WANTED: The Most Politically Powerful Person in America


WANTED:  The Most Politically Powerful Person in America

2/26/14  Americans are on a search.  They are looking for the most politically powerful person in this nation to lead them out from the mess that this country has been deliberately thrown into.

We have out of control spending.  We have an out of control illegal immigration problem.  We have an out of control Judicial system that places ITSELF above all established laws and even our very Constitution that this country was founded on.  We have blatant corruption from the local level all the way through to Congress and the White House.  Our military personnel are committed to die in unapproved military operations which only serve the personal interests of those corrupted officials in our national government as well as their owners.

Americans are searching for a leader.  They’re constantly searching the newspapers, magazines, the television news and even talk programs.  They painstaking listen to and absorb everything the radio and television talk show hosts say and they find themselves thinking the same way those talk show hosts think.  But they can never seem to find that ONE person or even that GROUP of people that they can believe in.  That ONE person or GROUP who will get them out of the MESS that this nation has been DELIBERATELY placed in.

Primarily because they are constantly looking in the WRONG direction.

It has often been said that the best place to hide something is in plain sight.  And that “leader” or that GROUP of leaders everyone has been searching for has deliberately been hidden from all, and hidden where NO ONE would ever even THINK to look anymore, and that is IN PLAIN SIGHT.

If America really wants to find that “leader” or that group of “leaders”; people they can honestly believe in; they should try looking where they NEVER would have thought to look anymore.  Actually where they have been painstakingly conditioned NOT to look.  They should try looking in the MIRROR.  THAT’s where our founding fathers wanted them to look for their leaders.  THAT’S why they set this entire magnificent country up the way that they did.  They wanted Americans to find their leaders IN THE MIRROR and NO PLACE ELSE.

Having firsthand knowledge of the absolute misery that monarchies and totalitarian rule bring about for those who are not in control of those monarchies and totalitarian controlled countries, the founders of America wanted THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES to be in charge of their own government.  They even began the Constitution that this nation was founded upon with the words “WE THE PEOPLE of the United States”.  But as time progressed, and ESPECIALLY NOW at this point in history, THOSE WORDS HAVE NO REAL MEANING to the citizens of America.  They are JUST WORDS and NOTHING MORE.  Those words have been degraded to nothing more than a well overused phrase that Americans like to throw out and they no longer even know THE ABSOLUTE POWER that was originally invested in those words.  Even those who want this country destroyed use those words to spin their ideology and make it more “palatable” to the minds of those they want to remain ignorant of what is taking place in America today.  Thus those words no longer have any true meaning to the vast majority of Americans.  MOST Americans living today have not even read the Constitution of the United States.  To them it’s just a historical document put together by a group of men more than two hundred years ago.  That is prehistoric history to the youth in America today who have now been conditioned to live for today and only for today.  Those who want this country destroyed were given complete control over the education of America’s youth back in the 1970’s where they could from then on slowly indoctrinate the youth of this nation toward communism.  The founders of this nation are now regarded by America’s youth as “rebellious radicals who did not like the authority of the state”.  To entire generations of America’s youth as well as to the weaker minds of those older Americans who align themselves with the communist democrat side of America’s actual one political party system, the Constitution is now regarded as an outdated document that should merely be regarded as an artifact of history, and that it needs to be replaced with something more modern and updated to what America has now become.

But it was those “radicals who did not like the authority of the state” that created the most perfect form of governmental structure the world has ever known.  NO monarchy, NO dictatorship, NO group of elites, but rather a government that was actually to be controlled by the people of the country themselves.  Thus WE THE PEOPLE were to have not just the final say in the affairs of government, but were to have the ONLY say in how the government operated.  That document those “radicals” created has stood the test of time and was so perfectly written that it could stand until the end of time.


The founders of this nation publicly listed three dire warnings to the America they created.  First; that the nation should NEVER politically align itself with other nations.  That it should stand steadfast, self sufficient and alone in this world.  Second; the citizens should never align themselves with political parties that were setup by any private group because all such political parties have agendas that favor those who organized those political parties. Third; stay clear of bankers and do not let them have any major influence in the government of the nation.

Americans went against ALL THREE of those dire warnings.

They allowed the controlled media in the nation to sway them and steer them not just to privately setup political parties, but primarily to only TWO of those privately setup political parties.  They allowed those two political parties to enter America into a “league of nations” which later became the ‘United Nations’.  And the deadliest action of all was to allow those two political parties to make an unholy alliance with international bankers who were then allowed to setup the Federal Reserve where they could absolutely control the entire American economy, which included setting up a taxation system in the nation and also form the Internal Revenue Service where they could punish Americans for not paying the taxes they were from then on to be burdened with.  Because those taxes were the payments to the bankers who now controlled economical structure of the nation.

Strike One.  Strike Two.  Strike Three.  America’s fate was sealed.  The international bankers were by far the dominating force worldwide.  They controlled the currency and along with it the economies of entire countries all around the globe.  The entire world revolved and still revolves around money.  Money that they control.  America was setup to be a free market capitalist society… capitalism runs on money.  Even though in itself it does not produce any, communism which is being forced upon the American people in heavier dosages to collapse the nation also requires money to function… they control the money.  ALL nations require money to function … they control the money.  America’s currency like the rest of the world’s currency is now backed up by absolutely nothing.  It is all a sham now.  GOLD cannot even be used as a currency base again because there has not been enough gold mined in the entire history of the world to cover even America’s financial transactions much less that of the rest of the world.  If the world were to suddenly go back to a gold standard, to cover the daily transactions in the financial realm, gold would need to be revalued to several million dollars per troy ounce (which would make many people including myself VERY happy).  In the technological world that this planet has now become it’s all just numbers now and nothing more and the international bankers control those numbers.

It was the bankers that setup first the League of Nations which failed but was then reconstructed as the United Nations where the bankers could consolidate world control.  They used the natural human trait of  greed to purchase Americans that were placed into political office and then ended up funding BOTH of America’s primary political parties which in essence made them actually ONE political party that was under direct control of the bankers.  In other words they outright purchased America’s government.  Thus anyone running for political office will be funded by them but ONLY if those they are funding ultimately do as they are instructed to do by these owners of America’s government.

So America’s fate is sealed.  Or is it?

Just as the world’s currencies are based on illusion, so is the financial control of America’s government.  The Constitution of the United States although for the most part ignored by all three branches of America’s government, or at best selectively enforced, is STILL THE LAW OF THE LAND.  And until it is officially nullified it will remain the law of the land.  THAT CONSTITUTION still maintains that the PEOPLE of America are to be the governors of America.  THE PEOPLE STILL HAVE THE RIGHT to change the government.  THE PEOPLE STILL HAVE THE RIGHT to even dissolve the government if they so choose to do so.  That FACT is stated right in that Constitution.

Along with the government, the bankers also control the entire media in America.  ALL aspects of it from all the news networks and publications to the television and movie media that are so very important to them when controlling the thought process of an entire nation.  Americans have been conditioned to believe that they CANNOT go against the financial power of the bankers, because they will surely lose.  In ALL broadcasts concerning elections it is very important to them to greatly accentuate the amount of money that they spent on both sides of their party to put and keep their people in America’s government.  These numbers are INTENTIONALLY daunting to the average American citizen, even those that still believe in America as it was founded to be.  Those numbers are publicized to maintain the belief that the people cannot take back their government, so they must continue to choose only from those that are financially backed by the owners of the government.  But just like America’s currency, all that is an ILLUSION.

The bankers created the illusionary monetary system worldwide and as such they cannot deny anyone or any group from using it.  Because to do so they would be proving that what they have created is not real.  Thus their own system could be used by the people of this nation to free America from their control.  In several of my articles I have shown people exactly HOW they can not only raise the necessary numbers needed to put THEIR OWN people once again into America’s government, but HOW to successfully garner nationwide acceptance and support for someone or a group of citizens that are truly from the people and not owned and controlled.  And I am not the only one who has attempted to show Americans that it CAN be done.

But for that to be accomplished Americans would need to do something that for the most part not all that many of them really do anymore, and that is to actually CARE about this nation enough to keep it from its impending total collapse.

It’s not just time for Americans to shed their wool and become PEOPLE again… IT’S WELL PAST TIME!  Americans need to learn to believe in themselves again and learn that WE THE PEOPLE is an absolute POWER that was established for them in order for them to always remain free.    They need to once again stand on TWO feet like the original Americans did and not allow themselves to continue to be herded by the Media or ANYONE else.

Every home has a mirror in it.  It’s time for people to actually go and look into those mirrors and see if the reflection coming back at them is a people or a sheeple.  If American’s truly want their freedom back; if they truly want their Constitution once again adhered to; if they want to remove the yoke of oppression that is being placed upon them; if they want to stop the impending totalitarian state that is being forced upon them; then it is time for them to band together FOR REAL and organize and SELF FUND a NEW political party that is FREE OF THE CONTROL BY THE BANKERS.  It’s time for people to stop posting links on the web; it’s time for people to stop posting political pictures on the web; it’s time for people to stop whining and crying ‘oh woe is us’ when they see elections openly manipulated to favor one side of what is now America’s totally owned and controlled ONE political party system.

The most politically powerful person in America is YOU.  NOW PROVE IT.  Join together as a people united and TAKE this country back from those who have purchased it from the corrupt people YOU placed into office via the owners … or just stay home and give up because it is OVER.


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