The Media and The Minions


The Media and The Minions

What the media is now instructing their minions to think after the summit between President Trump and President Putin is so utterly predictable that it could have been written days ago.  In fact ALL of it probably was.  The media and the minions is a perfect term describing just how easy the public has always been to manipulate.

IT’S TIME for the entirety of Americans to pull their heads out of their rear ends.

ALL of that “Russian Collusion” garbage is just THAT.  It’s total feces being spoon fed to the American people by their controllers directly into and through the sheeple’s collective brain, aka the American Media.

It’s was totally contrived by the leftists and the entire establishment when they failed to secure the 2016 election that they firmly believed they had rigged sufficiently in their favor to finish the job of destroying this nation that they had striven so hard to do for eight full years.

All the Russian dossier garbage that was created by the Clinton criminal cartel and jumped on by the leftist media was designed primarily to disrupt and deflect attention away from the DNC and the Clinton crime cartel for THEIR collusion with the criminal elements in Russia.

That entire Mueller show is exactly THAT.  A SHOW.  They knew before the curtain even went up that there was no “collusion” between the Trump campaign or even the establishments’ RNC.  Because the establishments’ RNC was working WITH the DNC to give Clinton the election.

Now just three days before President trump was scheduled to meet with President Putin, Mueller pulls an indictment of twelve Russians out of his magic hat.   Not just Russians but members of the Russian Military Intelligence known as the GRU.   An indictment claiming they hacked the DNC computers.  But the DNC would NOT give the FBI (not hat it would matter anyway) access to their servers.  So if they could not get access to the DNC servers, then HOW did “our intelligence agencies” know WHO hacked the DNC servers?  This Mueller show gets more ridiculous by the day, but it’s the media’s job to keep it going and try to find as many ways as possible to give it the illusion of being “legitimate”. When in reality it’s just another way to get the taxpayers themselves to fund the globalist and leftist attacks on the first ever actual people’s President.

The American people themselves for the first time in over a hundred years of this country being privately owned and controlled, actually rebelled against their masters and elected one of THEIR OWN to be POTUS.

This country for the very first time EVER has someone at the helm who is actually QUALIFIED from actual experience to run this nation.  He is not part of the establishment.  He is not a smooth talking back stabbing establishment owned and controlled politician who will say whatever the establishment and the media wants him to say, and check the winds of public reaction before saying anything at all.  He is not a Globalist.

He is the very first president EVER to actually WIN an election ON HIS OWN totally free of our owners’ involvement.  He is the very first president EVER to place this country FIRST and regard it as being as exceptional as it was and thanks to HIM will be again, and NOT just another member state in the world where the totally corrupt U.N. should have the right to dictate over what it does or does not do.

He has single handedly done what no one before him had the ability to do which was to actually sit down face to face with world leaders who this nation was always told could never be sat with face to face. He has single handedly restored an economy the left and their globalist masters were totally sure they had destroyed for all time to come.

And it is because he has single handedly accomplished all that he has done for this country, that the left and the entire New World Order globalists and our owners’ establishment HATE him as much as they do.   It is because he has single handedly accomplished all that he has done for this country, and in such a very short period of time, that the media attacks him relentlessly.

The media has the image of our globalist owners and their leftist tools to uphold and defend, and if Trump continues to prove that all they have been saying about America and its’ declining position in this world is totally false, then it is pretty much assured that our owners and their media will lose the total control they have achieved over the people.

The media was outright DEMANDING that President Trump try to embarrass President Putin by asking him outright and in front of their camera’s about the “CLAIMED” Russian involvement in our elections.  The American media is far to ignorant to realize that Putin is not the idiot that almost ALL American politicians are.  The man cannot be embarrassed by childish questions and accusations.   President Trump did not do as the media firmly believed that they were in a position to actually FORCE him to do.   So the idiots in our media tried to ask those questions themselves and got made fools of by Putin.   Something that was totally predictable.

After the press conference the ENTIRE media including FOX that although leans mostly center left now, still has given our President a break from never ending childish accusations and assaults.  But even FOX attacked President Trump claiming he was “taking sides” and the “side” he was taking was with Putin.

Although FOX overall is not an extreme left news network like the outright Marxist Socialist networks, that does not mean that its’ reporters and commentators will not still do as they are told in order to protect their extremely lucrative salaries.

Like the rest they claimed that Trump chose not to side with our own intelligence groups who have stated outright and continuously that “Russia meddled in our elections”.  Yet it has been shown time and time again over all the exposure that our intelligence groups as well as our “law enforcement” groups have received over the past two years, that our own intelligence networks are extremely corrupt and have on several occasions been discovered trying to pretend they were Russians hacking into our government systems.  And “Law Enforcement”?   Well we have ALL now seen just how deeply corrupt “Law Enforcement” is in this country.

Also the media “forgets” that TWICE President Trump bombed Syria based on “totally accurate” information provided by our “intelligence” agencies.  Information that on BOTH occasions turned out to be TOTALLY FALSE after the damage was already done.  They ALSO “forget” that they themselves aired Reid saying that because Trump is not part of the establishment that the intelligence community should give him only FALSE information.  So who else would our own intelligence agencies put out false information to?

The entire Manure Spewing Media, FOX included, tried to somehow associate President Trump not following THEIR CHILDISH DEMANDS as somehow related to “committing treason”.  Treason against who or what … the Media?  The media does not represent this nation and MOST of it is AGAINST this nation as it was created to be.  They want this nation converted to what Russia USED to be and Venezuela and Cuba among others are now.  So because he didn’t do what those immature idiots demanded of him he is somehow committing treason?  The American media does NOT dictate foreign policy.  They originally only reported on it.  But for the past few years they have relegated themselves to actually making it up.

Our owners and their leftist tools including their media did not want President Trump to meet with Putin because they have been claiming the “Evil Russia” story for years.  And based upon what we now know of our own corrupt intelligence agencies, and how they can portray themselves as anyone they want to portray themselves as, when hacking into America computers and especially when spreading information, they were concerned that their evil Russia story could lose a great deal of credibility.  Especially if Putin offered to cooperate with our “investigations” like he actually did today.  Because it turns out that there is an agreement signed between America and Russia back in 1999 to cooperate with international criminal investigations that our media likewise “somehow totally forgot about”.

And here is yet another little tidbit to ponder.  If the Russians are so evil and are our “mortal enemies”, then WHY are American scientists working with Russian scientists on many different projects?  And WHY are the Russians delivering OUR supplies and astronauts to the International Space station?  And … If Russians are so evil and are our “mortal enemies”, the HOW IS IT that Clinton was allowed to sell them 20% ownership of OUR uranium.

When we look BEHIND the curtain of political illusion we don’t see any “mortal enemies” at all.

People “claim” they do not trust their owners’ media, but (and AS ALWAYS) they wait with bated breath for what the media will say after meetings such as this one between Trump and Putin and other such meetings prior to this one.  And after the Trump/Putin press conference, the actual American patriots who think that FOX is the only bastion of true reporting left in this country received a very unwelcome surprise.

Maybe the people should shut off the media altogether for awhile and let THIS the most SKILLED and QUALIFIED leader this nation has EVER had, just do what he said he would do for this nation.  Then just turn on the sets once a week to see just how much more He has returned this nation to greatness and then shut those sets off for yet another week etc. etc.

When his eight years are up, then, if the nation want’s to return to the misery of the past quarter century, and especially the past eight years of it, then go ahead and do it.

But maybe … just maybe … by THEN, the minions will have shed their brands of being minions and even stand up and become PEOPLE again instead of oh so predictable sheeple.


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