It has been decades since I last read a copy of MAD MAGAZINE, where that line I used for the title was the trademark saying of Alfred E Newman. Much has happened since that time, as what was printed in that comic back then now seems more on course than the New York Times or Washington Post could ever be today.

As a kid, I was dumb, naive, and uninformed about world events. My interest in politics was about as much as knowing the biology of wasps and hornets… I just knew that they were to be avoided, and leave it to the experts. Back then that is what most did, leaving government and world politics to “experts”. Even as a teenager, my interest in these subjects never kept my mind occupied, as I had better things that attracted me towards it, like sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. That is until I saw people I once knew come home from Viet Nam in a body bag.

My history books in school taught me that Americans kick ass, and the USA makes the world a better, safer, and freer place to live in. The “Pentagon Papers” totally changed my views of the world, my outlook on government, and my place in political speaking. So how can it be that our leaders sent my friends into combat knowing that they won’t win, and their chance for survival was slim to none? The answer was, “We all were lied to!”

What my history books never taught me was how deep the controlling powers were in developing a single entity of the planet to be ruled by them, for them, and that we citizens were just only pawns in their global game of chess.

Most people in this world are clueless to the actual truth of WW II, Nazism, Communism, Globalism, and what we today call “the swamp” of political kingpins who have the power to destroy businesses, destroy careers, and destroy lives by simply making a single phone call. Viet Nam was just only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the corruption of evil by those with whom we elect, appoint, and look up to. And, most people really don’t give a damn about it, one way or another. Just like when I was younger, it never holds interest, and there are more important matters in life to attend to. Few today really care… few actually worry like you and me.

I wish I could mind-melt with everyone to let them in on the dirty little secret of the illusion that has been and continues to be played out to keep everyone distracted and away from the truth that goes on behind the curtain and away from view. Viet Nam was never about stopping communism, helping the people, and saving a nation. It was about making the MIC wealthier, giving them more power and control, as the money would funnel in profits back to those at the top of the pyramid. JFK wasn’t killed by a lone gunman, but by a conspiracy of very wealthy and powerful individuals who didn’t want the CIA and MIC brought down, the gold standard reinstated, the media reeled in, the mafia corralled, and the “swamp” and “deep state” exposed. Watergate wasn’t only about taking down a sitting President, but a means to secretly unite the RNC and DNC as one political entity that work towards the creation of a governing “monolith” to rule and tax the working class, while creating enterprises that monopolize everything from food to energy to healthcare.

The fall of the Berlin Wall was for looks only. The Soviet enterprise was falling into pieces… financially, militarily, and socially. It needed to become a part of the global coalition to strengthen their ability to maneuver without suspicion to bring their “red” ideology to nations in unrest, depression, and division… the ideological principles they set up covertly in South and Central America, Africa, Asia, and even Europe. Socialism, a.k.a. Communism (now called globalism), never died, but only transformed, or shape-shifted. It embedded itself into education, labor, media, and entertainment. Joe McCarthy was absolutely correct in his quest, but was too late and quickly silenced by shame and ridicule, as was anyone who went against their plans in seeking a global order.

Not so long ago, anyone who brought up the NWO, the Illuminati, “secret societies”, the Military Industrial Complex, “deep state”, or government “establishment”, was laughed at like some moron who falls for conspiracies. Although there was proof beyond a doubt, the anti-propaganda machine did an excellent job of turning the truth into a joke. Today, and although the names have been changed to create a smoke screen, these things are now common talk in our day-to-day living. These entities are now so well established that they are accepted as part of life.

With the advent of the Internet, we have learned a lot about the questions we had when we were younger, and why pieces of puzzles wouldn’t fit together. The Internet, at that time of inception, couldn’t be censored like it is today. Information flew onto our screens, as the truth began to unfold before our eyes on how we have been deceived and played. Evidence of their evil deeds found its way into places they never expected, and their only recourse was to either downplay it, disavow it, or destroy it. Scrubbing became a pricey art, as we saw with Obama and Hillary in their past. But once something found its way onto many computers, there always remained evidence of the truth, somewhere. Their alternative was to adjust their time-table to ramp up their end game, and destroy America as we knew it as quickly as possible.

President Eisenhower warned us that there is nothing coincidental in government… everything is meticulously thought through, and contingencies established to get the end results accomplished. As a friend of mine in the NSA once told me, “They (speaking of the deep state) are a well-oiled machine that has taken the time and preparations to insure that their plans go off without a hitch. If they should make a mistake, it is quickly remedied.” He also told me that they have people placed everywhere, as some are spies and double-agents used to infiltrate in order to find information to thwart off any recourse.

Most people do not see nor understand how important Donald Trump is to America’s future. Those who pit against him are either on the side of America’s downfall, or have fallen for the lies and deception. Because, it is Donald Trump who just saved America from being swallowed up by the systems enacted by past leadership that would have created the events we have been worried about for some time. Hillary was to be elected to finish America off, and establish the global order from the remaining pieces of the Russian-American War. Trust my words, this war was planned, and would have become the domino that would topple the Constitution, our rights, our freedoms, and our liberty. As I was told, there was always a possibility of nukes, but those within the inner core, and those of importance, would have been sheltered in very safe bunkers that have been well stocked to house hundreds of thousands for many years… just in case.

I don’t have the time to show you all the pieces of this puzzle, but if you think about it for a while, you can begin to put the pieces together yourself. But there is one thing for certain, Donald Trump has slowed their end game down, and if the opportunity can present itself, will expose the depths that this conspiracy goes. For those who follow Q-Anon, stay in the loop.

Some say Trump has been delivered by God to save America. I have no evidence to the contrary, as it does appear that Trump is more of a savior than a destroyer like Obama or Hillary. But the Devil has many disciples, and they are embedded deeply within many places of great importance. And this is why we are having our troubles. There are a great many who plan to benefit from Trump’s removal, and a stop to his agendas to once again make America great. They need to be exposed and weeded out. How? I really wish I knew!

Obama and Hillary opened our eyes. Trump has become the light to see with. If nothing more, let it be a lesson to us all with whom we support and establish into power. We can no longer trust the media, surveys, or polls, as candidates are placed into elections to work for those who purposely work against us. Some may have an “R” behind their name, but George Washington also had a Benedict Arnold who betrayed him. We must vet them all from now on, from federal, to state, to local… they all must be conservatives, patriots, and God fearing.

The “Pentagon Papers” helped to bring an end to the Vietnam War. It was the exposure of the decades of deceptions, as truth found a way to end that evil. And although few paid for their wicked ways back then, accountability must be established today if we want to help Trump and his people win the battles and this war. Things can change, but it will take a massive uprising by us to bring that change. So long as they continue to abuse us, silence us, repress us, and laugh at us, they continue to win and advance. We are smart, we are resilient, we are resourceful… we can certainly think of something. There are many born to lead who have yet heard the calling. We must find them, because there are so many who simply need someone just to show them the way. Could one of them be you?

We watch as what we want becomes roadblocked, while what we don’t want becomes established. Those who lie are rewarded, while those who tell the truth get punished. Those who stand up against evil are being destroyed, while evil doers conspire more heavily to destroy all that is good, leaving the voids to be filled with what’s bad. And although our President continues the good fight, his neck is being fitted for their noose… to hang with great leaders of the past whose memory is torn down and disassembled by the indoctrinated and brainwash who have sold their soul to the Devil for a slice of the poison pie. They care not of our future, because we are a square peg trying to be fit into their round hole… they just want us gone and out of their way. And to say back, what… me worry?

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda


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JAMES HOVDA There are 2 things that are very important to me: God and my family. And I guess if I had to choose 2 others they would be: helping people to gain their financial freedoms, and the other is to help Americans keep their freedoms. I hate politics and believe in GOD, FAMILY, FREEDOM, AMERICA, and AMERICAN VALUES & PRINCIPLES(also Mom and Apple Pie). Want to make something from it? I also love a challenge!

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