So You REALLY Want to SAVE Your Country?


So You REALLY Want to SAVE Your Country?

(This is going to be a long one, because it needed to be)

      The primary function of any and all Marxist oriented programs is to destroy a free capitalist society.  However … in order to accomplish their goal they need the money that can only be obtained in a free capitalist society.

     Although a great deal of it can be acquired from leftist contributors like those in Hollywood and especially from the Marxist George Soros, still the majority of it comes from the American taxpayers.  An act that can only be compared to America itself handing them the weapons that they need to kill America.

We, the richest country on this planet have a money problem.  It’s not that we didn’t make enough of it, but rather those who we were stupid enough to place in government could not find enough ways fast enough to spend all that we made and more.  Way more.

In 2006 primarily due to media influence, this country made a massive swing to the left, more so than it had done a few times in the past.  And in 2008 with a drive that can only be compared to a feeding frenzy, the Marxist dominated mainstream media relentlessly played every card they could get their hands on and gave America a predominately left wing government headed by an unconstitutionally qualified candidate.   The result of which is a national debt that is now so massive that we just may not be able to recover from it.  At least not with the way things are set up at this present point in time.

By far the biggest problem that this country faces is the complacency of its own citizenry.  Americans just do not care.  Oh they will complain about the government when they are in their living rooms watching the predominately Marxist controlled boob tube in front of them.  They will even complain when they are out and in the company of friends.  Now with the Internet prevalent in their lives they will even complain to others over that medium as well.  BUT … when election time comes around the majority will take their primary direction from that Marxist dominated boob tube and will vote the way that they are instructed to vote by that device that now pretty much rules their very existence.

However, that device is more aimed at the Independent voter than anyone else.  For the most part Democrats don’t care who’s running for office.  Generations ago their ancestors told their offspring how to vote and they in turn told their offspring how to vote and so on down the line.  Democrats only vote “my school against your school”.  Most of them can consider themselves lucky to even know the name of their party’s candidate.  And if they DO know their candidate’s name, it can be rest assured upon that is ALL they know about their candidate.  The party of their parents puts up a candidate and they vote for that candidate.  It’s that plain and simple.  They know nothing about politics, they care nothing about politics.  To them it’s just a game that takes place every so many years in which they root by vote for “their team”.

Whenever truth about their candidate might come to light they collectively cry “That’s not true”.  “He’s a Democrat and my parents told me I’m a Democrat …  And you’re not a Democrat … so you must be lying”.  That … is the extent of political knowledge possessed by most Democrats of today.  Marxists have completely taken over their party and when they vote “my school against your school”, they vote Marxist, and they have become too politically ignorant to know what’s taking place right in front of them, or for that matter even care.

Don’t get me wrong.  The goal of the Marxists is the complete destruction of America and controlling just one of our two main political parties is definitely not enough to accomplish their task.  They are hard at work on the Republican Party now as well.  Which is not all that hard to tell when you see just how some of these Republicans are beginning to vote on Capitol Hill.  And how some have voted in the past when the left took majority control of two of the branches of government.

The Republican Party was much harder to infiltrate because that party has always stood for the right of all Americans to succeed, and these may not be true Marxists or even Marxist sympathizers (if that’s at all possible in a free society).  They may have sold out their country for money.  It wouldn’t be the first time that has happened and greed is freely spread across the board to all political parties

America began to fall under Marxist control for a number of reasons.  We had too much.  We were too happy and carefree.  Because we had as much as we did, our hearts were too big when it came to those that were less fortunate than us.  And we were too naïve to even THINK that we could be overthrown.  Especially not from within.  Yet we were TOLD UP FRONT that not only was it GOING to happen, but the process was ALREADY UNDERWAY.  And America only laughed, somehow thinking we were invincible.  The former Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev blatantly screamed “We will bury you” in a rant back in 1960.  Shortly thereafter he was removed from office before he disclosed any of what was covertly being done in this country to destroy us from within.

The Marxists had been very busy here for a long time before Khrushchev made that rant.  Back in 1917 two Communists, Roger Baldwin and Crystal Eastman set up an organization called THE NATIONAL CIVIL LIBERTIES BUREAU.  In 1920 they changed the name of their organization to the AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION.  Their purpose … their ONLY purpose was to begin to destroy this country from within.  They set out to accomplish this by WRAPPING THEMSELVES IN THE AMERICAN FLAG as they put it, and use our own laws to unravel us.

The ACLU had a set of rules to abide by, or as they called it their own “constitution”.  Support any socialist movement to give centralized control of any part of the American culture to include education, welfare programs, social agencies etc.  Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting obscenity in books and motion pictures and radio and later to include television.  Openly promote pornography in any and all forms.  Discredit the family as an institution.  Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.  Destroy Christianity by infiltrating all Christian religions and do whatever is necessary to replace that religion with “social” religion.  Stop the practice of prayer or any form at all of religious expression in the schools or at public events on the grounds that it violates the “principle of separation of church and state”.  Get control of the schools and use them to indoctrinate American youth with the principles of socialism and whatever current communist propaganda is available.  Promote moral decay by promoting homosexuality, promiscuity and sexual degeneracy as normal and natural.  Get control of the teachers associations and get the party line into school textbooks.  Get the courts to weaken established American institutions claiming that their activities violate civil rights.  Get rid of all forms that link law and morality out of all courts and public building, especially the Christian Ten Commandments claiming that it violates the principle of separation of church and state.  Get rid of all laws governing obscenity by labeling those laws as “censorship” which violate free speech and freedom of the press.  Do not let the schools teach American history or even world history.  Instead get the students to accept America more as part of the whole world and not unique.

The ACLU was even to go after all forms of art.  Endorsing anything that was ugly and even obscene as true artistic expression, and get all pre existing forms of art out of parks and public buildings, replacing them with meaningless shapes.

These are not all of what’s in their “rules of conquest” or “constitution” if you will.   There are even more.

If anyone who reads this thinks that ANY of this is a fabrication, well then very simple research into Roger Baldwin and the ACLU will show you otherwise.  It’s there for all to see.  They are not hiding it.  On the contrary they are very proud of it.  They are beating down a free nation more and more and getting away with it.

How much of their agenda were they successful at?   EVERY LAST BIT OF IT.

And they continue to be more and more successful as time progresses.  The advent and ultimate national acceptance and adherence to their “Political Correctness” campaign was yet another milestone for them.  With it they could stifle just about any and all spoken descent to their actions as well as use that to further all parts of their agenda.

How did it come to be?  COMPLACENCY OF AMERICANS.  Again we had too much.  We were too Happy and carefree.  The keyword here is carefree.   Americans just did not care.  They were too into themselves and their own personal existence to pay any more than token attention to their own government and what was happening.

The Democrat party had always billed itself as the party of the working man and Marxism preys upon the working class.  They believe that the worker is the least educated of the citizenry and thus they are able to use that to their advantage and create jealousy among the workers and pit them against the business owners.  The Democrat party was the larger of the two primary political parties and with the universal voting trend of the Democrats to always vote no more than “my school against your school”, they began to slowly and methodically gain control of that party.    That party is also comprised of the majority of Liberals in this country.  Liberals do not possess the ability to think logically about any issue.  They can only feel and their feelings are what guide them.  Marxist are able to very skillfully channel those “feelings” of the Liberals and thus herd them like mindless cattle in any direction they so choose to herd them.

All the Democrat voters ever heard from any Marxists when running for office was “The Evil Rich this … The Evil Rich That … The Evil Oil Companies this … The Evil Oil Companies that … The Evil Have’s against you Poor Unfortunate Have Not’s”.  And the Democrat voters would naturally only hear how they were going to take away from the rich if they continued to vote “my school against your school”.  They lost their party to Communism.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am NOT saying that all Democrats are Communists.  And I know very well that any Marxist reading this will attempt to do just that.  No, there are a great many Democrats who are true patriots.  They are loyal to this country and its’ Constitution.  Many have served this country honorably in our Military.  There are those that profess to call themselves “blue dog” Democrats, who are as patriotic as they come.  BUT … they voluntarily do not pay any attention to what’s happening to their own country and when voting time comes around they vote “my school against your school” as they were instructed to do by their parents, who were instructed to vote that way by their parents before them and so on down the line.  They are patriots … but their party is controlled by Marxists, and when they continue to vote “my school against your school” they are ONLY furthering the Marxist agenda of the Democrat party.  Counting on them to continue to vote that way is how the heads of their party were able to put a Marxist non-citizen into the White House in the 2008 election.  An act that was in complete violation of Article Two Section Five of the United States Constitution.

It took the Communists many years to gain complete control over the majority of the Medias in this country and with their legal arm the ACLU to cover them and prevent full blown exposure of this fact, and the Medias to downplay any and all opposition, they flexed their political muscle and put Barack Hussein Obama into office.  Knowing full well that the majority of Democrat voters will take their sole direction from the media.  What we have at this writing is a highly incompetent, extremely inexperienced Marxist sitting in the most powerful seat in the world, who due to his complete political ignorance is now acting more like he is a dictator than a President.  He feels as empowered as he does, and there are no laws that he is not willing to break, because he knows full well that the Marxists control the majority of the Medias, and as long as they do, they can keep the Democrat voters thinking any way that they want them to think.

Although the ultimate goal of the Marxists is the complete destruction of the United States of America, they have so far achieved every one of their preliminary goals.

They have destroyed the family unit in America to where families are now only groups that reside in the same house.  The “State” has now assumed more responsibility for the raising of children than parents have.  There is absolutely no parent anywhere in this nation that is safe from a government agency having the power to come to their door and take their children away from them.  They cannot use any form of corporal punishment on their children to induce those children to learn respect and manners.  Children now have been taught in the state controlled public schools that if they do not like their parents, or like something that their parents have done to them, all they need do is call the state and the state will show up at their door, arrest the parents and take them away from their parents.  This was done so that the children would learn that they do not have to have any respect for their parents.  If a child does not learn respect for their parents, then they do not have any respect for others as well, including themselves.  They are not individuals; they are members of a larger body … the state.  This was even more re-enforced with a book written by the Socialist Hillary Clinton titled, It takes a Village.  A brainwashing book advocating the state that the Democrats jumped at and blindly praised as “brilliant” only because it was written by one of their Marxist leaders.

Although they have not completely wiped out religion, they have severely crippled it to where Christianity is not allowed to even be mentioned in a positive manner in any and all public gathering places and establishments of law.  Christians are afraid to openly express their beliefs in public for fear of retaliation from the Communist legal arm the ACLU.  Almost all Christian religions have been infiltrated to where they are now themselves saying they are a “social” religion.

Immorality in any and all forms is now openly practiced and those who dare to object to it are set upon by the legal arm of the Communist party the ACLU.  Immorality is now even taught in schools as totally natural and acceptable.  As early as grade school children are even being taught in the classrooms how to properly use a condom, in order to promote promiscuity.  Things that were totally unheard of in a moral society before the Marxist takeover began.  Also in only the past few decades, children that used to be considered energetic are now considered to have a “learning disability” and as such should be drugged.  A drugged child is much easier to control as well as indoctrinate.

The Marxist (thanks in large part to Jimmy Carter) now control the entire public education system in America where American history is now re-written to fit their agenda.  That is when it is even taught at all.

Communists set out a long time ago to control the Universities where they could attempt to “retrain” the minds of our youth, but now all they have to do is continue on with the indoctrination that kids receive in the public school system.

On the Governmental level they have worked tirelessly to institute all forms of entitlement programs to financially enslave as many people as possible.  If a person knows that they have no ambition to succeed and they can receive money without even having to work for it, then they will gladly accept that money.  They not only accept it, they grow to depend upon it.  All they have to do to keep receiving it is to vote the way they are told to vote.  They are far too ignorant to realize that once the takeover of America is complete, then that free money will abruptly stop, and they will become physically enslaved by the state to have to work, and work for only enough food to give them the strength to work another day.  But for now they not only want, they have grown to actually demand those entitlements.

Every goal of the ACLU that was listed above, as well as more that weren’t listed, has been realized in their conquest of America.

How did it happen?  The answer to that is very simple.  YOU LET IT HAPPEN.  Everyone in America LET IT HAPPEN.

You were too into yourselves.  You were to “busy” to care.  You were having too much “fun”.  You cared more about being “entertained”.  So the Marxists began to make sure that you were very well “entertained”, all the while slipping subliminals and innuendoes into much of what you were being “entertained” by.  And you were so busy being “entertained” that you paid absolutely no attention to what they were doing right under your very noses.  They were the ones that told you that life was too stressful for you, that the family could not succeed unless both parents were absent from the home and working.  And you believed it.  Credit was made easy so that people could get anything and everything they wanted and pay for it over time.  So you jumped on the credit bandwagon and got yourselves so into debt that you really had to leave your children behind and go to work to pay for all the things you got that you really couldn’t afford.  Meanwhile through television, movies and music your children were taught that you don’t care about them and they don’t need you.  In schools they were taught not to respect you.

They deliberately instituted so many other entitlement programs and increased the size of government to such a massive degree that there was no longer enough money coming in to sustain all that they had done so we began to borrow more and more.  The Democrats likewise forced the government into the mortgage business.  Something that the government had absolutely no knowledge of, and had absolutely no valid reason for getting involved with.  THEN the Democrats began to force all lenders to lower their credit requirements for home mortgages.  When the mortgages on all of these homes began to go into default and the government was on line to have to pick up the tab for these defaulted loans the financial burden on this country increased substantially.  When the government reached its’ limit they just increased the debt ceiling over and over and borrowed even more money until there is now no conceivable way to pay off that debt.  THEN … they decided to increase it even more with the massive “bailout” programs to privately held businesses on even more borrowed money.  All of these things and more were designed to bankrupt this nation.

Americans finally took enough of their precious time to notice what was happening only after the mid-term elections in 2006 and then the primary election in 2008, when the Marxists gained complete control of the Executive and Legislative branches of government and the unemployment rate and foreclosures and bankruptcies sky rocketed.  This added to the still growing mortgage crises.  The Marxist answer to all of this was to blame it on the previous administration.  The media they controlled went hard to work with that same lie over and over and as to be expected, the Democrat voters began to swallow that lie hook, line and sinker.  Because it is the Marxist controlled Medias that tell them what to think and they follow obediently.

In 2010 Americans began to wake up, and with the midterm elections of that year they at least slowed the Marxists to some degree.  But everything is now to the point where they are so close to a complete financial collapse of this country that the 2012 General Election will more than likely be the defining factor of America’s future.  We will turn completely Communist and the country will be finished, or all Americans will finally see what’s happening and begin to put an end to it.

If the latter happens, it won’t be something that will be accomplished overnight.  It can only be the beginning of reclaiming our freedom as outlined in our Constitution and the rebuilding of America’s financial solvency.

It will be a long hard road back with battles being fought every bit of the way.  It will take Americans to develop a true concern for this country of ours and a willingness to forgo their usual habit of forgetting about it as soon as things “appear” to be getting better for us.  Marxists are MASTERS of deception.  And based upon past experiences all they would have to do through their medias is tell everyone that everything is okay now and Americans would be instantly willing to go back to having “fun”.

The Communists have been very busy steadily working toward our destruction since 1920.  They used our own courts to inflict the most of their damage on us.  WE will have to use our courts to not only undo what they have done, but to insure that it will never happen again.

First, someway somehow Democrat voters have to be convinced that the voting process is not just a game that comes up periodically where they can run out and vote “our school against your school”.  They have to actually learn just WHO it is that “their school” is putting up to run for what office.  They have to somehow learn that ANY candidate for office that even vaguely refers to instituting more class warfare by calling someone or some company “the evil rich” is playing on, and depending upon the STUPIDITY of the potential voters they are addressing.  ANY candidate who uses these terms to incite their potential voters IS A MARXIST COMMUNIST.  Plain and simple.  ANY candidate who talks about taking “wealth” from some and spreading it to others IS A MARXIST COMMUNIST.  The ONLY taking that these candidates are really interested in is the taking of your country away from you and enslaving you under Communism. Also ANY candidate who keeps using the words “social justice” is a Marxist Communist.

ANY and EVERY time you hear a candidate refer to those terms, RUN from that candidate and don’t look back.  Don’t even give them a second thought.  There are candidates for office that have already established “a public recognition profile”.  Look back on their voting history.  If they supported ANY socialist program in their past, even if they claimed that they “reluctantly” voted for a socialist program, turn your back on them and don’t give them even a second thought.  Again, they are relying on YOUR STUPIDITY.

I am not just referring to those that play upon and prey upon the Democrat voters.  As I said before, although the Marxists have gained control of the Democrat party, they are hard at work on the Republican Party now as well.  As evidenced by all those who the republican voters now refer to as RINO’s (Republicans in name only).  The Republicans need to cleanse their party of these people and they need to do it NOW.

Let’s say that America FINALLY comes to its’ senses in the 2012 elections and it rids itself of as many of these Marxists as they are able to do in that election, and both the executive and legislative branches are returned to the people.  IF that were to take place, the battle to regain our country would only be beginning.

First; legislation would have to be passed requiring ALL judges to be ELECTED to their office by the voters.  Whether state or federal.  The Constitution itself would have to be amended to deal with the problem of federal judges, but if America is truly returned to the people, and they now had representatives that actually represented THEM, that would not be all that difficult a task.

Most JUDGES are appointed to their position.  All too many of those judges have been placed in their job by the Marxists.  These are the judges that legislate from the bench.  They place THEMSELVES above the Constitution of this country.  The ONLY laws they use their position to enforce are laws that were set in place by Marxists.  ALL other laws are subject to their own personal interpretation and for the most part are over ruled by them.  However ALL judges are subject to being removed from office by the state and federal legislatures.  If the people of this country regain control of their government on ALL levels, both State and Federal, that would not be that difficult to achieve.  And if all judges then were elected for only a specific time frame, they would have no choice BUT to adhere to the laws of this country.  Because if a judge is ELECTED by the people, then that judge is subject to being RECALLED by the people with a vote of no confidence.  So replacing anti America judges with pro America judges is now paramount to saving this nation.

All politicians on any and all levels of government in this country should be required to publicly sign a formal pledge that if they do not side with the clear and verifiable majority of their constituents on all issues that affect their constituents, and vote the way the majority of their constituents want them to vote on any issue, then they will voluntarily and immediately leave office.

The ACLU has been the foremost opponent of our Constitution and America’s primary enemy working from within our country itself to destroy our nation for more than ninety years.  They are a communist organization set up with one goal and one goal only, and that is to weaken this nation on any and all levels.  And with the overall complacency of Americans and their unwillingness to pay attention to what’s happening in their own country, the ACLU has succeeded tremendously.  If America can replace those in government who steadily work against us with new legislators that are pro America, thus enabling us to rid this country of Marxist judges on all levels, then pro American legislators can OFFICIALLY declare the ACLU an enemy of this country.  Which they are anyway.  Once they are officially declared an anti American seditionist force, then not only will they be prevented from doing even more damage to this nation, the damage they have done already can begin to be reversed.

Attempting to do this though would immediately bring the full force of the Marxist controlled medias down on whoever proposed this as well as all those who sided with America over its’ domestic enemies.  They would attempt to say that it’s a rebirth of McCarthyism, using that term in the most negative ways imaginable.  However, what they would hope that Americans never find out, is that years later Senator Joseph McCarthy was proven to be correct.  There definitely were communists infiltrating every sector of America, especially the Medias.

Now as stated in the very first paragraph of this article, the primary function of any and all Marxist oriented programs is to destroy a free capitalist society.  However … in order to accomplish their goal they need the money that can only be obtained in a free capitalist society. And although a great deal of it can be acquired from leftist contributors like those in Hollywood and especially from the Marxist George Soros, still the majority of it comes from the American taxpayers.  An act that can only be compared to America itself handing them the weapons that they need to kill America.

One of the primary reasons for America achieving global supremacy was America’s industries.  Marxists knew very well that unless these industries could be closed down, or at the very least be severely crippled, there would never be any chance at all of defeating America.  They chose to severely cripple them.  Thus came all of the taxpayer funded environmentalist groups and ultimately the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, a pet project of the Democrats which expanded government drastically, giving government even more control over the private sector and costing the taxpayers Billions of dollars in the process.  But more importantly it severely crippled almost all industries in America and cost America Billions upon Billions of dollars more as industries were forced to move outside of America for their own survival, which naturally cost a great many Americans their jobs.

Using the EPA as their weapon against American industry the Democrats successfully brought about the closing of Oil Refineries and completely stopped the building of any new ones.  There has not been even one new oil refinery built in America since 1976 and those that remained in production quite often have to close down for repairs because they are now so old.

Using the EPA as their weapon against American industry the Democrats have successfully stopped this country from exploring for and drilling for oil which is the life blood of the vast majority of America.  With an attitude similar to Marie Antoinette saying “Let them eat cake” the Democrats say, if you want energy, then go find some other way to get it, we’re not going to let you tap into those wells that we forced the Oil Industry to cap, and we’re certainly not going to let you go bring up any more of it, even if we do have vast amounts of it beneath the surface in this country.  The Democrats want to keep this country importing the majority of its’ oil from foreign countries and thus keep this nation at the “mercy” of OPEC, which steadily forces all products made from oil, and especially gasoline to increase drastically in price, thus further crippling the American economy.

Being that it is taxpayer funded and its’ primary purpose was and still is to severely cripple American industry, the EPA is just ONE example of America giving Marxists the money (weapons) they need to destroy America from with.

Oh there are a great many other “weapons” that they use against this nation that are funded by the American taxpayers.  The DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION (as planned for by the ACLU back in 1920) was set up to purposefully “dumb down” the students in our public schools and to promote sexual promiscuity and sexual perversion thus further crippling morality in America.  The so-called PLANNED PARENTHOOD project set up to kill literally MILLIONS of babies in this country at the taxpayers’ expense, thus further promoting promiscuity and eliminating morality is yet another example.  ACORN an openly Marxist organization set up to illegally sway elections as part of their agenda is taxpayer funded.  HUD the department of housing and urban development has destroyed more property values in this country than any other contributing factor, is taxpayer funded.  PBS, the public broadcasting system which is more like communist propaganda radio than anything else is taxpayer funded.

This list could go on for pages there are now so many of them.  But they all come back to what was mentioned earlier about Marxists needing American money as their weapon to kill America.  And Americans, by not paying attention to what those they stupidly placed in office were doing right under their very noses LET IT HAPPEN.

We now have a severe debt problem in this country BECAUSE of Democrats only voting “my school against your school”.  Eliminating just those agencies mentioned above would save the taxpayers HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.  Not to mention the effect on the economy as all those jobs that were taken out of this country start coming back.  And that’s just those agencies listed above.  There are a great many more that can and most definitely should be eliminated.  All it takes for that to happen is a seriously CONCERNED public to start electing only those who are True Americans that believe in and are loyal to OUR Constitution.  NOT the communist manifesto.

Hire only pro American representatives for public office and don’t just put a reign on them, PUT A CHOKER COLLAR on them.  Immediately turn your back on, and don’t give even a second thought to ANY politician from EITHER political party that attempts to insight voters with the age old communist CLASS WARFARE propaganda.  These are Anti American Communists and nothing more.  FORCE your governmental reps to remove all anti American judges from their benches and replace them with pro American judges and make it so that ALL judges are ELECTED and not even one judge anywhere is “appointed” to their job.  FORCE your governmental reps to go after the ACLU and have it declared exactly what it is, an enemy of the United States.  FORCE your government reps to get rid of every Marxist oriented and American taxpayer funded agency in this country.  Once and for all time drastically SHRINK the size and scope of the Federal government back to the way it was intended to be by the founders of this nation.

Do those things, or plan now to OFFICIALLY EMBRACE COMMUNISM, because we as a nation will not stand a snowballs chance in hell of surviving if we don’t seriously wake up BEFORE the 2012 elections and vote accordingly.

There are so very many people now of the mentality “What can I do?  I’m only one person.  The government is so powerful!”

Just who let them get that POWERFUL?  YOU DID!  BUT … here’s a little bit of information that somehow most people have conveniently forgot and government is not about to help you remember.  THEY WORK FOR YOU.  YOU … HIRE THEM.  YOU … PAY THEM.  YOU … CAN REPLACE THEM.  Just think how nice it would be if ALL voters started to actually pay attention to who it is they were REALLY putting into office.

You have a choice in the upcoming 2012 elections.  Continue on the path we are on to officially embrace Communism and thus end this dream of our forefathers, or vote every single Marxist out of any and all offices they hold at the taxpayers’ expense.

You want to SAVE your country?  You want to lower the deficit and get governmental spending under control?  YOU, the American voters, are the ONLY ones’ who can do that.

Wake up … or Give Up.  Your Choice.  And these are the ONLY choices you now have.

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