The Founders Possible Serious Mistakes

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The communist democrats and ESPECIALLY the one sitting ILLEGALLY in the oval office may accidently be correct on a couple of points.  They feel that the founders of America got it wrong when they established the Constitution along with its’ original amendments.  But what they are referring to is the Constitution’s written guarantee of the inalienable rights of the citizens of this country.  It’s those guaranteed rights listed in the Constitution that prevent the communists from ending this country quickly and outright.  What the communist democrats refer to as the founders getting it wrong is in itself a wrong statement.  However … the founders of America when establishing the Constitution of the United States “may” have did TWO things wrong.

The communists continually try to disregard America’s founding document as totally inconsequential, as evidenced by their completely ignoring the RIGHT to LIFE portion of it due to their insatiable blood lust for the unborn children though abortion, and their open and constant attacks on the Second Amendment in their never ending attempt to strip this nation of its’ right to defend itself against a corrupt and abusive government.  And let’s not forget about their many attempts to redefine and then regulate free speech.  They have even (and quite successfully) attacked the freedom of religion guarantee as well and have tried; and continue to try to give America only TWO “officially sanctioned” religions.  The first being the religion of Atheism and the second via the muslim sitting illegally in America’s White House the savage and brutal cult of islam.  The second is primarily acceptable to them because of the idea that “the end justifies the means” and the enslavement of a people is the primary goal of communism no matter what avenue is used to attain that enslavement.

However there are actually TWO things that the founders themselves “may” have actually done wrong when they established this nation.

 The FIRST was their choice of wording when it came to Article II section 1 in the Constitution.  There has ALWAYS been evil in this world.  Even in the days the founders created the most perfect form of government ever conceived by man.  BUT even THEY could not fathom the type of absolute evil that now threatens to destroy America from within.  IF even one of them had been clairvoyant and was able to see into the future and successfully convey their vision to the others, they would have written the Constitution and its original Amendments in a way that it could NEVER be subject to personal “interpretation”. But they were righteous Christian men and made a very wrong assumption that there would always be righteous men to put into America’s government.  Now the Constitution of the United States, the most perfect document ever created by man IS being, and has been reduced to being subject to “interpretation” by totally fallible as well as corrupt judges, so-called Constitutional “scholars” and evil and corrupt politicians. If they had written it more clearly than they did there would not be a criminal usurper sitting in the Oval Office and there would be no discussions of “who” can legally hold the office of President, just so the present illegal occupier can remain there and have the damage he and his ilk have done to America remain after he and they are gone.  Now the idea is being promoted that anyone born anywhere on this planet can hold the office of President as long as at least one of their parents was an American citizen.  The founders however believed in logic and when they declared that only a natural born citizen could hold the office of President they meant ONLY a person born of TWO American citizens and born on American soil could attain that office, with the ONLY exception being those who were citizens of this new country at the time of its forming.  They believed that logic would dictate this.  But as I said, they could not even fathom the degree of actual evil that would befall their new country only a couple of hundred years down the line.

The SECOND was the establishment of the American Judiciary.  The establishment of the JUDICIAL branch was flawed from the very beginning.  When establishing the Judiciary the founders made a couple of very SERIOUS mistakes.  Although there was always corruption present in the Judiciaries of any and all countries prior to the establishment of the United States; the founders were for the most part honest and reputable men who were just not able to foresee the tremendous and blatantly open corruption that would evolve in the country they were establishing.

In America “Law” is and has always been a BUSINESS, and it is NO DIFFERENT than ANY other business except for the fact that the rulings in courts can all too often affect ALL Americans and NOT just the participants involved in that “business”.  Like ALL other businesses there always exists the potential for bribes to be offered and accepted for rulings favorable to certain participants involved in any litigation.  There is cronyism on EVERY level of that business from small local courts all the way to the federal level.  To make a statement that judges can be and are all too often corrupt is like saying that water is wet.  It’s a well established and all too often proven fact.

And therein lays the largest fault made by the founders where the establishment of the judiciary is concerned.  They setup the appellate courts and the Supreme Court.  The individual states ALL followed suit with the exact same structure when setting up THEIR branches of law.

The problem was the lifetime appointment of judges and the political influences involved in placing appointees to these various levels of the judiciary as well as the fact that BOTH of these levels of the judiciary STRIPPED from the people the opportunity for FAIR and unbiased rulings.  THERE ARE NO JURY OF PEERS where both of these particular judiciaries are concerned.  The jury of “peers” is the group of judges themselves.  Too long in office and too beholding to the political group and ideologies that put them in their positions.  The Supreme Court of The United States is the MOST flagrant example of this.  ALL appointments to that position have ALWAYS been and will ALWAYS be purely political in nature and NOW the communist left is about to acquire absolute majority control of that entire branch of the Federal Government and thus the dream of the communists Baldwin and Eastman who setup the ACLU all the way back in 1917 to use America’s own court system to destroy the nation will have reached fruition.  And being that the appointments to this branch of government are lifetime, America as it was originally setup and ordained to be, can now be considered for all practical purposes … finally over.

When a legal case comes up that will most definitely affect the entire nation as a whole and affect the entire nation permanently, the decision rendered by that court should NOT be left solely in the hands of NINE POLITICAL APPOINTEES because their decision can be accurately predicted long prior to the case even being brought before them.  When cases come before that particular court as well as any and all cases that can and will affect the entire nation come before the Appellate Courts, ALL of those cases should be heard before an actual jury similar to a Federal Grand Jury of 23 actual American Citizens.  But IF the outcome of a particular case should actually affect the entire nation, then that special jury should be comprised of no less than 36 actual American citizens.  Some would say that to reach a quorum in a jury that size would take too long.  Well … if the decision will permanently affect the entire nation then it should take as long as it should take.

No judge on ANY level should hold their position longer than six years at a time and no judge on ANY level should be allowed to hold that position for more than TWO terms, consecutive or not.  But the ONLY way to remedy this ultra serious situation would be through the conducting of another actual constitutional convention.  Something that will NEVER happen again because the communists now enjoy political majority control over this nation and with the help of their media as well as their obvious control over the electronic voting tabulators that are now used clear across the nation they may very well increase that control even more and thus finish the job of destroying this, the LAST beacon of hope and freedom for the entire planet.

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