If you are in a dire need to watch Trump bashing and Americanism slamming, all one needs to do is to tune into the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Each year, politicians, “journalists”, and Hollywood join forces in a room to make fun of those they loath and despise.  Last night was no exception, as the annual gala bashing has today turned into a reverse from the original intent of the White House Correspondents’ Association to honor journalists, award scholarships to rising media students, and to celebrate the First Amendment.

Although this year refrained from having a comedian host the dinner because of the hateful and disgusting words used by Michele Wolf against Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as she sat not 10 feet away, bringing her to tears before the audience and the cameras from a slew of despicable, personal “jokes” about the way she looks, speaks, and addresses the media, historian and author Ron Chernow wasn’t much better, also known for being the co-writer of the Broadway play “Hamilton” that takes history out of context, and is full of inaccuracies.

WHCA president Oliver Knox started the political attacks right out of the gate, as he stated that since Trump’s election, “journalists’ lives have been dramatically changed for the worse”.  Knox stated that when Trump refers to the media as “fake news” and “enemies of the people”, that “these attacks are not pet names, punch lines, or even ‘presidential'”. Knox stated that he now gets death threats, can’t open letters or packages, and his family now lives in fear of retaliation by Trump zealots. “It is not only my family, but the families of many journalists who now walk in fear because they have the guts to tell America the truth… what they need to hear about their beloved president.”

Chernow bashed Trump to standing ovations, especially when he said, “I applaud any President who aspires to the Nobel Prize for peace, but don’t want to see one run for the Nobel Prize for fiction.”  He later stated that “One doesn’t get their face carved into Mt Rushmore for chipping away at the press.  We must recall that civility has been an essential lubricant in our democratic culture, and that even our best presidents have handled the press with wit, grace, charm, candor and even humor.”

President Trump, again, didn’t attend the WHCAD for the third year in a row, stating the dinner was only for a pack of clapping seals at a pity party looking to take revenge at those who call them out for who they truly are… fake news. Instead, the President held a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin under a standing room only house of over eleven thousand. And again, the President was at his finest, as the audience thunderously chanted “four more years” for over 2 minutes.

President Trump took a moment to give his condolences to the victims of the latest shooting in California. He also praised the member of the congregation, who was an off-duty ICE agent, for returning fire to stop the terrorist from causing more harm.  The fake news today chastised the officer for carrying a weapon into the synagogue, and firing his weapon when there was so much ongoing panic and chaos, possibly injuring or killing innocent victims in the cross-fire.

And there is the difference between the Left with their liberal media, to the Right with their Constitutional rights and privileges.

Was the officer “a hero”, as Trump proclaimed, or was he “an out of control Trump soldier who acted radically and irresponsibly” in the face of terror, as the media and Democrats proclaims?

Far too often, the stories are either not fully told or inaccurate by the press. Instead of being called out for the “demon-criminals” whom they truly are by the media, they are turned into becoming “victims” by the guns of police and CC civilians who are only trying to uphold the law.  “Justice is found in the court of law, not in the street of vigilance” stated one Democrat politician on CNN.  The problem is that the Left’s reactions are based on an agenda to remove the 2nd Amendment, and to remove the foundations that the Right cherishes as part of being “American”.  The Left demonizes most of the past and present of America in order to create their future world of “hope and change” set by Obama and other progressives who seek a new world order of totalitarian transformation. In a recent FOX poll, this is the division we now face in America, as 40% favor progressive idealism, while 40% favor traditional American idealism. 20% are undecided, and they are what both sides are vying for.

We can’t blame President Trump from staying away from the WHCAD last night, as the last time he attended, he was the butt of all their hateful jokes.  Who would want to stick around to hear a repeat? He did the right thing by rallying his troops, and beginning his campaign for re-election in 2020.  This is where the president truly shines, as he states his achievements, and calls out the progressive ideals and those who push them. Yes, he is brass and disrespectful… even “unpresidential” in his wording. But there is a saying, “What is good for the goose is good for the gander.” Where is there a “Rules For Presidential Etiquette” book ever written? Why doesn’t Trump have a right, and a duty, to defend himself and retaliate against those who purposely bash him, or try to oust him as the dully elected POTUS by the people and the Constitution?

America is broken and has to be fixed.  It is not the Right nor American values and idealism that caused it to become this mess, but the principles and idealism of Marxism and globalism that has caused America to divide and become chaotic.  America has been under assault since the turn into the 1900’s. The country has been under a coup by globalists and industrialists who believe they hold the keys to unity, justice, diversity, and bliss.  They feel that an all-central government needs to be empowered to mold a future into equality, while they secure the world’s riches and resources for their coffer, and for redistribution as they see fit. They seek a world of the haves and have-not’s in a totally controlled state, while wiping out those incapable of being productive.  For now, they are just useful idiots to gain traction.

If America wanted another 8 years of “hope & change” Obama, it would have elected Hillary Clinton.  But jobs were leaving faster than unemployment checks could be written. Unions were screwing over their workers as much as politicians were screwing the citizenry.  America was handing out billions to other countries with nothing given in return.  American life became valueless, as terrorism was armed and funded by the State.  Bureaucracies were weaponized, attacking anyone who disobeyed the State, or believed in opposing ideals.  The borders were wide open, as illegals were given entitlements and preference before Americans in need. Whites were accused of racism for defending Americanism, as cops were Nazi gestapo who were only trying to uphold the law.  Radical groups, like ANTIFA, Never-Trump, and BLM, were allowed to form and violently up rise, while patriotic groups were harassed and banned for trying to hold onto truth, freedom, and liberty. Our energy production was halted, as solar and wind power caused utility prices to go through the roof, and precious farmland converted into renewable power factories.  The nation’s health care and student loans were nationalized, leaving both costly and unaffordable for those who once could afford both.  The cost of food, clothing, medication, gasoline, and insurance… virtually everything, inflated as incomes dwindled. Retirement funds disappeared, as working into the 70’s and 80’s became a must for many who once planned for a nice, relax full time in their final years. America wanted real hope to change America back to the nation they grew up in, and one they could again be proud of… America voted for Donald Trump in an electoral landslide.

Since his time of announcing his candidacy, Trump has been at the short end of the stick in the media, with exception to FOX News and some in talk radio.  Many were skeptical that he stood no chance, as those who forecast his victory were laughed at like nitwits who knew nothing of politics.  But what they did know was the American spirit and the America anger at the whole system that has lied to them for decades.

Unlike past presidents who got a free pass by the media and fellow politicians, Trump has had to prove himself this whole time.  Past presidents made promises and never delivered. With Trump, “Promises made… promises kept!”  No president has ever rallied so many Americans to believe as Donald Trump has, especially after 2 years. Even many of his skeptics have now climbed on board, as to back Trump means a victory for America, and a victory in their re-election. Even with all the attempts to overthrow a viable candidate and sitting president, Trump still rates higher in the polls than his past predecessors, except for GW Bush after 9-11.

But the coup still remains, as both Democrats and remaining RINO’s have joined forces to overthrow the Trump administration.  The status quo of Washington has been disrupted and in turmoil. The Deep State is now in deep shock. The “swamp” is being drained, slowly. And the states that have backed and continue to support the MAGA agenda are prospering, while those that didn’t and won’t continue to see their own demise.  We can only hope that those states and their representatives wise up before it becomes too late? But nobody should hold their breath that they will anytime soon, either.

Ratings are proving the direction America wants to go.  As MSNBC and CNN grasp for viewers, FOX was told at the WHCAD to “tone it down” with Trump, as his praise of Hannity, Levin, Jeanine, Carlson, and the F & F morning crew have made them into targets by the opposing media to degrade and disgrace.  I doubt they listen, and can only laugh at the fools and idiots they make themselves into by continuing their outrage that Trump won the election, and will probably do even better in 2020.

But, the fake news works for the Left and their agendas, and will continue to use every mean possible to find Trump’s end.  How far they will go is anyone’s guess.  We can only hope that it becomes their own suicide so that maybe we can move on to make America even greater without their irritable and dramatic interruptions.


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