The Invasion of America by Illegals

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The Invasion of this Country by Illegal’s.

     Believe it or not there was a time that this was a very economically and morally strong country.  There were plenty of jobs for Americans in any and all sectors.  The country was strong financially.  Children went to school and learned what they needed to learn to not only survive but to financially succeed in this country.  Children were taught at least for the most part, the true history of this nation and likewise were taught patriotism.  High School students were taught American Government which included how every sector of government works.  And this may come as a real shock to people of today, especially those that came from post sixties schools, they were even taught the Constitution of the United States.  It was actually something that was to be admired and in many cases revered.
     Just after World War II there was a temporary increase in the unemployment rate as millions of our men returned to civilian life, but by the fifties jobs were plentiful and America was on a flat out building boom.  For the most part Americans were relieved that the war was over, they were happy and they were looking forward to what appeared to them to be a shining future.  But appearances can be deceiving and as America would find out the hard way, nothing is really as it seems.  The country was only a decade away from the beginning of disaster.
     Because we were such an economically attractive magnet, people from all over the world wanted to immigrate here.  We had legal restrictions concerning immigration but we were doing our best to accommodate the masses that wanted to come here.  However there were those that didn’t really care about our laws and just came across our totally open unprotected borders.  Mostly from the Mexican border.  When those illegals began to be a problem for the states surrounding that border President Eisenhower actually sent the Army to round them up and sent them back across that border.  They were told that if they wanted to come here then they were welcome to do so, but they had to come here legally.  For a while everything was fine.  True, a few would slip into this country again, but nowhere near the amount as before.
     Eisenhower was replaced by Kennedy, the last for the most part conservative President the Democrat party would ever see again.  As it is well known his presidency was filled with turmoil and his term ended abruptly through assassination.  He was replaced by Johnson who was totally embroiled in the Viet Nam war that he inherited from Kennedy.
     With all the problems facing America the time was now right to begin the slow but continuing invasion of this country from the south.  And they came by the hundreds and thousands.  It wasn’t long before they became a problem again.  Only this time they became a real problem.  One of the requirements of immigrating to this country is that the immigrant must have at least a basic ability to speak, read and write English.  These people didn’t.  And there were far too many of them now to round up and send back.  The government felt that it would be a far too expensive undertaking.   By that time this government of ours was beginning to be dominated by idiots in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.  Fools that were far more concerned about their own financial future than they were about the economic future of this country.
     There was a very simple solution to the illegal immigrant problem that if brought into being and enforced, it would not have cost this country one dime to get the illegal’s out.  If it were done today it would not cost this country a dime.  In fact it would save us literally hundreds of billions of dollars.  Now in 2011, a time where this country is deliberately being forced into financial collapse, hundreds of billions of dollars would most definitely go a long way in helping us.
     But nothing was done about it and now nothing will be done about it because the Marxists have been in total control of this nation since 2008 and were jump started to that position in 2006.
     The onslaught of illegal’s continued through the Nixon and Ford years and naturally escalated dramatically during Carter’s Age of Appeasement, where Americans were being told that they had to bow down to the rest of the world, and his government most assuredly did.  Reagan was the first since Eisenhower to try and deal with the situation, but as brilliant as that man was, he either refused to see the answer right in front of him, or he let the Marxists convince him that if he wanted other things to pass he himself would have to pass on this issue.  Their answer like their answer to all other social problems was to just legalize the illegals with the stroke of a pen.  If we make them “legal” then naturally they are no longer illegal.  Around two million or so were given amnesty and legalized.  I don’t know if Reagan thought somehow that the Marxists would actually keep their word or if he was just crossing his fingers and hoping they would.  Naturally they had no intention of keeping their word and stopping future illegal’s.
     Seeing what the Democrats had forced Reagan to do on their behave, there was now no stopping them.  Bush 41 paid no attention to them and when Clinton got into office the flood gates were again opened.  Bush 43 paid no attention to them and now even though the media is trying to say that there are twenty million of them here, there are probably near thirty to thirty five million here.  The Marxist even sign them up to vote which is illegal, but now with the Marxists in control again of at least the two thirds of our government they are pushing once again not only for amnesty but for citizenship thinking they will become a massive voting block for them if amnesty is granted.  Thus they will totally control and finally destroy this country.
     But the answer to all of this is clear as a bell and so totally simple.  The illegal’s drain this country of hundreds of billions of dollars each and every year  through the free medical help they get, the welfare they get through both food stamps and cash assistance. The housing assistance they get, the free education they get, the special lower rate college tuition they get, and the outright financial scholarships they receive.  Furthermore since they are here illegally they never bothered to learn our language and now expect us to learn theirs instead, so it costs our country’s businesses hundreds of millions of dollars more to have everything dual labeled in Spanish as well as all kinds of others signs and services.
     The answer is simple.  Get rid of the remaining Marxists in Government, pass a law and enforce it that all medical services and welfare and financial assistance of any and all kinds are for United States Citizens Only.  The speed of the exodus from this country will be mind boggling leaving only the Muslim terrorists as the primary group coming over that unprotected border.



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