The Russia Hearing


The Russia Hearing.

I watched the entire House Intelligence Committee from start to finish and I personally can find no fault in any answer at all that Director Comey gave to the committee.  He answered most of those questions in the only way he could legally answer them.

I watched as every single leftist member on that committee tried extremely hard to present their pure conjecture as some kind of actual fact.  And what it all STILL boils down to is the fact that they are only continuing with their smoke and mirrors campaign primarily because they STILL cannot deal with the massive loss that was delivered to them by the American people in December 2016.  They still try to throw up that “evil Russian” smoke screen that anyone with an IQ above the digits of their age could not even remotely regard as based even remotely in an actual fact of any kind.

Does Russia attempt to influence the outcome of all elections in all countries?  YES.  But so does China.  So does England.  So does France.  So does Germany.  So does Egypt.  So does South Africa.  So does Australia.  So does Japan.  So does South Korea.  So do ALL countries in this very small world and MOST ESPECIALLY THE UNITED STATES and quite probably EVEN MORE SO than ANY other country’s attempts.

The Left repeatedly claimed that Russia PREFERRED President Trump over a well-known criminal like Clinton, and continued to do so in a way that they HOPED those of lower intellect would actually believe that preference was strong enough for them to actually influence the outcome of the 2016 election.  But what they were too afraid to openly admit was even though Clinton had received MILLIONS of dollars from Russia to help them in THIS country, that Russia obviously recognized that being the totally self-centered criminal that she is, she would be just as willing to turn on them and sell RUSSIA out to a future entity that would be willing to pay her even more.

It has been pretty much proven that all people are only a few relationships away from anyone else in this world.  Those involved in business and ESPECIALLY those involved in global business endeavors are even less steps away from those in influential positions worldwide.  The left and their media has been continually attempting to push that to the extreme and again purely to try and add believability to their smoke and mirrors campaign they desperately need to bandage their emotional wounds.

All of this is by no means over with.  It will continue for literally years.  The left will continually use their media as their front line in their actual psychological war against the first actual people’s president and their media will add to it in extremely emotional ways because they themselves cannot deal with their own personal loss.  They had mistakenly thought that they had a 100% lock on the minds of all Americans and as such they and they alone would determine WHO would be president.  They painfully found out otherwise.


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