The Anniversary of John Kennedy’s Murder


(The “what if” Scenario)

One half century ago today, one of the most universally loved and respected presidents in the history of this nation was assassinated.


From the very beginning there was a shadow of doubt cast upon this tragic killing.  The entire event quite probably would have been accepted and remained accepted by the American people had it not been for the LIFE magazine cover photo of the alleged killer Lee Harvey Oswald.  Even novice photographers noticed there was something not right about the shadows in that picture as well as the actual stance of Oswald.  Instantly there was talk of that photo being fabricated which naturally led people to wonder why?

However it wasn’t until Oliver Stone         produced his JFK movie questioning the entire happening that people began to take serious notice of the very strange events of that day.  His movie created the vast well organized conspiracy theory surrounding the murder.  He even created the doubt that Oswald was actually the one in that window and that it was almost impossible for Oswald, who was on foot, to be in the place that he was to allegedly be the one to kill officer Tippit.  After all there was no truly accurate description of the man who killed Tippit.  It was only a description of someone who “appeared to somewhat resemble” Oswald.  He also created the scenario of a second shooter being in the grassy knoll.

But Stone is a Hollywood producer as well as a Hollywood writer and he was assisted by other talented Hollywood writers.  In his interviews after his successful movie he admitted that he didn’t really have all that much to go on because the entire “investigation” into the murder was completely shielded from the public.  That act alone would fuel the vast well organized conspiracy theory.

He raised a lot of seemly valid points in his movie, such as why was the military told to “stand down” that day in that area prior to Kennedy’s Dallas visit, as well as bring up the fact that in the Zapruder film, Governor Connelly appears to be struck NOT by the same bullet that went through Kennedy, but by a SECOND bullet almost two seconds later etc. etc.

But it was a very well scripted movie that Stone produced, complete with well known and admired actors like Kevin Costner, Jack Lemon, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Bacon, Walter Matthau, Joe Pesci and others.  With talent like that in his movie, complete with each actor’s enamored followers to add praise to the production, Americans being as media oriented as they are, accepted the premise of that movie as actual documentable fact.  That movie was so well produced and emotionally powerful that even today people tend to accept it and even defend it as actual facts.

Following Stone’s movie were other movies like “Executive Action” with Burt Lancaster etc. that chose to somewhat follow the same theory created by Stone in order to financially capitalize on what was now the public’s belief that there actually was a well organized and widespread conspiracy.

With those successful movies as the base for their beliefs, the majority of Americans now believe that there MUST have been a very well organized far reaching conspiracy BEFORE the act.  After all … to murder a President would really require such a well organized conspiracy prior to the act itself … wouldn’t it?

There was even a book written naming Lyndon Johnson as the one who orchestrated the killing because of his well known animosity for Kennedy.  But like Stone’s movie, the book accusing Johnson of the murder was based purely on conjecture with no physical evidence presented to back it up.

But WHAT IF there was no vast well organized conspiracy BEFORE the act, but rather a hastily put together conspiracy AFTER the fact?

The Stone movie was a full scale Hollywood production complete with powerful and well loved actors and as such was very believable at the time.  But Stone had absolutely nothing to back up his theory of the actual shooting other than the Zapruder film which at least appears to show Connelly being shot AFTER Kennedy was shot.  The rest is pure theory.

Years later a book was published titled “Mortal Error”, written by Howard Donahue who was a Sharpshooter, a gunsmith and an ACTUAL BALLISTICS EXPERT.  Unlike Oliver Stone’s movie, Donahue’s book was primarily a boring list of actual facts.  There was no colorful story involved to present his findings.  And, without a colorful story, it was uninteresting to book readers and others who have been media oriented.  It only contained actual ballistic possibilities and facts surrounding Kennedy’s death.

Let’s start with Oswald and for the sake of this article say that it actually WAS Oswald in that warehouse window.  Although there exists no actual proof of that.  BUT what was described by witnesses proves that whoever was in that window was an amateur at best.  Because a professional assassin would NOT allow his weapon to protrude out of the window where it could be seen.  And witnesses claim to have seen the weapon protruding out of that window, which proves it was an amateur doing the actual shooting and NOT a professional.  THIS kind of proves that it may have actually been Oswald.

Next … the weapon used (from that window) was an Italian made Mannlicher Carcano 6.5 mm bolt action Carbine.   It was disclosed that Oswald purchased that weapon from a Chicago mail order house.  The Carcano was a very poorly designed military rifle.  So poorly designed that it was nicknamed the “friendliest military rifle ever manufactured” because it was near impossible to accurately hit a target more than a hundred or so feet away.  It was designed primarily for laying down a base of fire across a battlefield.  But people bring up the fact that it had a scope on it.  It was later discovered that the crosshairs in the scope were not accurately calibrated for the distance it was used for.  This again tends to prove that it was an amateur firing from that window which does tend to lead back to Oswald.  APROFESSIONAL assassin would NEVER use that particular weapon, ESPECIALLY to execute such a high profile assignment.  Next … although there ARE times that a professional assassin WILL leave a weapon at the scene of the crime, they will NEVER leave a weapon that is traceable back to them.  This tends to prove that it was an amateur up in that window which again would lead back to Oswald.

The media claimed that Oswald was an expert marksman.  But investigation into Oswald’s past showed otherwise.  Those that attended Marine boot camp with him ALL said otherwise.  True he was classified as a sharpshooter, but ALL Marines, like soldiers in Army basic training are classified as a marksman, a sharpshooter or an expert depending upon how many times they were able to hit the target on qualification day.  Oswald may very well have managed to hit the target only one time above the marksman category.  That does NOT make him an expert shooter.  ALSO a professional assassin will continue to hone his skills.  Oswald spent his time passing out Marxist literature.

NOW TO THE ACTUAL KILLING:  We know for a fact that one bullet fired from that book depository window actually struck Kennedy from the right rear side, because the bullet that actually struck him in the base of the neck came from the right rear side and went through his body.

People claim that there HAD to be another shooter from the front right side (aka the grassy knoll area) because Kennedy’s head snapped back and to the left.  However the enhanced Zapruder film shows Kennedy’s head exploding on the right side.  If a bullet is fired (from ANY angle) there will be no huge explosion at the point of entry going back in the direction the trajectory was fired from.  When there is an explosion caused by the trajectory as it hits a hard object it will occur on the EXIT side of the target if indeed the bullet exits the target.  And ONLY if the bullet used is NOT a full metal jacket round.  A full metal jacket round will more often than not pass completely through a target with the composition of the human body with only a slight increase in the size of the exit side of the target.  As did the round that actually hit Kennedy from the right rear.  However … a FRANGIBLE bullet, which is a bullet designed to actually split apart immediately upon target entry, WILL produce a much larger exit hole if indeed it does exit.  BUT if it DOESN’T exit, it could STILL (and quite often does) cause the far side of the target to explode outward due to the massive pressure created by the incoming trajectory.  Kennedy’s head exploded OUTWARD on the RIGHT side.  As such there HAD to be ANOTHER shooter who was on the left side which is NOT where the grassy knoll is located.  For anyone to actually prove this on themselves, all that they need do is strike the upper back side of their own neck and see how their own head will snap back in the direction the strike came from.  Also a bullet creates a massive vacuum in its immediate trail which will also cause the head to snap back in the direct the bullet came from.

In his research into the killing, Donahue obtained a copy of one of the few remaining autopsy reports and then enlisted the help of a forensics expert.  It was then discovered that the entry bullet hole in the skull was actually LOWER than what was reported by the media. In fact the entry hole was closer to STREET LEVEL and could NOT have occurred from a bullet fired from the upper right rear.  Furthermore is was found that the entry hole was closer to 5.7 mm and thus COULD NOT have been made by the 6.5 mm Carcano Carbine.  The 5.7mm hole was consistent with the type of entry hole that would be created by a .223 round used in an AR-15.  And there WAS an AR-15 present at the Kennedy killing.  It was being held by Secret Service Agent George Hickey.  The secret service ALWAYS had an assault weapon with them when escorting the President.  They kept it on the floor of the presidential escort vehicle.  It was always loaded and ready to be used.  Furthermore … being an actual BALLISTICS EXPERT Donahue stated that the head exploding on the right side could ONLY have been caused by a frangible bullet.  The AR-15 fires a frangible bullet.

Actual witnesses present that day stated that they saw a secret service agent holding an assault rifle and they also reported seeing that agent FALL BACKWARD as the vehicle he was in lunged forward to close the distance between the escort vehicle and the Presidents’ vehicle.  It is EXTREMELY POSSIBLE that when he fell backward Hickey ACCIDENTLY pulled the trigger, firing the round that actually killed Jack Kennedy.

What adds actual CREDIBILITY to this potential scenario is the FACT that HICKEY LIED in his written report of the events of that day.  Hickey stated in his report that he did pick up the AR-15 but only when his vehicle was passing under the overpass and AFTER Kennedy had already been struck and they were headed to the hospital.  BUT there exists an ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPH of Hickey holding the AR-15 AT THE TIME AND SPOT OF KENNEDY’S HEAD SHOT.  What adds even more credibility to this scenario is that after the Kennedy killing, there were no more AR’s carried in the Secret Service escort car.  Why would the Secret Service stop carrying those weapons after that day?

Now there is absolutely NO WAY that any conspiracy theorists can even TRY to say that if Hickey actually did fire the kill shot that he was a pre-designated part of the assassination.  Because there is absolutely NO ONE who could make a shot like that from a moving vehicle without taking careful aim.  THAT type of shooting ONLY appears in the movies because it’s totally impossible in real life no matter how much of an expert shooter someone is.  IF George Hickey did fire the actual kill shot is was PURELY BY ACCIDENT.  And the cover up that followed the shooting was AFTER THE FACT.  BECAUSE how could the Secret Service ADMIT that ONE OF THEIR OWN ACCIDENTLY KILLED THE PRESIDENT THEY WERE SWORN TO PROTECT WITH THEIR VERY LIVES?  It would be UNFORGIVABLE in the eyes of the American public.

Oliver Stone produced a very well scripted and extremely emotion driven movie with very high profile actors of that time to put forth a theory pertaining to all the unexplained events of that particular day.  And ALL that Stone had to go on were assumptions and suspicions. He had nothing to back up his story other than suspicions and created his entire scenario around it.

Howard Donahue, an ACTUAL BALLISTICS EXPERT wrote a book that was not colorful but filled with boring logic as well as boring ballistics and backed up his analysis of the events with actual forensics.

Americans as a whole WANT to believe that there was a widespread conspiracy leading up to the assassination because they just cannot emotionally accept the idea of a lone shooter.  Stone produced his movie so well that people will defend it as both true and accurate.  Also Americans have learned over the past half century just how openly corrupt this nations’ government has become and thus equate that back to the government that existed in 1963.  But the Marxists didn’t obtain complete control of the democrat party and majority control over most of this nations’ government until years later.

To the majority of Americans emotion trumps logic.  But actual logic dictates that the shooter in that window was a complete amateur.  A PROFESSIONAL would not allow his weapon to be seen protruding from that window.  A PROFESSIONAL would never leave a weapon behind that could be traced back to him.  A PROFESSIONAL would never use that particular rifle to commit an assassination to begin with; they would have chosen to use an accurate rifle.  And … if it HAD BEEN A PROFESSIONAL in that window, the very first shot fired would have been the kill shot.  If there was a vast conspiracy to kill Kennedy then a PROFESSIONAL assassin would have been hired … not an amateur.  ALL of this tends to point back to the idea that it actually WAS Oswald in that window.

It also comes down to the fact that if it was Oswald in that window then his two of the three shots fired did not kill Kennedy.  It was the shot fired from ground level that did it.  And actual forensics and ballistics tend to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt.

We will never know the truth surrounding the Kennedy assassination because all of the secrecy surrounding it, as well as all of the distortions, all of the lies and misleading statements surrounding it came from this nations own government.  This in itself tends to legitimize Howard Donahue’s book “MORTAL ERROR”.  Because WHY would the government try so hard to hide the entire investigation from the American public, even after it was completed unless they actually KNEW the true story of what really happened that day?  Also, George Hickey himself waited two full years AFTER the book was released to file a lawsuit against Donahue, but the suit was dismissed because it took too long for him to file it.  He later sued again and again after that until Donahue and his publisher’s deemed it too expensive to fight those suits any longer.  But those suits instituted by Hickey contained no criminal false allegation charges against Donahue and his publishers.  They were civil charges.  That in itself raises yet two more questions; Why no criminal allegations filed against Donahue and his publishers trying to site falsifications of documentation and if those suits were too expensive for Donahue and his publisher to deal with, who then funded Hickey’s suits?  Hickey wasn’t wealthy.

George Hickey died in 2005 and maybe the actual truth of that day died with him.


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