The Nazi/Muslim Brotherhood Alliance


The Nazi/Muslim Brotherhood Alliance

I seriously would like to ask Obama how the US’ lack of empathy toward Muslims is responsible for them slaughtering over 260 million people who refused to convert to Islam since Mohammed was alive??

Seriously… How does he explain the Armenian genocide??? They slaughtered all of those people AFTER it was clear that the US was not going to get involved… How can they blame that on US colonialism?? Islam attacked the US FIRST in the 1700s and because in the Koran Islam is not allowed to lose any wars… to them it is not over!!! And in their mind it won’t be over until they conquer and subdue the US, which is what they’ve been promised by Soros, and paid Clinton millions of dollars to her phony foundation for! The left has promised to open the borders and help them come here so they could do it.

It’s amazing what people who have never studied the Koran try to pass off as what Muslims believe. They are commanded to be peaceful and act like a persecuted minority until they increase in numbers enough to conquer the population of the host country they immigrated to. They cry discrimination until they are strong enough to force conversions or kill the Non-Muslims. That’s exactly what Mohammed did in Mecca to the Jewish inhabitants who took him in as a refugee, but refused to convert to his cult. He moved to Medina, started preaching violence and robbing trade caravans until he was strong enough to kill them all and take their women and children as sex slaves! He killed the leader of the Jewish inhabitants there and raped his wife in the bloody soil, and made a pile of severed heads so high that a man on horseback couldn’t see over it. He conquered the inhabitants and murdered or enslaved them all.

There are NO, absolutely ZERO countries on planet Earth who converted to Islam WILLINGLY!! They were all invaded and conquered using the same tactics that Islam is still using. Persecuted minority my ass!! They have more than 53 countries!!! That’s not a persecuted minority by any stretch of the imagination. They will not be satisfied until the whole world is Muslim. That’s what they believe, it’s what jihad means, that if they die to help Allah get control of the world they go to Paradise. They believe they will get a mansion with 72 rooms with 72 virgins in each room, a hard-on that never gets soft, and are allowed to intercede for 70 relatives to go there too. That, friends, is the ONLY way Muslims can go to their Paradise.

That’s what Islam teaches is the bottom line truth!! It’s a total lie, a deception that was created to make Mohammed rich, create an army, and get him laid!! Seriously, if people freak out about cults, realize….. If Mohammed was alive today, he would be in a cell next to Charles Manson!! BUT… that’d be only if they’d have caught him BEFORE he wiped out 2 cities, took their wives and kids as sex slaves, married a 6 year old relative and raped her when she was 9. They’d have given him the death penalty for sure!! This is the reason that talking about him, and telling the truth about him is punishable by death!! Because he was nothing like ANY of God’s real prophets, and there were many before him to compare him with. He was not one of them.

The crescent moon has been the symbol for Baal for as long as there has been the ability to carve pictures on stone walls and write. For thousands of years before Islam ever existed, the crescent moon symbol for Islam represented the 2 horns on the head of the bullgod Baal and is on the top of EVERY mosque in the world. Islam is modern day Baal worship. Allah, the moon god has other names. In the Koran one of his names is, “The greatest of all deceivers.” He is the exact opposite of the God of the Torah and the New Testament!!

Other names he has been called are Bel and Molech just to name two. That being the truth one can easily understand that the enemies of Israel have never changed gods. Many ancient demon gods had different names in different places. One thing remains the same. You must bring to that demon god sacrifices in accordance with the characteristics and the nature of that god. Allah is Baal. His characteristics are that of a bloodthirsty demon god who demands human sacrifice and sexual perversion from his worshipers as far back as ancient Samaria and Egypt. In the book of Judges Gideon took the crescent moons off the horses and camels of the raiders from Midian and melted them. Baal and Molech are particularly abhorrent to the God of Israel because of human sacrifice, child sacrifice, pedophilia, and perversion.

The Muslim Mahdi, or “Awaited one” or “The 12th Imam” that they are waiting for is the one that Daniel foretold as “The man of sin”, John called him “Antichrist”. He is that one who will control the beast. The multitude who comes in the name of a man (Mohammed) with the “Badge of servitude” on their right arm or forehead that says, “In the name of Allah” in Arabic, but in Greek it reads Ki Chi and Stigma “600 60 and 6”. One of the names that Allah calls himself in the Koran is “The Greatest Of All Deceivers”. In the bible the one who deceives the nations is the dragon who gives power to the beast. He has the entire Muslim world deceived into believing he is god. He is not!!

Islam is the end time religion that will behead the people of God who Jesus said, “The time will come, when those who kill you, they will think they are doing service for God.” Here’s the fact: Cain and Abel were both seeking God!! The one who did it God’s way was accepted, the one who did it his own way was rejected and became a murderer!! That’s right, the first murder was a religious murder!! A holy war, a Jihad.

Jihad means struggle, and so does Mein Kampf!! Now maybe it makes a bit more sense why the NAZIs have always been allied with Islam, just the same as the Neo Nazi democratic socialist party is today!! They have the same enemies and the same goal: the global enslavement and elimination of the Jews and Christians from planet earth. The so-called “Basket of deplorables.” by Hillary Clinton. She would have flooded the US with Jihadist Baal worshipers the same way that her ally Angela Merkel (Adolph Hitler’s daughter, head of the Stazi party) is doing in Germany under the direction of George Soros.

George Soros is a proud Nazi!! He, like most of the elites “pretend to be Jews and are not but lie, and are a synagogue of Satan.” See Revelations 3:9. He said turning in his Jewish neighbors to the Nazis, then stealing their valuables was the happiest time in his life!! It was euphoric to him!! He absolutely “Got off” on the oppression, death and carnage. Now, his goal is to re-create that. He’s directly responsible for sending Vatican Neo-nazi Maidon foot soldiers to the Ukraine to infiltrate the peaceful protest, shoot at both sides to get them shooting at each other to start a civil war. They then invaded the legally elected President’s house, made him flee to Russia, then sent the Ukrainian military to kill the Ukrainian people who supported the President they elected, because the president wouldn’t work for Soros and the European inbred Gangster ruling Elites.

Be careful! He used social media to do it, just like right now in America he either owns or is donating to and funding Democracy Now, Correct the Record (Which is run by David Brock, the boyfriend of the owner of Comet Pizza), Democracy Alliance, Amnesty International, Arab American Institute, Change America Now ( Formed in December 2006, Change America Now describes itself as “an independent political organization created to educate citizens on the failed policies of the Republican Congress and to contrast that record of failure with the promise offered by a Democratic agenda.”), Democratic Justice Fund, DEMOCRATIC PARTY, Media Matters, Gamaliel Foundation: (Modeling its tactics on those of the radical Sixties activist Saul Alinsky, this group takes a strong stand against current homeland security measures and immigration restrictions), and many other Non-governmental organizations who have been paying protesters in the US since “Hands up don’t shoot” in Ferguson Mo. One of the leaders of Black Lives Matter, DeRay Mckesson, lives in one of Soros’ houses, as well as other top members of BLM. He is the one who pays the protesters in every city through Craigslist ads and his organizations to protest, riot, and create chaos in support of the democrat agenda, which is really the European Oligarchs’ and Royalty’s agenda!! Socialism, Gun Control, Open Borders, and Islam.

Here is a reference showing how many organizations Soros owns, started and finances in America

OK… so how is it that Luciferin elites are allied with Islam? They worship the same god and want the same thing: the elimination of Israel and the death of true bible believing Christians as well as everyone else who won’t bow down to their demon master.

If you look up Little St. James Island on google maps satellite view you can see for yourself that there is a statue of Molech on top of the biggest building on billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s pedo/orgy island. Molech as well as Baal specifically demand that his worshipers make children “pass through the fire”. In the Old Testament: “4 For they have forsaken me and made this a place of foreign gods; they have burned sacrifices in it to gods that neither they nor their fathers nor the kings of Judah ever knew, and they have filled this place with the blood of the innocent. 5 They have built the high places of Baal to burn their sons in the fire as offerings to Baal—something I did not command or mention, nor did it enter my mind. 6 So beware, the days are coming, declares the LORD, when people will no longer call this place Topheth or the Valley of Ben Hinnom, but the Valley of Slaughter. “Jeremiah 32:25

This is proof enough to determine that the global elites, the leaders of the Democrat Party, and everything they have control of including Hollywood and the Media is involved in satanic rituals, human sacrifice, and pedophilia. Logical conclusion would be that satanic demon/idol worshipers worship the same thing that still goes by different names. A bloodthirsty demon god who demands human sacrifice, child rape and child sacrifice from his followers all over the world.

Ba’el, or Baal, is worshiped as the “Father of Gods” just like the Moon God Allah. Same symbol, same deity, same demon. Those who worship it believe that he is higher than all of the gods including the one who is written in the Bible. They say, “Allah has no Son”. True. Baal has no son. Mohammed’s Islam is created by combining aspects of the other religions around him in order to make converts, then bring the world under the control of the demon god Baal, Beelzebub, Molech, Bel, Allah etc. eliminating every other religion and culture including atheism from the face of the Earth. When they say that “Islam is a religion of peace” what that means to them is the world will be at peace when the entire world is Muslim. Anything they do to advance Islam including rape, terrorism etc. are not only sanctioned, but honored. There is no other way to get to their paradise than being killed in Jihad. The Koran actually tells them to do it even if they feel it’s wrong because “Allah knows better than you.”

So then, can we see why they are insisting on opening the borders and actually helping Islam to spread all over the globe?? This goes extremely deep. In a book called “The Enemy Unmasked” by Bill Hughes, he explains that the “Illuminati” was formed by Jesuits when the countries of Europe finally started expelling them for corrupting their governments in the 1600s. He also explains how the Catholic Church created Islam to deceive the Arabs into killing the Pope’s enemies IE: Christians and Jews, and that the Pope, being the representative of God on earth has final say in what Islam is allowed to do. It started out with the Pope writing them “Bulls” or Papal permission for where they are allowed to invade and conquer.

That ended when they became powerful enough to invade Europe, which the Church couldn’t allow. Then because of the Islamic attacks on Constantinople, the Islamic slave raids in every part of the Mediterranean areas including Israel, the Pope launched the first crusade to deal with the huge geopolitical problem of widespread Islamic terrorism and conquest. One decisive war that stopped the expansion of Islam into the continent of Europe were Tours in 734 AD when Islam was barely 100 years old. Mohammed’s disciples had almost conquered the entire Middle East, across North Africa and up into Spain when they were stopped at the battle of Tours by Charles Martel. That was a little more than 300 years before the 1st crusade. Then there was Constantinople which fell to Islam in 1453 and the battle of Vienna in 1683 when the European countries combined forces to stop the Ottoman invasion from taking over Europe again.

Bring that to the 20th century, to the Armenian Islamic genocide/ethnic cleansing of the Christians from where the 1st Christian churches were, Asia Minor (Turkey) and to the rise of Adolph Hitler and the Nazional Socialist (NAZI) party. Hitler’s obsession with killing Jews brought him to the Middle East where he made a pact with the Grand Mufti and the Muslim Brotherhood in 1941. They had the same goal. Exterminate the Jews all over the world. The NAZI Party’s pact with Islam was born out of agreeing ideologies. Hitler agreed to help them build a global Caliphate, given that the Ottoman Empire was divided up after WW1.

We have to understand that all forms of Communism/Socialism was created in a think tank of satanic elites, not by the lower level puppets who they put in power to implement it. Communism was placed in Russia after WW1. Which was started in order to eliminate the Czar and the Russian Orthodox Church, who had been enemies of the Pope for centuries. Hitler didn’t invent Socialism any more than the Neo-Bolsheviks running around in the US now did. It was created by the elites as a tool to control and eliminate populations, and to make the Church illegal. It was implemented in Russia by the Pope to destroy the Russian Orthodox Church. They instill it the same way in every country where they have control. So Hitler’s brand of Socialism is no different than the Bolshevik’s communism, except that Germany was openly Catholic. Sold to the public as a utopia but always results in mass murder, starvation and death. Nazism, socialism and communism all came from the same origin. A think tank of European Luciferian Satanists in the 1800s. Adolph Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Marx did not invent the idea.. The people who they were working for did.

The Pope was very involved in the creation of Adolph Hitler, so much so that 3rd Reich actually was the 3rd German based Vatican Controlled Government. Many German soldiers from WW2 said they thought they were doing what they were doing to protect not only Germany, but all of Europe from the Bolsheviks.

Eliminating the Jews from planet Earth fits into that agenda. The Luciferin Elites who lend money to Governments at interest hate Christians and Jews. The Rothschilds have been the “Keepers of the Vatican Treasury” since soon after they took control of the Bank of England. They actually own all of the Catholic Church’s wealth which had been collected from Europe since 370 AD. They work hand in hand which then brings us to the actual point of this article.

Why then is the Pope getting involved in telling the Europeans to take in Muslim refugees?? Why is he preaching a message of a combined Islam/Catholic religion and telling people that the gods of Islam, Christianity and Judaism are the same God? Why is Angela Merkel taking millions of them into Germany? How does George Soros fit in?? Why did the UK have to leave the EU in order to stop having millions of Jihadists come to their country?? What the hell is going on??

Like I said, George Soros pretends he is a Jew. He is not. His real name Schwartz. He changed his last name like many Germans did after the war. Heinrich became Hienricy etc.

When Soros took over the Ukraine, he used Vatican Neo-Nazi Maidon troops. When Soros orchestrated the Arab Spring he wanted to give all of the Governments to Muslim Brotherhood operatives like Mohammed Morsi in Egypt. A Muslim Brotherhood leader who was overthrown and executed after the disaster that happened in Egypt and the persecution Egypt’s Coptic Christian population. The 2 main countries who have refused to surrender to Soros and the Muslim Brotherhood are Syria and Egypt.

The fact of the matter is this.. It’s built into Islam that the Pope is God’s earthly representative. Soros said, “Whites, blacks and hispanics are unreliable workers. Muslims obey employers like masters because of their religion.” There is the description of the reason for the Nazi/Islam cooperation. Global control of Islam under the NWO using the Pope as their mouthpiece.

Why does the 2nd century of the Nazi/Socialist/Communist party have their people out calling Americans fascist and racist? They use made up fake words that end with “phobia” to shame people who aren’t deceived by them. Communist think tanks use labels like, “conspiracy theorist” to discredit people who study and research who they are, their agenda and who they work for. If their voters knew who they really are they’d be the first to lynch them in the streets.

Every politician pushing for open borders, gun control and Islam are working for European Elites, not America. The elected representatives, lawmakers, senators and congressmen pushing that agenda are working for foreign bribes against the people who elect them. Their goal is to disarm Americans and leave them sitting ducks for an army of Jihadist rapists and murderers against whom they will not be able to defend themselves. They are all guilty of treason and working for the European oligarchs who own the UN instead of their voters in the US, without whom they will never be able to complete their plan.

Nazism, socialism and communism all came from the same origin. A think tank of European Luciferian satanists in the 1800s. Adolph Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Marx did not invent the idea. The people who they were working for did.

The Vatican and the Globalist satanist banking cartel are working together to create what is being called, “The Great Replacement.” It’s the reason that Pope Francis keeps preaching that Islam and Christianity are the same and asking Europeans to even take them into their homes. The Vatican has lost control of the secular societies and true Christianity around the world, but the Catholic Church can still control Islam. They want Islam to replace the populations in the northern hemisphere and are fighting and demonizing every country that won’t play along with their own extermination.

That is the objective of the alliance that Hitler made between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Nazi world leaders in 1941. It’s not new or progressive. The Nazi collaborator, Rothschild and British agent George Soros said, “Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics are unreliable workers. Muslims obey employers like masters because of their religion.” Their NWO plan is open Rothschild/Vatican control and to restore the British Empire along with the rest of the world under the control of the Bank Of England and the Dutch Bank which are both owned by the Rothschild’s. Their politicians are all pushing for that end result because the Pope believes he can still control religious Muslims, having lost control of most of the secular societies they once held in their grip.

The left around the world is so fighting for this that they are getting violent. Their street level anarchists for the most part, don’t even know they are working for Nazis. Nazi stands for “National Socialist” Or by their new title in the US, “The democratic Socialist party.” They are calling everyone a Nazi and ignoring the fact that the billionaire funding them and their propaganda machine said that the happiest time is his life was when he was working for Hitler.

The major drawback to being a fired up leftist is they keep being shown to be guilty of what they accuse the right of doing even though their position regarding those things is supposed to be detestable to them. The reason is that those things that are detestable to their brainwashed supporters are the actual agenda and description of their leaders.

Marxism 101. “Always accuse the opponent of that which you are guilty.”

The leaders of the global leftist movement have stirred up an anger in their supporters by accusing the right of being Nazis and racists. The problem with that… their leaders are the real Nazis and racists. Bill Clinton and Al Gore campaigned as “Southern Democrat” using the confederate flag as one of their campaign symbols. They absolutely are and have always been the party of angry slave owners, segregation, anti-civil rights and anti-America. The KKK was and still is Southern Democrat, but because of exposure, Democrats have turned to a position of pretending to hate racists like it’s one of the proud stances of the Democrat party. Diversity and inclusion is a doctrine the party leaders tell their voters they stand for, but are completely opposite. It is merely a con tactic to make a broader voter base in order to turn against them all in the end. Just like Lyndon B. Johnson fooled the blacks with welfare programs to “Have those N*****s voting democrat for the next 200 years” even though he didn’t even consider them human. There is a strong comparison between that and the way the left views all of their supporters. They believe that their voters are stupid and in fact need them to be ignorant or lose their support.

So Soros’ creation of the Arab Spring gave the Muslim Brotherhood courage. Obama sat them all in the front row of his speech in Cairo when he first got elected and told them in their own language, “I am one of you.” He then funneled them millions of dollars through his brother Malik Obama, their chief finance officer. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then started negotiating with Mohammed Morsi to give him the Sanai Peninsula and 18 F16s to use against Israel. After the Egyptian people rose up and overthrew Morsi he backed out and decided not to gift Egypt with F16s. The US had no more involvement with Egypt after that, especially when the Egyptian press labeled Obama a terrorist and the Government under Asisi put out warrants for his and Hillary’s arrest for their part in putting Morsi in power. They are both wanted for terrorism in Egypt.

Russia would not allow Obama and Hillary to do to Bashar Al Assad what they had done to Gadhafi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt. Which led to them training, arming and funded the so-called moderate Muslims to fight Assad, which culminated in the rise of ISIS all under the direction and approval of the Obama administration. At the same time then, Soros went after the Ukraine because they had elected a President who wouldn’t work for him and join the EU.

So… at the end of Obama’s terms we then have Hillary Clinton coming on the scene having taken millions of dollars from Islamic leaders to help her get elected. That is what REAL collusion looks like. Ask yourself. “Why would Muslims give that kind of money to an infidel woman??” Why did they want her to win the election?? Muslims treat women like property! The only reason they gave her anything was to invest in her open border plan to bring Jihad to the streets of America.

Something a lot of Westerners don’t know is that there is a mural inside the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It depicts the Western US and combines Muslim and Mormon teaching saying that the Western US is the actual land promised to King David by God. They actually believe that.. so Hillary’s plan was to give that land to Islam before David and Israel can claim it. You already can see places like Longmont Co, Wyoming and Idaho being places where Muslim refugees have been placed all according to that plan.

She is so in step with Soros that Chelsey married his nephew in his mansion!! The Clintons are related to him two ways. Bill Clinton is the grandson of John D. Rockefeller and Soros also is related to the Rothschild/Rockefeller family. Which is where the Jewish heritage he claims comes from. If the Elites in Europe are Jews, then why did they back and finance the holocaust?? Because they say they are Jews and they are not!! Like I said earlier, Amshel Rothschild took on the name of his family crest, “Red Shield.” His real name was Bauer and so is theirs. There is no such thing as an Ashkenazi Jew. It is a lie, created to make the world hate and blame the Jewish People for their crimes against humanity. The truth is they are in lockstep with the Vatican whose enemies have always been real Christians and Jews.

They are using the aggressive ideology of Islam to further their own cause, which as Albert Pike wrote describing their plans for WW3, “To so ferment the clash between Islam and the West that they will fight and be exhausted from war. Then they can introduce to the world the pure doctrine of Lucifer.”

They are perpetuating the spread of Islam to the western nations by design. Their goal is nothing short of a borderless, disarmed, communist world Government ruling over a planet where Islam is the only religion that is allowed. Why?? Because they both want all of the world to be Muslim. It’s difficult to say whether or not Hitler said, “My Struggle” (Mein Kampf) because it means Jihad or if he came up with it on his own. He has been quoted saying that Islam is the only religion that he can actually identify and agree with.

No different than the modern Nazis, Stazis, National Socialists, Democratic Socialist Party or any of the other titles that the global Neo-Nazis give themselves. Hitler cried on TV for gun control, so did Barak Obama. One major similarity that was impossible to ignore, which I believe was intentional. Also ANTIFA is the same Nazi movement that took over Germany in the 1930’s that is taking over the colleges and universities in America now. Alexander Soros is there in Berkeley Ca recruiting, training, funding and organizing the ANTIFA rioters.

Bottom line… The Nazis and Islam are still allied, have never stopped being allied and are still functioning. Instead of moving into the world with tanks and artillery they are moving by stealth. They really are grabbing the American youth who don’t know history while they are still young, ignorant and moldable in the same fashion as the Hitler youth program. Sad actually… that the youth of America are being brainwashed by the liberal left nazi party and are fighting tooth and nail for their own demise in order to let Islam conquer more of the world, including them, unless they convert to Baal.

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Nazis have not changed their beliefs, goals or agendas, and the enemies of Isreal and Christianity have not changed gods. Islam and Catholicism have both persecuted the real Christians and the Jews throughout the centuries and still work together like a hand in a bloody glove. Those who say that all religions are the same know nothing about any of them, and don’t want to learn. The Jesuits still take the oath to kill everyone who refuses to submit to the Pope. Tim Kaine is a Jesuit, sat as a board of directors of many Islamic terror linked organizations. Clinton is a Nazi who has family ties to George Soros, who still hates the US and Russia for allying to stop Hitler in WW2. It’s no wonder that the puppet politicians he has in his pocket want the US and Russia to destroy each other in a war. They are terrified that the US and Russia will ally again and stop them again.. To them Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin really are the bad guys! Maybe that’s because they are terrified of Prison. There still are laws in the US Code about terrorism and treason. Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner turned Gov witness because the penalty for treason is 20 years to the death penalty, they handed their computers over and sang like song birds. Therefore, Obama’s entire administration has just been subpoenaed to testify to Congress. They don’t issue those subpoenas unless they already have enough to nail their ass to the wall. First comes subpoena, then indictment, then trial, then prison or the gallows. I can honestly say that the media has done a real dis-service to the American people by not telling the truth about these Nazis because by the end of 2017 there will be a very entertaining rat on a sinking ship scramble to watch.


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