The Art of the Deal FOR FREE


The Art of the Deal FOR FREE

HONESTLY NOW… Just HOW MANY people have even NOTICED they are getting a FREE COURSE in ‘The ART of the Deal’?

If people were to pay close attention they would see that with his time in office they are seeing how the very first ever PEOPLE’S CHOICE for President actually WINS at just about EVERYTHING.

He treats politics like he does business.   He INTIMIDATES his opponents and sends them ranting like crazy to the DNC Media to whine and complain while he is free to continue on working to not just FINALLY RESTORE this nation economically (as he has ALREADY DONE in just three short years) but to make it MORE financially strong than it has EVER been.

He singles out the MOST VISIBLY ANTI AMERICAN MORONS and ELEVATES them to be the OFFICIAL representatives of the entire communist democrat side of the party.   And NO ONE from THAT side of the party, even those who are claimed by the left to be the “Party Leaders” then has the courage to STAND AGAINST those anti Americans.   In fact they are forced to DEFEND those anti America Morons which ELEVATES them EVEN MORE, resulting in those idiots feeling unearned “power” to such a degree that they INCREASE their anti-America rhetoric.   They then become the face and the official voice of that side of the party and actually set the agenda that everyone in that side of the party MUST follow out of actual FEAR of being shunned by those anti-American morons.   Thus openly showing the entire world the now TRUE intent of the democrat side of the party.

Where the actual BUSINESS of America is concerned, — the part that genuinely affects ALL Americans —, he proves to the entire world that America is no longer the financial candy store for the entire world that every PATHETIC NEW WORLD ORDER GLOBALIST PUPPETS that occupied the Oval Office before him, allowed it to be.

ALL of the PATHETIC GLOBALIST PUPPETS symbolically got on their knees to every world leader and did THEIR bidding, and then came back to the American people and said — We really made a good deal for this country.   And KNOWING just how damaging those deals were to this nation and its’ people, the DNC Media immediately twisted everything to make it sound like the Globalist Puppets actually DID do something worthwhile for this nation.   And the American people were IGNORANT enough to FALL for ALL of it.

Over what will eventually be known at some time in the future as America’s dark age, the period of 2000 to 2016, and especially between 2009 and 2016, saw massive increases in unemployment as American jobs were eliminated and moved to other countries; food stamp usage and welfare dependency; and self-respect steadily dwindling.

The People’s President said — NO MORE of that stupidity.   He lays down this nation’s NEW terms and says if you do not want to accept what we offer then that’s okay … just contact us when you do.

And they actually DO.

What that has resulted in is American jobs coming back to America; Unemployment now at RECORD lows; ALL RACES enjoying a marked upswing in employment; Welfare participation (for LEGAL citizens) dropping as people began to feel self-worth again through gainful employment; Food Stamp usage dropping for the same reason; and many more benefits to this nation and its’ people.   ALL of its’ people.

ALL BECAUSE of this ONE MAN, this very first ever actual PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT.   The very first President in over a century now who was NOT owned and controlled by America’s globalist owners, but rather chosen by the people and who represents the people themselves.

He is the very first President EVER to actually be TRULY QUALIFIED for the office because he is the very first President to possess the actual knowledge as to HOW to run a country like ours.   Also he is the very first President to actually WANT to represent the people and NOT our globalist owners.   And because of that as well as all he has done FOR this nation, he will definitely be re-elected.   He will be re-elected because Americans will be voting FOR HIM and not for the side of the party he had to align himself with to get elected.   Because of what he has done FOR this nation and its’ people, democrats that may still be loyal to this country will be voting for him and he definitely has the Independent vote.   The democrats may not actually leave their side of the party because they still keep hoping beyond hope that their side can once again return to being representative of the constitution and American values, but they will still cast their votes for The People’s President simply BECAUSE his IS the first ever actual People’s President.

But if people pay extra attention to just HOW he is able to accomplish ALL that he has and will continue to do FOR this country, they will be receiving a free course in ‘The Art of the Deal’.


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