The “NEW WORLD” with Very Enforceable ORDER

The “NEW WORLD” with Very Enforceable ORDER.
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What happens when “conspiracy theory” is proven to no longer be a “conspiracy theory”?  When actual evidence of a government sponsored project is everywhere to be seen and plainly visible?

 If people think that what they have only recently learned about the real life big brother state that was quietly being instituted nationwide is shocking, there are many old sayings that still hold true; one of which is … “You ain’t seen nothin yet”.  There has been under construction for a very long time ANOTHER program that is FAR more intrusive and actually potentially deadly in its’ own right.

 I was involved in a rather lengthy group discussion the other night and it brought back memories of what I was looking into a few years ago before my health began to fail.  That discussion was based upon a link that was posted to that site pertaining to the RFID chip that has been predestined to be implanted into every human being on the planet.  Starting with America, the most potentially troublesome country for the globalists in their absolute world domination agenda. Troublesome because it has enjoyed actual freedom for more than two hundred years. 

 Now there are a great many who will say that it is in no way a predestined absolute action, and that it will never really be instituted.  Not only in America but everywhere else on this planet.  To those naysayers I can only say … Oh Really”?

 As mentioned above, there are a great many sayings that have stood the test of time and another one of those sayings is “There are none as blind … as those who will not see”.  Does anyone think that George Orwell, when he wrote 1984, all the way back in 1949 was just fantasizing?  Did he just come up with that entire scenario out of his own mind, or was he privy to tiny bits of certain information that he gleaned from acquaintances as to what was actually in the works for many years by those who were actually powerful enough to implement such a scenario?   A group that was not only powerful enough to do something like that, but fully intended to do so when technology developed to the point where it was actually feasible to implement it?

 There are two primary and now very powerful political parties in America.  The democrat party which is now under absolute communist control.  And the Republican Party which has been for a very long time under absolute globalist control. 

 Over the past several complete generations beginning all the way back to the civil war, Americans were slowly and completely indoctrinated into giving up the dream of America’s founders.  Indoctrination that was vastly accelerated beginning back in the turbulent 1960’s, and got a massive boost in the 1970’s when a traitor to America holding the office of President of the United States handed complete control of America’s public education system over to the communists.  Allowing them absolute freedom to indoctrinate entire generations of America’s youth toward the belief that the STATE should be the benefactor of ALL citizens, and the ONLY loyalty that Americans SHOULD have, is loyalty to the state.  The evidence of that traitorous act is now plainly visible in those who were unfortunate enough to be brought up in that public indoctrination system.  Not totally, (because there are always exceptions to any rule) but as a group they are less intelligent than those who were educated prior to the communist takeover of that system.  They have become a wanting generation thinking that because they are for the most part failures in life now, that they are entitled to compensation and benefits that can only be provided by the state.  And they WANT THOSE “BENEFITS”. 

 Although NOT the ONLY tool at their disposal, the acquisition of America’s public education system was by far the greatest tool given to them.  Through that system they were able to lower the intellect of entire generations.  They were able to use that system to successfully attack and break apart the American family unit itself by telling children not to respect their parents and that if they didn’t like anything that their parents did concerning them, they could always contact the state and the state would “rescue” them from their parents and punish their parents. 


They were able to successfully emasculate entire generations and teach them to fear physical conflict of any kind.  They are still trying all that they can to teach them to actually FEAR firearms and that firearms are “EVIL”, and people (OTHER THAN STATE LAW ENFORCEMENT) who possess firearms, are “EVIL” people.  The STATE is all that one needs for protection.  They continuously use that system to indoctrinate from the earliest years that sexual perversion is natural and good and that those who oppose sexual perversion are afflicted with phobias.  This was needed to be done because a moral populace is harder to break down, so morality itself needed to be stripped from the American people.

 They were taught not to want to financially succeed and that those who did succeed financially were EVIL people and should not have more possessions than those who do not succeed because that is wrong.  They were taught that those who financially succeeded in life need to be punished for their success with higher and higher taxation to take away from them what they acquired, so that those who do not succeed financially in life could receive higher financial benefits from the state for not succeeding.  They were taught that there are to be NO winners or losers in anything and that all people should be equal under the benevolent eyes and guidance of the state.

 But, Indoctrination of the youth was NOT restricted ONLY to the education system; they used the highly influential avenues of Movies, Television and Music to further solidify the indoctrination.

 Then, to further the orchestrated decline of morality in America, Christianity, the religion of the founders of America was also continuously and ruthlessly attacked with great success.  The attempt to replace Christianity in America with the brutal medieval cult of islam is well underway and with the aid of corrupt leftist judges is succeeding at almost every attempt.

 However … ALL of the preceding boils down to one primary focal point and that is the conditioning of an entire nation by any and all means to adhere to the “absolute authority” of the state and to obey the directives of the state.  And for the most part, that conditioning has been successful.  Even though many will do so reluctantly, they will still comply.

 Now America is ready for the final dehumanization and destruction of this nation, complete with the setting up of a more severe “big brother” government than even Orwell could envision with the technological restrictions of his time period.  BIG BROTHER is here … and BIG BROTHER is here to STAY and will now only get more powerful with each new day that arrives.

 There now exists the highly efficient RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION chip or RFID for short.  This microchip can store a person’s complete personal history on it.  And this particular chip is only the beginning.  Already research is well underway to make future chips even more powerful that can show who that person is … where they were born … where they live and have lived … their entire lineage … their entire complete medical history … where they have travelled and when … what, when and where they purchased anything as well as how much they spent for those purchases… Their present medical and physical condition … what personal vices they have such as alcohol and drug use as well as how often they consume those vices down to even the last time they used any of their personal vices.  Those chips will also be able to track a person’s every move and show exactly where they are at any given point in time.  A person’s real time banking can be utilized with that chip as well so that a person no longer needs to carry credit cards, debit cards, cash or checks on them ever again.

 And THERE is HOW Americans may very well be FORCED to submit to and comply with the big brother state that is being instituted.

 BECAUSE American’s have totally gone against the wishes of America’s founders and have now completely resigned themselves to political parties, they are much more easily herded in any direction by those who are ACTUALLY in control.  Those people who associate themselves with the Republican Party are indoctrinated to fear the communist democrats.  Those who associate themselves with the communist democrat party are indoctrinated to fear the Globalist controlled Republican Party.  However, BOTH of those parties are actually controlled by the financial globalists and are used solely to manipulate the populace and herd them toward the absolute big brother state. 

 There is now only ONE FINAL ACTION that would need to take place and once instituted there would no longer be ANY way to stop the actual enslavement of the entire populace.

 A great many people are very fearful of the pending financial collapse of America.  They are very fearful of the continuing and deliberate devaluing of America’s currency by the communists now in control of the majority of America’s government.  They are attempting to purchase as much gold as they can personally acquire.  But what people FAIL TO REALIZE is that actual currency NO LONGER EXISTS in the primary financial world.  It is all DIGITALIZED.  Paper money is only printed and provided for people’s personal use and nothing more.

 THIS can and WILL eventually be changed when the big brother government is ready to implement the use of the RFID chips nationwide.  TANGIBLE MONEY WILL BE TOTALLY ELIMINATED and ALL financial transactions of ANY KIND will be done using the RFID chip.  There will be NO … MORE … TANGIBLE … MONEY.

 You will be able to purchase NOTHING with paper money or even gold because BOTH will have no value.  No food … no water … no clothing …no gas for vehicles … no medical treatment of any kind.  You will not be able to purchase or even rent homes.  NOTHING will be able to be purchased with tangible money or gold.  ALL transaction of ANY kind will be through those chips.  Even wages will be “credits” to those chips and those who are self employed will be not be able to buy or sell anything without those chips.  Any and all money a person receives for anything from stocks, retirement funds, social security, anything and everything financial will ONLY be through those chips.

 Even now the preparation for this final action is underway.  The media is already preparing America for the inevitable by promoting the “convenience” of those chips.  (Evidenced by the video links provided at the end of this article).  And if there is ANYONE AT ALL who DOUBTS that THIS is now inevitable and somehow thinks that it can be avoided, take notice of TWO things.

 FIRST:  Americans are concerned about the invasion of this country by millions upon millions of Hispanics who not only care absolutely NOTHING about America’s sovereignty but believe that somehow they are entitled to takeover this country.  Many Americans are under the notion that this is NOT inevitable and that they can still prevent this from happening.  Those Americans need to try and remember how far back it was that they first began to hear the words “Press One for English” and how far back they began to see all products with labels on them printed in BOTH English as well as Spanish.  Now … do people still think that this can all be averted?  Those actions took place LONG before American’s fully realized that their national sovereignty was being stripped from them.  These were done because it was decided that what American’s truly desired was no longer of any real importance and they would not be able to stop it from happening anyway.

 SECOND:  RFID transaction chips are already starting to appear on products, which further shows that American’s will NOT be able to stop the inevitable.

 Those chips will further be glorified by the indoctrinating Media by claiming the use of those chips will totally eliminate illegal transactions such as the drug trade, prostitution and the like and how America is going to be much better off now because of those chips.  They will claim that crime of all kind could actually be eliminated because thieves could not dispose of ill gotten goods.  And if a person or persons commit a crime, THEIR CHIP will show that they were there committing that crime.  There is actually NO LIMIT to the ways that they will glorify the use of those chips.

 BUT … what will NOT readily be disclosed and in fact will actually be VEHEMENTLY DENIED BY THE GOVERNMENT is that whatever transmits and receives can also (and especially with the technology of today) be capable of producing an actual heart stopping electrical charge.  So if anyone commits a criminal act and tries to flee and in the process threatens or actually ends the lives of any of the state’s law enforcement personnel attempting to apprehend them, or if anyone at all is regarded as a potential physical or political threat to the state … they can be conveniently eliminated from a simple control panel.  Also, there are those who consider THEMSELVES to be the elite of this world.  And THOSE people think that the world is overpopulated.  THEY will be among those in control.  And through those chips they will actually be able to control what they deem to be over population by simply ending the lives of as many as they feel necessary in any given area to control the population levels in those areas.

 There are many people who think that they can resist this and just go back to living like the pioneers of old or the Amish and Mennonites of today.  THAT can’t and won’t happen.  And it can’t happen for two good reasons.  First, Americans are spoiled and will no longer live without their luxuries and amenities.  And second, because the government for several years in preparation for all of this taking place has quietly made just about everything from home food gardening to water well digging, and even the collection of rain water illegal, and those who try to do those things will be regarded as criminals and subject to arrest and incarceration where they will be implanted with those chips anyway.  Many people have prepped for an extended survival period, but eventually all of their supplies will run out.  Then what?  With no way to acquire even the bare essentials for living do they surrender and comply?   Also by law that WILL be established, ALL children born in hospitals will be injected with that chip at birth.

 Americans have only THEMSELVES to blame for what is now coming.  They voluntarily gave up their country by going against the wishes of the founders and aligning themselves with corrupt agenda driven political parties.  Some with what is now the communist democrat party and some with the globalist republican party.  But as a group, Americans themselves are to blame for what is now coming because they increasing cared more about themselves and their personal lives than they did about their own country, and left all decisions pertaining to their country up to those who were in those agenda driven political parties.

 Many people are concerned about all those FEMA camps that are presently in existence as well as others that are being planned.  People are fearful of martial law being established.  But maybe … just maybe those camps are not going to be used primarily for incarceration of actual American Patriots who choose to stand against tyranny.  Those camps may actually be primarily government setup and controlled injection sites that people will be told to voluntarily report to in order to be injected with their personal chip and have it added to the system.

 Once this is finally instituted there will not be any great need to forcibly round up people like cattle and inject them against their will.  With tangible money and gold worth nothing … people will politely be told to either …

Voluntarily comply … or just die of starvation, thirst, exposure and illness.

Now there is an irrefutable constant concerning all of what I just wrote about.  And that is there will always be those who will deny that this is an agenda that is well underway.  Some will take that denial role upon themselves because they need to feed their own egos and regard THEMSELVES as “voices of logic, calm and reasoning”.  Some will take on that role because they are appointed to take on that role.  But whichever the case, they are appreciated by those who actually have this agenda, because there are many people who will actually follow their advice.  It is their role, self appointed or not, to calm the masses and allow this agenda to proceed without much difficulty. 

 The definition of inevitable is:

1. unable to be avoided, evaded, or escaped; certain; necessary: an inevitable conclusion.

2. sure to occur, happen, or come; unalterable: The inevitable end of human life is death.


3. that which is unavoidable.

 Using the two examples stated earlier, this agenda is now inevitable.  And as such, people will actually see in the not very distant future what literally decades of complacency has created for them.

 (video links to what is now coming):

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