Throw away votes vs. Conscience votes


Throw away votes vs. Conscience votes

Well the midterm elections of 2014 are now less than a month away and all over the web can be found the usual warnings about not remaining loyal to America’s masters and only voting for either side of their political party.   But as many more Americans have somehow found their way to political awareness and have actually ‘awakened’ politically, those “warnings” are no longer as effective as they used to be.

vote THE PARTYOn the democrat side of the party as usual can be seen: “If you vote for a THIRD PARTY the republicans will win this election.

One the Republican side of the party as usual can be seen: “If you vote for a THIRD PARTY the democrats will win this election.

On BOTH sides of the party you also see: “If you don’t vote for the party you are throwing your vote away”


Just what is a ‘throw away vote’?

It’s actually nothing more than a phrase that originated from the owners of America’s government and its’ actual ONE major political party that operates it.

It’s a phrase that was actually created out of FEAR by America’s owners that after all they did to take physical control of this nation; they could actually lose that control if Americans realized that they themselves could once again become the masters of their own destiny.

In reality there is no such thing as a “throw away vote”.   But in ‘political reality’ there definitely IS such a thing.  But ONLY in the political realm.

If you are a devout republican and you know of someone who has decided to leave the republican side of the party and vote for someone other than a member of the republican side of the party; because they can no longer in good conscience vote to uphold and support that particular side of the party that no longer truly represents the patriotic citizens of this nation or even the Constitution that formed this nation … you claim that person is “throwing away their vote”.

If you are a devout leftist and you know of someone who has decided to leave the democrat side of the party and vote for someone other than a leftist; because they can no longer in good conscience vote to support and uphold the Marxist ideology that is now the solid official platform of the democrat side of the party; because Marxism is dedicated to the complete collapse of the United States and the Constitution that formed it … you will claim that person is “throwing away their vote”.

The founders of this nation made it a right for all LEGAL citizens of this nation to have a personal say in the function of this nation’s government.  Having learned from the mistakes of all previous forms of government they set this nation up to be a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.  A representative government as opposed to a straightFounding Fathers in Conference 2 out democracy which in essence is really nothing more than “mob rule” and actually only one small step above anarchy.   Even back in their time when this nation was still small they knew that some areas would grow to become more populace than other areas.    So to protect the less populated areas they set this nation up as a republic where all areas would have an EQUAL say in the function of the national government.  Something that was so well thought out that it was adopted by all the states for their individual state charters.

Many of this nations’ founders also issued very dire warnings to the #1 WARNING to U.S. Citizenscitizens of the newly formed nation that they were NEVER to align themselves with privately created political parties. Because to do so would be to literally guarantee their nation would fail and totally collapse.

Generations ago the citizens of this nation willfully ignored the warnings of the knowledgeable founders of this nation and totally surrendered this nation and its’ fate to just two of those privately created political parties.   And sitting quietly in the background was the American and International Bankers.   Having reached the correct membership size to actually get away with it those two parties immediately divided this nation politically between them and collaborated with each other to allow no other party or individual who was not connected to them to acquire political office on the national level.   They were not yet wealthy enough to try and control the local levels of government.   But sitting quietly in the background was the American and International Bankers.

These two political parties used their influence with the media of that age (which was only the printed media) to begin the indoctrination of the people to accept the idea that these two parties and ONLY these two parties were the rightful people to be considered for public office.   Times were simpler in those days and the people although possessing more actual common sense than the majority of Americans today were still able to be successfully manipulated by those who controlled these two parties and were totally unaware that these two political parties were collaborating on what policies were to be instituted.   There was no mass instant communication systems that could keep the public immediately informed of what was taking place in this country so they were successfully coaxed into the “YOU CAN TRUST US TO LOOK OUT FOR YOUR BEST INTERESTS” scam.   Then the printed media of that age began to ONLY speak of both the democrats and the republicans, pitting those who aligned themselves with either party against each other while successfully ignoring any and all others who wanted to represent the voters.    Still sitting quietly in the background was the now combined American and International Banking concern.

The telegraph was invented making it possible to send news clear across the country in only minutes.   But for those wires to be spread the companies needed both investors as well as loans.   The banking concern came to their aid with BOTH investment money and loans.   BUT like all investors they required a say in how the business was to be conducted.  The more they invested the bigger that say.   Then the scattered independent printed media began to be purchased and consolidated making the larger printed media far more influential than the independent media because their newspapers would all be saying the same thing.   Then, if the smaller newspapers had a different opinion, the public was easily swayed because the majority of newspapers said something different than the independent news.

With the massive influential power of the consolidated media behind them both the democrats and the republicans could easily increase their own political influence over the nation.   But advertising was expensive.   The banking concern was there to solve their problems.    By lending the parties money that needed to be repaid they had a firm hold on the parties.   But their true influence came with donations to both parties that just like all investments required a ‘say’ in the affairs of the parties that were in direct proportion to the amount they ”donated”.    The banking concern began to have major influence in not only the agendas of both of the parties but WHO the “acceptable” candidates for office would be from each party.   And naturally any and all candidates for office would only be those who agreed with or at least agreed to stand for whatever the bankers proposed.

The banking concern was now powerful enough and influential enough in both of the political parties that shared equal control over this nation to openly move toward the consolidation of America into a global system they alone controlled.   In February 1914 while most in congress had returned to their respective states for Christmas Rothschildholiday, the bankers retained in Washington only the exact number of politicians they needed for passage of their first primary agenda, and they illegally had their owned politicians from both parties introduce and pass the establishment of the Federal Reserve, thus giving those private bankers absolute control over the financial structure of the United States.   Through their media it was presented to America as something that was allegedly “beneficial” to the nation claiming “It was “created by the Congress” to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system”.

Now they literally owned the nations’ currency which they would willingly “lend” to this nation any amount requested but at a rate of interest THEY determined.   Their power over this nation was now absolute.  They then created the Internal Revenue Service that their puppet congress officially endorsed so that the burden of repayment of whatever was borrowed would be placed upon the citizens of this nation itself and not upon the government they already controlled.   Thus enabling the politicians to “borrow” more and more without any personal recourse.   But it was only the democrat and republican politicians who could readily “borrow” the money thus further establishing these owned and controlled politicians as the only group to be allowed to “govern” the people of the nation because to purchase the votes needed for re-election inRockefeller  their own states they would “borrow” millions of dollars to be used for projects in their own states.  Projects that naturally would go primarily to the “friends” of those democrat and republican politicians in return for political “donations” from them to keep the democrat and republican politicians in office, as well as let both of those parties begin to control just who could hold political office on the state level as well.

The ‘Roaring Twenties’ of the early 20th century brought with it magnificent societal changes that were almost tailor made for the bankers and the two political parties they now totally controlled.  The very first commercial radio station came into being.   But to get it out to the public required both investor money as well as loans.  The bankers were obliging on both with the usual investor terms.  Radio was a massive success.   Entire families would gather around the radio nightly to hear not only broadcast music, but stories like the Lone Ranger, The Shadow, Mystery Theater and more.    But MOST importantly they would hear the news as it happened.   News that could be politically scripted to fit the agendas of their controlled republican or democrat parties.   But not the opinion of anyone other than those two parties.   To the public it was mesmerizing entertainment.   To the bankers and their political parties it was instantly recognized as an extremely powerful indoctrination tool where they could instantly cover literally millions of people with their own political ideology and influence the public to go along with whatever they were proposing to do.   Also at that same time the communist party was instituted in America and Baldwin and Eastman organized the ACLU as the legal arm of the communist party.  To prevent the now easily swayed American populace from becoming aware that both the democrat and republican parties were beginning to sound as if they were the same, the bankers decided that gradually giving the communists managerial control over the democrat party would successfully create the illusion of there actually being two unique parties.   ButNorman Mattoon Thomas they were only given managerial control and they still had to answer to America’s owners.   Communism is a self-defeating ideology that is dedicated to the overthrow of capitalism, but communism like all ideologies needs money to function.  The Amounts of money that can ONLY be acquired in a capitalist society.   So it was decided that since they could not exist without capitalist money, giving them managerial control over the democrat party would be acceptable.

The coming of television totally solidified the control of this nation by its’ financial masters as it was they who funded that new technology and thus it started with and remained under their absolute control. Scripted televised newscasts and commentaries became their greatest indoctrination tool ever.  Generations prior surrendered this nation to those two parties that the financial globalists took control of.  With the advent of television, the generation of the 1960’s and all generations since surrendered their The people will BELIEVEminds as well and now all political thoughts are dictated by the masters through that medium to the populace.  Their mind control of the masses is almost absolute now.  With all of this and more going against them it is actually no wonder that most in America were raised to be political zombies blindly and mindlessly heading to the polls with one primary thought and only one primary thought in their brains which is “I MUST vote the party … I MUST vote the party … I MUST vote the party”.

However … some people in this nation have actually managed to break free of the psychological yoke of servitude to this nations masters that was placed upon them; by their politically submissive parents; by the educational system; and perpetually reinforced by the entire combined printed, audio and visual media. All of whom only and always regarded those two parties as the only legitimate people to be considered for political office on any and all levels of government.

But … many people have managed to break free of the indoctrination and they did so because they actually looked back on America’s history and realized that this country was far better off before the two political parties seized and divided the control of this nation between them.   Unlike the vast majority of those who can rightfully be referred to as mind controlled ‘sheeple’, these people have now realized that ALL of America’s problems can be attributed to — and ONLY to — the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.    Even back when they were essentially two SEPARATE parties.   Every single loss of freedom; every single economy stifling law and regulation; every single overbearing bureaucracy that was setup and unleashed upon the American people; the complete destruction of the American education system and the converting of it to an indoctrination system; the slow and steady attacks on this nation’s Constitution in an attempt to dissolve it; the totally open southern area (it can no longer be referred to as a ‘border’) allowing the invasion of this country by tens of millions of illegals bringing with them diseases as well as drastically increasing the crime rate in America in all categories; the financial rewarding of the criminal invaders by this nations’ own  “government”; the steady transformation of this nation from a free country to a complete totalitarian state; can be directly and SOLELY attributed to BOTH the democrats AND the republicans AND TO ABSOLUTELY NO ONE ELSE.

Those who successfully broke free of the party are now basically the true Americans that the founders wanted to see inhabit this nation. They are not beholding to and the mental property of America’s masters.  Though still not existing in large enough numbers to take back control of this nation away from its owners and both sides of their political party, they are STILL in reality ‘WE the PEOPLE’ and NOT just ‘we the sheeple’ as the rest of the nation is.

Those who have escaped the psychological enslavement to BOTH sides of the party of America’s owners realize that when the communist controlled democrat side of the party is in majority control the demise of this nation and its constitution is always escalated.    And when the republican side of the party of America’s owners are in majority control it means the demise of this nation and its constitution will be slower.   BUT both sides will keep this nation steady on its appointed course to its own demise.

Having broken free of servitude to this nations masters, the INDEPENDENT casts their vote based on conscience because they realize that a vote for ANYONE from EITHER side of the party ofWAKE UP America’s owners is a vote to support the actual demise of this nation.   All those who choose to remain the property of America’s owners will as always be casting THEIR votes only to support the agenda of the owners.

If an INDEPENDENT voter casts their vote for anyone who is NOT connected to either side of the party of America’s owners, are they “throwing away their vote” as all the minions of the masters try to claim?    No … they are voting according to their conscience and in accordance with the wishes of the founders of this nation who repeatedly warned us about political parties and political party control of this nation’s government.   These people are voting FOR their country and for its preservation.

Will the pro America independents votes matter?    Well not so much yet because the vast majority of America’s LEGAL voters are still the wholly owned mental property of America’s owners.    They are the zombie voters that stay with the indoctrinated idea of voting nothing more than “my school against your school”.    All indications for this coming “election” show that the republican side of the owner’s party will “win” massively and take control.   Thus slowing the pace to America’s end but STILL heading steadily in THAT direction as NOTHING that has been done will be UNDONE as always.

But then again who knows anymore?   All indications showed that the republican side of the owner’s party was supposed to enjoy a massive win back in 2012, and in reality they quite probably DID win massively.   But  realizing that they could now push the people of this nation even faster to their end the owners decided to extend the unopposed damage they were inflicting upon this nation for another four years.    So thanks to the national acceptance of those easily manipulated electronic vote tabulators, the published outcome was much different than the majority thought it would be.   In fact it was the most openly fraudulent “election” in America’s entire history.   However … due to the republican side choosing NOT to contest it, even as openly fraudulent as it was, that “election” DID wake up a great many people to the indisputable fact that in reality there is only one political party in control of this nation and it is the party of America’s owners.

The INDEPENDENT vote may not make all that much of a difference at the moment, but more and more people are actually beginning to politically wake up now and it WILL be noticed somewhat.   And IF this nation can survive long enough to have just a few more elections, this nation actually WOULD stand a chance of returning to a nation possessing a government that is actually OF the people, put in place BY the people and actually for the first time in more than a century functioning FOR the people.

So what is a “throw away vote”?

Well if one looks at it logically, it is actually that vote being cast for EITHER side of the party of America’s owners.   Because those who cast their vote for either side of the party of America’s owners are voting to ‘throw away’ their own country.    So a “throw away vote” is an owner’s party vote and NOT a vote by someone for any Independent candidate or third party.

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