The Ever Increasing Need for ‘A.L.’s


The Ever Increasing Need for A.L.’s

Some people will claim this article is pure fantasy.  But almost everything we see in this world of today was considered to be ‘fantasy’ at one point in our history.  Yet today it is all just every day normal.  Some will say it will never be allowed to occur.  THAT could be a possibility.  Because back when George Orwell published his book pertaining to a complete totalitarian society under the constant vigilance of Big Brother, it was considered to be pure fantasy, yet today we have almost completely become that society and in many ways have even surpassed Orwell’s concept of total surveillance of the population.  And those who actually own and control America may not want to see something like this occur.  But what the concept of this article pertains to is in itself very enticing.

The accompanying video of the ever progressing achievements by Boston Dynamics in robotics shows that mankind although barely into the potential possibilities where robotics are concerned is most definitely making very good headway.Robots 2

The Robots being engineered by Boston Dynamics have a host of practical applications from naturally the military to everyday usage by nonmilitary.

In addition to these types of robots, there are the Japanese who have made almost unbelievable advancements in humanoid robotics, creating artificial life forms that not only look and move like humans, but can actually REASON and converse with humans providing complete interaction.    A very good example of which is ASIMO, created by Honda’s engineers.  The link to ASIMO is also appearing below this article.

Robots 7

It has been stated that the continuing advancements in the creation of artificial lifeforms will within 30 years make it more than just likely that we will be seeing these lifeforms of the streets.   We will even be seeing entire sports teams composed of androids.  Everything from complete football; soccer and baseball teams to boxing events.

The law enforcement applications of this go without question.

Using “Robocop’s” to patrol the streets would totally eliminate ALL contrived accusations of “racism” against the police because even to the low IQ minds of those who at present like to call any action by the police as being “racially motivated”, there would be zero grounds to even contemplate making such claims.   Emotion would not be a characteristic of those androids.  They would not recognize ‘race’ but only lawbreaking and would function accordingly.

Robots 9  The existence of ‘Robocop’s’ would all but completely put race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton and the host of others out of business.   It would also have the additional benefit of shutting up idiotic race agitating politicians as well.

ALSO, it would eliminate all truly stupid actions committed by many police personnel who presently misjudge situations and use unjustified spontaneous lethal force when such actions were clearly un-necessary.

Yes the perfecting of artificial lifeforms and the practical applications of those devices most definitely has a great many advantages pertaining to everyday life on the streets of America and even the rest of the world as well.

However … there is now even a far more DESPERATE need for such devices here in America.  That DESPERATE NEED pertains to LAW.

America is in trouble.  VERYSERIOUSTROUBLE.

We have a totally out of control government lording over the populace and getting steadily MORE oppressive almost by the day.

Every second of every minute of every hour of every day we are being deliberately pushed faster and steadily toward our complete national financial collapse by politicians.   More and more Robots 1restrictions are being placed upon all segments of the population, and more and more laws are being created by politicians; some following the guidelines set forth in the Constitution and some by decree; but ALL of which are being enacted by a government this is NOT representative OF, BY and functioning FOR the people, but strictly for those who own and control it.    And it has been that way for almost an entire century and a half now.

And it became that way by the choice of Americans generations ago and has voluntarily remained that way for all these generations hence.

Not even a full hundred years of our existence as a new and truly free nation had passed before Americans went totally against the dire warnings of our founders and completely turned this nation over to just two privately created, agenda driven, corrupt political parties.    Whether they did this because they grew tired of having the “burden” of maintaining their freedom themselves, or they were just as gullible as the American’s of today and fell for the rhetoric of the snake oil salesmen politicians of their day is not known.   But the devastating results of their complete surrender of their nation has been increasingly evident ever since, and now is without question.

There is now basically nothing that an American can do that is not governed by a regulation of some kind.   Government … ALL levels of government from federal to local have gone law crazy.   There are so many laws now in existence nationwide that even those who made those laws do not even know of most of them.   ALL levels of government are so obsessed with oppressive power over the people now that ALL they really want to do anymore is pass even MORE oppressive laws.

There are actually laws in existence that prohibit the passing of other laws that are now in existence.  Does anyone at all with “power over the people” care in the least about that?   No.   They just want to keep passing even MORE oppressive laws.

The floodgates to complete totalitarianism have been opened wide and there does not seem to be anyway to close them.

But the one primary law … the law of the land … the law that almost ALL of those in positions of authority actually (but only ceremonially) swear an allegiance to … the law that SHOULD be revered and adhered to … is the one law that almost ALL those in a position of having power over the people could care the least about.  In fact almost ALL of those with power over the people have never even read it, and don’t even care to.  To them and naturally to those who actually own and control THEM, that law of the land is nothing anymore but a relic … an artifact from the past.

America has a symbol of law.  A lady.  She is called ‘Lady Justice’.  She is holding a scale.  She has her eyes blindfolded symbolizing that justice is blind.  Well

LADY JUSTICE may be blind … but her pockets have been filled … and her scales are now tipped in favor of those who have contributed to her pockets.

JUSTICE in American has now become no different than the type of “justice” that can be received in any and all other corrupt governments.   Confusion from the existence of so many laws coupled with corruption of an owned and politically motivated judiciary owing their allegiance to those who placed them in their positions, coupled with attorney’s who sole purpose in many cases is to twist the meaning of laws to fit their side of a legal case has pretty much guaranteed that actual justice doesn’t stand much of a chance of being realized anymore in this country.   Yes there ARE exceptions but in reality those exceptions are becoming steadily rarer.


IMAGINE if you will … a case appearing in a courtroom … and presiding over that case is an artificial lifeform.   A lifeform that is totally able to converse in everyday language as if that A.L. was actually a human being.   An A.L. that has the ability to actually reason just as a human can.   BUT … an A.L. that ALSO has ALL existing laws INCLUDING the entire Constitution of the United States programmed into it.   It could research all laws in a matter of just a few seconds.   It could take in and retain the arguments of ALL attorneys and weigh their arguments in matters of only seconds.   It could not only listen to all witnesses presented in a case, but have ALL characteristics that humans exhibit when they are lying ALSO programmed into it.   Then render its decision within actually seconds, and where the cases fall within the boundaries of the Constitution, then the Constitution automatically trumps all attempted arguments to the contrary.


Robots 8

IMAGINE the type of totally non-emotional, pure matter of fact, non-politically motivated decisions being rendered by such an artificial lifeform.   Corrupt judges would be a thing of the past.  Legislating from the bench would be a thing of the past.

We would actually have PURE LAW … PURE JUSTICE prevailing in ALL courtrooms where these artificial lifeforms were presiding.  No mistakes made.   NOTHING for race baiters and corrupt politicians and totally politically oriented “news” personnel to be able to claim “bias” about.  The decisions rendered would be PURE decisions based strictly upon law and ESPECIALLY upon the Constitution of the United States; the law of the land that would trump all conflicting laws and regulations.

Now … IMAGINE if you will … replacing the entire purely politically appointed and motivated SCOTUS with NINE of these (even though only ONE would be enough).  IMAGINE the TOTALLY NON-POLITICAL AGENDA DRIVEN RESULTS coming from THAT place.    If an issue pertaining directly to the Constitution itself were presented to the SCOTUS, the decision rendered by that SCOTUS would be based purely on the Constitution itself and not on agenda driven politically motivated opinion.

ALL OF THIS would be TOTALLY AWESOME.  Real and true justice would again be found in our judiciary.

It’s DEFINITELY something to THINK about even though  those who own and control America’s government as well as the majority of the judiciary would never actually allow it to come to be.

But it IS something nice to wish for.

Skeptics will readily come out with “Robots are computers and as such they can be hacked”.    Well … only computers that are connected to the web or subject to any type of Wi-Fi programming can be hacked.   Free  Robots 6standing units are not subject to being hacked.   Man now has perfected computer memory to be able to handle millions upon millions of terabytes of information.  Judicial robots could all very easily be self-contained and thus not subject to hacking.  When not in use they could be very well secured.

And … many people, in fact a GREAT MANY people would offer up the totally un-thought-out comment … “We don’t need to wait for artificial intelligence to be placed into the courts to get truly Constitution compliant rulings from the courts, ALL we need is to put people into those judicial seats that will not legislate from the bench and who will actually adhere to the Constitution and uphold, defend and enforce it all the time”.

The very best answer that can be given to those ‘dreamers’ is in itself a question, which is …

“Really?  And just how much of that have the people themselves been able to accomplish OVER THE PAST ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS of first two party and now essentially ONE political party RULE over America?

THINK about it.

And while you are thinking about it, below are the links to the videos mentioned in the article.

Video pertaining to Boston Dynamics

Video Pertaining to different types of ever advancing robots including ASIMO

Video with the newest ASIMO



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