The INVASION… and America’s answer to it


By keeping America’s southern border open and ALLOWING as many as 30 MILLION (so far) to enter America ILLEGALLY; Bringingillegals 5  in with them DISEASES that were all but eradicated in this country; Allowing muslim terrorists to enter with the other invaders; Creating in this country a marked increase in crimes such as rape, murder, assault, home invasion, burglary, armed robbery and vehicular manslaughter committed by these invaders and then REWARDING those CRIMINAL INVADERS with HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of American taxpayer dollars in financial support and services for their crimes…

As a whole, America’s Central Committee (formerly known as the American Congress); as well as America’s mostly corrupt judiciary; as well as individual state level central committees (formerly known as state assemblies); … with complete MALICE OF FORETHOUGHT are GUILTY of TREASON; GUILTY of Endangering the Health, Security and Wellbeing of American citizens; and are accessories before and after the fact in ALL crimes committed and yet to be committed by these ILLEGAL INVADERS of America.

But America HAS an answer to these crimes.

Since ALL of these crimes, as well as a myriad of others

–(like passing legislation to deprive Americans of their Constitutionally protected rights; the creation of bureaucracies to stifle American business as well as to regulate every single aspect of American’s private lives; the complete invasion of the privacy of American citizens; the stripping of parental rights of Americans; the self appointed “authority” to arrest and indefinitely incarcerate Americans without trial or even formal charges; to invade the private homes of citizens without a warrant; to stop at the personal discretion of police any and all people to “examine their papers”) –

have been committed by, or ‘authorized’ by America’s actual ONE major political party that comprises the whole of America’s central committee (which before their merger into one actual party were two privately created corrupt political parties known as the Democrat Party and the Republican Party)

America’s ANSWER to ALL of this and MORE is to actually REINFORCE THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE by returning to office, or ONLY adding new party members that are endorsed and supported by the puppet party of America’s actual rulers.

Americans have been totally indoctrinated to believe that they can ONLY appoint people to the central committee that have been         approved by the puppet party of America’s owners.   How did we get to this point Yet they somehow have convinced themselves and now totally believe that in doing so they will somehow be able to return America to being the free country it was founded to be, and once again have a congress instead of a central committee comprised of the puppets of America’s financial globalist owners.

This attitude of the masses can only be compared to slaves being given the opportunity of choosing from different task masters who are all in their owners employ, thinking that by doing so, life will not only somehow get better for them but they may actually regain their freedom.

But they will never regain their freedom.  In fact America will continue to fast spiral downward until it is nothing more than just another region on this planet.  Just another territory under the control of the U.N. and the financial globalists who initiated, own and control that totally fraudulent “world governing body”.

America has ONLY TWO possible scenarios out of the situation the people themselves have allowed to take place.

The FIRST is a physical revolution.  But THAT will NOT happen.  Americans have repeatedly shown that they are big … VERY big on attitude and ego, but not so much of anything else.  They will constantly threaten to revolt and some will actually prepare themselves for it, but then as always they will backup and draw another line in the sand daring government to cross it.  And when government DOES cross it they will back up again and again drawing more and more lines in the sand.

And a physical revolution will not happen for several other reasons.  Only two of which are; Americans have become a very lazy and spoiled people who place their comforts and their recreational habits and their entertainment above all else.  They KNOW that IF there were to be a physical revolution they would run the very real risk of losing all of those comforts and quite probably lose them permanently.  And the second reason is that IF a physical revolution were to occur then America would be over anyway.  What would remain are many different areas other than the states that are now in existence.  Those areas would be like the city states of ancient times.  And with the world as brutal as it is now, with so many different countries wanting to see America overthrown and conquered, those individual “city states” would not be able to unify militarily and one by one they would be overwhelmed and conquered.

The SECOND scenario where Americans themselves are concerned is the only truly viable way out of this present state the nation is in.  It’s actually the ONLY way to save the nation without massive bloodshed, and it’s the ONLY way the nation could remain intact.  And THAT WAY is via the voting booth.

There is no one who can honestly deny that ALL  of the damage that hasWAKE UP been done to America has come solely at the hands of Democrats AND the Republicans.      ALL of the damage to America has been done by THEM and ONLY by THEM.  NO ONE ELSE.

LONG AGO and long before they were purchased by America’s owners and merged into essentially one party, these two privately created corrupt political parties DIVIDED THIS NATION BETWEEN THEM and ONLY between them.  No other parties were allowed even a chance to save this nation from them.  The result is the America that exists today.

The continuing damage to America COULD be stopped.  The harm done to this nation by what is now actually America’s ONE major political party COULD be repaired.  The nation COULD be saved from financial ruin and total bankruptcy.  America COULD regain its sovereignty.  And America COULD once again be the shining beacon for the entire world to see and aspire to be like.

ALL of this COULD be accomplished if the American people would break free from their yokes of psychological servitude to the owners of America and their puppet party.  ALL that would need to be done is for the populace to no longer cast even ONE vote for either the Democrat side or the Republican side of the owner’s puppet party.  That does not mean that Americans should organize yet ANOTHER political party because the vast majority of Americans today place their pockets above their patriotism.  But there are already SEVERAL parties in existence that Americans have never been told even exist.  IF Americans who actually CARE about their nation would for just FOUR to SIX elections in a row vote for any or all of those other political parties and did not cast EVEN ONE VOTE for either the Democrat side or the Republican side of the owner’s party, The REVOLUTION would have occurred and America would once again be a nation possessing an actual CONGRESS instead of a central committee, and would return to what it has not seen in well over a century, which is a country possessing an actual government that is OF the people and BY the people and once again actually functioning FOR the people of this nation.

But Americans have time and time again, with every single election that comes, PROVEN that they will not do that.  Instead they will remain obedient servants of America’s masters and will continue to voluntarily wear their yokes of servitude to their masters and vote ONLY for either side of their master’s political party.

So … America’s border will remain open.   Disease will soon enough reach epidemic proportion.  Crimes committed by the invaders will continue to increase.  More terrorists will have easyillegals 10 access to this country.  The totalitarian government presently under construction will continue to be put firmly in place.  Americans will continue to lose even more freedoms and have even more restrictions placed upon them.  There will soon enough be complete “Big Brother” monitoring of even all activities in private dwellings.

Yet Americans still seem to take offense at being called sheeple instead of people.



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