The Pit and the Political Pendulum


The Pit and the Political Pendulum

Does anyone honestly believe that Americans are in charge of their own destiny anymore?

MY side is better than your side.  No … My side is better than YOUR side.  MY candidate for office is better than YOUR candidate for office.  No … My candidate for office is better than YOUR candidate.

But where do all those candidates actually come from?

Although SOME people have come to realize it, by far the majority of people, ESPECIALLY those who actually care enough to vote STILL have not realized in earnest that neither side is that much different than the other.  WE as a nation are actually being HERDED toward our own national demise.  Sometimes we will be herded down the left path which is a much steeper grade down, designed to get us to our end quicker, and then from time to time we will be given the ILLUSION of going down the path to the right which in reality is only slightly less an incline.  But BOTH paths now are STILL leading in the same ultimate direction which is DOWN.

Two prime examples of this are the 2008 election and the now pending 2012 election.
In 2008 on the Democrat side there were only two primary contenders for the nomination.
One was Hillary Clinton.  A devout socialist and an actual highly dedicated follower of Saul Alinsky.  A woman who believes to the very depths of her being that the United States does not deserve to exist.  A woman who was as politically corrupt as any American politician has ever been or even could be.  She could look anyone straight in their eyes and lie as easy as breathing.  She was, and to this very day still is driven by one thing and one thing only and that is her insatiable LUST FOR POWER.  She will say whatever she feels she needs to say, and do whatever she feels she needs to do to acquire that what she craves most in this world … power.  As one of the things her husband will always be known for saying “That depends upon what your definition of sex is”, with Hillary it will always be something that paraphrases “that depends upon what your definition of truth is”.  She still to this day wants to be the most powerful person in the world and it eats at her every day that she is not.

The other one was Barack Hussein Obama.  A devout radical communist.  Born of two communist parents.  Raised to hate America and everything it stood for from the time of his birth and on up through his growing years as he was always and only in the accompaniment of other communists.  What is the most unique thing about him is that he wasn’t even born in this country.  He was born in the British protectorate that was later to become known as Kenya.  A fact that he personally celebrated very often in his life until the 2008 presidential primaries.  He was an admitted bisexual and illegal drug user.  He was raised a Muslim until he was brought to this country via Hawaii and then found himself without any type of religion, even islam, until he later became acquainted with the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright, a vehement anti American and racist spreading his vitriol from a pulpit in Chicago.  He had absolutely no experience of any kind in anything that could be classified as productive, but by this time in his life obama was starting to find purpose.  He had begun associating with corrupt political types and had become involved with the anti American extremist group known as ACORN.  He developed a flair for public speaking and quite probably at that point thought of himself as a Trotsky type, working toward the overthrow of what he and those around him deemed to be an evil empire.  Deciding to actually go into the political field he knew that most Americans put some type of a value on someone who attended church and the “Reverend” Wright’s church already fit his own personal views of America and his hatred for White people, so he joined.  As time progressed he began to be groomed for Chicago politics and was targeted to one day be the Mayor of that city.  In the usual corrupt fashion of Chicago politics he was placed in the Illinois State Senate.  Then an opportunity came up to place him in the United States Senate which again through corruption they managed to do.  THAT position would have guaranteed his getting the position of Mayor of Chicago at a future point.  That is until he was selected to make the keynote address at the Democrat convention in 2004.  He read his teleprompter so effortlessly that he even overshadowed Hillary and Bill Clinton who were actually to have been the real focal point of that convention over even John Kerry who everyone knew would not stand any real chance in the 04 Presidential race.

The Medias immediately fell in love with him (and maybe one member of the Medias more than the rest) and all they would ever really ask him is “Are you going to run for President?”  The Medias had absolutely no idea at that time that obama was not qualified to run for that office because he had dual citizenship and our Constitution specifically stated that anyone holding that office needed to be born of two American parents and born on American soil.  The founders of our nation did not want anyone holding that office to have dual loyalties or be in a position to be blackmailed even if they did have dual citizenship but their loyalty was to THIS country.  Being inherently corrupt and knowing that the Medias already loved him, obama and his cohorts apparently decided “why not”.  To them the Constitution didn’t mean anything anyway and obama himself believed that the communist manifesto was a much more meaningful document and needed to be adopted by this country, so they set out to totally block access to any and all information of his past that would show him to be a dual citizen and thus non qualified to acquire that office.  They already were well versed in rigging elections, and through fraudulent voting in the democrat primaries as well as personal intimidation of the democrat voters which included even the threat of bodily harm to anyone who voted against him, they secured the democrat nomination.

On the republican side, the primary contenders were Mitt Romney who was owned and supported by special interests and who was at best a moderate.  Mike Huckabee, who like Romney, was also a moderate.  Both of these men had been Governors and thus were at least qualified to occupy the office of President.  Then there was John McCain.  He was the only one of the three primary contenders that should never have been allowed into politics to begin with.  His claim to notoriety had been the fact that he was captured by the North Vietnamese and severely tortured.  Torture that was even intensified after Hanoi Jane Fonda arrived in Hanoi to rally her beloved communist troops to fight on, fight harder and kill more American soldiers in the south.  McCain himself admitted that after her visit the torture increased until he finally broke.  It was because he was broken that he never should have been allowed to hold political office in America, but it was also because he was tortured that American voters with their well known soft hearts felt sorry for him and elected him to office for that singular reason.  In his years in the Senate he walked both sides of the political aisle.  Siding with the democrats at times and siding with the republicans at other times.  Because of that, and knowing that he could be a useful idiot for their side, the Marxist controlled American Medias gave him a title of “Maverick” which McCain immediately personally adopted for self glorification.  Never bothering to realize that his ego was merely being stroked by the powers that be in order to manipulate him.

The special interests on the democrat side, the DNC and especially the communists knew that McCain would be by far the softest and easiest target to defeat in the general presidential election.  So, being that almost all primaries are open primaries and anyone at all can vote in them, devout communists and regular democrats who never really pay attention to politics to begin with, were induced by the  special interests to cross party lines in droves to vote for him in the republican primaries.  Some type of a private behind the scenes deal apparently was made with Huckabee who suddenly just removed himself from the primary and “urged” his supporters to vote for McCain.  As a result of that McCain came up with the most delegates and was designated the republican nominee.

The rest was easy.  The democrat nominee, obama, had absolutely zero experience in running anything, and didn’t even know HOW to run anything.  He would however, follow the directions of his handlers and do their bidding without even blinking an eye.  The ego trip of holding that office and the four year long party he could make of it was enough for him.  The republican nominee, McCain likewise had no real experience other than changing political sides in the Senate as easy as a person changes shirts.

BOTH could very easily be handled if elected.  The only real problem that could be seen pertaining to McCain is that after literally years of being an entrenched part of the political establishment he actually thought he could be a real leader and just may from time to time attempt to stand against those who were going to actually be buying that office for him.  So the decision was made that obama should get it.

The campaign itself was easy.  Because obama was half black, just play the race card to a degree that it had never been played before.  Knowing that for several decades prior to that election white people were taught to feel an in-depth guilt where race was concerned, it was promoted that if they voted against obama they would be classified as racist.  For the most part it worked.  If the fact that he was not born in this country and that he had dual citizenship was brought up, then merely attack those that brought the subject up and label them as “birthers” and make that title a derogatory term.  Most Americans will readily shy away from being labeled with anything that could be classified as derogatory.  The tactic was successful and by shying away from a label, Americans in essence declared their own Constitution to be worthless.  To make matters even worse for this nation, republicans always tend to stand by their consciences and a great many refused to actually vote in the 08 election because they did not like the choice of the RNC.  The vast majority of democrats however only tend to always vote nothing more than “my school against your school” not knowing or even caring to know anything about the candidate that is at the head of their party’s ticket.

America now bears the disastrous result of that election.  By letting a totally incompetent, inexperience as well as unconstitutionally qualified person into that office, who it turned out was also an extremely disturbed narcissist, we now face what may very well be the total financial collapse of this nation as he has single handedly doubled the national debt of ALL previous administrations COMBINED.  Add to that the fact that he thinks himself more the “ruler” of this nation than anything else and issues executive orders as if they were a decree from such a sovereign ruler, and connect all of THAT with his lifelong inbred hatred of this nation and his desire to see us stripped of our very sovereignty and placed under the direct rule of the rest of this planet, it is very likely than we may meet our national demise in ways other than financially.

But … could ALL of this be yet just another step in the orchestrated defeat of this the one time most powerful nation EVER to have existed on this planet?

Let’s look now at the pending 2012 election.

On one side we will again have the totally inexperienced, incompetent, unconstitutionally qualified, narcissist wannabe dictator doing anything and everything he is told to do that will harm this nation beyond its ability to recuperate.  Add to that the fact that there is now a rumor going around that Hillary Clinton may replace that buffoon Biden on the democrat ticket as the VP candidate, what we could see is the very first straight communist ticket ever in our history which will ultimately prove that this nation is finished.  Clinton was actually the very first to bring up obama’s dual citizenship, but if it is true that she was shut up partially by giving her the post of Secretary of State and partially by threatening the welfare of her only daughter, it only proves that her literal lust for power outweighs anything and everything including her own family if she actually IS added to that ticket.  As Secretary of State she possesses the negotiating skills of a door knob, but like obama she hates this country and all that it ever stood for and will readily enter this nation into any treaty that will strip us of our sovereignty, as well as do whatever she can to place us under any and all other rules created by that totally corrupt body known as the United Nations.  A organization that is united in one thing and one thing only and that is it’s hatred for the United States and its desire to see this nation destroyed and divided up among them.

On the republican side this time around we had John Huntsman, an established democrat who was only able to acquire office by running as a republican but one who still financially supports the democrats.  He is gone from the primaries.  Michelle Bachmann who was too far into the religious realm to have garnished enough support.  She is gone from the primaries.  Rick Perry who was a democrat at one time but changed parties and got elected as Governor of Texas.  Although some of his ideas expressed during the primaries sounded good, too many people did not feel they trusted him because he was a democrat at one time.  He is gone from the primaries.  Herman Cain was the ONLY Washington outsider that was running in the republican primary.  However he had one and ONLY one idea to bring to the table and that was his total redoing of our national tax structure which involved a virtual total elimination of the IRS.  His 999 plan was extremely good but on every single other issue he was extremely weak.  Also his private life was brought into play and even though some of the allegations brought against him were so obviously false, he didn’t have it in him to fight back on the rest of the allegations which tended to give those allegations credibility.  He is gone from the primaries.  Rick Santorum was too into social issues and carried with him the baggage of having supported disastrous democrat policies in the past.  He is gone from the primaries.  Newt Gingrich is as well established in the Washington District of Corruption crowd as any professional career politician has ever been.  He knows how to “play the game” of politics which is nothing more than to solidify ones position and personal political longevity.  He knows how to say things in any way that any crowd he happens to be in front of wants to hear them said.  Sometimes he was one the side of “progressives” and their causes.  Sometimes he was on the side of conservatives and their causes.  But always he was on the side of Newt Gingrich.  During the republican primary his self appointed role was to come off as very conservative knowing that people never look much farther back in time than the beginning of the primaries.  At one time in an excoriating rebuttal to something that I had said in favor of Gingrich it was thrown back at me “You DO know that Newt Gingrich classifies HIMSELF as a “Progressive Futurist” who believes that our Constitution could and really should be replaced by something more up to date and relevant with our time?”.  It took a bit of time but I did remember him saying that at one point a few years ago.  Anyway … Newt Gingrich is now gone from the primaries.  Ron Paul, the perpetual candidate, possesses an ego that at the very least equals the tremendous egos of ALL those who want to be at the head of this government of ours, if not actually exceeds those egos.  Absolutely NONE of the ideas expressed by Paul are his own, he merely expands on some of them to an even higher degree than those whose ideas they were originally even intended them to be.  Most of his ideas are those of the John Birch Society, but Paul’s ego won’t let him publicly acknowledge that fact.  He would prefer that people think that what he professes are of his own creation.  He is quite probably the biggest hypocrite of ALL those that were in the republican primary.  He constantly professes the need for this country to return to fiscal responsibility.  Yet Paul is one of the biggest raiders of the national treasury.  Out of 435 congressmen he is ranked 15th from the top when it comes to sticking his hands into the financial cookie jar.  He has always found bills that he knew would absolutely be passed by a democrat congress and its RINO republicans, no matter how detrimental those bills were.  He then attached his “earmarks” to those bills and when the vote came up on the bill he would vote AGAINST that bill merely for the sake of future reference to be able to say “he voted against it”.  The John Birch Society is by far the MOST patriotic of organizations still in existence in this country from way back in the 1950’s.  But because as far back as the 1950’s that organization was viciously attacked by the Marxist Medias and public opinion was swayed away from them, Paul knew that any association with them directly could be slandered by the Medias.  So he found a new niche.  A niche that many would be so dedicated to what he was also professing that they would campaign tirelessly for him.  He decided to call for the complete legalization of the destruction of human life through the use of illegal drugs.  Make all drugs legal was an idea that those who want to destroy their own lives as well as the lives of others through drugs could not resist.  An idea that was so far liberal that even liberals would not even attempt to profess it.  They became literally legions of dedicated followers.  The problem is that they were not so much loyal to him as they were to the idea of legalizing human destruction and they are just too far gone to realize that unless we get a congress where the majority of the members want to see them dead as much as they themselves want to see that happen that it never will come to be.  Paul didn’t care.  What matter’s the most to him his achieving his lifelong ambition to be President.  They were just another means to a possible end.  He is now gone from the primaries as well, but ONLY from the actual campaigning.  He now has his followers engaging in a Stalinist tactic of attempting to garnish delegates to the republican convention rather than actual votes of voters.

That leaves Mitt Romney, the predetermined candidate of the RNC and the special interests that own them.  The 2012 nomination was quite probably promised to Romney way back in 2008 when it was decided that the McCain should receive the nod which would pave the way for what was known way back then would be by far the worst Presidential Administration ever in the history of this nation.  Far worse than even the Carter Administration which came all too close to breaking the financial back of America not to mention all of his appeasement policies that cost us dearly.  Even with the underhanded technique that Ron Paul is now trying, Romney will be the nominee.  Because the special interests that actually now rule this country will not have it any other way.

Will Romney be a better Chief Executive than Obama?  Yes.  In fact ANYONE could or would be better in that office than the present illegal occupant.  Because he knows absolutely NOTHING about what he’s doing other than it’s a very long and very expensive taxpayer funded continuous party that he is enjoying.  But Romney will be better only in the fact that he will not do any more deliberate damage to this nation.  But as always is the case, placing a republican in that office the same as giving control of congress to the republicans will amount to absolutely nothing more than just temporarily stopping the orchestrated destruction of this nation.  He or they or BOTH in unison if the republicans gain control of everything will not undo ANY of the destruction.  They will let EVERYTHING stand as if giving Americans a breather and a chance to catch their breath before it all begins again.

This nation has been under continuous attack from within almost since its very conception.  There were those that preferred that we become another monarchy.  Those that remained loyal to England and wanted us to collapse.  Those that felt that our new Constitution guaranteed too many people too many rights.  But by far the most dangerous of all was the financial sector.

Even Thomas Jefferson warned about the dangers of bankers back when this country was being formed.  But Alexander Hamilton was ALSO correct when he expressed the need for a central bank and our own national currency.  Both men were correct.  Consequently we’ve had THREE.  The charter of the First was allowed to expire.  Later it was realized that we needed to have one again and THAT ONE proved Jefferson correct.  Those in charge were providing funding for their friends and refusing it to those who were not their friends.  It became so corrupt that Andrew Jackson went to virtual war with them and actually forced its collapse.  However … it should also be noted that Andrew Jackson was the ONLY U.S. President to EVER completely pay off our national debt.  So I guess it could be said that in that respect he was quite probably our greatest President.

After around eighty years or so and having gone through more than one financial crisis, it was determined that we again needed to have one.  But what was different about the third attempt was that its charter was secretly put together by several of the nation’s richest families that were involved in both national as well as international banking and it was then brought before congress to be adopted and signed into law.  However, knowing that most in congress would refuse to accept it without long dragged out debate and compromises taking place it was brought before congress on Christmas Eve in 1913 when most congressmen had already returned to their homes.  It was passed but to this very day it is agreed that it was passed illegally.  This new federal reserve gave far too much power to a group of private families that already were very powerful financially throughout the banking world.  They now controlled the world’s finances.

To say that all wars are actually fought for profit is true.  These international financiers have profited from every war that has ever been fought regardless of who won and who lost those wars.  Their money controls rulers and governments the world over.  And the mere fact that they can just print paper money and then charge this nation a rate of interest on that money makes them all powerful.

There is always talk about the ONE WORLD ORDER or as some choose to label it the NEW World Order.  But regardless of the label attached to it, it all comes down to this entire planet being under the rule of this one group.  THIS has become the actual MOST SERIOUS THREAT to this nation.

Not long after the Federal Reserve was set up, the communist revolution took place in Russia and the monarchy was overthrown.  Here in America two firm believers in the Marxist ideology, Roger Baldwin and Crystal Eastman, who along with many others who hated this country for being a free market capitalist society that allowed anyone and everyone the opportunity to succeed, decided they would do whatever they could to bring this country down.  They all knew that because of our enjoyed freedoms securely locked together with our Christian Faith and firm believers in having strong family values, that they would never achieve their goal in their own lifetime.  But if hatred is strong enough it will endure and be taught and passed from generation to generation.  They decided to setup the ACLU and as Baldwin put it “Wrap themselves in the American Flag and use America’s own laws to bring it down”.  It’s taken 90 years to achieve that goal but the ACLU, the actual legal arm of the communist party has succeeded.  They persuaded the emotionally weak, the liberals, to join with and financially support them and now everything they set out to do has been accomplished.  Americans are now afraid to openly say anything that some others might perceive as derogatory.  Morality is all but completely gone to the point where pornography in any and all forms is an actual legitimate and respected enterprise and sexual perversion is not only openly flaunted and promoted, but is protected by laws.  And the primary target, the family unit has been broken up.

How this was accomplished is quite simple.  Communist party members were told to join any and all anti communist groups and organizations that they could get into and remain undetected, and then work their way up through the ranks of those groups and organizations to where they were able to ever so slightly and un-noticeably change the direction of those groups.  They were to do the same with any and all political parties as well.  The democrat party was the easiest to take over because it had always been trying to bill itself as the “party of the workers”.  Now they control that party and its voting members are still to ignorant to realize it much less accept that fact.  The republican party was a much harder objective because it was originally the party of free enterprise and freedom, but they have made great strides there as well as evidenced by all the RINO’s in that party.  To further their attempt and give themselves aid, all the entertainment fields were to be infiltrated to where open as well as subliminal anti American and anti freedom thoughts could be generated.  The American news media needed to be infiltrated because Americans were always too busy enjoying their freedoms to pay any real attention to what was happening around them and around the world so they chose to get all their “information and direction” from the news media.

America’s demise from within is being well orchestrated by two primary groups.  Those who for some reason known only to them, want to literally rule the entire world which is the financial group and the communists.  The financial group will ultimately win out because even though it professes otherwise, under communism all those in control will be the only ones actually possessing wealth.  Wealth they will not have without the financial group.  The worldwide Muslim threat is only being tolerated by both because it is just another tool which they can use for global conquest.  When the time comes it will be dealt with by the financial group as well.

America however is the main prize.  The golden ring so to speak.  It MUST collapse in order for the rest of the world to follow suit.  Many Americans now have come to realize this and are desperately looking for leaders.  BUT they keep looking in the WRONG place.  They keep looking to their predominant political parties and as such they are being played by BOTH sides.  They have been ever since the FDR administration where communism made its biggest successful grab at American politics.

Think of America as one body.  One body that has been securely strapped to a slab over the abyss which contains all the failed forms of government in history.

One side will come in and make drastic moves to the left that undermine everything this country was founded on and for.  The other side will take over and back off a bit but STILL leave the damage done by the left in place.

With ever increasing media influence the pendulum will be made to swing back to the left again and more drastic damage is done to this nation.  Again it will swing back to the right and the damage will not be healed but rather left there as always for the next major swing to the left to cut even deeper.

Think of it as the pendulum in Poe’s Pit and the Pendulum.  It swings right, then it swings left, then back again but with each swing left ALWAYS coming lower and lower until the victim which in our case is this nation itself … is dead.


Now THAT is the MOST ridiculous thing that ANY American can say.  But almost ALL of them DO say it.  Where can we find good leaders?  TRY LOOKING IN THE MIRROR!  This nation was setup for WE THE PEOPLE, individually as well as collectively to be the leaders.  THOSE who We The People PLACE into those offices are OUR EMPLOYEES.  THEY are allegedly there to work FOR US!  But Americans have been indoctrinated by the Media over the centuries and those that control those medias to accept as some sort of “fact” that those that WE place in office become our “leaders”.  “Leader” of the free world.  State “leaders”.  Local “leaders”.

THEY ARE NOT YOUR LEADERS … THEY ARE ALL YOUR EMPLOYEES put there BY YOU to represent YOU.  They are NOT there for you to blindly follow.

This country is now set to make a swing to the right again.  BUT the ONLY choices that Americans have on the right are those who were contending for the top spot.  Just as on the left, your choices on the right have been placed there, or merely allowed to be there for your consideration.  They were and are all part of the same corrupt political establishment, but here, take your pick of one of them.  It’s all nothing more than the political Psych Ops game that is being played by those that control BOTH the right and the left at the same time.

Is it time for Americans to finally wake up to the undeniable fact that they are losing or may have even already lost their country?  No … The time to do that was almost 60 years ago when they were forewarned about not only WHAT was going to be done but by Who and even HOW it was being done.  But Americans were too into themselves and too busy enjoying not only their freedom but all the wonderful technological advancements that were being made here in America to make their lives even more enjoyable.  They were too busy being “entertained” and far too self centered and just plain too stupid to realize that slowly but surely they were being subliminally indoctrinated toward socialism through all those various avenues they were being “entertained” by.

The pure and simple fact is that this nation DESPERATELY needs a THIRD PARTY.  BUT IT CANNOT BE DONE AT THIS POINT IN TIME.  It takes literally years to establish a political party.  And it takes MONEY.  BILLIONS of dollars.  Money that would actually have to come from the citizens themselves because the financial sector would not put up one solitary penny.  And when it comes to parting with money, most Americans already do and would continue to say “I believe in you but I’m keeping my money for myself”.

But we desperately DO need a THIRD political party.  I personally came of age during the most exciting but also the most turbulent period of the 20th century, the 60’s.  It was the most turbulent for this nation because unlike both world wars of that century, the 60’s did not unite the American people, but rather by design it was intended to split the loyalties of the American citizenry like a wedge and give communism a firmer footing.  When I was very young the vicious media orchestrated attacks were taking place against the John Birch society.  “If your mommy is a commie then you have to turn her in” was the primary anti Birch Society phrase that was deliberately placed into the minds of the youth via comedy skits and songs.  The orchestrated effort worked and even though most kids didn’t realize “why” they were “against” this group, they universally were exactly that … against it, because it was the thing to do.  It turned out many years later that every single accusation made by the John Birch Society up to and including the fact that the FDR administration was heavily laden with communists was true.  But by the time the truth was finally learned, the American public had been already conditioned not to really care.

The current occupant holding the title of POTUS is there illegally.  By pre-design he was never vetted for that office by any branch of our “government”.  Those in the media that wanted to get clarification on his ineligibility were silenced.  Those outside of the medias who brought up the subject were labeled with the meant to be derogatory term “birthers”.  The one law enforcement official who is even to this day attempting to uncover the truth about this unqualified POTUS is being harassed, slandered and even sued by the justice department which in itself is illegal because its head was placed there by the illegal POTUS.  All in an effort to stop him from proving that obama is NOT qualified to hold the office of POTUS.

The way things are at present in this country and ESPECIALLY with this coming election we HAVE NO CHOICE BUT to go with Romney and the Republicans.  For absolutely NO other reason than to bring a temporary halt to the now accelerated destruction of this nation by the left.  Then AFTER these elections are over We NEED a THIRD Political Party, and build it large enough and strong enough to seriously compete in the 2016 elections.  And the BEST place to start looking to form that party is with the John Birch Society.  They are the ONLY completely Pro American political group to survive since the 50’s and the ONLY political group that has NEVER been able to be infiltrated and redirected by the communists.  They vet their members who are to be in supervisory and decision making positions.  In fact it should actually become mandatory that anyone at all running for any major political office in this nation should be first officially vetted and then authorized to run for that office by the John Birch Society.  So very many of the problems we now have to deal with could have been averted if this were to have been public policy all along.  So very many problems could yet be avoided if this were to become public policy.

In closing this article I am including TWO videos that should actually be watched all the way through to the very end by each and every person who reads this article.

The FIRST is a video of Richard Welch, the founder of the John Birch Society, made WAY BACK in the 1974.  Listen to this man and then realize that each and everything that he said would be happening in, and to America … DID HAPPEN!  The man was not a “visionary”.  The man knew exactly what was planned and what was already even back then being put underway.  Yet Americans were too busy being “entertained” and too into themselves to really care.


This second video is recently made and titled: If I Wanted America to Fail

See if ANYTHING AT ALL can be found in EITHER of these video’s that is not true.

To close this article using the now old and overly used to the point of being totally worn out phrase “WAKE UP AMERICA” would be a waste of time.  Because Americans have PROVEN that as a whole this nation WILL NOT wake up.

Americans have seen with their own eyes the massive destruction of this nation by the left.  They have seen the family unit deliberately broken apart.  They have seen Christianity and even the mere public acceptance of God, the core fiber of America’s morality brutally attacked though our courts and they have seen the left infiltrate and successfully attempt to redirect almost all Christian religions, while at the same time have seen our courts and government itself protect and even promote a highly dangerous and extremely abusive political ideology hiding behind the veil of “religion” called Islam.  A political ideology that is totally in direct conflict with this nation’s Constitution. They have seen immorality deliberately promoted and even sexual perversion legitimized and defended by” laws”.  They have seen their borders forced wide open by the left and all those who tried to protect those borders attacked by the very legal system that was originally designed to protect the American citizens, because it is now controlled by the left.  They have seen the left openly welcome almost or maybe even more than 30 MILLION people who have entered this country ILLEGALLY and then after opening our borders to them OPENED OUR TREASURY to them as well and given them HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of American taxpayer dollars.  They have seen the left invite them and even protect their nonexistent “right” to vote in OUR elections.  They have seen the destruction of our educational system by the left and the deliberate dumbing down of the students in that system.  They have seen the left deliberately demoralize our military.  They have seen the left increase welfare and other assistance payments to illegals and those Americans who can but refuse to work while decreasing our military budget.  So Americans WILL NOT as a whole nation unite and wake up.  Through the public “education” system our youth is learning that the State is better than the individual and the medias have got most of the rest of the Americans to believe that because America is a “free” country, the communists are just another part of this “free” country and should be looked at as a legitimate political group and people given the “choice” to chose communism if they want to.

THIS is where America is today.  Can it change back to what our founders wanted it to be?  Yes.  Will it change back?  I doubt it.  Too many Americans just don’t care anymore.  And it would take a united people to save this nation and in saving it, save a great deal of the rest of the world as well, because when we officially collapse, so will the rest of the free world.

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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.

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