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It’s not so much that “Everybody wants to rule the world” as the group Tears For Fears sang in the classic hit of the 80’s. It is more like “Everybody wants to CHANGE the world”, the classic new hit of the Left in 2018. This past election has brought some of the more bizarre candidates to the forefront, as wackos and psychos vie for a position within government to CHANGE politics, society, and America to the progressive ideology of the far Left.

The troublesome reality is not so much that those candidates openly professed their twisted viewpoints that made those on the Right laugh in hysterics on FOX and conservative talk shows, making most think that there is no way any sane person who believes in any portion of Americanism would consider voting for them, but that many of these extreme radicals actually won… and some even in Red districts to boot.

If you have not faced it as of yet, America is in serious trouble, as the war against conservatism, religion, the Constitution, and Trump MAGA has hyper-leaped into warp drive. The election of those candidates who openly demand higher taxes, free medical for all (including illegals) through robbing our Social Security and Medicare, free college education for all (including illegals) through higher property and sales taxes, the reversal of all environmental regulations, triple the income tax of the wealthy and their businesses, extreme gun control, a bill to require fossil fuel utilities to cut 50% usage to be replaced with environment friendly alternatives, open borders and amnesty, and of course to impeach President Trump, VP Pence, and Justice Kavanaugh, has put the far Left into a euphoria, believing they have won a major victory in their crusade to fundamentally transform America into a country that they desire it to become, and reversed from what our Founders and Framers envisioned.

For many of the talking heads of the Right, this past election was only a small set-back, as the nation will soon straighten itself out when we all begin to return to living like we did under President Obama and the Democrat hierarchy of “fundamental change”. But if there is one thing you can say about the Left, it is that once they taste blood, they quickly go in for the final kill, and they never give back what they take… at least not without a good fight. They learn very quickly from their mistakes, unlike Republicans who seem to use insanity as their main drive… doing things over and over again in the same way, yet expecting a different result each time.

This last election may not been so much as a “Blue-wave” of the voters as it was a “Red-slumber” from those who are outraged that: 1. Obamacare wasn’t removed nor replaced; 2. The wall wasn’t built, and illegal migration has only become much worse; 3. Hillary and her cohorts of High Level Crime 101 are still walking free, and most doing better now than ever before. The Obama’s are worth $100 million more, as the Clinton’s are worth nearly half a billion since they all left the White House. It’s remarkable how much income one can make once they walk out of public service into the free market enterprise… you know, the system they all condemned back when they were in office.

Most voters seem now to be women, as men make excuses to keep away from the polling booth. There were over 30 new female faces added to Congress this term, as many men on both sides of the aisle decided to “retire” from politics on short notice… what caused this mass exit can only be guessed. And, although the middle of the country did hold to their guns to oust those not supporting Trump/MAGA, Blue states did become bluer, and states that border closer to Hispanics did have their hands full defending off Democrats, as many in Red districts had their clock cleaned.

This election also saw the most money spent ever in a mid-term, as Democrats found a way to outspend three times that of their Republican counterparts. Air-time was also pretty well dominated 5 to 1 by Democrats, as networks and their subsidiaries held halos over the head of Democrats, while putting horns and a forked tail upon Republicans. The “Get out to vote” movement far overreached their expectations, as the “Walk away” movement saw far less traction.

This doesn’t take into account the massive fraud by the Left as they had to re-count over two dozen individual results, many congressional seats going to Democrats even after some Republicans won by 8% at the close of vote counting. But what can you expect, since “every vote needs to be counted, even more than once, and even after finding boxes of ballots in the trunk of cars, in closets, and other out-of-the-way locations that seemed to only have the Democrat candidate checked, even after the senate and other races were all checked Republican. Funny how coincidences work out always in the favor of the Left, isn’t it?

But, we can look for excuses all we want, and it still boils down to that the majority decided to let the Left win this one, or that they aren’t content with the way things are. After-election poll results are all over the place, so we can’t expect them to tell us more than what we already know, because America now has the government that they voted, or not voted, for… and they get what they deserve. The big problem is that many like you and me are also being dragged down along with them. Thank you, Americans!

It takes only two cockroaches to eventually make a million… and the same goes for the amount who now represent the Left. Most think roaches are disgusting little creatures of filth, disease, and repulsed. They destroy everything they infiltrate, and leave behind their waste which creates a massive duty of clean up in order to restore what once was pristine. The comparison of both can’t be more true today.

Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven must be dancing in their grave with what this nation has become, because they are the godfathers of the Leftism infection that has now enveloped 49.2% of brain-dead Americans… almost half the nation, with their socialist-communist ideology, and the falling of Americanism-capitalism through orchestrated crisis.

There was once a time where Americanism and conservative ideology was taught in our country. But that all changed starting with Woodrow Wilson, and through FDR, LBJ, Carter, and the “Apologizer” Obama, gradually, the greatness of America was reduced into something resembling a nightmarish horror story, as the ills of the nation were exaggerated, intensified, and promoted to turn America into something purely evil that needs to be rectified and exorcised. Racism and bigotry seemed to be at the lead, and today is used as a weapon by the Left to stop all opposition to their resistance.

There are two problems unfolding here: 1) That the Left has worked at their “coup of America” for decades. They infiltrated key positions within entertainment, labor, finance, industry, education, and of course… government. Their message was clear, “We are right, as anyone who opposes us, who believes different, is a bigot who must be condemned before the world, and outcast from society.” The Left used all their influence and acquired positions to convey this, as children were indoctrinated into their ideological belief that Americanism is evil, our history tainted, and their future impeded unless conservatives and their capitalistic free-enterprise system isn’t removed, while the Right’s religious and constitutional beliefs silenced. The Left believes that difference is the thorn in the foot of the world’s ability to thrive equally. Yet, their stance against those who oppose their ideology is more bigoted than any of the “racist” accusations that they claim against the Right. They will use any and all means to attack in order to win… whether legal or not, immoral, unethical, or downright false and fake. To them, the ends justifies the means, so they care not on how they achieve their goals, just so long as they obtain victory in the end. The second problem here: 2) The Right has done little to combat the Left’s aggressive tactics, and make their case that they are correct, while the Left is wrong, by remaining silent, or existing in the shadows for fear of reprisal in going against them.

Granted, most on the Right have been very busy. We must earn a living, support our family, attend service and worship, maintain safety, and keeping the low-life’s from destroying what we have been trying hard to hold together. To participate as the Left does in their “actions for defiance” requires a lot of time, money, and effort… something that is hard for those on the Right to work into their schedule and expenditures. But the failures of the Right to educate, instigate, and propagate their ideological message, have been the old “filling the void” theocracy… what rests empty will be refilled with something, whether good or bad, as the empty void always becomes replaced. And what replaced the Right’s voids in education, labor, entertainment, governance, and so on, was filled by the Left’s differences and expanded greatly to shove aside any remains of conservative principle. The Right failed to maintain its power and influence among its followers, and those who should grow up to follow… in mass, have been lead astray.

The Right also failed to call out the errors of the Left, as there was never any accountability for their actions… the Right just let the fires destroy the timberland without much effort to extinguish the flames before they raged into a firestorm. To re-propagate the forest will now take much time, resource, effort, and finance. Far too much damage has already been done to do this easily.

How do you combat public education and universities that preach Leftism day and night to students, where conservative educators are either silenced or removed? How do you combat a media, film, and television that generates Leftism propaganda day and night, where the truth is hidden while the lies magnified and glorified? How do you remove actors, athletes, and musicians who are placed upon the pedestal of Leftism? How do you replace unions, industry, and their leaders who tango with Leftist politicians uniformly? How do you stop the mega-contributions of Soros, Bloomberg, and the Internet monopoly monoliths? And when they all work together in orchestration with Leftist politicians, how do you stop those in governmental and judicial power?

It is a big dream of Donald J Trump to put America’s Humpty-dumpty together again, one he is now understanding exactly just how grand those challenges are, and how retaliatory the defiance can become. To build the wall, to protect our borders, to get American’s income returned, to unmask the monsters of the swamp, and lock away those who have played their illegal role in America’s demise, has been tiresome as well as troublesome.

One would think that everyone in America wants to make a decent income, to work the job they want instead of what is left over, to see their 401k shoot through the roof, and watch as gas and utility costs decline. You would expect that most would want good trade deals to replace the bad deals, to see decent health care coverage and costs, to see crime locked away, while the wars are dismantled for peace. One would expect for many to see the examples of prosperity lead by the President and his team in order to heal the wounds, and put away bias in order to work together for the nation’s best interests? But the hatred of one man, one agenda, and one defeat, has built this great division far beyond the divisional effects of his predecessor and the candidate who still claims she is the queen.

Leftism has been constructed into this giant, black monolith that has already consumed Europe, Africa, South and Central America, most of Asia, and much of Australia and Canada… it now has its sights set on the United States. The global Powers That Be have long ago figured out how they plan to rule the world by changing it one country, one nation, and one people at a time. One man has come to the front to take them all on, and so far he has been victorious… to a certain degree. But the Powers have now sunk their feet into the sand, as they shift the tide that had been going out. It returns with a vengeance, and these next two years will become the test of him, of us, and of this nation to withstand its onslaught. It is a battle of good versus evil, and in two years, we will know which one is victorious.

It will take us all who stand against Leftism to defeat it. Once we show the truth, the rest of the world may decide to reverse their ways to join us… they may not, but one thing is clear, the world has zero chance of survival if Leftism defeats the United States of America, because there will be no place else remaining to take on the Powers that plan to make lords out of leaders, and serfs out of followers. Far too many know what is right and what is wrong… what is evil and what is divine. The only blockade is how to put us all together to unite with President Trump and God to take on the Powers in order to defeat this global monolith of Leftism. Their revolution has to encounter our revolution.

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda



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