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When was the last time we’ve seen a sitting President fulfill his campaign promises? With the exception of Barack Obama carrying out his “fundamental transformation of America” as promised, Donald Trump has stuck to his game plan “to make America great again” with some great success, despite all the roadblocks that both the Democrats and RINOs have constructed in order to see that Trump fails.

Rush Limbaugh, in a broadcast back in February of 2009, stated, “I hope that Barack Obama fails as President” referring to Obama’s transformational change agenda. Rush caught a barrage of hate and vitriol for those words, but the mainstream and Democrats took Rush out of content by deleting vital parts of his message… parts that when combined with his statement took on a totally different meaning to his wishings upon Obama’s failure.

Rush had done his homework, as did many Obama haters prior to his election. Although much of the Obama’s history had been vaulted from public scrutiny, there was enough information available to anyone wishing to get the truth of the who, what, and will do about this mysterious marauder of American idealism. The problem was that the Left was in collusion to make sure none of it ever got into the news. Even Face Book and other social media networks did their part to stifle any condemning information by denying access to certain web sites, and relaying all negative material anyone posted straight to Obama’s own pages, so that his staff could review it and can it where it stood.

America had seen over 32 years of undermining this nation’s heritage, historic figures, and the principles that once made this nation legendary in order to conform with the Leftist-socialist ideology and coming global order. Many voters today never saw the triumphs of a true conservative leader, that in Ronald Reagan. Over 50% of the voters never had a chance to vote for a true American patriot who stood upon the Founding principles and ideology that sought after American’s best interests. The Bush’s, Clinton’s, and Obama have done more in reversing America’s prestige and refinement from the heydays after World War II. Those who fought and died in that war must be turning in their grave.

With the demise of the Soviet Empire (thanks to Ronald Reagan), Presidents were free to move America from being an independent and sovereign nation into sculpturing our enterprise to fit into the global markets, and into the New World Order. Trade agreements were made to shift our productivity to other nations, especially Mexico and China. The Treasury Department worked out “under-the-table” financial packages that moved trillions of US Dollars out of our market to make foreign leaders and industrialists wealthier. Over $6 trillion disappeared without a trace, and today is still unaccountable. The military was made into a bunch of amateurs with no accountable leadership. The Intel agencies, who once spied on our enemies, now are spying on us conservative-Christian patriots. Over $5 trillion was spent on fighting a prolonged war where the results are of little difference today than when we first entered it. The heartbeat of manufacturing was placed into arrest, as the middle class went into life-support, while inflation moved many into poverty, only to see the wealthy getting triple-digit richer. Meanwhile, America grew $10 trillion into debt without a thing to show for it.

As Presidents came and went, government expanded expediently. Those who were game players of transformation were shifted into positions where tenure was certain, and so were lucrative retirement packages and undisclosed bonus’. Once in the inner circles of the Washington syndicate, it was nearly impossible to get rid of anyone who was close-knit to the DC cabal. If discovered, their transition into another position was instantaneous, as their crime was white-washed by their minion media and committees who performed, as scripted, to produce the illusion of “serving justice” upon the guilty. Do you see anyone serving time today?

Jason Chaffetz (R-UT ret) told Laura Ingraham that most legislators have a cushy job waiting for them once they leave government office, either as a CEO or VP of some financial firm, co-name with a big law firm, or as a lobbyist or founder for some Left-wing movement. One only has to look up Van Jones to see how life after Washington has been all too kind to those who are “drummed out of the corps”. Chaffetz said that the “swamp” just re-locates the vermin that resides within, keeping them close at hand to become as detrimental to the Conservative-Right (and Trump) as possible. He also stated that many Republicans are just as guilty as the Democrats… they are just not as demonic as their counterparts.

The Left has has had many years to stock their “rank & file” with those who seek America’s demise. The “hold-overs” from Obama are embedded deeply throughout every bureaucrat agency that is federalized. Many within this brood are ex-Clintonites who were brought back because they did such a splendid job of screwing the American taxpayer out of billions for their own gain. Most are dedicated socialist-communist-globalists that seek the final transformation of America, regardless if they lean “D” or “R”. And, according to Lou Dobbs, it will not be easy to get them out because of the gauntlet they established that protects them.

Dan Bongino stated that the Left has taken over every avenue of social, legal, and political cultures to go down in order to re-align the balance that once had America more towards the center. They control the media, entertainment, academia, publishing, labor, industry, social networks, intelligence, and justice. If the cards are all marked, the deck is stacked, and the dealer is on the Left’s payroll, then how possible is it going to be to have a winning hand? Jason Chaffetz stated, “Maybe it is time we stick some aces up our own sleeve, and fight the Left with ‘dirty tricks’ the same as they fight us!”

Newt Gingrich said on ‘Hannity’ last week that we should be winning with the truth, but the truth is not getting to the people. “Where in the media do you see President Trump’s victories being presented? You don’t! All you see is relentless negative attacks on his character, his family, his agendas, and his governance. It has been crickets out there about his historical winning efforts that have rebound our economy, our productivity, our foreign alliances, our military strength, and our place as the greatest nation on this planet.”

There are plenty within the “circus” of politics who wish to see Trump fail much worse than Rush or any conservative wished upon Obama. They are out to hang him, literally. They don’t want a robust economy, to see the ACA removed and fixed, to see taxes lowered, and removal of restrictive regulations. They are scared to see comradery with our allies, and warmongering threats with our enemies. They don’t want to see jobs returning, factories rebuilding, mines re-opening, small businesses establishing, and independence from foreign energy. They don’t want justice to prevail, and criminals put into correction. They don’t want sealed borders, and illegals deported. They don’t want guns in the public’s hand, and cops to have minor offenders accountable. They don’t want free speech for us, but free to say the harshest cruelties imaginable against us. They don’t want a strong military and a VA that actually cares for our veterans. They don’t want Christianity to prevail, while Islam is destroyed. And, they don’t want intel agencies doing their job, but working with them to destroy the Conservative-Right and Trump. They want for things to be left alone to where they manage the country completely by THEIR rules, as we become relics of the past… of “racism, bigotry, hate, and environmental decay”.

It is beyond comprehension that so many wish to live in such turmoil, decadence, division, and archness. Those who side with the Nancy Pelosi’s, Chuck Schumer’s, and Maxine Waters’ seek the worst of and for America. Their hatred of Trump and a Republican in the White House has blinded them and their cohorts into splitting this nation into two separate halves. They had their master plans on the table, ready to be sealed, and Trump came along to screw up the works. They have worked for over 30 years to undo America to make this country into a shell of what it once was. They had Hillary all but crowned, and we Trump supporters “stole” the election, as Trump “colluded” with Russians to rig the election, as they say.

The ONLY “collusion” is by the Democrats, the Left, the globalists, the elites, the communists, and the anti-Americans. They have been working feverishly to create this Utopian “Wonderland” of social-fascism, and they are not going to let the likes of Donald Trump nor the Conservative-Right try to take it away from them. They are continuing their “transformation”, regardless.

The greatest criminal conspiracy is under way, and there are plenty of mobsters within this syndication. Plenty of crimes have gone unpunished since Reagan, as the people are growing tiredless of justice not being served to ANY of those involved. From Fast & Furious, Soros’ treasonous activities, ANTIFA protests, ACORN, TARP, FSMA, ACA, theft of trillions in taxpayer funds, black operations, Benghazi, Uranium-One, Hillary e-mails, Bill’s sex scandals, Arab Spring, ISIS empowerment, Iran-ransom scandal, abortion clinic misuse, welfare abuse, VA abuse, Obama’s BC and Selective Service card, Obama’s IVY League “scholarship”, DNC election tampering in several elections, school shootings/false flag events, open borders and illegal’s protectionism, FISA warrant and FBI surveillance, false dossier, Deep State security leaks, and Congressional “kangaroo” Committees that are spineless… the list is endless.

This is the Left… who they are, what they want, and where they plan to take us. And, Donald Trump means it when he says “It’s over!” His visions for America are not secret, as he has been spelling it out long before he even threw his hat into the ring. Yes, he is committing upon his promises to make America great again. He is turning the tide and making the Left paddle upstream for a change… and they hate him for it!

The war is on, and my bet will be on Trump, as he is now draining the swamp, and reorganizing his staff for the big battle to come. The Left will now use every cannon in their arsenal from now on, as they are digging in their defenses. They MUST secure both the House and the Senate if they plan to impeach Trump and Pence to place the Speaker of the House at the head of the table. This November’s election is probably more important than any other, because if we can secure a 2/3rds majority, the Left is doomed. Trump will use Congress to rip the Left apart, piece by piece. Trump has already made it clear he is going after justice against the wrongdoers of the past before times expires, and they know that their futures are now on the line. But if Pelosi and Schumer win, then the game changes faces, and we can expect Trump to not be allowed to progress with any of his MAGA agendas. He and VP Pence will fight impeachment hearings day and night until the media makes them into monsters, and the public will demand both be burned at the stake.

It is now up to the people to become the Paul and Paulette Revere’s to spread the truth, and fight back against America’s foes. Primaries are important, and America must replace both the Democrats and RINOs with staunch conservatives who will compliment Trump’s MAGA agendas. We can no longer let Washington play their game and belabor over the people’s will. To make America great again is by exactly what Trump said in his last book: “To make America great again means to have the people in control, by replacing those who are intolerant of America’s attributes. The Constitution was specific in stating a nation of, by, and for the people. I’ve read it a million times, and nowhere does it say of, by, and for the elites of Washington D.C.”

There is not one person who could make “the greatest President”. No one is perfect, and neither is Donald Trump. But to claim dislike and hatred of him because of his tweets, his bold and brass stance, his open opinions, his hair, or whatever the beef… you cannot deny that America is much sounder, stronger, wealthier, innovative, and independent than we have been for several decades because of Trump’s policies. Had it been Hillary, God knows where we would be today? Probably learning North Korean, as “rocketman” would be welcomed here with open arms and wallet. So then, imagine Nancy Pelosi as CIC, because if we lose in November, she may become America’s 46th POTUS. And I doubt even Divine Intervention would be able to save America if that becomes a reality!

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Written By: Jim Hovda


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