The Media Promotes Racial Violence


The media promotes racial violence, yet always escapes Justifiable Blame.

Another totally senseless cold blooded murder of cops has taken place yet again.     Humanoid Scum killed three more cops in Baton Rouge on Sunday July 17th and no one is yet even sure the other three victims of this latest terrorist attack will survive.

Judge Jeanne Pirro stated that it’s becoming Open Season on cops.    And she’s correct.

But WHO is REALLY at fault for this?

Yes the sewer scum that did the actual murders of these cops as well as those in Dallas and other places are at fault, but it goes much deeper than that.

The resident in America’s Oval Office and his gang have pushed continually from their first day in control of that branch of America’s government to drive a wedge between races in this country.    And there are idiots who actually get “their message” and then try to further racial divide on their own.

Hence the anarchists like that “new black panther” bunch and the other domestic terrorism promotion group calling itself “black lives matter” feel that since the resident in America’s Oval Office “has their back” and totally supports anything they may do to cause violent racial division in this country, they increase their anarchist rhetoric to reach as many mentally deficient as they can to join with them.

Next you have the professional race-baiters like Jackson and Hill and Sharpton who derive their sole incomes from playing the race game and manipulating the ignorant.

So quite naturally the extremely mentally deranged will be influenced by all of it.    And because their minds are so weak to begin with, they will act out in just the way the resident and his gang, and the race-baiters and the anarchist groups want them to act out.

But WHO is EVEN MORE at fault for ALL of what is now taking place?


Under the guise of “reporting the news” the media is DELIBERATELY creating the exact atmosphere that is needed for all of this to take place.    The media is hyping all of it to the hilt.

Every time the MORONS in that domestic terrorism promotion group calling itself “black lives matter” endangers the lives of civil people by blocking roads and interstate highways etc. the media is there to make sure they get national exposure for their anarchist stupidity.

Every time someone who is black is killed by the police, the media is very quick to give it national attention without even waiting to see what the true facts of the shooting may be.    But then again the media doesn’t care.    It’s doing what it considers to be its part in promoting racial division in this country.    When eye witness testimony is provided and even video proof surfaces showing the truth as to why the police used deadly force, both the eye witness testimony and the video proof is ignored by the media and they move on to other stories they can hype.    As such only the side the media wanted to push remains in people’s minds.

For the most part, if race is involved, and the perpetrators of crimes are non-Caucasian, the media is always quick to make the perpetrators of any illegal act appear to be the victims, and the victims the perpetrators.

Yet the media DARES to PRETEND that they are only “reporting” and “not attempting to influence” and then even DARES to publicly question HOW so much racial violence can now be occurring.

Every single one of those anarchist groups, without even ONE exception, do what they do for publicity.    And for no other reason.    Turkey just had a failed military coup and because Turkey got national attention the domestic terrorism promoting group calling itself “black lives matter” was LIVID that what happened in Turkey “robbed” THEM of “news” coverage.

And it was the same with some flaked out college students who were “totally traumatized” that someone had written Trump’s name in chalk on the campus of their particular bastion of communism indoctrination.    There was another event taking place that the “news” media wanted to hype and these idiotic college students were angry that the event took media attention away from THEM.

So the above stated craving for publicity PROVES there actually IS a solution to what is taking place in America right now.

There really IS a way to end the ever increasing racially motivated violence in America.

The actual CAUSE of the majority of the problems is ALSO the best way to END those problems.

The so-called “news” media could deny any and all coverage of any displays of anarchist public stupidity.    They could actually deny ALL COVERAGE to ANY AND ALL anarchist groups.

If those anarchist groups want coverage of their stupidity, then LET THEM PAY FOR IT.    And let them pay for it AT THE SAME RATE ANY AND ALL ADVERTISERS PAY.     If they can’t afford to pay those astronomical fees, then too bad … so sad … no national coverage of their stupidity.    Even though he is a major funder of these anarchist gangs, Soros would not be willing to fork out that much money to promote coverage of their stupidity and violence.

Do THAT and watch how fast those anarchist groups completely collapse.    And as they collapse, so will the violence they promote.    Thus after a while police and law abiding citizens all over America will be able to breathe just a bit easier.

Yes there will still be daily killings.    Especially in all the gun free zones like Chicago, because that is now a culture that the entire media and especially the movie and music fields has produced through the glamorization of thugs.

But the cold blooded murders of police spurred on by these anarchist groups via their free publicity courtesy of the agenda driven media would drop drastically.

Yes the CAUSE for so much of the violence in America today could actually be the way to end most of it.    But THAT is VERY unlikely to happen.    Because the media of America’s owners’ is agenda driven.   They feel they NEED to keep the violence growing because it serves the purpose of their owners who are also among the owners of both sides of the singular political party of America’s owners.

If anyone tries to find some way to publicly doubt that, then attached is just one of so very many videos that can be viewed that expresses the actual agenda of our owners’ “news” media.     This particular one is a recent video of one of FOX news’ resident liberals Shepard Smith who attempts to admonish former Governor Bobby Jindal for “daring” to claim that ALL lives matter.    It is totally impossible NOT to see the umbrage Smith took with that statement by Jindal.

The “news” media is undeniably one of the most open promoters of racial violence in America today.     But if the “news” media would deny any and all coverage to all racially motivated anarchist hate groups, and likewise deny any and all coverage to the professional race-baiters like Jackson, Hill and Sharpton and the rest of those vermin … violence in the type we now see escalating in America would drop DRASTICALLY.

One of the causes COULD become one of the cures.

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