What it means to be a 21st Century Democrat


What it means to be a 21st Century Democrat

What it means to be a 21st century Democrat is to uphold; support and vote for EVERYTHING that the democrat side of America’s singular ruling political party stands for.

“I was BORN a democrat; RAISED a democrat; and will ALWAYS be a democrat” is a phase that is heard quite often from many middle aged and even senior American citizens.   All of whom are old enough to have lived through the “fundamental transformation” of America, but remain democrats in spite of it all.

But WHAT does it now mean to be a democrat in the America of today?

Back in 1913 when America was sold to a private group of international bankers, both the democrat and republican political parties were separate from each other.   They had long prior agreed between them to work together to keep any and all other political parties from gaining political strength and thus together they would perpetually be able to control the political direction of this country.   But after the sale of America, our owners realized the importance of taking complete control of both of these parties and placing them under their direction to better control the citizens.   And they were totally successful in that endeavor.

After WWII was over Americans began to take notice that there actually was no real difference between the two political parties, and our owners realized that something would need to be done to maintain the illusion of political separation.

They first tried socialism as the official platform for the democrat side of the party and even placed Adlai Stevenson as the democrat nominee twice in succession for POTUS.   However, America was now heavily into a well publicized cold war situation with the oppressive Soviet Union and Americans as a whole were anti-communist.   So the attempt to place a socialist into that position failed both times.   But socialism was still the most obvious ideology to use that was opposite to the right side of their party.   Even though BOTH sides were used to institute the ‘social security’ program.

The perfect opportunity to accomplish the complete and permanent ideological separation of the two sides of the party occurred with the drug based communist psychological revolution in America that began in the late 1960’s.

Communism, although against capitalism, cannot survive financially without the money generated through capitalism.

The democrat side was always regarded, even by their founders, as the overall less intelligent group and thus much more easily manipulated.   The original founders of the democrat party had labelled that party as “the democrat endorsed fascismworkers party” and that phrase fit perfectly within communist ideology.   So, being that they controlled the wealth of this country, our owners decided to give the communists complete managerial control over the democrat side of their singular controlling political party.   If they began to try and move away from being controlled, their funding could always be stopped.   Thus the illusion of the two party system could be more easily maintained because the differences between both sides were now obvious again.

The founders of the original democrat party used jealousy of those who were financially successful as their primary form of manipulation of their party members.   THIS ALSO was absolutely PERFECT for the communists.   After being given managerial control of the democrat side, all the communists needed to do was begin to intensify that jealousy and convert it to actual hatred.

Prior to the mid 1970’s and the drug based communist psychological revolution, the communist professors in the colleges and universities were only able to sway a very small percentage of college students over to their ideology.   Because they were faced with generations of children who had initially been taught patriotism and American ideals prior to their entering college.   But with students minds that had been weakened through drug experimentation, those professors were able concentrated their efforts primarily on Journalism students and those seeking elementary teaching degrees.   Students seeking those types of degrees were perfect for those professors because both of those fields covered influence over others.   They did successfully convert many who were given those targeted degrees.

But their real help came from the election of Jimmy Carter to the office of POTUS.   Desperate to acquire that position, Carter readily made deals in exchange for campaign money, and one of those deals was to give the communists control over the k through 12 public education system.   He won the presidency and he made good on his promise.   Now the communists were able to indoctrinate entire generations of American youth away from American ideals and patriotism and toward Marxist Socialism on a nationwide scale instead of just through some individual teachers they were able to indoctrinate.

The leftist media then did their part to promote many of those who were converted to communism in college, to state and federal political positions.

The long sought after destruction of America was now underway.

Too politically ignorant to realize what had taken place in their own side of the party, parents who had been politically indoctrinated with jealousy toward the side that promoted individual success, continued to raise their children as democrats.   Always telling their children how the republican side of the party was “evil” and only cared about the rich, and as such they should only and always vote “democrat”.   When their children later had families of their own, they passed that indoctrination on to their own offspring as well.

The real help for the left however came from the public schools where children were actually indoctrinated to become democrats by instilling in them the ideas that “democrats cared about people” and democrats cared about government.   Each new generation coming up through the public education system was taught less and democrat trained terrorismless how to individually succeed.   They were taught a new version of American history and taught how the founders of America were actually radical and basically evil men.   They were taught that the constitution of this country was outdated and discriminatory.   They were taught that the constitutional republic needs to be abolished and replaced with pure democracy.   They were taught how government should always be larger than all of the largest American businesses combined.   That government was actually the giver of all things and loyalty to the state was paramount.   But also in order to preserve the “integrity of the state”, people should only place democrat politicians into office.

In 1992 the democrat side OFFICIALLY became the openly Marxist Socialist side of the party.

Being extremely skilled at manipulating the masses, in 2000 our owners swung the political pendulum back away from the left and placed a NWO puppet from the republican side of their political party into the office of POTUS.   This was also done because they needed to begin the complete destabilization of the Mideast with its’ resulting creation of turmoil throughout Europe.

What they did in the Mideast was also used to create division between the members of both sides of their political party in America as well.   And to strengthen that agenda their media played against everything our military was doing in the Mideast.

In 2008 the political pendulum as designed to do, swung back to the left.   But by this time the democrat side had OFFICIALLY become the openly Communist side of the party.   That year our owners placed into the office of POTUS someone who to this very day has never been proven to even be eligible to hold that office.   He was born outside of this country to parents who were devout communists that literally hated America.   He was educated outside of this country in muslim schools and later when brought into this country via Hawaii, he only associated with communists who like his parents hated America.   All attempts to expose his non-eligibility were squashed by our owners’ puppets in congress, and their media slandered everyone who attempted to expose him as well.   Immediately after being placed at the head of the executive branch, beginning in January of 2009 that probable usurper and his entire regime began a multiyear quest to drastically divide this nation in every way conceivable.

From that point on the attempt to accelerate the ending of America has been the primary objective of the democrat side.   Using well established communist tactics of terrorism such as school shootings and violent communist mob attacks on peaceful citizens and race riots in general, what was started in the Obama regime has been continued after he was finally out of office.

Yet those who remained in the democrat side who were raised and educated in America even BEFORE the communist takeover, were still far too ignorant to see with their own eyes what had become of the political side of the party their parents had told them to always remain loyal to.   As such they continued to vote only “their side against the other side” of the party.   Not knowing or even caring about the consequences of their actions

To be a Democrat in the 21st century, those who align themselves with THAT side of the party totally endorse and support … Communism; Socialism (the beginning stage of communism); Nazism; Fascism and Racism.   They believe in MOB RULE and not in the constitution this nation was founded with.

Not that the majority of them would openly admit to such support, because the original constitution is still somewhat adhered to in this country, but nevertheless they DO support those combined ideologies.   Because their complete understanding of politics is severely restricted to being nothing at all more than “our side against THEIR side” when it comes to voting.   Their parents (and since the 1970’s the public schools) told them they were to be democrats and so they are democrats.

To be a democrat, those on that side of the party must adhere to and support the PARTY LINE which is as follows…

To be a 21st century democrat means to believe that America is no longer a sovereign nation.   That any and all who choose to do so can merely come into this country at will.   They support all who illegally cross our borders.democrat endorse invasion   Now with the left getting ready to utilize the same mass invasion forces that were used to destroy Europe with the muslim invasion, they openly support THIS mass invasion of America as well.

To be a democrat means supporting through illegal immigration the bringing back into this country and re-spreading of diseases throughout America that were once all but completely eradicated in this country.

To be a democrat means supporting ever increasing taxation to fund the ever increasing costs of socialist programs like financially and medically caring for all those who entered this country illegally.

democrat mobsTo be a democrat means supporting violent mob attacks against other Americans to try and force Americans to give in to communism.

The democrat politicians spew never ending hate filled rhetoric and some of their politicians go so far as to encourage open violence against other Americans.   The leftist media does somewhat the same by promoting racism along with their never ending attacks against the very first ever actual people’s choice for president who they openly hate and do not even try to hide that fact.   Because they thought they controlled the political direction this country was supposed to go in the 2016 election but found out they did not possess the power they THOUGHT that they did.

Those who align themselves with the democrat side totally support these actions.   And they do so BECAUSE they are the overall far less intelligent side of the party.   SOME will PRETEND that they do not support those actions, but with their votes they most definitely DO support ALL of it.

The entire world went to war against the Nazis and their allies for many reason.   One of those reasons was the Nazi extermination camps where MILLIONS of people were exterminated.

NOW along with accepting the communist ideology of ‘government over the people’, the democrat side has also accepted and defends and even promotes the Nazi ideology of state sanctioned genocide.

The democrats not only fought for and were successful in getting this country to engage in MASSIVE extermination of infants, but the extermination was even refined.  No longer are there large extermination centersdemocrat endorsed infanticide like the Nazis used.  Now, for “convenience” there are hundreds of small extermination centers all around this country.

Because of the democrats’ lust for infanticide, this nation of ours has now slaughtered more MILLIONS of babies than the Nazis were able to exterminate all of their victims combined.  And the democrats want the genocide to continue.

To be a 21st century democrat means to totally support THIS as a permanent function of America.

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America was founded on Judaeo-Christian principles.

With leftist control of education in this country children are now and for the previous few generations being taught otherwise, but America was founded by Christians.   There were several different denominations of Christianity in America, but they all had the same thing in common.   They were Christians.

In the beginning and well into the 20th century it was nationally accepted that America was a Christian nation.   It was because of being a Christian nation that two of the pillars of strength that supported this nation were as strong as they were.   Those were the pillars of Morality and the Family unit.

Baldwin and Eastman who founded the legal arm of the communist party in America, more recognizably known as the ACLU, knew along with the founder of communism Karl Marx, the absolute importance of first destroying both Morality and the Family unit in any country targeted for overthrow and conversion to socialism.   Baldwin and Eastman knew that if the ACLU was to be successful in destroying America from within, then those two pillars of our national strength MUST be continuously attacked until they were destroyed.

With the never ending help of all forms of the leftist controlled media and leftist politicians, as well as using America’s own legal system against it, over the past sixty years the ACLU has finally succeeded in their democrats openly attack Christianityendeavor.   The family unit has been permanently broken; morality has been successfully removed from America, and Christianity itself is under ceaseless attacks by the left.   Christianity is now being successfully replaced with Atheism and the Islamic theocracy that is passed off as a religion, and it is even being replaced with open devil worship.

To be a 21st century democrat means rendering through their votes complete support for the abolishment of all forms of the Christian religion in America.   Obama, the very first official communist to be placed into the office of POTUS even stated publicly that America is no longer a Christian nation.   A statement the democrats strongly support to this very day and will continue to support until the constitution is officially abolished and replaced with something they feel should be more equal to the communist manifesto.

Maybe to MANY of those who still align themselves with the democrat side of our owners’ singular controlling democrat endorsed devil worshipnational political party, the slaughter of so many MILLIONS of innocent babies in this country may somehow be considered just some sort of “sacrifices” to the new “gods” that have replaced the God of Christianity with in this 21st century America?

Those who have separated themselves from the democrat side of the party in the #walkaway movement, whether to just change over to the republican side or to become Independent voters, ALL say pretty much the same thing … “The democrats of today do not even resemble the democrats of our grandparents’ time”.

And they are correct.


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