The way it IS and will continue to be


The way it IS and will continue to be.

Back in the 2018 election cycle the communist democrats yet again used massive fraud to get their candidates placed into the House of Representatives knowing full well that the establishment controlling the republican side of the party could be depended upon as always to not contest most of it.   Because the herders for the republican side are just as opposed to the very first ever actual people’s choice for president as the communist democrats are.

This one man, this first actual loyal American in decades now to become President is singlehandedly undoing ALL the economic damage deliberately inflicted upon this nation over the past thirty years.   As a result of his lone efforts he has set back our owners’ plans to fundamentally transform this nation into a totalitarian ruled state.   To do that, this one man has to continually fight our owners’ entire puppet government to accomplish the restoration of this nation.   AND slowly he is succeeding.

One of the key elements to our destruction was the leaving of our southern border wide open to invasion by millions upon millions of foreigners from ALL countries.   An invasion that the communist democrats welcome with open arms.   Once those illegals are safely inside our borders the communist democrats have pre-paved the way for them to help financially collapse this nation.   They immediately get those illegals on welfare and a host of additional benefits that even legitimate American citizens cannot acquire.   They do this because the communist democrats adhere to the Cloward-Pivon strategy for bankrupting a nation.

Our first ever people’s president has known of this orchestrated effort to destroy this nation for many years and has spoken out against it for decades now.   When he decided to finally run for president he made the construction of a security wall along our southern border a top priority.   THAT was something the communist democrats have fought tooth and nail against ever since.

The communist left Media has run a never ending twenty four seven assault campaign against our president since the very first day he announced his candidacy and it has greatly intensified ever since he was elected.   Communist indoctrinators in our public schools system have intensified their push to more rapidly and more thoroughly indoctrinate children toward Marxist Socialism.   Because many of those children will soon reach voting age, and they desperately need those children to vote communist democrat in all elections.   The more thoroughly indoctrinated children that reach voting age and vote communist, the less the democrats will need to rely on illegals that illegally vote in OUR elections.

But after the 2018 elections were finished, even with all the fraud they committed nationwide, the communists were only able to gain open majority in the House of Representative.   Officially the Senate remained under the control of the republican side of our owners’ singular ruling political party.

But THAT was only ‘officially’ under the control of the republican side.   As always the left was still in ACTUAL control.

The American sheeple who align themselves with the right side of the party however, were celebrating as if they had achieved some kind of a “victory” by not seeing the Senate fall officially under communist democrat control.   As always they are far too ignorant as a group to see who actually controls everything in our national government.

After fighting a corrupt congress every single day in an attempt to protect this nation and its’ people (even the MASSIVE number of totally ignorant ones contained in it) from being invaded without protection against it, President Trump finally was FORCED to declare the ever increasing invasion a National Emergency.

NOW those on the right would see FIRST HAND just WHO is actually in control of the Senate.   And it is most definitely NOT those on the right.

TWELVE Leftist and Left Leaning Senators from the republican side joined with the communist democrats to openly oppose the construction of a barrier on our southern border.

American Patriots clear across this nation became instantly angered by what they just witnessed.   And the usual cries from the right of “They can’t DO that” as well as “We are going to vote those RINO’s OUT of office in the NEXT election” could be seen everywhere on the internet.

But THAT is NOT going to occur.

THIS is how it is actually going to go down.

Like it or not.   Live in denial.   Pretend that it won’t happen.   But THIS is how it is going to go down.

As known up front, there were going to be several globalist puppets on the republican side of the party that would vote against the protection of American citizens.   Some of those like Alexander and Murkowski and Collins have been known liberals for years who could not be elected as actual democrats because they were from areas in this country that were primarily composed of American patriots.   They are among the group that so-called patriots are always going to “vote out of office in the next election”.

Everyone in Utah knew up front that Romney is an open liberal the same as Alexander and Murkowski and Collins and he barely won the Utah primary because of that.   But the establishment wanted him in that position to be an open obstructionist against President Trump.   And after being declared the winner of his primary, they knew that the usual mindset of the voters would take over which for BOTH SIDES of the party is nothing at all more than “Our side against their side” and he would be placed into the senate.

Some like Rubio have always been known to be left leaning so-called “moderates”.   But Rubio stated it best when he said, ‘When running for political office never let anyone position themselves to the right of you’.   Because like ALL leftists and left leaner’s in the republican side of our singular ruling political party, he knows just how gullible people are.

With the liberals in the republican side there is no need to question why they voted against protection for the American people.

With the so-called moderates it might be a good idea for someone with the ability to do so to check the financial situations of that group to see if they have any sudden increases in personal wealth.   They ARE politicians after all, and their loyalties are basically on two levels.   First to themselves, and second to this nation’s owners.   AND… at his trial Joaquin Guzman aka El Chapo DID publicly state that he has paid Millions to Pelosi and other democrats as well as Millions to the Clinton Foundation to keep our southern border open.   This naturally raises the question if some on the republican side of the party received payoffs from Guzman and other drug cartel leaders as well.

Now they ALL are trying to claim the same thing which is “They are not against protecting the American people but merely against the president using National Emergency powers to do it”.   They are trying to claim the President “exceeded his authority” and they just cannot let the President go around congress.   They are not “against building the wall, they are against the declaration of National Emergency that President Trump was finally FORCED to declare”.

Yet the President is TOTALLY WITHIN HIS RIGHTS to declare a national emergency because his JOB is to PROTECT the American people.    And he is the ONLY president in 30 years to actually WANT to do that.   And he is the ONLY president in 30 years to even try and protect this nation and its’ people.   Every One of those globalist puppets that were placed into that office before him could not have cared LESS about this nation and its’ people.

The crisis on the southern border is most definitely a true NATIONAL EMERGENCY and the cold hard non emotional national crime statistics PROVE that it is most definitely a NATIONAL EMERGENCY.   But the communist democrats and their cohorts on the other side of the party will do whatever they can under any excuse they can create to allow the invasion of this country to continue.   To allow the rapes and murders and armed assaults and burglaries and vehicular deaths and drug overdose deaths and human trafficking by those illegally in and with open access to this country to continue.   And to push this nation ever closer to complete financial insolvency as the welfare lists continue to grow from the financial rewards given to the invaders as their incentive to just come into this country and demand whatever they want.   Then we ALSO cannot ignore the now open push by the communist democrats to allow these foreign invaders to actually vote in OUR elections.

This latest attempt to obstruct the legal authority of the President by the communist left and their cohorts on the republican side of the party, most definitely WILL go all the way to the SCOTUS.   The problem is that the SCOTUS still leans predominantly left as well.   The constitution itself is even subject to their “personal interpretation” which is why they have allowed so many restrictions to be placed upon it.

But NOW, after this stabbing in the back to our President and this nation itself, the usual and well expected cry from those on the right is again heard nationwide.   WE ARE GOING TO VOTE EVERY ONE OF THOSE TURNCOATS OUT OF OFFICE.

The establishment and their puppets are so used to that ridiculous claim that they don’t even WASTE THEIR TIME LAUGHING at it anymore.   Because those who align themselves with the republican side of their masters political party are ALWAYS going to “vote those turncoats out in the coming election”.

This is all taking place WELL BEFORE the election cycle of 2020.   And Americans overall have the shortest memories of ALL people on this planet.

When those election cycles begin, well scripted “pro America” speeches will be made and America’s brain aka the Media, along with party loyalists will as always tell people not to “waste their votes by voting for anyone other than those in the party”, and EVERY ONE OF THEM WILL BE RE-ELECTED.




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