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All day and all night, conservative media is running amuck with the Left’s outrage and their attacks over their “silent coup” attempt of Trump and his administration. First, it was General Kelly, then Steve Bannon, then Mike Flynn and Betsy DeVos, then they went after Kellyanne and even Trump’s own family… now they are after AG Jeff Sessions in trying to link some form of “conspiracy” in a collusion with The Trump campaign and the Russian government (and Vladimir Putin) in the rigging of the general election that caused Hillary to lose, and for Donald Trump to win.

Even after several intelligent departments have made public their claim that they cannot find one ounce of evidence to a conspiracy link between Trump and Russia, even after repeat denials made by those who are having Democrat (plus some RINO Republicans) cannon balls shot in their direction, the Left continues with this wild-ass theory that Trump is an illegitimate POTUS who needs to be impeached… even arrested!

The Left has nothing else to go on. They have tried everything they can dream up in finding a way to remove Donald Trump from office and install Hillary Clinton in his place. Even ex-President Obama has become fully involved in the attempt of Trump’s removal, or at least in finding enough evidence to paint the President as an inept stooge who has no business managing the Left’s affairs, while in the malpractice of being the leader of the free world and commander of our armed forces.

Now we learn that the Obama administration had Trump’s phones tapped, as well as secret mics set up in various locations recording everything said by Trump and his nominations. Most certainly, this was not done in legal fashion, and definitely not warranted to have a 24 hr surveillance of a Presidential candidate and his staff to dig up dirt in order to ruin his election chances. If they had found something, don’t you think by now they would have played that hand?

What President Trump has done is exactly what he has promised for over a year that he was going to do if he was elected, and that is to make America great again by: restoring jobs, keeping businesses in the states with lower taxes and less restrictions, closing the borders and deporting illegals, keeping Islamic radicals out, find a way in destroying ISIS, boost the economy, revitalize the inner cities, begin to repeal and replace ObamaCare, make trade fair and free, place a conservative into SCOTUS, and drain the swamp of the lobbyists, special interest groups, and donators who have a hand deep into the pockets of the federal government, just for starters… and Trump has only been in office for a little over a month.

What this whole attack deals with is the attempt to stop President Trump and his administration from reversing over 100 years of progressive change, especially the fundamental transformation of America these past 10 years under Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, and Obama. The Left is watching their vision of a puppet nation, under the directives of a New World Order, being tossed right out of the window. This was not supposed to happen, they truly believe. Hillary was supposed to win to carry America into the next century, and beyond, into the North American Union, a subsidiary of the NWO under the Rothchild cabal of global elitists, including their strong-arm henchman, George Soros.

Candidate Trump said in his book ‘Crippled America’ that America is being purposely moved into this vast planetary empire under the one-global systems of governance, military, finance & economics, and religion, and to accomplish it, America has to be fundamentally changed, top to bottom, away from our founding heritage, principles, and ideology. What the Left is wanting is a two class (have’s and have not’s), one Party system (Democrat) where the government takes its marching orders from the United Nations, and the elitists who make up Bilderberg, Council On Foreign Relations, and the Tri-lateral Commission.

Although the “New World Order” is not openly discussed, yet… globalism sure is, as their agendas of Common Core, Agenda-21, and Agenda 2030 (to name a few) are in fully acceleration from Obama, Clinton, and the two Bush presidencies. Most Americans never had a clue of our “transformation” process until Obama took the cake out from the oven. Hillary was supposed to spread the icing to complete the final stages of America’s demise, and shift the United States into the structure that the past four Presidents have been building on the side with the global-elite cartel. This is why Obama divided us, and this is why he is not retiring as a “Black-ops” President (no pun intended) who will be in charge of running a covert-backroom government with many of his people still behind the curtain pulling the levers.

Until President Trump, his administration, and the conservative movement to make America great again, comes up with a full-proof plan to silence the Left with their radical Marxists, progressive Dems and RINOS, the Nazi-propaganda media, and academic snowflakes, will continue, ruthlessly, to attack Trump, his administration, FOX and conservative radio talk shows, and those who are united in taking America back from the progressive machine of globalism.

In President Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress, he pointed out the Democrat irresponsibility, and the need for them to get on board the “Make America Great” train. But it is apparent with their unified reactions (or lack of it) that they have no intention of it, and plan to derail the Trump train before it goes much further. To state that the Left has declared war on the Right is now an understatement. America is even more divided today than we were a year ago, but the one good thing is that their side makes up only 37% of the populous. But, it is enough to make major waves, especially since they have the media, Hollywood, the colleges, and the Soros funded Marxist co-alition organizations backing them fully. Many of them are already calling for extreme violence to be carried out all across America until Trump is forced out… basically they want to start a violent revolution to implement their “coup” by removing the “silent” in it.

I am getting bombarded daily with over two dozen links to stories about Obama, the NY Times, Pelosi & Schumer, and the radical Left, and everyone else who are creating chaos and mayhem with all their hysteria. Fake news is seen as legit news by the media, and nothing is being done to quell the dis- and mis-information being thrown as red meat to the wolves who want to see Trump and his people gone. Leaks are flying from the White House in wholesale form, yet who is doing all the leaking, and how are they finding out their information to change and rearrange it into a useful weapon to be used against Trump by the NY Times and Washington Post? Once one of these false stories is made known, it only takes the lame-stream media moments to have it running in all venues as a “breaking story” against the Trump administration. If President Trump wants to succeed, then he must find a way to drain the swamp completely of all Democrat acolytes and Obama loyalists who still works inside the White House and federal agency departments. Obama found a way to get rid of conservatives… I’m sure Trump can find a way of getting rid of progressive-Liberals, even if Andy Stern did set up a “no-fire” clause in the SEIU doctrine that federal employees are unionized into and protected by.

This Leftist revolt is already starting to grow old. They have had plenty of time to pout and cry. Now it is time they swallow the Holy water and become citizens of America in helping Trump calm the waters to help every American achieve and prosper. Yet, that simply is pissing into the wind, as that is not what the Left wants in the least bit. They want dependents on the government. They want an open border society with no restrictions. They want Christianity and Judaism gone. They want a new Constitution and a Second Bill of Rights. They want guns to be banned, and criminals released from jail. They want no military force, yet a police state. They want the rich to be taxed by 90%. They want social justice, and for the Right to be silenced and punished. They want full governmental control over education, energy, the Internet, religion, and our businesses… cradle-to-grave decree, where everyone is equal, no one is shamed nor disrespected, and we all are taken care of by “Big Brother” within a global order. And these people WILL NOT STOP until they get it!

Conservatives sucked it up for over ten years. We organized peacefully. We stood before the opposition and demanded to be recognized and heard. They refused, so we slowly took America back in the House, Senate, and Presidency. The Left has been neutered by the patriot majority who still holds firm to Americanism, not globalism, and certainly not Marxism. We did not lie about them, we told the truth about them. We did not burn cars and smashed windows, we rallied at the voting booth.

We are a nation of laws, of equal opportunity to all those who are willing to make the effort. We are compassionate for those who are unable, but we don’t carry anyone’s water who cannot carry it themselves. We believe in founding principles and ideology, and as a nation of sovereign independence. Freedom and liberty are our mantra, the code which we hold for all to follow in. Play by the rules, and get rewarded… play outside the rules, and get justice served.

Yet, the straws of discontent are building weight, and eventually there will be one too much for the camel’s back. How many more are added will be up to Trump, his people, and up to us to determine just how far we let them go. But at the rate the Leftists straws are being put upon the camel, it won’t be long before its back is broken. We must not any longer give an inch, and stand strong and united before them with a stern warning that they are about to cross the line for which there will be no return. And, although it may go against our principles, one can only take so much before one has had enough. And I do believe that it has become time when enough is enough!
What say you?

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