America has now essentially become two completely separate countries in one.  Not just a politically divided country that can be passed off as nothing more than a conservative vs. liberal thing, because these beliefs are deeply embedded into the psyche of this nation’s inhabitants.  Political views are always subject to change and often do as many people mature in life and responsibility develops in their personal lives overriding their previous way of thinking.  Certainly not all people which is so clearly evident, but still many do.  So this is much deeper than mere politics and has now divided this nation into what can only be regarded as two separate complete ideologies claiming title to the same land.

 One America is comprised of those who STILL believe in the Constitution of the United States which this country was formed on and is considered by them to be the Law of the Land, around which all of the freedoms and protections that are listed in it are literally guaranteed to the American citizens.

The OTHER America is comprised of those who feel that this country is nothing more than a territory of the world and should be governed by the rest of the world.  They believe that anyone at all who wants to come into this country can just do so and should be given automatic citizenship.  Those who subscribe to this notion believe that the Constitution of the United States is irrelevant and should be regarded as nothing more than a historical document in the category of a high priced antique.  They firmly believe that we have “progressed” far beyond what they consider to be those outdated values.

Unfortunately those who subscribe to the later are increasing in size with each new generation.  An indisputable fact that can ONLY be attributed to a previous complete failure of an American president, Jimmy Carter, who literally SOLD the very future of America’s youth and their thought processes to the communists and let THEM take complete control of the “education” of America’s youth in the public education system.  From the very beginning when that sale took place, those being brought up in that system are taught that nothing really matters.  They are to live for the moment and to leave the boring businesses of government to others and that the “state” will provide for them all they could possibly want and need.  And they firmly believe that.

Those who want this nation restored to what it was founded to be are becoming almost desperate now as they saw the original America slowly at first but more rapidly now dissolving right before their very eyes with nothing that they can really do about it because THEY have ALSO been conditioned to believe that words are better to use than physical actions.   So those who classify themselves as American Patriots will continue on trying to use those “words” to restore this nation, with the only physical action on their part being the choosing of more people for public office that are sponsored and funded by those who want to see this nation dissolved.

Those who want this nation dissolved are very patient.  Over the past ninety years they have made a great many advances in their quest to dissolve this nation.  Advances that began to escalate in the 1970’s, with a major jump in the 1990’s and now with a massive leap toward their agenda taking place late in the first decade of THIS century.

Which America will prevail?  Well if one takes emotion completely out of the reasoning process and actually looks at things the way that they truly are, then they will have to admit that the “new” America will prevail.  Basing that result on just the pure numbers of those being brought up in the “new America” ideology.  However … once they have succeeded in completely taking over this nation, what they will have created for themselves will be nothing short of permanent despair as the state that they perceived to be so beneficial for them shows its’ true face and they will then find themselves permanent physical slaves of the state.

THAT is why for a great many people, attaining the age of “senior citizen” is actually appealing now, because many of those who have reached that point in life may possibly be spared the physical tears attributed to what is coming.

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