfully in office.   Just as it appears that he was against Obamacare before he was for it, because of his acceptance of and even his promotion of Ryancare which kept the majority of the Obamacare bill intact … it also now appears that he was against our involvement in the Mid-East before he was for it and a willing participant in our owners and Saudi Arabia’s agenda.

We had no business bombing Syria because there was no verifiable proof rendered that showed Assad and now especially Russia had any involvement in a gas attack of any kind.   It could very well have been our own terrorists again using gas.   President Trump claimed it was done in the interest of our own national security.   Really?   Syria was planning to attack America?   Really?   NOW our media is pushing Russian involvement in that gas attack to an even higher degree.

President Trump DESPERATELY NEEDS to FIRE and replace any and all of our owners’ establishment puppets he has around him instead of firing missiles at a small country that possesses no threat to us.   In continuing to play our owners’ game President Trump seems to forget that Russia is a MAJOR military force in this world and Russia HAS nuclear armed submarines off our Atlantic coast, off our Pacific coast and in the Gulf of Mexico.   Russia does NOT want war, but it seems even more every day now that our owners most assuredly do.

The entire world will suffer irreparable damage if this situation is deliberately escalated to the point of no return.

So one final question needs to be addressed to America’s Plutocracy and those around this world who like THEM want a “New World Order” with a ‘One World Government”…

 If the entire world becomes a barren wasteland because of their ambition, then WHAT GOOD will their new world order be?


The following are three links that should be paid attention to.

The first is from a Canadian Journalist who spent time in Syria and actually with the Syrian people and she publicly states the will of the actual Syrian people.

This second video exposes the fraudulent media reporting of what takes place in Syria.  Yes it was produced by RT television and Americans have been told that if what they see does not come from their own scripted media, then they are not to believe what they see.   But if it’s truthful, then why should Americans not be allowed to see it?

This third link it to Michael Savage who is one of the extremely few people willing to actually speak the truth in America anymore.   Pay particular attention to what he has to say in this link.


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