To impeach or not impeach… that is the question?

In a desperate attempt to sway public opinion on the side of Democrat impeachment of the 45th President, the Oversight Committee will convene today with John Dean as their primary witness. Now why would Democrats pull up the past in order to impeach the sitting president? John Dean was the mastermind of the Watergate scandal that eventually caused Richard Nixon to resign. The Dems feel there are parallels related, so in their mind, all avenues are open… even dead end ones.

The Democrats know that the re-election of President Trump is going to happen, not unless they can convince the American public that “the President is a crook”, just as they did to President Richard Nixon. The Dems know they have nothing to run on, as socialism and other radical measures don’t seem to be catching fire with the American people… at least not as yet. They know they don’t have a winnable candidate in the chute, and they know that Trump’s successes pretty much insures his return in 2020. So their only option is in convincing America that President Trump is not worthy of a second term by slamming him, ruining his reputation, destroying his family, and making him into some form of political “monster” that the people will reject. Their gloves have now come off!

The Loony Left have come to desperation, because they see THEIR America being taken away, and THEIR fundamental transformation coming to a stop. They have spent great time and money developing this nation into the mold they seek of an all seeing, all knowing, all doing government that is in full control of the money, the bureaucracies, the agencies, the courts, the networks, the education, and the labor unions… leading to full control over the people from cradle to grave.

Every angle they have taken in order to reverse the 2016 election has met in hard defeat. They have tried to convince America that the 2016 election wasn’t legit, Russia played a huge roll in the election of Trump, and that the Trump campaign was deeply involved in that conspiracy. And as today, not one shred of evidence has risen to support that claim. But never say never! The Dems refuse to give up to concede defeat. Everything was rigged and set for Hillary’s coronation to rein in the reign of socialism, communism, and globalism, all with Hillary’s America at the helm. The one thing they never counted upon is for the American people to reject their ideals to surrender under their current oppressions that turned America into a third-world country. America, except on the two coasts, vetoed Obamaism-Clintonism for Americanism, and said “We are better than that… we can make America great again!”

The successes of the Trump administration have all been hard fought, and imagine how much further we would be if 50% of those anti-Trump Americans had jumped on board instead of trying to derail it? It burns them just as Holy water does to vampires to see America in such economic rebounds, because their little, corrupt deals under the table had the rug pulled from it. Democrats, and many Republicans, are losing hundreds of millions because someone stepped up to the plate to throw them strikes they cannot hit back.

Although the Left has done a superb job of controlling the media, the universities, the unions, and all other institutions with their pay and play antics where billions are funneled through a system of give and receive back into their coffers, making both sides richer than can be imagined, Americans grew wise to their unethical and immoral scandals to say “enough is enough”, and that America is more than just a cabal of politicians and CEOs who work for themselves and not the people. America selected someone who wasn’t part of this syndication, and one who had the courage and fornication with their side to completely upset their apple cart through their own games.

President Trump is returning America back to the people, and he is setting the pathway for a return of American values, morals, laws, and order. Since the country has existed for over several generations of this fundamental transformation away from Americanism, there is a 50/50 divide on what is best for the country and its people. It is hard to convince those under 35 of the truth when all they have encountered was lies. Sure, the Right has tried to co-exist, to some extent, with the ideals of the Left, but for the Left, it isn’t good enough. They want it all for themselves, and ANYTHING that deals with the past in history, ideals, principles, and ways is to be isolated, removed, and destroyed. They have no intentions of co-existence with us in any way, shape, or form… PERIOD!

This “war on Trump” will backfire on them, I predict. They can shout “impeachment” all they want, but the vast majority of Americans do not seek impeachment, but want government to get off their high horse (or horse high), accept defeat, and move on as they need for the sake of the nation and the people within. The harder they buck the bull, the more they will get horned. We see it in their ratings, we see it on the Internet, we see it in the streets, and we see it in the way America is responding. States are beginning to reverse course. Old liberal ways are now being removed and replace by conservative ways, because people see and understand that the Leftist movement hasn’t ever worked for anyone but those on top, as those on the bottom get flushed further down the drain. Dependency on the government costs everyone, and America is tired of having this tab flipped on them to pay. Those who hold religion deeply within their spirit are demanding that the morals and values of true religion cannot be oppressed by the tyranny of the Left’s “fake” religion of peace. We believe that life is sacred… they do not! And there is the difference.

Crime comes with Democrats. The proof is all around. Look at every large city that has a ghetto. The ghetto and its crime expands as more Democrats are elected. Look at states with Democrat governors. The businesses and people are taxed and restricted beyond reason. They welcome the lowest of society, and support their habits with bribes and broken promises… “Just be sure to vote Democrat!” Great cities, once a jewel of the nation, now look more like a lump of coal, as the homeless, drug addicts, illegals, gangs, and vagabonds have taken over their streets… while the politicians turn a blind eye as they pass out needles, condoms, food stamps, and voter registrations.

The Left claims that the Right oppresses minorities, the destitute, and the indifferent. But if you really look at history’s truth, you will find it is just the opposite. The Left represses them purposely in order to blame it on the Right. History reveals the Left are the racists, the bigots, and the oppressors. Their claims of hate and repression are contrived… a fabrication of the truth where they are really the ones making life difficult for others while pointing the finger of blame upon the innocent. If it hadn’t been for true Republicans, the minorities would still be in shackles, turned away at the border, and separated from the “nobility” of Democrats and the Democrat Party. They simply found a voting block to create a use by paying them off with government gratuities for their vote. It is the Right that says “All men are created equal and deserves equality… nothing more, nothing less!”

The blacks are wising up to this, as Trump has proved he is not a racists, nor a bigot. He employs more blacks than any other political leader, even black ones. He has women working all around him, but yet he is a “feminist”? He works with Native Americans, and is trying to solve the Latino crisis created by Democrats, because Democrats now need the Latino vote, so open borders and amnesty to all has to be held to get that vote. Even Jews are figuring out that their support for Democrats is only bringing them antisemitism. So, as the ore men are jumping ship, the Democrats are finding themselves up the creek without anyone to paddle. Their only option remains is to remove Trump from office, and from contention.

The Dems (and anti-Trump RINO’s) must make sure that nothing gets passed that benefits Trump, and that every one of his Executive Orders gets stopped and challenged by a liberal court. Their propaganda media must make Trump look like a buffoon, and condemn every action he takes… even talking to the Queen of England. Anyone who surrounds and supports Trump must be attacked and destroyed… including his support voters. Even educators are telling their students that if you support Trump, then you are sick, deranged, and need help (or your ass kicked). Wearing MAGA gear will get a milk shake thrown on you, or a fist up your nose. Even the Internet is making it harder to post Trump loyalty. Everything on the Left is now at war against Trump and those who support him and his ideals, which are only basic American to begin with.

How far will this extend? Only time will tell. But you can bet Congress will spend the next 16 months doing nothing for America except to rid it of the 45th President. You can bet the Leftist media will create more lies to disconnect voters from Trump support. You can bet Hollywood, unions, universities, and Washington will have an all-out blitzkrieg to destroy this man, his family, his support, and the visions they all share to make America great. In this writers opinion, to really make America great, we need to have a liberal round up, and deportation to a socialist/communist country where they will have their wish of living under the removal of freedom, liberty, and the rights we hold so dear here in America… and that which we will defend, no matter how far we must go.

So go ahead with your plan, Democrats. You will make it much easier to count the votes on Election Day in Nov, 2020, as Trump will make history, again, in the biggest, landslide victory in politics. Impeachment you will never get. Tossed out of Washington on your ass may be more in the cards as long as you won’t play by the rules, be a team player, and try to rig the deal in the process. Good luck!


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