Was Spock the FIRST?


Was Spock the FIRST?

It was 1946. The latest “war to end all wars” had been over for almost a full year.  America, as did the rest of the world felt truly alive again.  Relieved … happy … and alive.  Excitement was everywhere.  And naturally all THOSE feelings aroused yet another feeling that was readily and willingly attended to by the 20 and 30 and even 40 something’s of that time period.

It was almost as if the inner most important driving force of humanity was trying to immediately replace the millions upon millions of senseless deaths of the previous ten years with brand new life. Whatever the reason, the baby boom had begun.

Everywhere could be seen babies. Women with one baby.  Women with two babies.  Pregnant women.  Women with young babies that were pregnant again.

Although girls from their late teens through their twenties were far more mature and family oriented than those of that same age group today, still there were many of them either with their first child or expecting their first child and even those with their first child that were already expecting another child who ALL had something in common. They were nervous.  Some were even outright scared.  They did not know if they could actually be the type of mother their children would need.  They were not even sure if they knew HOW to raise children.

Now ADDING to all that personal dilemma was the fact that America was beginning to move at a very accelerated pace. Gone were the slow paced days of family and even community picnics. Gone were the days of community social events taking place regularly at parks.  Gone were the days of weekly church socials.  America was now changing completely to a different path and technology was a very important factor in that change.  Every couple wanted their own home.  Every couple wanted to stock that home with the latest technological achievements coming to the marketplace.  Iceboxes were replaced with refrigerators; laundry tubs were replaced with washing machines; clothes lines were replaced with dryers, and standard radio was replaced with stereophonic radios.  The list goes on and on and newlyweds wanted ALL of it.  CREDIT became the universal answer for acquiring everything they wanted.  But that credit brought with it the burden of repayment, and that burden of repayment brought with it emotional stress.  Stress that was sometimes inadvertently directed at the children in these new families.

Although already invented, television was not yet the next ‘must have’ for all Americans. The complete national surrendering of intellect and voluntary submission to visual total indoctrination was still a few years away.  THAT particular function was still solely in the hands of Hollywood where it could only be carried out in an extremely subliminal way.  Because back in those days even though they continued the tradition of their parents to totally turn America’s government  over to just two private political groups, Americans were still vastly loyal to their country and its’ Constitution.  There was yet no Department of “Education” and no agenda scripted televised “news” programs complete with “political commentaries” to rapidly change all of that.  Americans got most of their information from the radio and from books.  Yes … books.  People actually read books back then.  And one of those books was destined to change this entire nation completely and forever.

The book was titled ‘The common sense book of baby and child care’ written by a Pediatrician named Benjamin Spock.  That book coupled with all subsequent books on child raising by this sameDr Spock author was to become the second most purchased set of books in history.  Coming in second only to the bible.  And that book is now one of the reasons why the Christian bible may itself soon be a thing of the past, at least for America.

Not knowing anything about child raising or at least THINKING that they did not know anything about child raising; and not wanting to constantly “bother” their own mothers for advice concerning child raising; these young mothers by the millions grabbed hold of that book and followed it to the letter. And much of what they found in that book directed them to raise their children in a totally different way than they themselves had been raised.  Especially in the areas of disciplining a child.  But they also thought ‘who were THEY to question what was in that book?’  After all … it WAS written by a Pediatrician.  And in those days the title of doctor was revered.

What they did not know was that the beloved Dr. Benjamin Spock was a liberal who possessed the same mental affliction that all liberals possess. He was ruled by emotion.  He came from a very well to do family where his father was a prominent Attorney and his mother like all wives and mothers back then was a stay at home mother.  But he admitted that his mother was a very STRICT mother who ran a very disciplined home.  And the mental affliction of liberals prevents them from accepting discipline.  They literally hate it.  In his books when it came to the subject of child discipline he quite obviously wrote what he personally wished he had experienced and passed it on to his readers as some sort of natural “logic”.  Quite probably hoping that in doing so he would “spare” future children from the same type of disciplinary corporal punishment he evidently had received as a child.

Benjamin Spock 1

His early books were undeniably the foundation of the new thought process that children are not merely children, but rather young “equals” of their parents, and living in the same household as their parents they should be treated as such. To him, like all those afflicted with the disorder that has actually been medically classified as a mental disorder labelled ‘liberalism’, spanking a child will permanently emotionally damage that child for the rest of his or her life.  And THAT was something that needed to be refrained from. Because “spanking” a child would forever instill in the child the damaging effect of “fear” as opposed to what he considered to be the proper way which would actually instill in the child respect for his parents as well as others.  Scold a child, but without yelling at them.  Yelling could run the same risk of lifelong damage.  Changing the tone of voice but not the volume during the “scolding” was to be sufficient.  Merely asking a child WHY they did something that they were not supposed to do was also supposed to be sufficient.  And if whatever the child did wrong warranted discipline then the limit of that discipline was to be nothing more than going to their room (If they actually had a room of their own) or just sitting in a corner facing the wall for a period of time.  Spanking a child was to be considered something that was only done by “an unfit parent”, and no parent wanted to be regarded as “an unfit parent”.  In THAT respect Spock was immensely effective in subliminally enhancing the potential fear of shame and guilt in all those women who accepted his personal philosophy of child raising.

His totally accepted philosophy began to cause rifts between these new mothers and THEIR mothers. When the grandparents saw how unruly their daughter’s children were and how their daughters would react to those situations, they questioned why the children were not properly disciplined?  Their daughters would then argue with their parents citing how THEY had been raised IMPOPERLY and that Dr. Spock had to be correct in what he wrote because he was after all a well-known pediatrician.

The overall problem with Dr. Spock’s personal philosophy is that if there is no real discipline in a child’s life to have him actually learn from, then that child will never learn true respect for others as well as develop self-respect and self-discipline. They will only learn how to whine their way through life as well as manipulate their way through life.

The first overall results of bringing up a nation of “spock babies” was nationally realized with the anti-war, anti-government, anti-police, anti-authority, morality lacking (“aka free and indiscriminant sex”) and open drug culture of the mid nineteen sixties.

Spock had succeeded in creating an entire new generation of liberals that were no longer to be just the usual fringe element of any organized society because they were too great in numbers. He was instrumental in creating an entire generation that as to be expected with liberals was void of logic and driven purely by emotion.  Essentially spoiled and demanding children that were totally accustomed to primarily getting their own way if they whined and screamed enough.  Children that were raised without any understanding that in the real world outside of their parents homes actions always have consequences. And naturally being a new generation of liberals they were raised without learning actual respect for others and not possessing any self-respect as well.  Consequently they were more than just easy targets for manipulation by the hardcore communists in America.

When addressing politics people often batch liberals together with communists. But liberals are NOT communists.  They are just poorly raised, self-centered, emotion driven mental defects of humanity that due to their inability to grasp logic make them extremely useful human tools for those who DO strive to totally dominate and enslave humanity.

If one sits back and looks at American history, it is very difficult to think anything other than the communists in America instantly recognized the very useful potential of Spock’s books for their agenda to collapse and overthrow America from within. They HAD to of instantly realized that here was a philosophy that if nurtured and expanded upon could actually create entire generations of what Lenin referred to as ‘useful idiots’.  The more influential Spock’s books could become, the more future mentally deficient victims they could successfully manipulate.  Which may actually explain the sudden bombardment of letters received by all parenting and women’s magazines of that day from “readers” vehemently praising that book.  And Americans being who they are and not wanting to be ‘left out’ of what all others are apparently doing just had to get that book as well.

But the true leftists did not waste ANY of the potential that Spock created for them. Out of that very first generation of “spock babies” came indoctrinated teachers that could begin to indoctrinate America’s youth toward Marxism from their very first year in school, all the way through the college years because many of them went on to become college “professors”.  Out of that first batch also came left leaning attorneys who later became judges who would eventually make rulings contrary to America’s Constitution as well as do their own legislating from the bench. Out of that first generation they found and promoted into national political office as many as they could to strive for the weakening; the dismantling and ultimate dissolution of the Constitution of The United States.  And many of their tools are still holding national political office to this day.  They even got Clinton who was from their first batch of tools into the office of President at the close of the twentieth century.  This article is about the cause of America’s demise so there will be no discussion in this one about that pathetically inept present occupant of America’s executive branch.  Others are writing a multitude of books about THAT one.

But by far the most devastating damage inflicted upon this nation was that the first generation of “spock babies” had children of their own who they raised even more detrimentally than they themselves were raised. And each following generation did the same until this nation has come from that intellectually strained generation of the nineteen sixties to the now intellectually drained youth of today that literally demands that they be outright given anything and everything they want without having to work for it.

There once was a time in America where children were actually taught patriotism and to have pride in their nations’ accomplishments. They were also taught to not only take pride in their government, but likewise were taught all facets of government and how each functioned and what each division was setup to do.  They were taught that America’s founders wanted this nation to be governed by the people themselves and that to accomplish that we were setup as a Constitutional Republic. Now with Marxist control of “education” all they are really taught is that government should be massive and government is the answer to all things, and all people should be totally dependent upon government.  Now children are also taught that America is EVIL.  That ALL of the problems in the world are America’s fault.  They should actually be ashamed that they are Americans.  Terrorists are now regarded as heroic “freedom fighters”.  And because that intellectually strained first generation of “spock babies” actually started the idea of mass college student demonstrations against this nation and its policies, each new generation of intellect lacking college students think they are in some way obligated to continue that “tradition”, so they also have mass demonstrations.  Demonstrations that now support the most brutal of present day terrorists.  Idolizing them because they think its “cool” to do so.

This article could go on for several more pages but it all boils down to the singular question … Was Dr. Benjamin Spock the first to actually create a truly significant ‘death blow’ to the America that was founded via the revolution of 1776?

Quite probably so.

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