Why all this Ruckus over Michael Moron?


Why is all this ruckus taking place over the as usual idiotic statements of Michael Moron?

Moron’s entire audience only consists of those who possess prepubescent intellect, and for those of higher intellect (which in reality is just about everyone else) to waste their time refuting any statements made by this ridiculously obese anti-America idiot is to actually render credibility to those moronic statements.

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Moron perpetually telegraphs that he literally HATES even the very idea that REAL MEN like Chris Kyle actually exist in this world.  In his typically asinine statement concerning Mr. Kyle, his blatantly obvious jealousy of REAL men showed through like a beacon in the night.  It is clearly evident by his statement and from what I have heard were even other derogatory statements relating to real men, that it is so very apparent that Moore has not been just a personal coward, but a coward who was not only jealous of, but actually fearful of any and all true masculine males his entire life.

But why cater to his jealousy?  Why give him a spotlight in which to grossly advertise his inadequacies and jealousy?   This obese slob is and always has been literally desperate for attention.  He has no talent to speak of but he did find a niche in which to financially prosper and that was to cater to those of prepubescent intellect with his totally stupid films that only idiots would spend money to see.  And for the most part it wasn’t even THEIR money they were spending.  For most it was their allowance money from their parents and for the others it was their being paid for merely being alive money that they received from their foster parents aka the government.

It’s to be expected that most of the anti-patriot leftists in Hollywood would be against any film of any kind that spotlights America’s TRUE heroes.  Those Americans who place their very lives on the line to serve in this nation’s military.  Because most of those Hollywood leftists would never even consider doing such a thing.  They actually live strictly in their fantasy realm regarding themselves as above others because so very many people are so lost now that they actually regard those who appear on those movie screens as “bigger than life” when in reality, most of them are worthless degenerates.

Luckily for America though there are still a few actual patriots in Hollywood to at least attempt to try and balance out that domain.  Patriots like Jon Voight, Gary Sinise and most definitely Clint Eastwood who produced and directed that movie about Chris Kyle.  And hopefully Mr. Eastwood will not give in and bend even a micro inch in the direction of America’s enemies who are demanding his “apology” for making that TRUE story.

One can expect those on the left to be against this movie because the left is and always has been against the American military.   Even that human cartoon network MSNBC attacked Kyle with one of their clowns stating “Racist Kyle Went On Killing Spree In Iraq”.   However … statements like that coming from that circus are a regular daily occurrence and even though they are at the very bottom of viewer ratings, they are at least a daily cartoon series.  They are not like moore who needs to literally grasp at anything just to try and keep his name in public.    But I actually will concede that just like we had no real business being in Vietnam where 58,272 American lives were literally WASTED FOR NOTHING, we ALSO have never received from anyone at all the REAL reason WHY we went into Iraq in the first place.  We know it wasn’t for oil like the morons in this country were told and actually believed that it was for.  We do know now that there definitely WERE WMD’s in Iraq and that the American military has been trying as quietly as they could to remove those that continue to be found because for some reason they did not want the American public to find out about it.  But WMD’s or not, WHAT business did this nation really have for invading Iraq?  That country was no threat to us.  There seems to be only two possible scenarios that could be valid.  First; Bush Jr. wanted to exact revenge upon Hussein for his attempt to assassinate Bush Sr., and he used the might of the U.S. Military to do it (and succeeded).  Second; the actual owners of America wanted to maintain a state of perpetual unrest in the Middle East to serve their one world government agenda.  Nothing else really makes any sense.

Kyle did not start that war.   But Kyle was not a leftist coward and he served his nation admirably in its’ military.  He just happened to possess a very much needed skill that ultimately saved a great many American lives in that war.    And because he was very skilled at his job he became subject to open hatred by the leftist cowards.

Yet strangely it is always the leftist cowards that on a personal level gain the most out of all those worthless military involvements.  Heck, the Marxist Socialist side of the party even succeeded in making Clinton President, and he, like many other cowards of that day even put his literal hatred of America’s military in writing.  Hollywood leftists make hundreds of millions of dollars from anti-military anti-war films.  People like Pelosi, Feinstein and the rest have enjoyed lifelong extremely lucrative political careers by being anti-military.  So for any of them to voice their opposition to any movie that shows the true side of American military personnel is to be expected.

However … when the Media shines its spotlight on such a waste of humanity as Michael Moron who desperately craves for anything at all that will keep his name in public, they are truly scrapping the bottom of the barrel.  And there’s no understandable reason for them doing it.   Even the most well-known names in the commentator media are giving this idiot attention.   Has Moore ever said anything intelligent?  No.  Has Moore ever produced any film that was actually worth seeing?  No.  Has Moore ever shown himself in any way, shape or form to even be a worthwhile human being?  No.  So why do they render this waste any time or consideration at all?  Or was there something taking place in the background where it was decided by someone somewhere that THIS would be a cheap way of gaining more attention for that Movie?  And using Moore most definitely would be the cheapest way.

It tends to make someone wonder a bit.

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    I agree with you Tony,but not only MM,there are others that the media gives credence to that should be ignored,including M Obama,Obama himself ETC,ETC, ETC…..you know who I am talking about.
    This includes FOX News,Drudge . I think these people have all lost their brains.

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    I agree that there are others that should not be granted any notice. But what I was referring to in this article was their giving a complete idiot like moore so very much totally underserved attention. It almost appeared like they were getting paid extra to promote him because he has no other way to get any attention. Most people with IQ’s above the digits of their age don’t grant him any attention whatsoever. But his idiotic comments were being mentioned all over the place and it was truly puzzling.

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    Tony, this is a problem …. Where are the comments from your readers? I think if you are using Word Press, they are NOT your friend. Please consider Disqus for those of us, Yes, we are legend, who do not DO Face book, Tweet or other ‘social media’. You guys are too good to waste.

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      As I said in my other reply, I actually think it was changing to Disqus that screwed the code up to begin with. In looking around the web I have seen that others have experienced the same thing. I could be that disqus was hit and it passed on to some sites. I don’t know, but for the time being this site is returning to the original commenting format.

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