The INVASION Continues


The INVASION Continues

By now, many of you have heard that a huge caravan of Hispanic immigrants are now headed through Mexico in order to overwhelm US Customs and Immigration officials on the border. Their plan is to force their way across the US-Mexico border in an attempt to not only put our systems into chaos, but to defy President Trump and his stance upon building a wall and deportation of Hispanics. Many within this caravan have told reporters that it is their right to come to America to live, and take advantage of our programs that helps families to “survive”… something their country refuses to do.

President Trump has already put the blame on this caravan on Mexico for allowing it to march through without detaining them, and vows that the NAFTA and DACA agreements are now in dire jeopardy of being tossed should they happen to succeed making it into the United States.

There doesn’t seem to be an official number count of migrants within this long caravan, but some have placed these numbers into the tens of thousands, and growing larger by the day as they head north. Once these migrants reach the border, they plan to line it in many areas and simply charge across. One man, who seems to be a leader stated, “What are they going to do… shoot us all?”

There hasn’t been any word said by ICE as what they plan to do once the invasion begins.

This invasion should be disturbing to every American, but it seems that those who sit on the Left with the border and immigration issue believes that those who have rejected the Left’s immigration policies, and desire a sealed border, “deserve what these ‘soldiers of human rights’ are doing”. Some news medium have reveled in this attempt to “overwhelm the system” and to tell the world that “borders don’t jive with their globalistic beliefs”. California has already stated that they are all welcomed to come there.

So what is America to do? Are we to let tens, possibly hundreds of thousand migrants to simply flood the system and overtake America in force? To me, this is no different if it were armed soldiers… an invasion is an invasion and must be treated as such!

I can already see the hate mail coming, as to stop these migrants would be “inhumane” in their eyes. “How can a nation that welcomes those who are oppressed refuse them entry? All these people are trying to do is to have a decent life, and keep their family alive!”

There is a major problem in much of the world, a problem that no one seems to address: That socialism, communism, globalism (all from the same root of totalitarianism) has taken over much of the free world, and is threatening to consume the rest. South and Central America have quickly become a shadow of Cuba, as the Nazi Party and Soviet Party have made great headway with out southern neighbors since World War II. Although many Nazi leaders were captured in countries below the Rio Grande, their years of ideological indoctrination has made a deep wound into freedom and liberty… the same with Cuban/Soviet style communism.

Look at Venezuela as a prime example of how one man can turn a thriving nation 180 degrees upside down in just a few short years? Hugo Chavez destroyed one of the last countries of free enterprise and independence that S.A. had left. Although other countries seem to not be as effected, try living there. Every government south of our border is filled with those who side with the Cuban regime and Communist Empire that has consumed over 64% of the planet. Dictators are elected over and over again, and when they die, they are replaced with a mirror image, or worse.

As is said, if another country was so wonderful, then why aren’t the people staying? They come to America because of who and what we are. They come here to live in freedom and liberty. They come here to become something that they never can be in their home country. It isn’t the wealthy or upper middle class who are walking the thousands of miles to come here… it is the average who has to live in third-world conditions that most of us feel is inhuman. Sort of like how they now live in parks and parking lots in California’s tent cities. It is hard to believe that a country such as ours tolerates what we once saw during the Great Depression. And if this trend continues, it will become a plague that will spread clear across this nation, to fill every large city that hands out entitlements to the poor and illegals to create the picture we see like in Haiti or Africa, where tin shelters become their home, and people live with crime, rape, disease and death surrounding them.

There are two sides to this coin, both sides have their points.

On one side, how can the United States deny what we have allowed after WWI & II, Korea, Vietnam, and other wars, as refugees fleeing a war ravaged nation of tyranny and oppression are allowed access into our borders to find refuge? How can a nation with a statue standing at her gate that welcomes those who seek liberty turn away people who have no place to go? Isn’t America supposed to be a compassionate country? Do we not have the land and resources to place these people? Isn’t this nation built upon the ideology from sanctioning refugees to help build a better world in the practice of freedom, liberty, and justice? Aren’t we all from “immigrants”? This is the argument of the Left, as in many ways, it is substantiated… to a point.

On the other side, how can we keep allowing people into our country who will not assimilate, who some plan to do us harm, who want to make us more like where they came from, who desire our government to freely feed, clothe, house, and doctor them? America has to put up the NO VACANCY sign at some point!

Our systems are already overwhelmed. To put the needs of another million upon us could “break the bank” that is already taxed. We have seen what happens with Obama’s open-border policies, as one out of every three people in California is Hispanic, poor, sick, unemployed, and possible a criminal. Gangs of MS-13 dart our cities, as their criminal activities have stressed our law enforcement agencies to their limits. Our jails and prisons are filling up, and victim’s names are becoming a word used to describe the horrific ends that came to their lives needlessly. Homes are being broken into, women raped, families killed. Gangs are “smash ‘n grab” heisting of stores. Drunken illegals are slaughtering families on our roads. Jobs are being taken where an America worker could have to feed his family. Slums are growing, as American cities are becoming third-world landfills. And the stress upon welfare, Social Security, and other entitlement programs are now maxed out. An illegal gets around $3200 per month, while a retiree on Social Security only receives $1200 per month. Something is wrong here when illegals are made better off by our government than our own citizens who have lived here and built their life.

As I have stated before, America is in a state of war… a war of ideological control for the future. The past is fighting the future, and so far, the future seems to be winning. Emotions are ruling over logic and rationality. Common sense has been tossed out and replaced with stupidity from the heart. America is now to the farthest point towards socialism than ever before, and we all know communism is the next step. Globalism has infected many, as people just will not understand that if it wasn’t for our Founding ideology and basic principles of liberty, we all would be speaking German, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese today… and so would Europe, Canada, Australia, and other democracies where independence had the upper hand.

America CANNOT ALLOW these people into our country. If we have to, the National Guard… and even our own armed forces MUST PROTECT our borders and sovereignty! And if not, then this is where our private militias needs to step up as the Constitution and Declaration define!

President Trump needs to set up a defense right now, and show presence from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. And, if that lunatic Governor “Moonbeam” Brown wants to get in the way, arrest him and any other Californian who is assisting in an invasion of our country. It is no different than the Iraqis or Syrians who are migrating to Turkey and Eastern Europe. Russia put up troops to stop their invasion. Maybe for once we can be “just like the Russians”?

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda



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