Why America Can NOT be Overthrown … (yet)


On January 21st. as the communists and their Media were joyfully celebrating the finalization of their uncontested “victory” via electronic voting tabulators in last Novembers “election”, there was talk circulating through the actual American patriots that the wannabe dictator was replacing American Military Generals with those politicians in uniform that he feels would be loyal to HIM and NOT the people of this nation.  Allegedly his primary choice for these Generals would be only those who would have no qualms about ordering the firing upon American citizens.  (And please don’t post any links to it in comments because I’ve read most of them already).

–IF– this were true, then it would mean that the communists must think that they have weakened this nation enough to be able to finally attempt such a military takeover.  I personally cannot subscribe to that idea and I really don’t think the communists subscribe to that idea as well.  I think they will just continue on their present path toward forcing America’s ECONOMIC collapse and slowly whittling away at American’s Constitutional Rights until a future point in time.  I say that for a number of reasons.

Americans have known freedom for hundreds of years.  Millions of Americans have died achieving or maintaining freedom for people all over the world.  Americans are an inherently free people.  And although it is true that almost half of America has now shown that they are MORE than willing to sellout their country or just plain give it away … the OTHER half will NOT.  The half that WILL … are primarily liberal cowards.  They have been very carefully nurtured by emotionally weak parents, then indoctrinated by the Marxists (who were given absolute control over America’s children’s public education system by the traitor Jimmy Carter almost 40 years ago), to fear confrontation and to believe that this country is evil and does not deserve to exist.  However that intense nurturing and indoctrination has only primarily occurred over the past 40 some years.  But the half of the nation that WILL NOT readily submit, are most definitely NOT cowards and the present communist controlled government knows it.

They ALSO know that there are millions of military vets in this country spanning multiple generations and well over a few hundred thousand of those vets are ex Rangers, Special Forces, Seals and other special ops vets who are more than capable militaristically.  And they also know that the present military is comprised of all too many actual American Patriots whose parents are patriots and as such those military personnel will NEVER fire upon American citizens defending their nation against tyranny.  Furthermore they know that those present military personnel who will not fire upon American citizens WILL readily fire upon those in the military who are loyal to a dictator and NOT to this nation and its people.  So choosing Generals to place in command that are not loyal to America is nothing more than an exercise in futility.  It will get them nowhere.

Now it has been stated on more than one occasion that starting a few years back as many as 20,000 or more elite Russian troops have been slowly  brought into America for “training” with American troops and those Russian troops are so well versed in our language that they cannot be singled out as non Americans.  IF (and that’s a very big IF) this is true and those troops have never left America, then those Generals loyal to the dictator could very well be placed over those troops.

However … as I have said, MORE than half of the nation is still loyal to the people and America’s Constitution and they WILL NOT surrender their freedom to a totally corrupt government.

IF what is feared actually became a reality, then in America today there would be NO Spartacus type person for Americans to rally around when defending their nation and their freedom.  There would be NO William Wallace type person to lead Americans when defending their nation and their freedom, because even the communists know …


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