What Will Come to Be?


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What Will Come to Be?

Everybody knows what is coming and they know that it’s more than likely coming much sooner than later.

To believe otherwise one would have to possess the same moronic level of intelligence as those who actually believe obama is constitutionally qualified to hold the office of President.

There are TWO predominant scenarios that pertain to how the communists may achieve this objective. 

THE FIRST SCENARIO: A weapons ban and the effective abolishment of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  THIS will be the more difficult of the two scenarios because the actual patriots in America have firmly stated that they WILL stand their ground and physically oppose such an action.  Nevertheless the communists who now openly control the majority of America’s government from the executive branch through the senate and a portion of the house of representatives coupled with their Media and their other varied indoctrination areas continually push twenty four hours per day, seven days per week toward their objective to totally disarm the citizens of America. 

The primary reason for this is that no totalitarian government has ever been able to completely takeover and enslave an armed populace determined to resist.  They need to totally disarm, or for the most part disarm the citizenry first.

To accomplish this task they are now attempting to technically label ANY weapon above a single shot .22 caliber rifle as an “assault weapon” and are attempting to hammer this idea into the moronic brains of their already mentally enslaved minions, hoping their minions will somehow be able to convince actual American Patriots that this is some sort of legitimate “fact”.  As always it is “for the children” and “for public safety” that they try to push their disarmament agenda citing “IF one single life can be spared because of what they are doing then it is worth it”.

ANY weapon, whether it be a single shot derringer, a single shot rifle, a single round shotgun … ANY object that can be picked up and used as a weapon from a baseball bat to a frying pan is AN ASSAULT WEAPON.  ANYONE with an IQ above the digits of their age know this to be a fact.  But the communists in majority control of America’s government and the communist Media are not targeting their indoctrination campaign toward these people but rather only reinforcing their fallacies in the minds of those they already mentally dominate strictly for voting purposes and will continue to do so until they have reached their ultimate objective and voting is no longer necessary.

As I have stated THIS will be by far the more difficult of the two potential overthrow scenarios.  The reason being is that to forcibly disarm the actual Patriot citizens of America would require a joint police and military operation and patriotic Americans would resist by force.  Also there are far too many in the military that not only would refuse to fire upon American citizens, but may very well fire upon others in the military that WOULD follow the orders of the communists to disarm Americans.  Furthermore many police and sheriff offices nationwide have already stated that they will allow no such unconstitutional act to occur in their respective areas.  So this first scenario may very well prove to be an initially impossible task.

THE SECOND SCENARIO: The very well orchestrated complete economic collapse of America.  THIS particular scenario is by far the more plausible of the two and is ALREADY well underway toward fruition.  In fact it is SO well underway that it is very possible that the entire attack on the Second Amendment by the communists could very well be nothing more than a pre-planned diversion from the actual reality of what is now taking place.

They are well versed in how to achieve their objective and they are well aware of the potential problems they could face with America’s own military as well as the police and sheriff departments clear across the country.  So that leaves THIS scenario as the more feasible of the two.

Starting immediately after they officially took over the executive branch in 2009 they began to spend America into oblivion.  Borrowing and spending.  Borrowing and spending.  And then borrowing and spending even more until in just four years they had increased the debt of America to MORE than the COMBINED TOTAL of ALL previous administrations in U.S. history.

They cut acquisition to the majority of America’s own energy sources and forced this nation to depend even more upon the highly volatile foreign oil market.  They deliberately squandered Billions of American taxpayer dollars on what could only be described as predestined failures in the so-called alternative energy field.  They used the millions upon millions of illegal aliens that were invading this country daily as another economic weapon to bankrupt America.  Placing those illegally in this country on public financial assistance programs to the tune of literally HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars every year.  And then borrowed even MORE money from China.

Starting immediately after gaining control of the executive branch they ordered the federal printing presses to run nonstop day in and day out printing more and more money, knowing full well that the more money they printed that wasn’t backed up by anything tangible they were DEVALUING America’s currency as fast as they were turning it out.

Now … in the not too distant future Americans may wake up one morning to find that the entire world has declared the U.S. currency as totally worthless.  Instant panic will set in among all those literally MILLIONS of people who chose to believe the lies put forth by the communists and their Media that everything was going to be okay.  They will have no food.  Their water will be shut off by the public utilities corporations.  Their electricity will be shut off by the public utilities corporations.  Their means of public transportation will be shut off.  They will have no access to fuel for their personal vehicles.  THEY WILL FORM INTO VIOLENT MOBS attempting to secure what they need to live.  SURVIVAL will mean everything and human life will mean nothing.

Then and ONLY then will the military be able to be convinced to fire upon American citizens, along with the police and sheriff personnel nationwide.  CHAOS will abound.  Civil War, COMBINED with an actual survival war will occur.  DEATH will be literally in the millions.

The communists will have achieved their objective and America will collapse.

But every war eventually comes to an end and the question is now and will remain; WHO WILL ACTUALLY PREVAIL IN ALL OF THIS?

IF the present corrupt communist controlled government prevails, then we KNOW what will happen to the people.  It will be no different here than any other country that fell to the communists.  As proven time and again by vermin like Stalin, Mao Tse-tung and all the other communist dictators around the world.  MILLIONS will be eradicated.

But WHAT IF the people prevail?  What then?  America will be in shambles and assuming the rest of the world and especially the Muslims don’t seize the opportunity to invade amongst all the chaos, as well as a host of other potential threats, it will need to be put back together.

Will it be scenes nationwide reminiscent of the French Revolution with total mob rule?

Or will there be orderly courts setup with legitimate trials for all those in all areas of government who helped push for and thus were totally the cause of the impending civil war?

Will there be orderly courts setup with legitimate trials for all those leftist judges who blatantly denied and personally overruled the Constitution of the United States?

Will there be orderly courts setup with legitimate trials for all those in the so-called news media that continually pushed for the overthrow of the Constitution and the downfall of America?  Who KNEW the illegalities that were continually taking place and took it upon themselves to sway the public’s attention away from them or outright refused to even let those illegalities be known through their media.  As well as the so-called “moderate” news commentators whose job it was to quell the public and re-assure them that “everything was going to be alright and that they were really worried about nothing”.

Will there be orderly courts setup with legitimate trials for all those involved with the indoctrination of America’s youth toward communism in what at one time was America’s educational system, but now has become nothing more than communist, socialist indoctrination centers from preschool through college?

Will there be orderly courts setup with legitimate trials for all those in the corporate structures especially the group known as the Bilderberg group that subscribed to and steadily worked toward the idea of a one world corporate structure government, especially the bankers?

Will there be orderly courts setup with legitimate trials for the Heads of all the Unions that have now openly admitted they are communist and openly pushed for the communist takeover of America?

Will there be orderly courts setup with legitimate trials for all the communist Democrat Party officials as well as many Republican Party officials?  And what would be done with all those democrats who were just too blatantly stupid to realize that every vote they cast for a democrat was a vote for communism?  If the people really were to win, then what would be the determination for them?

What will come to be?  No one can LEGITIMATELY say that we need to win first and THEN figure that out because as I stated, IF THE PEOPLE win, ANGER will be first and foremost in people’s minds and mob rule will be very quickly established.

WHO will re-establish order and HOW will that order be re-established?

This SHOULD be food for people’s thoughts.

And it might be a good idea to start thinking about this now.

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