We need to face Reality …The Obama the Dandelion years HAVE been a Major Success


1/17/14 Obama is only the visible part of the problem.

It doesn’t take an investigator to see that the vast majority of articles that appear on most of the still pro America web sites are complaints about obama.  Obama did this … Obama did that … Obama AGAIN violated the Constitution of the United States … Obama broke this law … obama broke that law … Obama is supporting terrorists and terrorist regimes with American tax dollars … Obama has spent MORE on vacations than any real President ever did in the history of this nation … Obama is forcing this country to accept illegal invaders of this country …  Obama is degrading the United States in the eyes of the entire world … Obama has actually apologized to the entire world for America’s very existence …Obama has increased the U.S. debt in just five years to an amount HIGHER than the national debt of all real and previous Presidents COMBINED … Obama is deliberately bankrupting this nation … Obama is behind multiple conspiracies and even the deaths of Americans both in this country as well as abroad … Obama is destroying the American military … Obama is destroying this nation … Obama needs to be  removed from that office … Obama should be arrested and tried for treason.

But … Obama is STILL sitting in the highest elected political office of this nation.  Whether he is sitting there legally (although highly questionable) does not change the fact that he is STILL sitting there and will CONTINUE to occupy that office.

The PROBLEM is NOT Obama.  Obama is a nobody.  A figure head and nothing more.  He is a yes man who was placed in that office to do the bidding of his owners.  He came from nowhere.  He never accomplished anything.  He has No experience in ANYTHING.  He is not competent to do ANYTHING AT ALL other than party at the taxpayers’ expense, which he does EXTREMELY well.  But WHO is truly at fault for his holding that office?  I am not referring to WHO placed him into that office but rather who ALLOWED him to be placed into that office.

obama drunk

Humans are highly flawed, easily manipulated creatures.  Quite probably the most easily manipulated of all creatures on this entire planet.  As a whole, humans can be made to do anything, and they can be made to actually BELIEVE that what they are doing is what they personally WANT to do.  Even if it means their self destruction.

Like most animals, humans possess emotions, but unlike most other animals the emotions of man are highly elevated and as such can be easily manipulated.  There is no need to waste time in this article categorizing each emotion because each emotion in itself could be used for an entire thesis on how it can be manipulated into human self destruction.  But each emotion in itself could very easily be used to bring about a complete end to mankind.

Obama is the visible result of those easily manipulated emotions and nothing more than that.  But he is most definitely NOT the END result.

Prior to the “elections” of 2012 ALL American elections have always been determined by manipulating the emotions of the American voters.  Whichever side was the most successful in “demonizing” the opposition was usually the winner in those elections.  True, there has always been corruption to some degree in all national elections through “ballot stuffing” and even more so in non national elections such as what seems to always be the case in areas like Chicago where political corruption and voting fraud is virtually the norm.  Thus the term “Chicago politics” came into being.  But for the most part elections were determined by herding the populace via their emotions.  Emotion will for the most part trump logic and reasoning in all cases where politics is concerned.  And the channeling of emotions runs as deep in American politics as political corruption does.

One of the easiest ways to look at America is to envision it as a vast and highly fertile field covered with thick healthy grass and each blade of grass as a person.  Each blade of grass (or person) is healthy because of the mineral richness of the soil that feeds that grass.  Those minerals being freedom, equality, morality, equal justice and the guaranteed right to grow as large as each blade could personally grow.  That mineral rich soil made the grass thrive. The field was setup in such a way that if properly maintained, it would remain beautiful and last forever.

From time to time weeds would attempt to invade the field but the care takers setup by the people would clear them out.  That caretaking however required the constant vigilance of the people because it was their duty to help maintain their own field.  A duty in which they failed miserably.

Weeds of corruption would for the most part always be stopped, but those weeds grew smarter and far more resilient as years passed.  They began to have their roots remain underground with no visible signs of their existence above that ground.  And they spread far and wide depriving the field of more and more of its nutrients until they were completely entrenched into every area of the field and stunting the health and actual growth of the field.  When certain areas of the field began to sense their presence, the rest of that area would be reassured that there could not possibly be any corruption growing because they could not see it above the ground where nothing but the sun was seen shining upon the field and thus was only a rumor being spread by the malcontent inhabitants of the field.  When areas began to turn brown and die off those areas were told that it was actually the fault of the other blades of grass taking all the nutrients for themselves and that the blame should be placed upon them.  And it was.

Now having become firmly entrenched into every area of the field the weeds began to surface and dandelions began to spring up far and wide.  Their roots ever stronger and robbing the field of more and more of its nutrients to where the entire field was now dying.  The residents of the field would call for the caretakers who would cut the dandelions down, but they never tried to uproot them because they had been convinced that cutting them at the surface was enough.  The dandelions returned almost immediately where they would again be cut but to no avail.  And the field continues to die because the roots of corruption and orchestrated destruction of the field are robbing the field of more and more of its’ vital nutrients.

Obama is nothing but a dandelion, the visible above ground sign of a severely diseased field.  He does what the roots of corruption and orchestrated destruction of this nation tell him to do.  He is not capable of doing anything on his own.  His one and only capability is the one listed above.  People want this particular dandelion removed from the field, but that will not happen this time because the roots of his existence have become firmly entrenched into every possible area from the education system where they control and program the minds of America’s youth, to the media that convinces the ever increasing numbers of the weaker inhabitants that he is not a weed but actually a flower, to the corrupted judicial system and the majority of the corrupted government that is now in place that will allow him to remain untouched.

Well over a hundred years ago Americans voluntarily surrendered their nation and their very fate as a people to just two primary sets of caretakers.  Those caretakers were the Democrats and the Republicans.  There were other caretakers but they fell by the wayside as people began to align themselves with only these two.  By purchasing both sets of caretakers or predominant political parties and merging them into what is now actually one political party, those that want this country destroyed became the real and absolute power over this nation.  The populace was thoroughly indoctrinated via the media to accept the idea that the ONLY way people could get their voice heard and to be represented in their own government was by aligning themselves with either side of what in now America’s actual ONE party system.  Thus no matter how they chose to vote they would be voting for the eventual total abolishment of this nation’s constitution and their own destruction as a nation.

The second half of the last century brought about significant steps toward our demise and in the first decade of this century those steps became GIANT STRIDES toward our destruction.  In the 1970’s the education of our youth was literally sold to the communists to begin the generational indoctrination of our youth toward the totalitarian state.  Welfare was transformed into a “right of the people” and thus began the indoctrination of the entire populace that “the state” will take care of them.  Thus began the process of bankrupting this nation.  In the 1990’s all forms of censorship of any kind were removed and the nation was literally freely flooded with immorality of all kinds.  The media and the “educational system” relentlessly furthered the moral destruction of this nation by professing that immorality is totally natural and should be openly accepted.  In the beginning of the first decade of this century the totalitarian national police force was established using the events of 9/11/01 as the “excuse”.

Then 2008 arrived, beginning the Obama the dandelion years.  Most of the prior and real presidents had enough understanding of America’s constitution to realize that the destruction of this nation needed to continue to be done slowly and methodically.  Allowing people to gradually adjust to their freedoms being removed from them.  But in 2008 it was apparently decided by those who actually own America’s government that it was time to severely escalate the demise.  So all of the front runners on the republican side of the party were told to back out of the primaries and allow the worst candidate who was on the bottom of the list to become the official candidate.  Which they obediently did.  Then to test the blatant stupidity of the people to see if it had progressed far enough they chose their totally inexperienced yes man and placed him as the front runner on the left side of the party.  They were correct and the American people were as stupid as they anticipated and he was placed into the office of president.  The 2012 election didn’t matter anymore and he may very well have actually not only lost the election but quite probably lost it by the margins originally predicted by all the credible polling agencies.  However … the use of those easily manipulated electronic voting machines was now firmly established so actual votes no longer mattered.

Under the dandelion this nation saw the massive intrusion of privacy take place with the NSA spying on American citizens to the point where virtually nothing can be spoken or written without “big brother” immediately knowing of it.  This nation also saw the military continually attacked along with its veterans.  It saw terrorist funded with U.S. dollars.  It saw this nation’s national debt DOUBLED.  It saw millions upon millions of its citizens lose their jobs and forced upon the government dole.  It saw the size and scope of government massively increased.  It saw this nation drop from the position of being the sixth freest nation on earth in 2009 to the TWELVTH freest nation on earth in 2013 and steadily falling further as the totalitarian state is increased.

So Obama the dandelion years have been MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL when it comes to attaining the outright destruction of what at one time was the greatest and freest nation on the face of the earth.  And THAT is EXACTLY what he was PLACED into that office to do.

Obama the dandelion is NOT the problem.  He is only the visible weed protruding from the thoroughly infested ground that makes up America.  The ONLY way to solve the problem is to remove the roots of the problem.  And Americans will NEVER do that.  They will continue to keep placing into office only those setup and financially backed by the party, mistakenly thinking that somehow they may actually regain control of the party and once again make it two separate parties.  Too ignorant to realize that people cannot “regain” what they NEVER had control of to begin with but foolish enough to be made to “believe” that they can.


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