Weaponizing America’s Educational System


Weaponizing America’s Educational System

Weaponizing America’s Educational System was the long sought after solution to the collapsing and ultimate destruction of America from within by the communist left.   And it has realized MASSIVE SUCCESS.

Americans see the moronic AntiFa gangs brutally assaulting peaceful citizens.   They see the BLM gangs disrupting the lives of everyday Americans and causing traffic injuries to motorists who are not aware that these morons are illegally blocking roadways, and they crash to avoid other stopped vehicles.

They see mobs comprised of both of these moronic gangs as well as other idiots defacing and destroying public property, and demanding the erasing of America’s history through the removal of any and all statues erected in commemoration of America’s founders as well as southern statues and memorials, including even tombstones.

They see the majority of the MASSIVELY OVERPAID ingrates in what used to be America’s favorite watching pastime, the NFL, openly insulting this nation’s flag; its anthem, and the veterans that served this nation, as well as those who died in service to this nation.

Americans with functional IQ’s look upon these idiot gangs and other thugs and shake their heads in sad disbelief.   Openly wondering just HOW so many can be so pathetically ignorant and anti-America.

The answer is … they were ALL deliberately raised to be that way.

Marxism is ALL that they have ever known.  To THEM, it is the best way of life on earth.  They have been taught Antifa Nazis 2their entire lives, sometimes subtly, other times not so subtly depending upon who the teachers were, that America is corrupt; America is oppressive; America is evil; America MUST be converted to a complete socialist country “for the overall good of the people”.

If the “greatness of communism” is ALL they have ever learned, then in THEIR minds, what they have been indoctrinated with their entire lives is actually the TRUTH.  Because they were never taught anything to the contrary.

Controlling “education” is one of the key factors in controlling the minds of the inhabitants of a country for literally generations to come.

Even as the initial communist revolution was destabilizing and destroying Russia and other areas of Europe, the orchestrators of those governmental collapses were already eyeing America as the ultimate prize.    A prize that because of its ever increasing world standing could lead them to absolute world domination once they acquired it.

However it initially seemed to be an insurmountable task because America was far too diverse.   This country was comprised of far too many different groups, and ALL of those groups were comprised of people who knew that in this country they could achieve for themselves and their families unlimited success.

Communism cannot even begin to gain a foothold unless it has a large enough group to begin to create unrest in.  And in America at that time in our history, there were no groups large enough in numbers for them to manipulate.   So all they could do was sit back and wait until some kind of an opportunity arose for them to take advantage of.   Their wait however was to last for several decades until they felt the time was right to create THEIR OWN opportunity.

The late 1960’s to the early 1970’s was THEIR TIME, and they orchestrated that time period to their fullest advantage

Prior to the turbulent late 1960’s all remedial schools in America from public to parochial to private equally shared three common binds.  MIND; SPIRIT; BODY.  ALL THREE being regarded as equally important in a child’s development toward adulthood.

The MIND because students were taught the basics of everything they would need to succeed in life in the world as it presently was, and to encourage them to learn even more on their own as the world evolved.   Mathematics from basics to trigonometry was taught in the remedial education schools.   Actual Science from biology to physics were taught in the remedial education schools.   Even languages were taught in the remedial education schools.

The SPIRIT because it involved taking pride in their own country, and because America had been founded upon Judaeo Christian principles, belief in and respect for a singular God was deemed to be of equal importance to help children become responsible and moral adults.

The BODY because it was felt that a strong body helps to create a strong mind, and as such all schools had rigorous physical training programs.

ALL THREE OF THOSE needed to be dealt with by the communists if they were to successfully overthrow America by collapsing it from within.

The escalation of the Vietnam War by America’s corrupt military industrial complex created the opportunity for the Soviet Union’s KGB to fund and orchestrate nationwide resistance to that war in America.   The KGB created and funded domestic terrorist groups like the so-called “weathermen” to violently oppose the war by bombing and killing innocent American citizens under the guise of being an anti-war protest.   They simultaneously helped to create and fund racial unrest in America by creating racial domestic terrorist groups like the so-called “black panthers” and others to further add widespread chaos in this nation.   THAT particular type of domestic terrorism was quickly latched on to by other groups of thugs calling themselves this “liberation” army or that “liberation” army and robbed banks and other businesses thinking that if they were apprehended for their crimes the leftist American media would quickly come to their defense and try and force lighter prison sentences for them.

The PRIMARY objective of the KGB however was the entire American education system.   And that time period created the perfect opportunity for them.   They were likewise heavily involved in the spawning drug culture in America as well.   Not for the massive financial profits that we see the cartels and others reaping today, because money although important and needed, was not as important as the conquering of an entire nation from within.

Drugs weaken the mental capabilities of the users.   They lean masculinity more toward femininity and they make femininity lean even more toward open compassion.   And as such the “drop out, turn on, tune in” culture was drop out, turn on, tune inheavily promoted.   Teens always reach a natural point of rebellion against authority.  It’s part of the growing cycle of all sentient beings.   Teens also gravitate toward their own.   Rock bands began to experiment with drugs and being severely affected by those drugs they began to make the music they produced for their peers lean toward the drug culture and the anti-war culture.   Teens follow their own and began to adopt everything being put out by those bands as actual reality of life.

Years earlier Senator Joseph McCarthy had totally exposed the communist influence in the movie trade but he was successfully ridiculed and defeated by the American leftist media, and Hollywood was left alone.   Being free to do what they want, they began to produce pro-drug culture movies and anti-war movies which further became embedded in the minds of America’s youth as true reality.

At that time in history one would have been hard-pressed to find any college dorm rooms and the other housing of any and all American college students that were not adorned with drug culture posters and other such items.   And that was absolutely PERFECT for a great many college professors who were either outright communist or leaned toward communism.   ESPECIALLY where students who were leaning toward becoming teachers themselves was concerned.   The minds of the students were sufficiently weakened by their drug use and as such were far more easily indoctrinated toward communism.   It was at that point where colleges actually began to turn out large numbers of students with teaching degrees that leaned heavily toward Marxist Socialism.

NO … most definitely not all teaching degrees were given to those who succumbed to the Marxist Socialist indoctrination.   There were MANY students who received those degrees that were still loyal to this nation and its’ people and honestly wanted to teach and not transform America.   But there were enough of them who had succumbed to begin the planting of the transformation seeds in the minds of the American youth.

But it was ALL about to change, and the successful transforming of America into a Marxist Socialist state was about to begin in earnest.

Beginning with the turbulent late 1960’s and steadily continuing from that point on, the leftist and Globalist dominated media in America has been heavily endorsing Marxist and Globalist candidates for any and all political offices in America, and staunchly defending those they had already successfully helped to place into office, whenever such defense was needed.   They continuously promote the leftist and Globalist agendas while simultaneously condemning any and all pro America policies and agendas.   With THAT type of backing, what followed next was quite easily accomplished.

1976 was America’s bicentennial, but it was also a target year for the communists to vastly increase their influence in this country.

Jimmy Carter was running against Gerald Ford, America’s first and only president who it can be claimed was actually appointed and not elected to the office.   Carter like all those seeking the office prior to himself possessed an ego that was greater than his concern for America itself.   He wanted to be President.   Anything else was secondary and below.   However, Mr. Carter was lacking in campaign funding and an incumbent president is a very hard target to defeat because Americans had always quickly adjusted to whoever was in office and most often just gave the incumbent another term.   Unless of course the American media was against that president.   Although the media had quite often ridiculed President Ford, they were not really all that much against him.   So to defeat the incumbent Mr. Carter would need more funding for more advertising.

The Marxists came with the offering of a few million dollars, but with a condition attached.   They wanted the entire American public education system centralized.   They convinced him that it would be “in the best interest of the children”.   Carter wanted the money because he wanted to be President, and the way it was presented to him did not sound like it would be anything at all detrimental but rather actually beneficial.   He accepted the money and agreed to the centralization.

From that point on the media began to endorse him as the man who could lead America into the new era and they simultaneously began to attack Ford in equal proportion.   Americans at that time, the same as they do today, took their direction from the media and Carter defeated Ford and became president.   Carter KEPT his promise because although an extremely incompetent executive, he was still an honorable man and as such his word was his bond.   The surrender of the minds of America’s youth over to the Marxists became official.

With absolute control over the public education system, the MIND, SPIRIT, BODY ideology previously adhered to was quickly enough discarded and replaced with THE STATE is the granter of all things; GOVERNMENT is to be absolute and larger than ALL other entities; SOCIALISM is GOOD and CAPITALISM is OPPRESSIVE and BAD; America has always been oppressive toward the rest of the world.

Racism has also been promoted because it serves the Marxist and Globalist agendas of creating constant division and unrest.   Belief in Christianity as well as one singular deity was struck from the curriculum’s and rigid physical education was eliminated as well.   Children were no longer taught how best to succeed in life, but rather all people should be equal in everything, and those who do succeed financially in this world only do so because they must inevitably be evil.   Actual science was replaced to a large degree with a politically correct idea of corrupting youthscience.   Not hurting someone’s “feelings” has precedence over everything.   The family unit is not to be regarded as foundational where society itself is concerned because THE STATE possesses more responsibility and authority over the youth of this nation than parents do.   THE STATE will protect children from the “abusiveness” of their parents.    Children should INFORM THEIR TEACHERS AND THE STATE about what their parents say and do in their homes.   MORALITY is old fashioned and wrong.   People should be able to do whatever they want to do as long as they do not “hurt the feelings” of others.   And it is now being taught that nature itself is wrong and there are not really only two genders of homosapiens, but rather what an individual “feels” they are is actually what they are.

ALL of this and even more are what America’s youth are now indoctrinated with and there is nothing that those teachers who do not subscribe to this can do about it.   The student curriculum is given to them and they MUST adhere to it if they want to continue teaching.

What Carter did has contributed more to weakening this nation from within than any other individual method devised by the communists.

Can Carter’s surrendering the minds of America’s youth over to the Marxists be regarded as his being an actual TRAITOR?   Some say what he did made him a traitor, but in reality Carter was NOT a traitor.   At least not an INTENTIONAL traitor.   He was just GROSSLY INCOMPETENT and very easily manipulated by those around him.   He firmly believed that all in this world could get along if America was not the primary influence manipulating this entire world.   As such he was very willing to do whatever he could to try and make other countries and international groups happy which even included giving away as many of America’s possessions as he could, like the Panama Canal which is now under predominant control of Communist China.   He had a “bleeding heart” which made him side mostly with terrorist groups and terrorism supporting countries that presented “their case” to him as their being the oppressed.

So NO, Carter was not an intentional traitor.   He was just grossly incompetent as a world leader.   There were really not that many actual traitors to this nation in the 20th century.  John McCain and the Rosenberg’s being the most prominent of those who actually were traitors.   The Rosenberg’s who were put to death for espionage and John McCain who freely gave military intelligence and cooperation to the North Vietnamese costing a great many American lives, but was free from prosecution solely out of respect for his father and grandfather.

But the damage to this nation that Carter did has been steadily increasing for nearly 40 years now.   Every new generation of American youth entering the “education” system is indoctrinated even more toward socialism and away from Americanism than the generation it is following.

And we are now seeing the fruit of that indoctrination nationwide.   Marxist groups like BLM and that Antifa garbage are out in plain sight and being spurred on by our predominantly leftist media, and actually protected by leftist controlled local governments, who order their police to give the domestic terrorists free rein.   Free speech is now threatened in public and actually prohibited on the campuses of our predominantly communist centered universities.   Unless the speech being exercised is leftist direct or leftist oriented.

ALL of that is to signal to them that what these children learned in their schools their entire lives about antifa thugs 2communism versus Americanism must be the truth, because even the police will not interfere in their attacking peaceful citizens who are opposed to communist socialism.   Therefore in their minds communism actually IS what America should adopt nationwide.

So Weaponizing America’s educational system by using it to turn out entire generations of Anti-Americans has been a MASSIVE SUCCESS for the communists.

The Ignored Political Reality of all of this is that it ALL COULD have been averted.   Every bit of it.   But “COULD HAVE”, “WOULD HAVE”, “SHOULD HAVE” are no longer applicable.   Past tense is the same as being a Monday morning quarterback.   It’s totally useless to look back when the problem is now looking us straight in the eyes.  We are now facing the complete collapse of America from within.   A collapse that more than 50 years ago was NOT “predicted”…  but actually TOLD to us that it would occur.

The violent attempt to overthrow America from within by these indoctrinated, mentally deficient Nazi Brown Shirt wannabe’s is a preliminary test of America’s resolve to remain free.   But it is a test that can now only be effectively dealt with directly and harshly.   Which means parents turning against their own indoctrinated offspring and turning them in to the proper law enforcement departments, as well as the people of this nation themselves FORCING their own local governments to deal with the violence of these domestic terrorist groups in an extreme manner.    If it isn’t stopped cold, and stopped now, it will only grow larger.

America’s own education system has been turned against it as a Marxist Socialist weapon, and the colleges in this country have now become Marxist indoctrination finishing schools instead of the institutions of higher learning that they used to be a few generations ago.

There ‘IS’ a solution to the education system in America being used against this country itself.   However the solution is NOT an immediate fix.   It will take literally generations to undo the damage done so far.   But THAT solution is not going to be covered in this article which is already well beyond the acceptable reading length for the vast majority of the Americans of today.   Instead it will be covered in the article pertaining primarily to the colleges and universities that will be published in the near future.

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