Any athletic coach will tell their players, “We cannot win a championship without complete teamwork!” Sure, a few games can be won, but to win a championship requires a full team effort with the drive of each member to win. No championship is won by the quarterback, the pitcher, the goalie, the driver, or the center. The same can be said in production of plays, films, and song. The star may be in the spotlight, but without the full support and successful effort by the team behind the star, then the production will fail, as the support of the followers will then diminish.

We expect perfection, and so rightly deserved. There are plenty of others to follow, but we want our personally chosen “team” to be on top… the victor above all the others, and our enthusiastic encouragement towards their success only heightens the team’s efforts, placing them upon a pedestal which they want to hold so as to be on top, that is until someone comes along to knock them off.

The Dallas Cowboys, the Chicago Bulls, the New York Yankees, Dale Earnhardt Sr, Steven Speilberg, the Beatles, Aerosmith, Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep, Reba McEntire, Hank Williams, ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, have all had long running dynasties in their field. But each one never could have risen to the top without their supporting team behind them. Individually, each is but a drop in a bucket, but together as a team, they are an ocean. Jillian Farrar quoted, “Success is not created by just one person, but by a team that comes together as one!”

The United States of America is also a team. Our success came from a combined effort, from the President and his administration down to the farmer and coal miner. America has held a dynasty for over two centuries because of teamwork and the drive towards success. Nobody wants to be on a losing team… nobody desires to support a loser. Yet in America today, there is a growing number of citizens, agencies, politicians, and industrial leaders who wish to see America fail, to support the “other” team… who roots for the losers, and will purposely sabotage the successful to get their losers to the top.

President Trump’s main goal is to make America great again, for everyone. President Obama’s main goal was in America’s total, fundamental transformation. President GW Bush wanted to keep America safe, eradicate terrorism, and bring peace to the world. President Clinton only wanted what he could get, rode on the coat tails of Reagan, and set up a kingdom for himself and his wife. President GHW Bush wanted a New World Order. And President Reagan wanted to fix all the problems that President Carter created. But none of these presidents could have achieved one item without having support, in various ways… nefarious or not.

Can a winner also be a leader? If you can lead the one, yourself, then you can lead many… if you can’t lead the one, then you can’t lead any! So, a winner can win, but cannot lead, as a leader can lead, but cannot win. It takes both to achieve total success, and finding the right supporters is the key to having great success. One person within the support group can derail the train towards success. This is why it is crucial for all members of the team to be in sync with the leader, having the same desire for the same success.

If you are an American, then why wouldn’t you support America? Would you wear a Boston Red Sox ball cap in New York to a Yankees’ game if you are a devoted Yanks supporter? But in today’s twisted, upside down society, you see Americans displaying their support of Che, Marx, Mao, Alinsky, Chavez, Castro, and every other vile communist ever known. America stands for Constitutional freedom, liberty, and a free enterprise system of democracy. Yet, there are millions who demand their removal and replacement with a system that only brings harm to most, under its rule.

In the Divided States of America today, millions want to see America destroyed, and the fabrics of freedom and liberty ripped to shreds. Be careful what you ask for, because we are moving closer every day towards fascism, socialism, communism, and globalism… each only benefiting the few, while putting the vast majority into bondage. History has never held success with any of these progressive ideals, yet millions still believe that they can make it work, this time. And there lies the problem, as those millions only believe what they have been indoctrinated by.

We lost America long before the 60’s and the Vietnam War, although that era of tribulation has help immensely to move those progressive ideals forward. When the government stopped being of, by, and for the people at the turn of the 20th Century, America has been a floundering ship on very troubled seas ever since.

The media was the voice of knowledge for America, but when the voice is controlled to steer truth away and push an alternative direction, then those who follow the media will only believe what they are being told, not knowing any difference. When education became indoctrinational clinics, then brainwashing became the desired effect upon unknowledgeable, young minds that will grow up to be followers, not leaders nor doers. When unions organized for an ideology, it stopped being a force for solidarity to improve life for those who paid its dues, but to force an outcome based upon being forced to comply. And when political parties split away from the people to unite with greed and corruption within the hierarchies of capitalism, they became the nemesis of the American Way.

Our past allowed the Maestros of Global Order to rein in money and financing for their own gain and control, leaving the free enterprise system hostage to their demands. “Offers that cannot be refused” were made to leaders of the media, universities, politics, entertainment, and labor in order to persuade them to leave the sanctuary of the American systems to join their syndication. Those who refused found ill-fate waiting around the next corner.

We have been pawns on their chessboard for over 100 years. We are manipulated and moved by their hand, and placed upon a square to either remain, or be taken… never allowed to advance to someday be kinged. Piece at a time, the means to advance as a society, as a nation, have been removed for most. Only certain pieces are allowed to advance until their usefulness becomes used up. We all know their ultimate end as “checkmate”, with cheating, defiance, and scandal seeming to be their justified means.

We are but products of our consumption… garbage in, garbage out! As a civilization, we could be much farther advanced from where we stand today. But the proper tools for that advancement have been removed… replaced with the weapons of destruction that eventually brings every civilization down. Wrath, resentment, greed, futility, envy, gluttony, lechery, acedia have replaced wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge, piety, fortitude, charity, and most importantly, fear of the Lord. So, how did it get this crazy?

We Americans failed as a team. We became so consumed with our own lives that we stopped watching what was occurring outside of our home. We took for granted that our children were getting the same education as we did… that they were safe and protected. We took for granted that politicians were listening and acting for us. We took for granted that bureaucracies were only going after the wrong doer’s. We took for granted that our courts were being fair and just. We took for granted that unions were there to protect us. We took for granted that clerics were only acting for God. We took for granted that the police were always there to protect and serve. And we took for granted that America was strong, safe, and the best country to live, raise a family, and experience “the Dream”.

We closed our eyes to that which we didn’t want to see. We stopped being accountable. And we didn’t hold others to accountability. It became too easy to do wrong, until you got caught. Punishment rarely fits the crime. Yet, we were promised with grandiose style of living, but settled for a fraction of it. We stopped vetting those who wished to enter America, and allowed anyone in regardless of their history, hatred of this nation, or respect for our laws. We placed nobodies on pedestals, as we condemned good citizens because of a minor flaw or made-up, fake glitch. We removed God from schools, from business, and from our homes. We listened to fools, and were played as one the whole time. And we elected flawed candidates who had a different agenda. We voted (or didn’t vote) because of looks, money, smooth talk, or Party affiliation, not by their history, their principles, their ideology, nor love of America and Constitution.

We paid no heed to history, nor to the warning signs of transformation in fundamental change that infiltrated our society. We complained constantly, yet never acted until it was too late. We let frivolous excuses decide someone’s fate, and made the same excuses to cover up our own lack of responsibility and commitment. In short, we handed over America to our enemies without them firing a single shot. We were subdued from within.

Not everyone is guilty of not being a “team” player. In fact, many have gone against some very powerful forces to keep America as the nation founded. Some have even won, but the dark forces going against us are too strong, entrenched, and backed by more money, lawyers, and judges than we can possibly imagine for most to compete against. Their team is faster, smarter, richer, and more determined than we are. They work 24/7/365 to accomplish their missions, while we have to work, take care of the home and family, and find time for ourselves. Who has time for FOX News, Rush, and conservative circles?

America isn’t doomed completely, as yet. We found a true American leader, a hero to rescue us from decades of transformation. He has assembled a great team, and those who follow him are core-strong to make America great again. We have reversed course, and are now winning battles on the goal line. We are scoring major points, as our enemies dig deeper, come at us harder, while acting scared that decades of their destruction will be rebuilt, as the attitude of the nation resumes a conservative means. Patriotism is being restored, as God is beginning to find it back into our schools, work place, and homes. The No 1 films, books, and songs are no longer about them, but about us. America is on a comeback.

But none of us can rest upon our laurels, as much work still needs to be done. Benjamin Franklin told a group of people that they (the Framers) gave them liberty, but only so long as they can keep it. We just about lost it! It now becomes a team effort to restore it, and remove the evil that has dwelled within our society longer than half the citizenry has been alive. We know the game, we know the drills, we know the rules, and we know how to score. It is time we win the championship, and put the trophy back into the case of, by, and for the people, where it belongs.

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda

“There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.” ~Ray Goforth


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JAMES HOVDA There are 2 things that are very important to me: God and my family. And I guess if I had to choose 2 others they would be: helping people to gain their financial freedoms, and the other is to help Americans keep their freedoms. I hate politics and believe in GOD, FAMILY, FREEDOM, AMERICA, and AMERICAN VALUES & PRINCIPLES(also Mom and Apple Pie). Want to make something from it? I also love a challenge!

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