The Jackasses and Elephants on Parade


The Jackasses and Elephants on Parade.

With the midterm games merely a half a year away, the frenzy is now starting to build.  The league owners have their scouts out in the field full time now watching, interviewing and deciding which players they want to choose to fund and ultimately fit into their player’s league.

There are no shortages of obedient Jackasses to fit into the left side of their league but there is definitely a shortage of obedient Elephants for their right side.  Elephants are very independent and will only follow other Elephants which tends to create a problem for the league owners who want their players to follow a very well scripted game plan.  However that particular problem is of no real consequence because they can build up the right side of their league with RINO’s and just have them wear Elephant uniforms.  In all the frenzy the fans of the right side of the league will never know anyway.  All that THEY want is to see THEIR SIDE of the league victorious in the midterm games the same as the fans of the left side do.

Those in all of the press boxes have been given their scripts to learn and then present as if they are well thought out analogies of the players and potential players.  The referees and scorekeepers for each individual game have been given their final outcomes for the games as well.  Only this time with orders not to make the predetermined outcomes as totally obvious as they were back in the major game of 2012.  That preset outcome was so blatantly obvious that it angered a great many fans to such a degree that the league owners had to officially refuse to even listen to the outcries of the fans and just completely ignore them for the entire normal six month memory span of the fans.  From then on it was game plan as scripted.

The league owners do not want a repeat of the 2012 fiasco because they know that the fans still possess the ability to create their own league that they themselves could control, and as such all the funds spent to purchase the entire existing league and it’s players could very well backfire and become money wasted.  So for the midterm games of 2014, the margins of the predetermined outcomes although still favoring the players on the left side of the league must and will be lowered to almost believable numbers.  Doing it that way they will prevent any potential outrage from the fans of the right side who will then just leave the games feeling disappointed but nothing more.  From that point on the fans of the right side will content themselves with their usual whining about all their losses but will still remain loyal fans and supporters of the league.

These particular midterm games do however present a little more of a problem for the league owners.  The fans who favor the left side of the league are considered by the owners to be the overall less intelligent fans and as such their loyalty to the left side of the league can be outright purchased with promotional gifts such as welfare payments and cell phones that are paid for out of the funds acquired from the fans who favor the right side of the league.  But there are actually a percentage of those fans of the left side whose intelligence is above the rest on that side.  True, it is a small percentage but still a large enough group to cause the owners of the league to pay some attention to their desire to see an actual honest game take place.  Dealing with these potential dissenters is pretty much done in the same manner that the owners overall deal with the fans of the right side.  Just as the owners are dressing RINO’s in Elephant costumes, they are also dressing some of the potential Jackass players in “Blue Dog” costumes.  Just as the fans of the right side do not notice the initial deceptions neither will the fans of the left side notice the deception as well.  After all, what really matters to the fans of both sides of the league is that THEIR side wins the most midterm games as well as the major game coming up in 2016.  Whatever happens after those proprietary games are over, well, that’s just the way things are and they will always content themselves with just complaining and saying “well we’ve had enough and you won’t fool us in the next set of games” until the next set of games come around.

So the pageantry now begins.  The league owners have had enough time to scrutinize all of the potential players and make their choices as to who they really want to fund and place into political office to do their ultimate bidding.  The press box corps has been instructed to begin the helter-skelter process where the fans will be rushed to look over this potential player and then that potential player and then over to the next one, and the next one and then back to this one or that one until they are finally directed to pay the most attention to and actually support the player the league owners had originally chosen to begin with.  The fans will feel good that after the hectic “search” was over the player “they chose” was the one placed into the game.

A FEW of those players will have been specially chosen by the league owners to take on the raucous rebel role and who will speak out “AGAINST the league owners”.  THIS will be done to add color to the pageant and create the illusion that the games are not prefixed.  The fans always have and always will fall for it every time.  It totally escapes the fan’s thinking process that how can a person funded by and placed into office by the owners, truly be against the owners?   But in reality the fans enjoy the show put on by the owners of the league and remain willing participants in the show.  It makes them actually feel like they are a truly active participant in the game and not just a hapless spectator in the stands.

All of this pageantry and helter-skelter herding of the fans may feel exciting to the fans themselves, but ALL of it has a deep set under purpose to the league owners.  It maintains their position as owners of the entire process.

Something occurred just this year in the minor leagues that although went un-noticed by the vast majority of the fans nationwide because it was only made public via the internet, it struck actual TERROR into the hearts of the league owners.  Someone who was NOT funded and owned by the league owners actually got elected to public office.  And not just elected but won by a very wide margin to a State Senate position.  And he won by of all things, a WRITE IN CAMPAIGN beating BOTH of the potential players funded by the league owners from BOTH sides of their league.

THIS is something that the league owners cannot allow to happen again.  Anyone elected to public office who is not funded by and consequently OWNED by the league owners CANNOT BE CONTROLLED by the league owners.  Those elected to public office who are NOT owned, become actual servants of THE PEOPLE and NOT servants of the league owners.  So if something like that were to occur on a national level and become widespread then the owners would actually lose what they have spent so much time and money purchasing.  If something like that were to occur on a widespread national level, it would show that fans have actually become logical, thinking VOTERS.  And if fans were to become logical, thinking VOTERS they would be able to take back control of their own country and THAT is something that literally TERRIFIES the league owners because they know that their control over the fans is purely psychological and it is at best a fragile control.

So the parade of Jackasses and Elephants will continue with quite probably ever increasing pageantry and helter-skelter manipulating by the press box corps just to make sure that the fans do not even have the opportunity to realize that if they actually took the time to think about it, they could in reality become VOTERS and actually TAKE control of their nation back from those who purchased it.


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