Were the Benghazi Murders a Botched “October Surprise”?


Because the obama administration is the most secretive administration in nearly a half century, it is unlikely that without a full congressional criminal hearing on the matter we may never know the truth.

All that America knows for sure is that our ambassador to Libya and three others were murdered and the ambassador himself was sodomized and murdered.

The cover-up by the White House was instantaneous.  The leftist news Medias in their never ending job of protecting obama refused to cover the story with little more than just a mention of the incident and as to be expected, continued to deflect any inquiries pertaining to those murders.  They even had to publicly defend obama in the second presidential debate when Candy Crowley jumped to obama’s defense and blatantly lied to the millions of viewers claiming that yes obama indeed called it a terrorist attack the very next morning, when everyone knew that they were all sticking to a fabricated story that it was anything but a terrorist attack and didn’t admit that it was for almost two whole weeks.  This totally incompetent and deceitful administration then arrested an innocent man who made a extremely poor and almost completely unseen video of mohammed, blaming HIM and his unseen video for what had happened.  He is STILL in jail and won’t even get a hearing until AFTER the elections are over.

That left Americans with the job of trying to understand this brutal act on their own and trying to piecemeal everything together on their own.

In an attempt to protect their worthless rear ends this administration then suddenly declared the entire “incident” as TOP SECRET thus preventing the inquisitive public from gaining any MORE damaging evidence against the lot of them.  However they cannot confiscate the email that was obtained and already seen by the American public that PROVES that the embassy was begging for help.  Help that was DENIED by this present corrupt administration.

When the White House and its allies hide things, especially important things from the public then the public increasingly begins to try and do their OWN investigations.  BUT without documentation to go on, all the questions raised by the public can be deflected by the White House and their leftist Media allies as “conjecture”.

What we do know is that ANY AND ALL attempts by OUR military to come to the aid of our embassy personnel while they were under attack were STOPPED by the obama administration.  ALL were told to STAND DOWN.  We know now that the General in command of AFRICOM who was going to come to the aid of the embassy regardless of the STAND DOWN ORDER was RELIEVED OF HIS COMMAND.  We have also found out that the Navy fleet in that region was going to head toward Libya and they likewise were told to STAND DOWN.  We also have found out that there was a fully armed drone OVER LIBYA during the entire attack and it was not used to repel the attack.

WHY !?!

There are MANY possibilities but what appears to be the MOST CREDIBLE is that the entire attack on OUR embassy was PRE ARRANGED by obama and his administration.  There is NO OTHER possible reason for him to DENY desperately needed military assistance.

It is no secret to anyone but the severely impaired that the obama administration has absolutely NOTHING POSITIVE to run on for re-election.  They have made a complete shamble of this nation[‘s economy.  They constantly have to deflect inquiries as to why they gave Billions of dollars of American taxpayer money to solar energy companies that were contributors to the democrat party and who went bankrupt almost as fast as they received those billions of taxpayer dollars.  They have also made the entire world regard us a weak and no longer a threat of any real kind to anyone anywhere.  The ONE and ONLY positive was the Bin Laden killing which it turned out obama was deliberately kept in the dark about and was only informed about it when our helicopters were already in route and in Pakistan’s air space.  The reason for that apparently was that there were actually TWO or THREE previous possibilities to get Bin Laden and obama blocked ALL of them.  He was on the golf course as usual when they informed him to come to the situation room.  By then it was too late for him to actually stop it.  So the using of Bin Laden as their one and only positive was an ever fading point.

That left only the possibility of an OCTOBER SURPRISE to help them with this election.  And who knows if his friend who was our ambassador to Libya might have actually been in on the entire staged event to begin with.  It is no secret that obama has some type of a “relationship” with the muslims.  OUR tax dollars by the billions have gone to support the muslim brotherhood in their takeover of the mid east.  So this could have been an OCTOBER SURPRISE event where our ambassador was to have only been kidnapped, and then obama would learn his whereabouts and send in our military in the dead of night to “rescue” him without killing anyone.  ALL to have possibly taken place within days of the coming elections.  The leftist Medias would have hailed him a great hero and continued to do so with ever increasing fanfare up to and including November 6th.

BUT … it apparently backfired.  No one counted on the potential reaction to an attack by ex Navy SEALS who were at that embassy.  There may be a small group of enlisted personnel in the military, primarily the homosexuals that are now openly allowed into our military, and there is a small handful of politicians in uniform in our Pentagon placed there by obama that place loyalty to obama over loyalty to this nation, but there are NO NAVY SEALS that place their loyalty to obama over their loyalty to this nation.  When these ex NAVY SEALS heard the gunfire they may have naturally assumed that it was a legitimate attack and tried to defend the embassy while calling for military backup.  And the muslims, being muslims and seeing that they were actually being fired upon for real, went into complete muslim mode and since they heavily outnumbered the defenders they went into a killing frenzy and killed those that were firing on them.  And being muslims they sodomized as well as murdered our ambassador.  We also know now that the entire event was being observed AS IT HAPPENED in the situation room.  Whether there was confusion on the part of everyone in that room as to whether the gun fire was real or not and IF they did not know there was any actual return fire from our embassy personnel we don’t know.  IF they knew it was a pre-staged event then they quite possibly thought it was only gun fire coming from the attackers.

IF this was a STAGED EVENT, then it is very likely that the leftist Medias were in on it from the very beginning and quite probably were prepared with heroic stories ahead of time to be released after the “kidnapping” and even more heroic stories after the “rescue”.  But IF it was a staged event that backfired, THAT would explain the deliberate blocking of the event by the leftist Medias.  Only a REAL congressional criminal investigation into the matter will bring most things to light.  And being this close now to the elections, there is absolutely NO chance of that happening.

One thing that we can all agree on though and that is this was NOT a staged event with the cooperation of any actual Al Qaeda group.  Unless of course there may be even more of a muslim “relationship” with this current president than anyone would have openly dared to guess.

Can this article be dismissed by the leftists as pure conjecture?  As long as this administration and the leftist Medias are deliberately blocking any and all attempts to learn the truth about this incident, under the guise of doing an “official investigation”, even though they watched it happen in real time, they can claim ANY AND ALL scenarios are “pure conjecture”.

We do know that this is the most secretive and corrupt administration in decades and if THIS particular theory turns out to actually be the REAL story behind what took place, then obama, Clinton, and all those in the situation room at the time who REFUSED military help to our embassy personnel as well as maybe those in charge of the leftist Medias could very well be accessories to murder.  All for the sake of possibly staging a phony “OCTOBER SURPRISE” they thought might be to their election benefit.

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