The KEY to truly restoring America


The KEY to truly restoring America

Where this nation is concerned, NOTHING is achieved very quickly.

It took 50 YEARS for the left to destroy this nation politically and guarantee its’ destruction through the indoctrination of its’ youth toward Communist Socialism.

It will take AT LEAST that long and quite probably 50 additional years until those indoctrinated with communism die out.

In the meantime this nation will continue to suffer the consequences relating to its’ lax attitude where America’s youth and America’s political structure are concerned.

The PRIMARY key to restoring this nation is to immediately begin raising children from BIRTH on up through their early 20’s the same as they were raised in the early 1950’s and before.

Teaching them FROM BIRTH: manners; respect for others; respect for their parents; respect for their elders.   In addition to teaching them responsibility for their actions.

That saying — “Spare the rod, Spoil the child” — had been PROVEN TRUE for THOUSANDS of years before the Spock Generation that was created through manipulation of the emotionally weak very young mothers who were intentionally misinformed that THEY were just as mature adults as THEIR parents and that THEIR parents had it all wrong and raised their children WRONG.

Whenever those very young and very inexperienced mothers would experience a problem with their children, rather than seek the advice of their own parents, they would go to that ludicrous book to seek solutions or call some of their friends who also were raising THEIR children as that book recommended.

THAT was one of the very first SUCCESSFUL CULTURAL DIVISIONS created in this country.   It was the wedge that the left needed to spread that division ever wider.

Those children raised in accordance with that book had offspring of their own who raised THEIR children in the same manor and when those children began to have children of their own, they in turn raised theirs the same way as well, to the point where THAT version of child raising became the normal way in this country which led to all the other destruction’s of our youth.

That book was so successful at dividing and weakening America that ever since it was first published it has been made available in reprint after reprint to ever solidify the moral and mental destruction of our youth.

When the communist psychological revolution in America that was spearheaded by the leftist media beginning in the late 1960’s came into being, this nation already had a complete generation of youth that had been raised according to that book who were now PRIMED to believe anything and everything the left would claim as it “sugar coated” everything related to communism.

By the mid 70’s this Spock generation was primed enough to contribute successfully to vote into office the weakest American President in history, who while campaigning for that office made a deal with the communists.   In exchange for a sizable campaign donation, he was to create a cabinet position for the department of education which would then give the Marxists dictatorial say over the education of America’s youth.

Carter kept his promise to the Marxists and from that point on America’s youth have predominantly belonged to THEM.   They set out immediately to indoctrinate American youth with the idea that America is not that great a country.  That at its’ core America is “evil” and the cause of almost ALL the problems in the world.   That the idea of free enterprise is wrong and that the state should control every aspect of American lives.  No private business should be allowed to function without government supervision and no private business should be allowed to become larger than the government itself.   And the government NEEDS to be ever expanding.

ALL of America’s political and social problems have ONE THING in common:

It was the BAD PARENTING originally created by Spock’s book that led to the Spock generations being so very easily indoctrinated toward communism to the point of their making “heroes” out of blood thirsty psychopathic murderers like Che Guevara and Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky etc.

It was BAD PARENTING that allowed the KGB to successfully orchestrate ALL of the anti-Vietnam War protests that took place in this country beginning in the late 1960’s.

It was BAD PARENTING that allowed the PTA to become nonexistent in this country where parents USED to be able to approve or disapprove of school curriculum’s.

It was BAD PARENTING that allowed physical education to be removed from schools.

It was BAD PARENTING that allowed children to be taught that ALL participants in school sports or even out of school sports “earned and deserved PARTICIPATION trophies” and that there are no such thing as “winners”.

It was BAD PARENTING that allowed Big Pharma to work in conjunction with the left to invent ADD and ADHD in order to drug normal active children into robotic submission without any vehement objections from parents.

It was also BAD PARENTING that allowed Big Pharma and the medical profession in general to get away with MASSIVE amounts of vaccinations to newborns when their bodies could not handle that many vaccinations at one time creating widespread autism in this country.

It was BAD PARENTING that allowed children to grow up in a society that was being ever trained to accept anything and everything socialist without raising any real objections to ALL of it.   Many of those indoctrinated children became teachers themselves who would in turn continue the indoctrination of youth and many of those indoctrinated children entered into politics to further destroy this nation.   Some as politicians and others as leftist indoctrinated members of the Judiciary which is predominantly political.

It’s the result of BAD PARENTING that is now seen on the campuses of almost every college in America and even throughout the western world where ILL BRED children are displaying basically nothing more than BLATANT STUPIDITY for all the world to see.

It is that same BAD PARENTING that allowed Chicago and other cities to become the murder capitals of the world where BS Liberal ideologies about “gun control” have allowed gangs to grow and flourish.

It is that same BAD PARENTING that led to undisciplined children becoming mass shooters.


There IS a SOLUTION to ALL of it:

But there is NO “Quick Fix” to ALL of it.   It would take AS LONG OR EVEN LONGER to reverse what has happened.


CHILDREN are NOT your EQUALS.   They are NOT adults in smaller bodies.  You don’t “REASON” with a child, you TEACH THEM right and wrong the SAME WAY it USED to be VERY SUCCESSFULLY done for THOUSANDS of years.

LOOK at EVERY other species of animals on this planet that were not capable of being mentally corrupted by Communist Liberals.  LOOK at how EVERY OTHER SPECIES STILL TEACHES THEIR YOUNG as they have from the very beginning of their existence on this planet.  THEY have not changed because nature devised the very best way of rearing the young.  ONLY Man and for the most part ONLY Americans and those in the western world have turned away from what has always been the correct way of raising the young.

All of that “Time out” GARBAGE needs to be DUMPED. 

Making a child “stand in the corner” doesn’t work either.  It only shows the child they have once again been spared a memorable punishment for what they did wrong.

CHILDREN are VERY GOOD at MANIPULATING their parents.   One of the best techniques they have learned to use on their parents is:  “Whenever Mom (or Dad) gives me THAT LOOK…I KNOW I’m in trouble”.   They TRAIN their parents to do NOTHING MORE than “Give them THAT look,  which again frees them from any memorable punishment for their action.   CHILDREN even PRACTICE that line complete with facial expressions with fiends to make sure they have it mastered.

“Soap in the mouth has worked perfectly for hundreds of generations to teach children there are consequences for “mouthing off” or using words they learned that are totally inappropriate for a child to use.   So does a hand across the face.

Hands; belts and switches applied forcefully to a child’s buttocks have worked tremendously well over the centuries to teach things like respect as well as punishment for stealing or lying or cheating or damaging someone else’s property.

The two preceding sentences SHOULD be continually adhered to for as long as the children are living with their parents.

A STRONG Body STRONG Mind ideology needs to be brought back into ALL schools.  So does contact sports like dodge ball.

K through 12 schools NEED to bring back PHYSICAL EDUCATION and it needs to be as strenuous as it was back in the 1950’s and before.  Complete with rope climbing.

K through 12 schools NEED to re-institute CIVICS classes also known as AMERICAN GOVERNMENT classes where students could LEARN how this nation’s government was actually created to work.   BUT the books provided for those classes (as well as ALL books in general now) NEED to be very closely scrutinized to make sure NO liberal fallacies are allowed to be contained in those books.   The children NEED to learn what each branch of government was intended to do by those who formulated this country and its’ government.

The entire DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION needs to be removed as a cabinet position and the entire DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION needs to be CLOSED DOWN and education RETURNED to the LOCAL level with the ONLY assistance from state and federal being FINANCIAL and that financial assistance needs to come with NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

The KEY to Truly Restoring this country is the PARENTS.

The SAME GROUP that is primarily responsible for America’s destruction from within is the same group that can actually save and restore this country.

But NOW it is primarily the FUTURE parents and in some cases the new parents with children still in diapers.  It’s basically a lost cause for those parents with children already being indoctrinated toward communism because those parents are pretty much completely controlled themselves by the leftist media and will only think, do and say as the media directs them to think, do and say.   If it were OTHERWISE they would already have banded together in groups clear across this nation to bring an end to those totally leftist indoctrination centers known as “schools” and return the American education system to doing what education was originally intended to do.

Is THIS the ONLY way left to save this nation?   Yes.

Will it actually happen?   Well THAT is an obvious NO.

Parents like the rest of America are now literally terrified of the government that at one time was under THEIR control… but they VOLUNTARILY gave that control away and what was once the people’s government became an authoritarian government actually RULING OVER the people.

Parents are now terrified of truly disciplining their children because the communists have set up bureaucracies clear across this nation to stop parents from disciplining their children other than in a manner APPROVED by the state.   If they do otherwise they are arrested and imprisoned.   In those communist indoctrination centers children are being taught and encouraged to “inform” on their parents should their parents do ANYTHING AT ALL that the child does not like.

So no… even though the cause is the only real cure, the cure will more than likely never be administered.

And there is ANOTHER down side to all of it.   Restoring this nation would create entire generations of neurotics who would panic that generations being brought up AFTER theirs, would be brought up believing in SELF RELIANCE.   Believing they are not ENTITLED to anything.   That government owns them NOTHING but the OPPORTUNITY to succeed and that government is not here to cater to their every desire.

The mental health profession would be doing a booming business for a few decades.  Especially psychiatrists, MOST of whom require psychiatric therapy themselves.

But at least the KEY to restoring this nation DOES exist.


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