How Soros Overthrows Governments


How Soros overthrows governments that won’t work for him, and the end result of his US “Summer of Rage”

George Soros, whose real name is Shwartz, is money supply behind the ANTIFA movement. His son Alex is there at Berkeley training, organizing, and paying the protesters. His Nephew is married to Chelsey Clinton. He’s related to the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers, also Bill Clinton is John D. Rockefellers’ grandson. He is fulfilling Hitler’s alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, and said on 60 minutes that working for Hitler was the happiest time in his life. The death and carnage was euphoric to him. He was turning in his Jewish neighbors to the Nazis, who loaded them on boxcars going to the death camps while George Soros robbed their homes and stole their valuables.

He is funding the push for open borders, gun control, and Islamification of Europe and the west.  He thinks the system is broken and needs to be changed.  He created the Arab Spring and the massive refugee crisis that is really a migration the Muslims call “Hidjra”. EVERY politician who is pushing that agenda is being bribed by him. He owns Bank of America, so their undisclosed lines of credit are bribes. One perfect example is Elizabeth Warren’s 1.3 Million dollar line of credit. shouldn’t be a surprise at all that she was one of his biggest mouthpieces against the appointment of Jeff Sessions.

Soros stated with absolute certainty that Hillary Clinton would win the election. They were all depending on it in order to continue Obama’s work in making the US a Socialist country, with no borders and no guns, filled with so-called refugees.

His playbook is to use his propaganda websites to stir up the left and create chaos in every country who elects a President who won’t work for him. Examples of how he has done this around the world are his color revolutions and the Arab Spring, which was fueled and fomented by the Obama administration while Hillary was Secretary of State. What he is doing in the US he has already done in several other countries. He uses social media to stir up the people to protest their Government then floods the protests with foot soldiers who create chaos.

It’s a play on the minds and emotions of the people. Soros finances websites like snopes, Democracy Now, Correct the Record,, media matters and several other leftist publications through his open society foundations. Here is the list of 200 non governmental organizations he owns and uses to manipulate the leftists.

He lies and creates anger and a hysterical frenzy in his followers, who mostly know nothing about him, or that he is the man behind the curtain. The mission is to use his nazi style propaganda machine in cooperation with the Rothschild owned mainstream media. They don’t care if what they are reporting is the truth, they only care that their useful idiots believe it, get angry, and take to the streets.

What his plans for the US this summer are can be seen by the example of what he did in the Ukraine, when a country elects a President who refuses to work for him. Using NGO’s and social media he generated what many thought would be a peaceful protest. Then he sent Vatican Neo-Nazi Maidon troops out to shoot at both the protesters and the police from the roof of a hotel in order to get them shooting at each other. They start fires, they start fights. They created a civil war between the Ukrainians who wanted to join the EU (The left) and the ones who elected and supported their President, who did not want to join the EU. While starting the civil war the Maidon troops stormed the President’s house and forced him to flee to Russia for his life.

Then he took over the Government using Obama and Clinton US allies and Monsanto, took the country’s gold, lent them fiat debt currency at interest and installed a Nazi puppet regime. They then sent the Ukrainian military out to kill the elected President’s supporters.

He is using the same tactics he’s used to create his “Color revolutions” all over the world. He is fueling and funding the refugee crisis in order to replace the current populations with Muslims because he says, “Whites Black and Hispanics are unreliable workers. Muslims obey employers like masters because of their religion.” He thinks they will be less resistant to his plan of global communism.

Hillary Clinton is so in bed with him that Chelsey married his nephew in his mansion. She would have been his tool to bring the massive muslim migration to the US until it was just like Europe, complete with rapes, terror attacks and no go zones. They would have turned the US into a Jihad war zone.

This guy is the financier of the Democrat Party in the US. Remember, Nazis are Socialist who are allied with the Muslim Brotherhood since 1941. It’s not new or progressive. It’s the same enemy infiltrating Governments all over Europe and the US that we fought in WW2.

It’s the very exact reason they HATE Donald Trump and smear him with their steady stream of lies that are backed by zero evidence. He will not work with them because he became President in order to rescue America from them. They really think that they, through what they are calling “The Summer Of Rage”, will be able to overthrow the US Government and get Donald Trump out of the White House.

George Soros is paying the ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter and other protesters from 15.00 to 30.00 an hour. Some receive salaries and benefits. Their contract specifically states that in order to get paid they must attend a minimum of 6 protests.

They will try to create chaos, but will not be able to achieve their goal. Here is why:

Violence for a political reason falls under terrorism statutes under US Code 18. Paid protesting also falls under terrorism statutes. Felony rioting carries up to 75 years, and finally, Treason carries 20 years to the death penalty.

Donald Trump is not a fool. One thing is certain, that he is fully aware of the tactics of his enemies.  Dr William Mount stated that Trump is trained in a certain method of warfare developed in ancient China that gives the opponent time, allows them to think they are winning then the trap is sprung and they are caught.  I believe it’s that strategy he was using when he told Meuller to go ahead and do a very thorough investigation of the collusion witch hunt because, “Then we will see who the real traitors to America are.” Tactics to trap them into believing they’re winning while they fall into their own trap.

They are using Marxist/Mein Kaumf tactics against him, “Accuse the opponent of that which you are guilty, then use the media to drill it into the minds of the people.” Their supporters are manipulated by the most expensive nazi style propaganda machine in the history of the world.

Soros may try to use his “Color revolution” strategy, but it’s a trap. The people who participate in creating, training, funding, and organizing it as well as and the protesters on the ground are walking into it.  While ANTIFA’s handlers are training and paying them to go out and create chaos there are “For Profit” prisons all over the US who have manufacturers scrambling to get contracts with them for cheap labor. Like I said earlier. “Felony rioting carries up to 75 years.”

They will be kettled, corralled, rounded up, arrested, and charged. It’s very sad to say, Soros is manipulating the people who believe him into going to prison for his agenda. Their lives will be over. They have technology to identify everyone who participates in crimes and acts of violence with street corner cameras, facial recognition, retina scanners, and social media accounts. So just like the professor in Berkeley Ca who hit a Trump supporter with a bike lock had his face covered, they were still able to figure out who he was. The video of the incident went viral on Social Media Their “Summer of rage” will do nothing but have them making clothes, Shoes, and purses for rich people for an average of 50 cents a day to buy Top Ramen and shampoo.

Trump is handling the opponents in high places so it would be impossible to think he won’t have a plan for those on the ground looting and burning in the cities. During his campaign he said he would deal with it. He said it wouldn’t be tolerated. They can be charged with anything from felony rioting to treason if they attempt to start a civil war.

During the DNC protests in Denver at the 2008 the protesters were blocked from leaving and “Kettled” between buildings and could only exit to the police and were arrested and loaded on vans. They were then transported a temporary holding facility where they are booked into jail with the exact same process as the Denver City Jail. I believe this will be the end result of the summer of rage.

My advice to them all is to stay away from the protests. They are not going to overthrow the US Government dressed like vaginas with pussy hats on, or wearing a black bandana over their faces. It’s just not going to happen.

Soros has infiltrated protests with foot soldiers before just like he did in the Ukraine, which is why he’s amping up propaganda to make leftists angry right now in the US . In my opinion the Government knows that, is watching what he’s doing, and is already prepared for it to happen. This will not be a 2nd civil war. Angry leftists are kidding themselves if they think will overthrow the US Government no matter how much money their backers have. I do believe also that the powerful democrats do have some false flags and shootings planned but so far everyone who’s done anything has been caught or killed. As the leftist politicians get caught for their crimes, so far they have spilled their guts to try and deal their way out of trouble.

The US has been witness to Soros’ color revolutions around the world. This is his weakness. By now Trump is fully aware of their coup attempt and has halted the Aug. 28 date set for it to happen.  It’s been exposed and shut down. As far as the leftist’s militia groups and their propagandists are concerned their plots and lies are being exposed. When they begin to put boots in the ground Government forces will be there to round them up.

By Rick Erwin



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