By now, most people are quite aware of the ongoing ideological war between the political Left and political Right. Never in America’s history has the divide become so strong and has placed Americans in total, polar opposite directions.

The Right wants restoration of the Republic by a constitutionally ran governance which allows citizenry the freedom and liberty to decide their own path in life by doing the steps necessary to provide the certain income for a decent standard of living. It is one’s own choice in life what to do with it, as those on the Right want a certain amount of controls, but not so many as to restrict and bind one’s ability to achieve their end goal, or what we call “the American Dream”.

The Right sees government as the arbitrator between people’s disputes, and the protector of our national heritage, and the citizenry’s safety and well-being within a world of chaos and mayhem by those who embrace evil like a comfort blanket. The duties and power of government needs limitations, as each Branch (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) has their own directive and should never over-reach or encroach over the line of the others, as described within the Articles of the United States Constitution.

The Left, on the other hand, sees America quite differently, as well as the pragmatism of the US Constitution, and the rolls to which each Branch of Government needs to play. In fact, the Left has even artificially created a Fourth Branch of Government by acquiring the federal bureaucracies in turning the IRS, FBI, NSA, DHS, EPA, FDA, DOE, and every other alphabet agency into a weapon or tool to be used, not only against rival politicians, but against those who lean more to the political Right… especially if they are conservative, Christian, and patriotic.

The Left sees the general public as irresponsible and unable to provide for their own well-being, because most people have some form of “disability” or “handicap” that disallows them the standard of living like those of the affluent. Never mind the double standards and hypocrisy of their leaders who bask upon taxpayer dollars like royalty, because hypocrisy and double standards are what the Left are all about.

The Left says they wish to push “forward” in the creation of their perfect Utopian “Wonderland of Equality”, but in reality, their leaders only wish to take the world back to a time of lords and serfs, to where the affluent provide for the necessities of the lower classes through income seizure… a form of socialism where government uses strong-arm tactics to keep peace and order, what we on the Right prefer to call it “communism”.

The Left portrays the Right as segregationists. Demonizing their opposition keeps them feeling superior, when in fact the Left is totally inferior. Most problems in our history were created by government in the direct governing of policies designed from the Left and Democrats. Slavery, Jim Crowe, segregation, race riots, etc., were all created by the inferiority of African-Americans by Democrats and the purposeful neglect of minorities, because they have never felt that minorities are equal. Regardless of their stance to be the “crusaders” against racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia, the leaders of the Left see themselves as white supremacists who are far superior in every way, and who knows what is best for those they rule over, although you will never get a single one to ever admit to it. Being in complete control of everyone else’s lives, lets them be in complete control of their own lives in order to reap the rewards of being the “masters”.

The Left plays this mirror image game with the rest of the world. If they accuse the Right of something deviant and wrong against humanity’s standards, you can bet that they are guilty of those accusations themselves. Pointing the fingers of blame and shame is their way of keeping any suspicion of their ill-practices from themselves. If the Left can scream “guilty as charged” loud and long enough, eventually others believe it, even without any solid evidence to prove their case. Hearsay evidence is enough to receive a conviction by their peers, even if it is fake and contrived from the on-set.

The Left feels they are entitled and justified to be obstructionists against Right-wing policies and those who prescribe them. To the Left, they are bitter pills that are too hard to swallow, even if those policies do have a positive effect to solve problems. Their mission is to preserve and protect chaos and disorder, because they believe it is only them who can solve any of the issues they themselves created. But when has a single Left-wing policy ever solved any issue? Their policies only advance what they say they will defeat, as the blame for failure is always placed upon their opposition.

The Vietnam War, the war that changed how America will forever fight in war, turned the needle on the political scale. This war started the progressive anti-war movement, and today the effect still resonates through the hills and valleys of the political field. Mass protest and violent uprisings seem to have become their DMO way to change the direction that the nation is attracted towards. It has become so “grand-scale” that the Left has placed many key figures in permanent positions to safeguard their position, and advance their narrative. Those like George Soros use their wealth to create avenues towards their advancement, including organizations specialized in “fundamental change” of American ideals and principles. The Left has used their wealth and resources to purchase media, social internet, education, unions, industries, and institutions in order to control the message and direction they want to take us. Much of this money has come from sources outside the United States, as globalism has become the end game to “equalize” the planet’s population, and to protect the planet’s resources… in other words, complete superiority and control through re-distribution by those in charge.

This is not new to America, as there has been a battle of ideology and principles ever since the Constitution was ratified 240 years ago. The Right has always felt that it should be up to the states to govern over their residents, while the federal government should only maintain national security, state sovereignty, and commerce to be shared equally between states, while enforcing the doctrine of the US Constitution.  But, federal authority expanded, as state senators were no longer appointed but elected, making their role in government far more authoritative with federal governance. Presidents learned that their appointed courts gave them power with a pen (and phone), and thus began writing legislation instead of just overseeing it. District representatives, commonly known as congressmen, found strength by uniting within a political party, and learned that the people that elected them, with whom they represent, were only common pawns on the chessboard of governance, and sided with Party policies instead, in order to advance and promote an agenda. Court judges that originally were to oversee justice as designated and designed by the US and state Constitutions, learned that great power and wealth comes their way if they play by their “masters” rules instead. They understood that they were “the law”, and the final say… even if the majority of citizenry objected.

There are some on the Right who have seen the Left’s advancements coming. Many have warned of this coming storm, but their followers paid no heed. Republican leaders have been vilified and demonized constantly since President Eisenhower, while Democrat leaders have been free-at-will to do whatever they want, and to hell with the law, the people, and God… because God will be the only one they will stand before in judgment, as the Democrats have created this very effective “defensive shield” to thwart off any meaningful attack by Republicans.

Democrats and the progressive Left have been basically running America since John Kennedy. JFK was the last, true Democrat leader, and he was assassinated for that effort. Since President Lincoln, Republicans have had very few eras when they were the commanding power in Washington. President Reagan was the last “people’s president” before Donald Trump, as any Republican controlled Congress has been nothing more than a pesky fly in restoring constitutional governance against a government that has been consumed by greed, power, corruption, and control for several generations. The names may be changed, but the policies never change, as Democrats and RINO’s have held a monopoly over the election process for many decades, installing their own candidates who will advance only their own political agendas over the needs and desires of the national majority.

Most historians will tell you that our Founders and Framers are turning in their grave as to what this country has become. Franklin declared that they had given the people a “Republic” as he addressed the crowd gathered in Pennsylvania after the signing of the US Constitution, “only if you can keep it”, he states in the end. But globalization and a form of communist governance has been around for much longer, and it took a Civil War to undo years of what so many brave patriots assembled. Lincoln may have freed Negros and abolished legal slavery, but Democrats have held the torches of segregation, racism, and poverty enslavement over their heads ever since. President Lyndon B Johnson then had blacks and the poor voting Democrat for 200 years with the signing of the Civil Rights Act that slapped binding chains around the ankles of those who wouldn’t grow the balls big enough to escape that bondage.

Today, the enticement of “free” everything has overshadowed “freedom” and the liberty to take one’s own destiny from a “dream” to a nightmare. As education indoctrinated the young, as unions indoctrinated the working class, as politicians have groomed their successors in the progressive ideology, and as Hollywood and the media promoted it all, the nation has divided into two separate countries. It took the Clintons and Obamas to meld it all together, and it took Donald Trump to throw a wrench into their works to again start the rebellion like in 1968.

Democrats seem to be the only ones who learn from history… the wrong side of history. The anti-Vietnam protests changed the course of a war, and a nation. It launched a new era of progressive outcries and undermining, as many of todays political leaders come from that era. It built a fence of division that has withstood the test of time, and today has been re-enforced to become bigger, stronger, and more defined against the opposition that stands on the other side. America had once had a “code of ethics” where Americans were better than foreign counterparts in how we treated one another. That all was thrown out the window in 1968, and has become more advanced in it’s treatment against anyone who stands in their way.

One can no longer speak or promote conservative, Christian, and patriotic ideology on a school campus. It is nearly impossible to promote such ideology through Hollywood, television, media, and publishing without jumping through hoops, and still protesters stand unified in attacks, assault, and defamation against it. Churches can no longer preach the conservative ideology without “spies” reporting the “unification” of church and state to authorities, as their courts take away their federal exemptions. Those in the military can be demoted for their political stance if it leans to the Right, the same as employees at certain corporations who take a stand for conservative, Christian, or patriotic values. Groups, like the TEA Party, have found themselves in federal hot waters, as leaders have not only been attacked, but arrested and jailed for minor crimes that all progressives seem to dodge. Companies and supporters of the Right-wing movement have found authorities at their door with warrants, only to be ransacked, threatened, arrested and fined like a criminal for only supporting the Right-wing movement.

Then you have social media… a platform of opinion and information for listeners. But was once conceived to gain traction for the progressive-Left, only advanced in the Right-wing rooms of democracy. Social media was hijacked by conservatives, Christians, and patriots who saw Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as the two biggest threats towards America’s future. Some say that if it wasn’t for Trump’s clever use of the Internet and social media, he may not have even been the nominee.

Last year, a secret meeting (that wasn’t very secretive) was held by leaders within the Bilderberg Group, the CFR, and Tri-Lateral Commission, to design ways of destroying Trump and the MAGA movement. Special guests included: heads of Google, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Since this meeting, all Left-wing media and social media have shifted into over-drive against Trump, MAGA, and the conservative Right-wing movement. Videos are being removed; public-air shows shut off or interrupted; suspension of group and personal accounts; and articles pertaining against the Left, have been deemed against “community standards” and removed, while anti-Trump and anti-MAGA groups and information thrive without reprisal… even if the information is deemed contrived or fake by conservative standards. Someone who attacks an article or someone in a Liberal website with the truth may soon find themselves suspended or removed. The Left’s freedom of speech is upheld to say anything they like, no matter how hateful and despicable it is… but if someone who sides on the Right does it to them, then they face a firing squad of retaliation. This, I know from personal experience.

So, you see it isn’t only President Trump who is under constant assault by the progressive Left, it is also: reporters (especially for FOX News); conservative radio talk show hosts; members of Trump’s Cabinet; Republican representatives; actors, writers, producers, and staff of conservative TV and film; clergy; bloggers; and those who take a stance on social media who will be targeted in the rifle scope of the Leftist shooter.

Their goal is to over shadow us, to ruin us, and make us inept. We are to shut down, made to sit down, and to shut up. Their mission is to make us so vile and disgusting that no one will pay attention to us. As Maxine Waters (D-CA) said, they are to follow us, confront us with vulgar-hate speech, attack us, and to make it where we are too scared to come out and say anything. They lost their last hope of driving the nail into America’s coffin with Hillary’s defeat, and by Satan’s will, they plan to destroy us once and for all.

The Democrats are expecting a huge Blue wave to remove conservative Republicans from office in order to impeach Trump, remove his policies, remove the tax reforms, re-establish the restrictions upon companies and industries, implement social “freebies” to the poor and minorities, and amnesty to all who come across a defenseless and unprotected border, while making us pay for it all… Obamanomics on steroids. As Hannity said to Ingraham: “If Democrats win this November, expect to see many conservatives placed in jail for their support of President Trump.” Ingraham responded: “Like Hitler and his round up of the Jews.”

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Written By: Jim Hovda


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